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									                              NAFSA Region VIII
                              Update                                            Volume 12, Issue 2
                             Delaware  District of Columbia  Maryland  Pennsylvania  Virginia  West Virginia

               Message from the Chair...Debbie Gamponia
Region VIII is GREAT!                             also like to thank the rest of the LAC and       the proposal. These individuals were invited
                                                  volunteers for their hard work. Your             to meetings July 14-15. A list of the working
In mid-March, Region VIII made a strong case      efforts are appreciated! Congratulations to      group members is appended to the proposal
for international education to policymakers in    Carol Larson, Melanie Chongolola, Tiffany        document, available online. After reading
Washington, D.C., at Advocacy Day,                Williams and Adey Woldemanuel of the             the updated proposal, all NAFSA members
formerly known as Congressional Education         University of Pittsburgh who presented           can use the same site to subscribe as a
Day. Maryland sent the largest delegation         “The Develop ment Process of the NAFSA           virtual member of one or more working
this year with 10 participants. Region VIII       COOP-Funded Booklet entitled African-            group e-Communities. The assignments and
also awarded travel grants to Zekeh               American Pre-Departure/Re-Entry Guide for        guidelines for the various working groups
Gbotokuma from Morgan State University            Studying Abroad” as the Region VIII Highlight.   are posted in these e-Communities for
and Jennifer Kerilla from The Johns Hopkins                                                        review. Any member can log in via the
University Medical Institutions. Travel grant     The NAFSA web site has been updated with         Members Only section and post items on
applications for Advocacy Day 2005 will be        a revised proposal from the Strengthening        the working group e-Communities; to have
available on our website (www.region8.nafsa.      Task Force. At its meeting in late June and      the e-Community news items and
org) after the Region VIII Conference in          in subsequent "virtual" conversations, the       discussion forum postings sent to you by e-
November.                                         Task Force has refined a number of areas,        mail, you must subscribe to the particular e-
It was good to see everyone in Baltimore.         including a Knowledge Communities                Communities of your choice. Instructions
Thanks to Murray Welsh from The Johns             concept and the inclusion of a new               are included as a link at
Hopkins University Medical Institutions and       Knowledge Community proposed by the              strengthening.
Arlene Wergin from the University of              current combined leadership of ADSEC,
Maryland, Baltimore County for chairing the       ATESL, OSEAS, and SPA. The Task Force                                  continued on page 3
Local Arrangements Committee! I would             also named Working Groups to flesh out
                                                                                                         INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
 Philadelphia Freedom Shines on Region VIII!                                                       •   Embassy Dialogue Comm. Invitation     2
                           Joe DeCrosta, Chair-Elect                                               •   Attention al SW Virginia Members      2
                                                                                                   •   Latest from IT-SIG                    3
The Region VIII Team is gearing up for a         Region 8 is pleased to offer 10 pre-              •   Afghans for Afghans                   3
very exciting regional conference this           conference workshops this year:                   •   Chair Elect-Elect Nominations         4
November. The 2004 Conference will be            • Professional Practice Workshop: J-1             •   Visit to Capitol Hill for Advocacy    5
held November 17–20 at the Wyndham                  Regulations for Beginners                      •   The CIPP Report                       6
Ben Franklin in Philadelphia,                            • Professional Practice                   •   November’s OSEAS Visitor              7
Pennsylvania. Our apropos theme                          Workshop: F-1 Regulations for             •   ADSEC Update                          7
will be “International Education:                        Beginners                                 •   Advocacy Day 2004                     8
What Would Ben Franklin Think?”                          • Professional Practice                   •   Team Position Openings                9
                                                         Workshop: F-1 Regulations - The           •   Region Award for Int’l. Educators     9
This year’s conference registration                      Second Step                               •   Team Position Application            10
will be done entirely online at www.                     • Foundations of International            •   Travel Grant Application             11 Please look for                  Education: Development and
the pre-conference flyer in the mail in             Management of Education Abroad
September. A summary of the conference              Programs
program along with hotel information for
Philadelphia will be included.                                             Continued on page 7
         NAFSA Embassy Dialogue Committee Invites Region VIII
                      Members to Participate!
                                                           Janine Farhat

