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                                           TECHNICAL INFORMATION SHEET
                                                                       Code No. 06110

                                                                                     Unlike conventional non-rinse strippers, Strike contains no ammonia, caustic
                                                                                     soda or potentially hazardous Butyl Glycol. This minimises the likelihood of
                                                                                     rejection of subsequent top dressing by highly alkaline residuals, as Strike has
                                                                                     a lower pH in concentrate that will be lower by dilution. Simultaneously this
                                                                                     provides the user with a lower risk - Strike carries the lowest category of risk
                                                                                     - Irritant - in comparison with the conventional Corrosive category of competitors’
                                                                                     non-rinse strippers.

                                                                                     Strike has been specifically formulated to have a dye marker which, in
                                                                                     conjunction with suitable opacifiers, allows the user to see where the solution
                                                                                     has been laid, thereby assisting safety in use.

                                                                                     Strike can also be used as a conventional stripper with rinsing if so desired,
                                                                                     used in a 1:5 dilution without the need for machine scrubbing, and it will also
                                                                                     act as a very high performance multi-surface cleaner in a 1:50 - 1:100

                                                                                     N.B. In line with flooring manufacturers recommendations, chemical
                                                                                     strippers should NOT be used on Linoleum flooring. Please refer to the
                                                                                     Technical Information Sheets for multi-purpose cleaners M.P.9 and
                                                                                     Nature’s Way, section 3.2 Polish Rejuvenation.
            1                3               13                31

                                                                                     The pH of the concentrate under typical analysis is 12.0.

                                                                                     Always wear appropriate protective clothing and read product label and
The Premiere range of quality strippers for the effective and economical             Safety Data Sheet before use. If in doubt always conduct a trial area to
removal of most floor dressings, including floor seals, emulsion polishes            establish results.
and solvent based wax polish. Selection of the correct product will be
dependent on the dressing to be stripped as well as the type of flooring             Areas should be well ventilated during any stripping procedures. Do not
onto which that dressing has been applied. When selecting a stripper for             allow any of the Premiere strippers to come into contact with painted or
a specific task prospective users should also refer to the Product Selection         varnished surfaces such as skirtings, furniture or fixtures and fittings.
Chart on the reverse of this Technical Information Sheet.
                                                                                     1. EMULSION POLISH STRIPPING
First class results can only be achieved using the correct equipment and
products within the framework of a regular cleaning programme. This                  1.1 STRIPPING METHOD: The frequency of this operation will depend
product group forms a vital and integral part of Premiere’s comprehensive            upon the method of maintenance, degree of traffic and the standard required.
range of chemicals. Users in all sectors of the cleaning industry may select         A standard speed rotary scrubbing machine and black nylon pad are
with confidence those products with precisely the right characteristics for          used, with mopping equipment and a wet pick-up. Strike may be used in
the tasks they have to undertake.                                                    solution with warm or cold water although the best results will be achieved
                                                                                     with warmer water.
In case of difficulty in making the correct choice or for further information on
Premiere’s cleaning and maintenance chemicals, equipment and machines,               Mix a 1:10 solution of stripper and apply liberally to a manageable sized
                                                                                     area starting at the furthest point from the exit. Keep the floor wet and allow
contact the local Premiere Representative or the Head Office in Cheltenham.
                                                                                     sufficient time for the chemicals to break down the dirt and polish film -
                                                                                     approx 7-8 minutes, depending on the build up of polish. Machine scrub
STRIKE                                                                               with the black nylon pad, ensuring that passes overlap and scrubb in both
                                                                                     directions on uneven floors where possible.
Strike is a powerful, high performance, low hazard, rinse free emulsion
floor polish stripper. Use for the effective chemical removal of Premiere            Do not allow the stripping solution to dry out during machine scrubbing.
metallised emulsion polishes M.E.7, Platinum 25, UNO and Platinum                    Remove the slurry with a wet pick-up, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and
Satin as detailed in section 1. It is equally effective for the removal of any       clean mop and pick up the rinse water. Repeat the above process in
metallised or alkali sensitive water based emulsions. Strike may also be used        overlapping sections throughout the area. Care should be taken to ensure
for the removal of the Premiere metal free environmentally friendly polish           that all the old polish and marks have been removed. On completion and
Reflection. Strike removes acrylic polishes from common substrates without           when the floor is dry, re-apply the chosen emulsion polish in accordance
                                                                                     with instructions in the relevant Technical Information Sheet.
employing high caustic or hazardous solvent based components or rhe need
for final rinsing. Strike may be used efficiently in warm or cold water solutions.   On terrazzo, marble or quarry tiled surfaces, it may be used only for the
                                                                                     periodic removal of metallised emulsion polishes, after which thorough
Strike is suitable for use on sealed porous floors such as wood, cork,               rinsing with fresh water is essential. Strike should not be used on unsealed
granwood, asphalt, magnesite and concrete as well as on vinyl, vinyl asbestos,       wood, cork or granwood floors.
and thermoplastic surfaces.
Strike is based on our highly successful Force technology. This allows
rapid infusion and wetting into the dry inert plastic coating to be removed.         1.2 EXCESS BUILD-UP: For the removal of severe polish build-up a 1:5
Wetting is the key and vital for high performance. However, these simply             solution of Strike in warm water may be used. However, before using this
carry amines and low hazard solvents into the polish to break the                    stronger solution, tests should be carried out on a small area to ensure that
crosslinking and allow chemical stripping of the polish.                             no adverse effects will occur on the floor.

