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                                   Student Services

               Student Services Information for Staff
In drawing together a wide range of professional skills we aim to build on the current high
quality support available to meet students’ needs. We are here to support students who have
personal, financial, health, disability or work related problems but we also seek to help all
students learn the personal skills needed to build the lives and careers they want. Being at
University is about seeking out and responding to opportunities in all spheres of life and
Student Services support that search whether things are going well or not so well.

The units which make up Student Services are

Careers Service

Counselling Service

Disability Services

Frontline Support Workers

University Health Service




Peer Connections

Student Funding Unit

Student Support Worker

As well as helping you support students we also offer a range of services to staff (see
page 3).

Services available to students
The Frontline Support Workers are the first port of call for any queries and if necessary will
signpost to other Student Services’ units, University departments and outside organisations.

The Careers Service aims to enhance the employability and career development of
University of Dundee students and graduates by offering
        advice and information on options, employers, work experience, job hunting and
        career building
        workshops and events
        credit-bearing modules — Career Planning Module; Career Planning Module Online;
        Internship Module; new Scottish Internship Graduate; Certificate (SIGC) for graduates
        which offers a six month placement
        JobShop – online vacancy database listing available part-time, vacation, graduate,
        work experience and legal vacancies
        Placement Base, which specialises in volunteering, internship and work experience

The Counselling Service offers students the opportunity to talk over a concern with
someone in confidence. Appointments to see a counsellor can be made in person, by email or
phone. An emergency drop-in service is also available, on a first come first served basis, at
9.30am Mon—Fri. A range of self-help leaflets is available on our web-site.

Disability Services — Disabled students are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible
to enable the provision of support to meet their individual disability-related needs. Our
confidential service includes
        Recommendations for departmental and examination support
        Assistance with applications for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)
        DSA study needs assessment via the Access Centre Services
        Dyslexia Service
        Specialist mental health support
        Dedicated IT facilities
        Assistive technology and equipment
        Non-Medical Helpers Scheme

The University Health Service offers assessment and treatment of a range of general and
mental health problems. Appointments with the doctor and mental health nurse are available
by arrangement. Our services include
        Mental health issues
        Sports injuries
        Sexual health
        Alcohol issues
        Travel health
        Drug issues
        Self help advice
        Eating disorders
        Suicide prevention
        Sports club medicals
        Medicals for electives
        Free condoms

Music — A wide range of musical activities and events from soloist master classes to world
record-breaking musical productions are on offer whether you’re interested in taking part or
attending an event.

The University Nursery is supervised by qualified staff and cares for up to 40 children aged
2-5 on a morning, afternoon, full-day or part-week basis, and is open from 8.15am to 5.15pm
Monday — Friday throughout semester and the vacations. As there is often a waiting list for
the Nursery please apply early. Students are advised to contact the Student Funding Unit
regarding help with childcare costs.

Peer Connections includes welcoming, buddying/ befriending and mentoring using
experienced student volunteers. Open to all students, Peer Connections enables students
get the information they need to find their way around and settle in. It can help them meet,
mix with, learn from, and share information and experience with other students. Students can
ask to be connected with some experienced students or come along to our regular drop-in.
We also organise buddy groups for new students and offer pre-arrival contact.

Peer Mediation is also available to provide direct assistance to resolve interpersonal disputes.
This could be between flatmates, hall mates, boyfriends and girlfriends, or any other student.
Common issues include noise levels, study habits, phone and utility bills, relationship
problems and misunderstandings, work-related conflicts and minor forms of harassment.

The Residences office deals with the allocation of all University accommodation on the main
campus and the management of Tay Mills, with all other University Residences managed by

Sanctuary Management Services. Residences also manage the Top of the Tower Coffee
Lounge. Meal Deal vouchers, which can also be used in DUSA cafes throughout the campus,
are available to students.

The Student Funding Unit provides information, advice and guidance on various aspects of
student funding and money matters. We manage the Higher Education Discretionary Funds
and the Higher Education Childcare Funds which are available for students funded by UK
finance systems. We also offer a wide range of advice including: Government funding
regulations (throughout the UK and EU); state benefits; council tax; debt issues; mediation
with the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) and the Student Loan Company (SLC).

The Student Support Worker is primarily focused on entrant students in University
residential accommodation, deals with well-being issues arising during transition to University
life and provides referral to other services as required. The Student Support Worker works
from 12 noon — 8pm Mon — Fri and is supported by 10 Student Support Assistants two of
whom live in each of the University residences.

Services available to staff
The Careers Service offers advice to University of Dundee staff to support the
development of their careers. Come along to our lunchtime drop-in service for an initial
discussion or email

The University Counselling Service is also available to staff with free face to face
confidential sessions (maximum of 6 per academic session).

Staff can obtain free counselling through the College & University Support Network, a service
which offers free telephone counselling to staff and their family members 24 hours a day, 7
days a week by phoning 08000 32 99 52.

Disability Services offers advice and support for disabled staff including Access to Work
needs assessments. Disabled staff may be eligible to apply for support through the
Government’s Access to Work programme. Contact us or the University’s Occupational
Health Service for further details and advice. Further information on support for disabled
people in employment is also available from our web-site. Email:

The University Health Service offers confidential health advice, assessment and treatment
of general health and mental health issues. Please see page 2 for a list of services offered. A
doctor and mental health nurse are available by appointment.

Take part in a range of musical activities and attend musical events.

The University Nursery is open to children (aged 2—5) of University staff on a morning,
afternoon, full-day or part-week basis, and is open from 8.15am to 5.15pm Monday — Friday
during semester and vacation. A Childcare Voucher salary sacrifice scheme is available.

Campus Catering is managed by Residences and is responsible for the Top of the Tower
Coffee Lounge, and a range of events catering from teas and coffees at meetings, buffet
lunches or a cooked meal. Email:

We offer a range of training on a variety of topics e.g. disability, employability, finance, mental
health, suicide prevention etc, and give presentations on the work of Student Services.
Please contact us if you would like us to deliver a session direct to your group or see the
Management & Personal Development staff courses for a range of general events.

 You’ll find more information and contact details for each of the Student Services units
 on our web-site Ph 01382 388590

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