The Embassy Dialogue Committee of                EDC hosts an Issue Forum on a             studying abroad. We'd love to see new
NAFSA: Association for International             current topic and also organizes the      faces and hear fresh ideas!”
Educators is pleased to invite all               OSEAS/EDC Country Fair at the
Region VIII members to participate in            annual NAFSA conference to                Current Embassy Dialogue Committee
our activities during 2004-05. Our               showcase embassy representatives          Co-Chairs Shoghig M. Sahakyan and
Committee's raison d’être is to bring            and educational advisers in the           France Pruitt welcome your comments
together educational and cultural                EducationUSA network sponsored by         and questions about the EDC; their
attachés in the Washington DC                    the U.S. Department of State.             contact information follows below:
diplomatic community and colleagues
a t D C -a r e a h i g h e r e d u c a t i o n   NAFSAns from Region VIII colleges,        Shoghig M. Sahakyan
institutions and international                   universities, educational programs        Director, PAAET - USA
education organizations. Our goals               and organizations are welcome to          Embassy of the State of Kuwait
are to assist embassies in the                   submit ideas for useful Forum topics      3500 International Drive NW
Washington area to understand the                and to participate in EDC meetings        Washington DC 20008
US higher education scene, and in                and events. EDC member Julia              Tel (202) 364-2192
recent years the regulations governing           Findlay of George Mason University        Fax (202) 364 -5958
SEVIS and new Homeland Security                  writes:                         
initiatives, and for the higher                                                  
education community to become                    “I hig hly encourage international
more aware of international students'            educators in NAFSA's Region VIII to       Dr. France J. Pruitt
needs.                                           consider attending a meeting of the       President
                                                 Embassy Dialogue Committee this           International Education A ssociates
We distribute a bi-annual electronic             year. I have been an EDC institutional    Bethesda MD 20817
newsletter and traditionally hold a Fall         member for the past four years, and the   Tel: (301) 493 -4982
Issue Forum and Welcome Reception                experience has given my work a new,
to greet embassy staff newly assigned            highly rewarding dimension, not found
to the nation’s capital. This year the           on my campus or at NAFSA                  If you would like to receive the EDC
Forum and Reception are planned for              conferences. Through my active            newsletter by e-mail, please send your
Wednesday, October 20 (location to               participation with the EDC, I have come   address to EDC Newsletter Editor
be announced). At the Region VIII                to know and enjoy a wonderful and         Janine Farhat at the College Board
conference, the EDC typically                    talented group of embassy academic        <>.
sponsors a country update session                advisors, employees of the State
with embassy guests; in Philadelphia             Department and higher ed associations,
the session will focus on education              and fellow university international
system changes in the European                   educators. Together, we plan events
Union and implementation of the                  that focus on the primary goal of the
Bologna agreements, presented by                 EDC:     to examine issues of mutual
Mr. Bart Hendrickx, Flemish                      concern to embassies and institutions
government representative at the                 that pertain to international students
Embassy of Belgium. In the spring the            and scholars and to U.S. students

                     Attention all Southwestern Virginia International Educators!
         Everyone is invited to attend our fall meeting on October 8th, 2004, at Washington & Lee University.
                  For more information email Joe Flory (Radford University) at

Page 2                                                                                                        NAFSA Region VIII Update
                                    Message from the Chair, continued from page 1

For the past couple of years, members have     •   Washington, DC: Nov. 7 – 12, 2006              opportunity serving international educators
asked us to plan the regional conference       •   Baltimore, MD: Nov. 6 – 11, 2007               in our region with a fun, knowledgeable and
during another week. 2004 will be the last     •   Pittsburgh, PA: Nov. 4 – 9, 2008               well-connected group, consider joining t eh
year the Region VIII Conference will be held   •   Washington, DC: Nov. 10 – 15, 2009             Region VIII Team. Positions available at the
during International Education Week. In                                                           end of the year include Chair-elect, ADSEC
2005, our bi-regional conference with          We are pleased to announce a new award to          Representative, SECUSSA Representative
Region X will be held in Atlantic City from    be given to a distinguished NAFSAn in Region       and Newsletter Editor/Secretary.
Monday, November 7 to Thursday,                VIII. The “Award for Outstanding
November 10. Beginning in 2006, the            Contributions to International Education” will     I hope that you all plan to attend the Region
Region VIII Conference will be held the        be given at the Region VIII conference.            VIII Conference in Philadelphia this
week before International Education Week                                                          November. Travel Grants for the Region
                                               Ben Franklin said, “I now take up a                VIII Conference are available. The application
and two weeks before Thanksgiving.             resolution to do for the future all that lies in                                          o
                                                                                                  is included in this newsletter. I look f rward
                                               my way for the service of my country.”             to seeing you in Philadelphia!
Here is a list of upcoming conference:         You can have a chance to serve NAFSA and
• Philadelphia, PA: Nov. 17 – 20, 2004         your colleagues, as well; if you are
• Atlantic City, NJ: Nov. 7 – 10, 2005         interested in a professional development

                                              The Latest from IT-SIG
                       Kristin Wiesenhutter, Website Manager and IT-SIG Liaison
The summer is almost over.        The           number of people looking to enter the              institutions.      How do we use
National Conference is months behind            field rather than stumbling upon it is ever        technology, and how can it be used
us and the fall semester is here!               increasing.    International student and           more efficiently? On some campuses, a
                                                study abroad offices are becoming more             strong IT department can provide a
Technology issues are a challenge to            prominent on campuses across the                   great deal of training and support. On
advisors and other staff in our field. Add      country as internationalization is                 others, this expertise must be culled
to that the fact that our offices are often     incorporated into the curriculums and              from within the office and individuals
under-staffed and under-funded. We              missions of these institutions.                    with an interest and talent (or simply
tend to have a very full workload, and                                                             from sheer need) learn from experience
although dealing with databases and             How does technology fit into this                  and experimentation.
websites are a necessary function, time is      scheme? Over the last 6 years, I have
limited but skills are in high demand.          watched as e-mail and the internet have            About 20 people from around the
The field is developing and becoming            become important, if not irreplaceable,            country attended the first IT-SIG (the
more professional. With degrees in              tools for communication with students,
International Education out there, the          parents, colleagues and overseas                                          Continued on page 8

