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                                               FANCOL™ CB
INCI (CTFA) NAME:                                  Theobroma Cacao ( Cocoa ) Seed Butter
CAS NUMBER:                                        8002-31-1, 84649-99-0
EINECS NUMBER:                                     283-480-6
CHEMICAL CLASS:                                    FATS and OILS

DESCRIPTION:                                      FANCOLTM CB is a yellowish white solid obtained from the roasted seeds of
                                               Theobroma Cacao.

FUNCTION:                                           Skin Conditioning Agent-Occlusive

                                                   FANCOLTM CB may be used as a skin protectant in OTC drug products and in

SUGGESTED USES:                                     Lipsticks
                                                    Makeup Bases
                                                    Face, Body and Hand Creams and Lotions
                                                    Moisturizing Creams and Lotions
                                                    Suntan Gels
                                                    Suntan Creams
                                                    Suntan Lotions
                                         Minimum                  Maximum                                           Method
            Appearance                  Yellowish White Solid                                                      Visual
            Refractive Index @ 40 o C 1.454                        1.459                                            USP/NF
            Free Fatty Acid             -----                       1.4%                                            USP/NF
            Iodine Value                 33                         42                                               USP/NF
            Saponification Value        188                        198                                              USP/NF
            Slip Point oC                30                          34                                              USP/NF
            Clear Melting Point oC      31                          35                                              USP/NF
            Fatty Acid Analysis:
                      Palmitate           23                         30                                              USP/NF
                      Stearate           31                          37                                              USP/NF
                      Oleate              31                         38                                              USP/NF
                      Linoleate           1.6                        4.8                                             USP/NF
                      Linolenate          0                          1.5                                             USP/NF
                     Arachidate          0                          1.5                                              USP/NF
            Organic Volatile Impurities          Meets USP/NF Requirements                                         USP/NF

This data is presented in good faith and is based on information believed to be reliable and is offered solely for evaluation, investigation, and verification of the
numerous factors affecting results. The Fanning Corporation products are sold with the understanding that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the
suitability of these products for their own particular use. Warrantee as to accuracy or results is neither given or implied. The Fanning Corporation assumes no
liability or responsibility for any damage to person or property resulting from or incident to the use of these products. Statements concerning the use of the Fanning
Corporation products are not to be construed as recommendations, suggestions, or inducements to use them in the infringement of any patent or in violation of any
applicable laws or regulations. No liability arising out of any such use is assumed. Rev. 5 10/02                                                                                                             9/19/2005

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