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					                                 RECOUNT TEXT

The social function of Recount text is to retell past event or something which
happened in the past. The purpose of this text can be only to inform or even just to
entertain. Derewianka (1990) identified three types of Recount text, namely Personal
Recount, Factual Recount, and Imaginative Recount. Personal Recount exposes an
event in which the writer or the author got involved or acted in the event himself.
Belong to this type among others are daily funny incidents, entries of a diary, etc.
Factual Recount is a note of an event, such as scientific experiment report, police
report, newspaper report, history explanation, etc. Imaginative Recount is an unreal
event or story, like reading texts for language lesson, a story about a life of a slave,
etc. Hardy and Kalrwein (1990) divided two kinds of Recount, namely Personal
Recount and Historical Recount.


Recount text usually has three main parts, they are :
1 Orientation              : identify a person or thing acted or got involved in the
                              event, including the time, a certain place, the
                              situation, etc.
2 Series of Events         : ordered in a chronological sequence.
3 Re-orientation           : not always (optional), it contains personal comments

Pay close attention to Derewianka Explanation below :

     The focus is on a sequence of events, all of which relate to a particular occasion.

     The Recount generally begins with an


     Giving the reader/listener the background information needeed to understand the
     text. (i.e., who was involved, where it happened, when it happened).

     Then, the Recount unfolds with a

     Series of events

     ordered in a chronological sequence.

     At various stages there may be some personal comment on the incident (e.g., We
     had a wonderful time).


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