                                               Afghans for Afghans
                                     Kate Trayte, Conference Planning Coordinator
Join your fellow Region VIII members as        to bring is a pair of size 7 knitting needles      newsletter. You don't have to be a
we participate in "Afghans for Afghans".       and we'll provide the yarn and                     NAFSA member to contribute a square,
This organization collects afghans made        instructions.                                      so pass this on to your friends and family.
by people in the U.S and sends them to                                                            We'll need a lot of squares for our
families in Afghanistan.      During the       If you won't be at the conference, b   ut          afghan.
Philadelphia conference, we'll have time       would like to contribute a square or two
for knitting and crocheting squares for an     for the Region VIII afghan, or handknit            For more information and suggested
afghan.     We will offer free knitting        hats or mittens, please send them to               patterns for afghan squares, go to www.
lessons for anyone who wants to learn.         Kate Trayte at Drexel University.        
You should be able to finish a square by       Everyone who submits a square or other
the end of the conference. All you have        item will be recognized in the Region VIII

Volume 12, Issue 2                                                                                                                       Page 3
                                 Call for Nominations for Chair-Elect-Elect
 On behalf of the Nominating Committee, a list of individuals eligible for nomination for election to the position of Chair-Elect-Elect of Region VIII is presented
 to you below. In accordance with the Region VIII bylaws, Article IV, Section C, the Nominating Committee is canvassing the regional membership for
 nominations. The individual elected will serve as Chair-Elect-Elect in November and December 2004, becoming Chair-Elect in December 2004, serving as
 Conference Chair for the 2005 Region VIII – Region X Bi-Regional Conference to be held in Atlantic City, NJ. In December 2005 the Chair-Elect will succeed
 to the position of Chair and serve for one year. In December 2006, the individual will serve as Past Chair and then will serve as Treasurer from December
 2007 until December 2008.

 To be eligible for nomination, the nominee must be a voting member of NAFSA from within Region VIII and have served at least two years as a member of a
 Regional Team. Those individuals listed below have served or will have served on the Region VIII Team for the required two-year minimum. We have tried
 to make this list as accurate as possible, but if you are aware of an individual who meets the eligibility requirements for Chair-Elect-Elect who has been omitted
 from the list, please inform the Nominating Committee Chair.

 In nominating an individual, you are not required to determine that the individual is willing to serve as Chair-Elect-Elect—the Nominating Committee will
 contact nominees for this purpose. Ballots will be available online to all members of NAFSA: Association of International Educators in Region VIII on October
 15, 2004, and the election results will be announced at the Business Meeting at the Regional Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 18, 2004.

 The following members in Region VIII are eligible for nomination as Chair-Elect-Elect of Region VIII.

 Mary M. Adams, Pennsylvania State University*                Uliana F Gabara, University of Richmond                        Steven Risch, Old Dominion University
 Masume Assaf, Pennsylvania State University*                 Debbie Gamponia, Inst. for the Int’l. Education of Students*   Thomas S Sloane, West Virginia University
 Cary Ballou, U. S. Peace Corps                               Geoffrey Gee, University of Pennsylvania                       Cas Sowa, IFSA Butler*
 Gregory Barnes, Drexel University                            Linda K Gentile, University of Pittsburgh*                     Ronald E Springwater
 Stephen Bennett, Northern Virginia Comm. College             Zekeh Gbotokuma, Moragn State University                       Scott Stevens, University of Delaware
 Janice M Bogen, Thomas Jefferson University*                 Mary Goodwin, International Hospitality Council                Claire E Sylves, Int’l. Consultants of Delaware, Inc
 Regina H Brown, ELS Language Center-Philadelphia             Joan Gore, Denmark's International Study Program               Cynthia Tasaki, George Mason University
 Shalini Bhutani, University of Pennsylvania                  Dale E Gough, AACRAO*                                          Timothy S Thompson, University of Pittsburgh*
 Patrick Carone, Indiana University -Pennsylvania*            Diana Kamal, AM IDEAST*                                        Cheryl Tobler, James Ma    dison University
 Li-Chen Chin, Bryn Mawr College                              Lance M. Kenney, Villanova University                          Kathleen Trayte, Drexel University
 David Bryan Clubb, University of Pittsburgh                  Susan C Lee, University of Delaware                            Belle Tyndall, The George Washington University*
 Denise Connerty, Temple University*                          Peter Li, West Virginia University*                            Nan Uhl, International Hospitality Council
 Annie Cooper, Mansfield University                           Agata Liszkowska, Salisbury State University                   Barbara Varsa, University of Maryland-College Park
 Michele D Cox, University of Richmond                        John Lorch, U. of Maryland-Baltimore County                    Murray G. Welsh, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
 Joseph DeCrosta, Duquesne University*                        Suzanne Louis, University of Virginia*                         Arlene Wergin, University of Maryland-Baltimore County*
 Susan M. De Veer, Tidewater Community College                Bernadette McGlynn, ELS Language Centers                       Valerie Woolston, University of Maryland-College Park*
 Lee H Drowne, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ.   Rose Marie Q. McKain, Art Institutes International             Annagene Yucas, University of Pittsburgh*
 Patricia M Dyer, Widener University*                         France J Pruitt, International Education Associates*
                                                                                                                             *Has served or is serving as Chair-Elect/Chair/Past Chair of Region.
 Sara Eser, Old Dominion University                           Anne K Repaire, West Virginia U. Inst of Technology

