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sun sun sun


sun sun sun

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									                                                                   Draw a picture of the sun.

          Listen to the story. Read the story with your teacher.
               Read the story by yourself (to your teacher).
                  Read this story many times this week.

     The sun is far.                                               Trace the word sun.

     The sun is hot.
     The sun is big.
                                                                   sun sun sun
                                                                   Write the word sun.

     The sun is a ball of gas.                                     ``` ``` ```
     Allah made the sun.
                                                                   Sun is             (shams) in Arabic.                 1

     The sun gives us light.                                       1. Trace and 2. write the word sun in
     We need the sun.
     We cannot live without the sun.
                                                                   ````````````                               2

     What is the title of this story?
     Tell three things about the sun.
     Find the following words in the story: sun, big, hot, gas
                                                                   Pick a sentence and copy it on another piece of paper.

2006 Talibiddeen Jr.                                                                        Picture: Microsoft Encarta

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