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    Travel and holidays 1: A Disastrous Holiday: Multiple Choice

                      Our last holiday was terrible. First of all, we missed the plane
                      because I had forgotten my passport. Then we had to walk for a
                      really long way to get to the gate our plane was boarding from.
                      When we arrived at our hotel, things did not get any better. Our
                      room was tiny, the shower did not work and there were not any
                      coat hangers to hang our clothes up on. Then I found I had not
packed my suntan lotion but that was not such a big problem because the swimming
pool was empty and the nearest beach was 30 kilometres away. Another disaster was
the excursion we took. I thought we would have a nice day trip but it was not a nice
day at all. First, the coach broke down on the way to the tourist attraction. When we
got there we found it was closed for repairs to the building. So we went to have
something to eat at a restaurant. However, the food was so awful that everybody on
the bus had food poisoning.

At the end of two weeks, I was really happy to go home. However, when we arrived
back in Dubai airport, we found that our luggage was not there; it had been sent to
Cairo. We are never going abroad again for a holiday.

1) What kind of holiday did the writer have?
    a. wonderful
    b. really awful
    c. not bad
2) What was the problem with the hotel?
    a. It was small and the tv didn’t work
    b. It was too big and the shower didn’t work
    c. It was small and the shower didn’t work.
3) The writer forgot to take her suntan lotion. Was this a problem?
    a. Yes, because she spent every day by the swimming pool
    b. No, because she doesn’t like sunbathing.
    c. No, because she couldn’t use the swimming pool.
4) What kind of day did the writer have on the day trip?
    a. unpleasant
    b. fun packed and thrilling
    c. interesting
5) Why couldn’t the passengers on the tour bus go into the tourist attraction?
    a. It was closed because of it was a national holiday
    b. It was closed because it was too busy
    c. It was closed because of building work

How many questions correct?

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AAW-ILC                                         LU                                    Sept 2004

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