 Nomination Form for NAFSA Region VIII Chair-Elect-Elect
 (nominations may also be submitted by e-mail to

 Your Name: ___________________________ Institution/Organization: ___________________________

 Telephone:________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________

 As a member in good standing of NAFSA: Association for International Educators in Region VIII, I nominate the following eligible

 individual(s) for the position of Chair-Elect-Elect: __________________________________________________________

 Send nominations by September 30, 2004 to:
 Debbie Gamponia, Chair Region VIII
 Regional College Relations Manager, Institute for the International Education of Students
 Phone: 888-200-7656, Email:

Page 4                                                                                                                                                        NAFSA Region VIII Update
           Advocating for International Education on Capitol Hill
                         Dr. Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, Associate Professor & Director,
                          Center for Global Studies at Morgan State University
Every year, NAFSA members meet in              Proof of this revenue is demonstrated in        legislative assistant--with whom we met,
Washington, D.C. for NAFSA Advocacy            NAFSA estimates that foreign students           spent a year in Berlin as a Fulbrighter. Dr.
Day, formerly known as Congressional           and their dependents contributed more           Arrindell, Johns Hopkins University's
Education Day. This year's Advocacy Day        than $12.85 billion to the U.S. economy         Director of International Services, was also
took place on March 17, 2004 with 60           during the 2002-2003 academic year.             in Germany on a Fulbright mission. In
attendees from several states. The day         Another important argument in favor of          addition, I myself spent almost two years in
before the event, all attendees met at the     the student and scholar exchange is the         Germany, learning German at Goethe
Brookings Institution to strategize for        crucial need for US global leadership in        Institute Boppard and working in various
successful congressional visits with their     the post- 9/11 era.                             factories as an international Werkstudent, or
respective senators and congresspersons.                                                       student worker. Consequently, it was
During this preliminary meeting, NAFSA         2. The Feingold-Hagel Resolution Co-            obvious that Ms. Williams understood the
leaders reminded the attendees of the          Sponsorship:      NAFSAns urged their           importance of international education and
basic documents detailing important issues     senators and representatives to co-             will hopefully give a good report to the
for the year 2004, namely NAFSA's 2004         sponsor the March 9, 2004 Resolution            congressman. Another issue that is of
Public Policy Priorities; NAFSA/Alliance       introduced by Mr. Feingold and Mr. Hagel        special interest to HBCUs and other
Policy Statement; NAFSA's Visa                 to the Senate of the United States,             minority-serving institutions is the minority
Recommendations; Strategic Task Force          "...encouraging the active engagement of        students' under-representation in
Report on International Student Access;        Americans in world affairs and urging the       international educational programs due to
and Strategic Task Force Report on             Secretary of State to coordinate with           financial issues. We asked Congressman
Education Abroad. Because of time              implementing partners in creating an            Cummings, who is also chair of the
constraints during congressional visits,       online database of international exchange       Congressional Black Caucus, to support
NAFSAns agreed on focusing on three            progra ms and related opportunities." (S.       programs such as The Gilman Scholarship
issues, namely:                                Res. 313)                                       Program. This award, established by the
                                                                                               International Academic Opportunity Act of
1. Student Visas: Congressional meetings       3. Campus Visits: As a follow-up to             2000, expands study abroad opportunities
focused on the improvements needed to          Advocacy Day, NAFSAns agreed on                 to students of limited financial means,
reduce the time taken to adjudicate visas,     inviting their respective senators and          thereby bridging the global educational gap,
especially for science students and            representatives to continue the dialogue        which is likely to follow the color line.
scholars. A study conducted by the             on their home campuses. Coming from             During the 2003-2004 academic year, 2266
General Accounting Office (GAO)                Maryland's 7th District, I was a part of the    students applied for the Gilman Scholarship;
between April and June 2003 found that it      group that visited the legislative assistants   however, due to funding constraints, the
took an average of 67 days for the security    of Congressman Elijah E. Cummings and           program was only able to grant 365 awards.
check to be processed and for the State        Senators Paul S. Sarbanes and Barbara A.
Department to notify the post. In an           Mikulski. With 5,000 international              We ended the congressional visits with
article in The Wall Street Journal entitled    scholars, my colleagues in attendance           German phrases, including Danke schoen
"Be Careful With Those Student                 from Johns Hopkins University's--Jennifer       und auf Wiedersehen, or thank you and see
Visas" (March 2, 2004), George Melloan         L. Kerilla, Enrico Dinges, and Nicholas         you again. Since international education is
explained this problem as follows: "...the     Arrindell--were logical choices for talking     also about developing foreign language
U.S. government [has] put foreign students     about visa problems, which were also            abilities, I was particularly happy to discover
under scrutiny. There is now a new             illustrated by other participants. Two          those skills in some congressional offices.
computerized system called SEVIS               things made the meeting with                    From the Capitol Hill we took the bus back
(Student and Exchange Visitor Information      Congressman Cummings interesting. First,        to the Brookings Institution for lunch,
System) for keeping track of student aliens.   Mr. Cummings serves on numerous                 debriefing, and evaluations.
But educators are complaining that the         Maryland boards, including the Morgan
federal scattershot approach has the           State University Board of Regents and the
potential over time to erode America’s         Dunbar-Hopkins Health Partnership
international influence and damage one of      Executive Board. Secondly, we were
the country’s most reliable sources of         delighted to find out that Ms. Jolanda T.
foreign revenues, higher education."           Williams, Congressman Cummings'

Volume 12, Issue 2                                                                                                                     Page 5
                                                         The CIPP Report
                            Mitchell Furumoto and Gisela Nansteel, Co-CIPP Representatives
 Here’s the latest from CIPP:                       5.   Current mailing address or "C/O"              1. See NAFSA’s SEVP/SEVIS Information
 1. Change of Status limitation UPDATE                   name and address that will be used            Pages for more details and related links at
 2. Contacting the VSC and CIPP-RRs                      (please note if different than submitted
 3. SEVIS fee rule                                       with original application)                    ProfessionalandEducationalResources/
 4. Trip to the Vermont Service Center &            6.   Your name, e-mail, and phone number           ImmigrationAdvisingResources/sevpindex.htm.
 Updates                                                 (if not in automatic signature)
                                                                                                       4. Trip to the Vermont Service
                                                    Status Check Inquiries: For all inquiries          Center & Updates
 1. Change of Status limitations Update             about problems or delays with specific cases
 USCIS Service Center representatives have                                                             We had a rushed, but wonderful trip to St.
                                                    pending at VSC or to update a mailing              Albans, Vermont to tour the Vermont
 informed us that change of status applications     address, send a message to VSC.
 to F-1 would be denied if the adjudication                                                            Service Center. Donna Kane arranged for
                                           (NOTE: Responses have             us, along with our Region X & XI
 takes place MORE THAN 30 days before the           usually been within 3 business days, but if a
 program start date, even if the (previous)                                                            counterparts, to meet with several
                                                    file needs to be pulled from the archives,         supervisors, managers, and other contacts
 status (e.g., F-2 dependent (when F-1              which are located in Virginia, it could take 2-
 continues to maintain status) applies for a                                                           there. While we were not able to see the
                                                    4 weeks longer.) Be sure that receipt and          mail room in action, which takes up the
 change to F-1) would still be valid. Also, there   approval notices are checked immediately
 cannot be a gap of more than 30 days                                                                  entire first floor of the local post office, we
                                                    for accuracy. You should contact the VSC           did observe the busy center at work
 between the end of the current/prior status        e-mail address if any errors were made by
 and the start of F-1 status.                                                                          adjudicating cases, cropping EAD photos,
                                                    USCIS or the student needs to the change           delivery of boxes upon boxes of files, etc.
                                                    his or her (mailing) address. Also, if a receipt   Most impressive was the seemingly endless
 [Note: We are expecting clarification from         notice is not received within 30 days of filing,
 USCIS or VSC to NAFSA soon and                                                                        row of boxes piled 3 high filled with
                                                    send an e-mail to the VSC with the full name       correspondence that had yet to be matched
 notification will be sent hrough Region VIII       of the individual, date of birth, and c  urrent
 CIPP List and/or in NAFSA news when it is                                                             to corresponding cases and rows and rows
                                                    mailing address (with any note of address          of bookcases holding file after file. [Note:
 released. To join the list see #2 below.]          changes), so they can attempt to track it          Do not send any miscellaneous
                                                    down and give you the case number and              correspondence—it will sit in a box for
 2. Contacting the VSC and CIPP-RRs                 status.
 Always check the on-line status and list of                                                           several months before making its way
 process dates at                                                        anywhere. We are very lucky to have the
                                                    For application/petition withdrawals or
 cris/jsps/index.jsp before contacting VSC                                                             VSC e-mail address and two wonderful
                                                    cancellations, fax the request to (802) 527-
 about the status of any case. If you are ever                                                         information officers, Allen and Berta, who
                                                    4816. In general, students should date and
 unsure who to contact or whether it is too                                                            do an excellent job of helping us when we
                                                    sign their own requests to be submitted by
 early to inquire about a case, please check                                                           need them. Also, when responding to an
                                                    fax with a cover letter from the advisor.
 with the CIPP-RR (contact information                                                                 RFE, make sure to send the original blue
 below). It is also a good idea to periodically     For major problems and complications and           notice back or, if it is lost, photocopy a copy
 check NAFSA’s Immigration Advising                 issues with particular cases and policy            of the notice on blue paper, and put it on
 Resources page at            questions or to join to Region VIII CIPP List,     top because it may not get sorted as an RFE
 c      o      n     t      e    n      t     /     advisors may contact the CIPP-RR for your          response unless that is done.]
 ProfessionalandEducationalResources/               area. Advisors in DC, MD or VA should              Since the beginning of July all consular
 ImmigrationAdvisingResources/sevpindex.            contact Gisela Nansteel at gmn0@lehigh.            notifications for nonimmigrant petitions are
 htm for updates, including NAFSA and DHS           edu and those in DE, PA, or WV, please             now going through the Kentucky Consular
 conference call summaries.                         contact Mitchell Furumoto                          Center (KCC), instead of by diplomatic
                                           Please always include           pouch, fax, or other methods.             Now,
 For all inquiries about problem cases pending      your phone number and institution name at          consular notification will start with a fax
 at the Vermont Service Center:                     the end of your message.                           from VSC to KCC and then KCC will send
                                                                                                       an e-mail with the scanned document to the
 Be sure to include the following:                  3. SEVIS fee rule                                  specific consulate or embassy. This is the
 1. Applicant's name as appears on                  The final rule concerning collection of the        only way consular notification will occur.
      immigration documents/forms                   SEVIS fee for almost all F, J, and M applicants
 2. EAC number on receipt                           was published on July 1. The rule becomes          See you in November!
 3. Type of case & brief summary of                 effective September 1, 2004, and the fee will
      problem                                                                              -
                                                    apply to relevant applicants whose I20s or
 4. Date of birth                                   DS-2019s are issued on or after September

Page 6                                                                                                                       NAFSA Region VIII Update
                           At the Region VIII conference in Philadelphia, Ms. Judy Freudenberger, Educational
                           Adviser at the US Embassy in Canberra, Austra lia, will represent OSEAS through her
                           presentation on "A Day in the Life of an Overseas-based U.S. Educational Advisor.”
  OSEAS                    She also serves as Country Coordinator for the five primary advising centers in
                           Australia that are members of the EducationUSA network. She will be visiting the U.S.
 Visitor in                in October/November as a participant in the Professional Advising Leadership (PAL)
                           Fellow s Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the
 November                  College Board. A main topic of interest for her is athletic scholarships and NCAA
                           regulations for international students, which she will learn more about during her visits
                           to conferences, universities and relevant organizations.

                               Philadelphia Freedom, continued from page 1
• International Admissions 101               We are also pleased to announce our           For more information, please visit the
• Basic Immigration for Secondary            plenary speaker, Allan E. Goodman,            NAFSA Region VIII website at http://
  Schools and School Districts               President of the Institute of International, or contact Joe
• Web Page Design with HTML for              Education.    Our special guests from         DeCrosta, Chair-Elect at decrosta@duq.
  Beginners                                  NAFSA national include: Mary Anne             edu or 412-396-5180.
• International Education and the            Grant, Past President; Robin Little,
  Humanities                                 Director of Marketing; and Chris
• International Student/Scholar Tax          Murphy, Senior Director of                    We look forward to seeing you in Philly
                                             Publications. We also extend a warm           in November!
  Advising 101: What You Need to
  Know                                       welcome to our special Overseas Adviser
• Collaboration Works: Providing             guest, Judy Freudenberger, of the U.S.
  Educational Resources on Islamic Studies   Educational Advising Center in Canberra,
  on Campus and to the Community             Australia.

                                                 ADSEC Update
                                      Steven Risch, ADSEC Representative
Greetings fellow Region VIII ADSECians!!     chairs again this year. Session chairs are    such an incredible team. On that note,
                                             not presenters; their role is to introduce    the ADSEC Representative position will
It’s hard to believe that the NAFSA          the session topic and presenter(s), keep      need to be filled prior to the conference
Region VIII Conference is less than three    track of time, and distribute session         in November. If you are interested, feel
months away. A great big “THANK              evaluation forms. Being a session chair is    free to contact me. I am happy to
YOU” to all of you who submitted             an excellent way to get involved and          discuss the ADSEC representative’s role
session proposals, we have yet another       highly encouraged for new professionals       and responsibilities. It is an awarding
excellent line-up of ADSEC sessions for      in the field. If you are interested in        experience to serve the region and work
this year’s conference. We will have a       chairing a session, please let me know.       with the regional team.
variety of education systems/update
sessions, including Europe, Australia,       Contrary to my announcement at the            For the latest news and information on
Brazil, Nigeria, and Taiwan.       Other     Region VIII update meeting in Baltimore, I    International      Admissions       and
sessions include: Recruitment of             will be rotating off the Region VIII team     recruitment, please read the latest
International Athletes, Interactive          at the end of this year. I have been          ADSEC News newsletter, http://www.
Recruitment: Going Beyond the Web-           appointed to a national position with the  Please feel
site, and a four-hour pre-conference         NAFSA Academy as the Non-Regional             free to read and contribute!
workshop titled “International Student       Representative/Co -chair. I recently
Recruitment 101.” For those who are          visited NAFSA in Washington to attend
presenting and haven’t submitted your        the NAFSA Academy Task Force II
final session data forms please do so        meeting. I am excited for this new
ASAP.      We will need a few session        opportunity yet saddened to be leaving

Volume 12, Issue 2                                                                                                            Page 7
  Region VIII Team                                          Advocacy Day 2004
                                                             Jennifer Kerilla
Chair                                   Asst. Director of International Student Faculty & Staff
Debbie Gamponia
                                             Services at Johns Hopkins Medical Institues
Past Chair                          This year, I had the opportunity to               Public Good”. Accordingly, we strongly
Cas Sowa                            participate in NAFSA Advocacy Day on              believe that SEVIS should be fully                     March 17, 2004, and was able to meet with         funded by the U.S. government and that
Treasurer                           representatives from the offices of               Section 641 of the Illegal Immigration
Belle Tyndall                       Maryland Sen. Mikulski, Sen. Sarbanes and         Reform & Immigrant Responsibility Act                         Rep. Elijah Cummings. We successfully             (1996) should be re-examined.
Chair-Elect-Elect                   advocated for the following:
                                                                                   Personally, I was able to provide
Joe DeCrosta                        • International Student Monitoring: We         numerous specific examples of hardships                                                                   to the Johns Hopkins University: Medical
                                      believe it is important to stress how
ADSEC Representative                  critical a role constant and reliable        Institutions due to visa delays,
Steven Risch                          communication between the                    extraordinarily lengthy security checks                        Department of State and CIS, as well as      and flagrant errors on the part of the CIS.
ATESL Representative                  communication with institutions of           One of these examples resulted in the
Barbara Hoekje, Ph.D.                 higher education will play in an effective   Chief of Endocrinology being handcuffed                     and efficient monitoring system.             and put back on a plane home. This is my
CAFSS Representative                                                               third year participating in the event and it
                                    • Increasing appropriations for
Noppadon Moapichai                                                                 continues to provide unprecedented
                                      international educational and cultural                                                                   opportunities to effect change. This year,
                                      exchanges to in the FY 2005 Commerce,
                                                                                   NAFSA members sought support in the
Co-CIPP Reps                          Justice, State (CJS) appropriations bill.
                                                                                   form of a personal letter from each
Mitchell Furumoto                   • Increasing funding for exchange              Senator and Representative to DHS
                                      programs, specifically improved tax          Director Tom Ridge which met with a
Gisela Nansteel                       breaks for U.S. families hosting             great response.                       international students.       Currently,
COMSEC Representative                 families receive a $50 per month tax         Thanks to the support of NAFSA Region
Sandarshi Gunawardena                 credit, a figure that was established in     VIII in the form of a travel grant I believe I                      the 1960’s.        We are making a           provided service not only to my
                                      recommendation to increase that credit       institution, but to my professional
Conference Planning Coordinator
                                      to $200 per month.                           membership as a whole.
Kathleen Trayte                 • SEVIS: In light of September 11th, it is
Diversity Representative              evident that the SEVIS system is “A
Aamir Anwar
Membership/Networking Coordinator
Murray G. Welsh                                           IT-SIG, continued from page 3
Newsletter Editor/Secretary          “updated version” of Micro-SIG and Tech-SIG) meeting during the Baltimore
Sara Eser                            conference. Among the issues discussed were general website design and issues, online                        records, photography, and e-recruitment. Also discussed was trying to put together at
SECUSSA Representative               least one IT-related session proposal for the Seattle conference, in addition to
Lance M. Kenney                      proposing sessions for the regional conferences. This year, Region VIII will again offer           the HTML for Beginners workshop, along with a session on Fixing Problem Websites,
                                     and one on e-Recruitment.
SPA Liaison
Cary Ballou                          All who attended the meeting were added to the IT-SIG listserv. If you are interested
                                     in the listserv ( and would like to subscribe, send an email
IT-SIG Liaison/Website Manager       to To unsubscribe, send a message to itsig-off@list.
Kristin O. Wiesenhutter    

Page 8                                                                                                   NAFSA Region VIII Update
                     Three Region VIII Team Positions Now Open
NAFSA: Association of International Educators Region VIII invites members to apply for the following positions:

All positions on the Regional Team require membership in NAFSA. These positions provide the opportunity to make new con-
tacts, serve the membership of Region VIII, and afford participants opportunities for professional growth and development. All
team positions are two-year commitments, from December 2004 to December 2006. Team members will need to have to sup-
port of their institution/organization and supervisor to carry out their team responsibilities due to the time commitment involved
and the required attendance at the regional conferences and annual team meetings.

Team members serve as part of the regional team, while keeping their constituency’s special interests in mind during discussions
and actions relating to matters at the sub-regional, region, and national levels. A major responsibility of sectional representatives is
to serve as liaison between the national sectional team, the regional team, and NAFSA members in Region VIII. Another important
function of all team members is the planning and coordination of sessions and workshops for the annual regional conference.
Members of the Region VIII Team are also asked to become involved in projects and workshops that will benefit individuals in Re-
gion VIII. Participation in local networking groups is also encouraged as part of the team member’s responsibility. Team members
submit reports to the team and prepare articles for the regional newsletter.

      The ADSEC Representative is the regional sectional head of the Admissions Section, one of the five sections of
       NAFSA. The ADSEC rep should have experience in the evaluation of international educational credentials and have prior
       experience at the regional level in giving presentations at conference sessions and workshops. The ADSEC rep must plan
       program sessions and workshops for the regional conference and other activities for membership in the region.

      The Newsletter Editor/Secretary serves the regional team and membership by preparing the regional newsletter and
       by taking minutes of all regional team meetings. Proficiency in word processing and access to e-mail are required.

      The SECUSSA Representative is the regional head of the Section on US. Students Abroad. The SECUSSA rep should
       have at least five years experience in the field of study abroad, as well as recent experience in education abroad profes-
       sional activities, such as giving presentations at conference sessions and workshops at the regional level. The SECUSSA rep
       must plan program sessions and workshops for the regional conference and other activities for membership in the region.

We encourage any member of NAFSA Region VIII to apply for one of these positions by completing the application form on the
insert. If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Gamponia, Region VIII Chair, at 888-200-7656, or by e-mail at

                 Region VIII Award for Outstanding Contributions
                            to International Education
NAFSA Region VIII is pleased to announce a new award to be given to a distinguished NAFSAn in Region VIII. The “Award for
Outstanding Contributions to International Education” will be given at the Region VIII conference.

Who is eligible? NAFSA members in Region VIII are eligible. Current members of the Region VIII team are not eligible.

What are the selection criteria? The awardee will be selected based on a nomination submitted by a member of Region VIII. The
nomination must include the nominee’s name, institution, NAFSA section and at least 500 words describing the nominee’s contributions
to international education and why the nominee merits this award. The awardee will be selected based on his or hers contributions and
the strength of the nomination.

Who will select the awardee? A committee, including the current and past Region VIII chairs, and two other Region VIII members from
NAFSA sections not represented by the current and past chairs, will review the nominations and select the awardee.

What is the award? The awardee will receive a certificate and $100 will be donated in his/her name to the charity of his/her choice.

What is the deadline? Nominations must be received by the Region VIII chair no later than November 1.
Volume 12, Issue 2                                                                                                                 Page 9
                      Region VIII Team Position Application Form
Team position for which you are applying:____________________________________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Title: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Institution: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

T: _________________________ F: ________________________ E:______________________________________

Are you currently a member of NAFSA? YES _________________(list membership number) NO __________

Number of years a member of NAFSA? ____________

Number of NAFSA conferences attended: Regional _____________ National _____________

Give a brief summary of professional experiences (please attach additional paper if necessary).

List the NAFSA activities/sessions/conferences/committees in which you have participated (please attach additional paper if neces-

Briefly describe your qualifications and/or interest in the Region VIII Team Position (please attach additional paper if necessary).

If selected for a team position, will you attend the Region VIII conference, arriving early and staying later for team meetings and
attend a team meeting in the spring? YES _______ NO _______

Do you have the support of your supervisor/institution to carry out the duties of a team position? YES ____ NO ____

Signature: ____________________________________________ Date ______________________________

                                        PLEASE RETURN COMPLETED FORM TO:
                                        Debbie Gamponia, NAFSA Region VIII Chair
                                              College Relations Manager, IES
                                                      5 Sullivan Drive
                                                 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
                                                 Telephone: 888-200-7656

 Volume 12, Issue 2                                                                                                            Page 10
        NAFSA Region VIII Conference Travel Grant Application

Name/Title: ____________________________________ Institution _________________________________


Phone: ______________________ Fax: __________________                                E-Mail:_____________________________

My institution/organization is: ____ 2 year ____ 4 year                   ____ Private HBCU
____Non-Profit/Community Organization ____ Other _________________________________________
Please total both undergraduate and graduate student populations:
_______ # of International Students _______# of U.S. Students Studying Overseas              _______Total Campus enrollment (all students)

____ Paid Professional at a post-secondary institution, whose work involves
                                                                                 Mail Applications for Travel Grant to:
      foreign students or U.S. students abroad and/or paid staff of community
      organizations.                                                             Debbie Gamponia
____ Unpaid volunteer working with post-secondary level international            5 Sullivan Drive
      students in the local community.                                           Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
                                                                                 Phone: 888-200-7656
____ Student leader in international education who is presenting at a regional
      conference.                                                                Fax: 908-901-9528
NAFSA Membership Status:
____ NAFSA member                                                                Application Deadline: October 1, 2004
____ non -NAFSA member (membership does not affect eligibility)

These grants are not limited to first-time conference attendees


Point of Departure/Destination/Return:_____________________________________________________
Type of Transportation:
             _____ Auto Travel __________ miles @ .30/mile                                   $ ___________
             _____ Round-trip Air Travel: ________________                                   $ ___________
             _____ Train/Bus Travel :              ________________                          $ ___________
Lodging:     _____ Nights @ $ __________/night (room rate + tax)                             $ ___________
Total Cost of Travel and Lodging:                                                            $ ___________
Estimated Need for funding from NAFSA:                                                       $ ___________

Attachments : I. Please attach a letter indicating (a) an estimate of anticipated expenses for travel and lodging to attend the conference; (b)
how much support is being provided by other sources; (c) a statement of objective/description of the benefits they will receive from attending
                      the conference; II. Include a letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor or sponsoring group.

Volume 12, Issue 2                                                                                                                           Page 11

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