       Premiere Products, Bouncers Lane, Cheltenham, Glos GL52 5JD Tel 01242 537150 Fax 01242 528445
                 E.mail: Web
                 APPLICATION AND COVERAGE                                                                                                    HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION

                 Use the following chart to determine the correct dilution rate to be used for                                               Appropriate Health and Safety Information is detailed on the individual
                 the cleaning task indicated. However, depending on the age, condition                                                       product label or relevant Health and Safety Data Sheet.
                 and type of surface as well the nature and degree of soilage, the dilution
                 may be adjusted accordingly.                                                                                                Urgent professional advice regarding First Aid may be obtained by
                                                                                                                                             contacting the nearest regional centre of the National Poisons Information /
                 As an aid to budget and operational planning, use the figures below which                                                   Service (NPIS), where all products are registered.
                 represent the approximate coverage in square metres obtained from 5
                 Litres of product when used at the recommended dilution rate for the task                                                   PACKAGING
                                                                                                                                             2 x 5 litre Polythene Containers              Premiere Code No.                  06110
                                                                                                  DILUTION                       COVERAGE
                      CLEANING TASK                                                                 RATE                          (in m 2)   No liability is accepted for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly
                                                                                                                                             from the use of the Company’s products, or from the use of the implied of
                      1. EMULSION POLISH STRIPPING                                                                                           freedom from patent rights. Prospective users should, therefore, satisfy
                      1.1   Stripping Method                                                             1:10                       250      themselves by appropriate trials that the product to be used is suitable for
                                                                                                                                             the intended use and that such will not infringe any patent.
                      1.2   Excess Build-Up                                                              1:5                        125
                                                                                                                                             We continue to reserve the right to alter designs of any product as part of
                  ALWAYS conduct a trial area with your chosen dilution to establish results.                                                a further process of improvement and products supplied may therefore
                                                                                                                                             vary from those detailed on this Technical Information Sheet.
                  NOTE: One square metre equates to 10.764 square feet.
                                                                                                                                             QUALITY APPROVALS
                 PRODUCT SELECTION                                                                                                                        BS EN ISO 9001
                                                                                                                                                          All products manufactured to Premiere formulations are processed
                 Use the following chart to determine if Strike is suitable for the various                                                               conforming to appropriate standards within the Quality System described in the
                 floors indicated. Where doubt exists seek technical advice or conduct a                                                                  Quality Manual and comply with the requirements of ISO 9001.
                 suitable trial on part of the area.                                                                                         Cert No.

                                                                                                                                             Other products from the range are:-                                                Code
                                                 MAY BE USED,BUT                                                 NOT
                      RECOMMENDED                SEEK TECHNICAL                                              RECOMMENDED                                            Premstrip 2000                    2 x 5 litre             06024
                                                   ADVICE FIRST                                                                                                     Premturps                         2 x 5 litre             17003

                      Thermoplastic                 Terrazzo                                                Rubber
                      Vinyl Asbestos                Marble                                                  Linoleum
                      Vinyl                         Quarry Tiles
                      Sealed Wood                   Unsealed Wood
                      Sealed Cork                   Unsealed Cork
                      Sealed Granwood               Unsealed Granwood
                      Sealed Concrete
                      Sealed Asphalt
                      Sealed Magnesite

                 Use the following chart to mix the appropriate cleaning solution for the
                 application of the relevant product.

                                                 1:5             1 PART PRODUCT
                                                                    TO 5 PARTS           1:10            1 PART PRODUCT
                                                                                                           TO 10 PARTS
                                                                    OF WATER                                OF WATER

                                                 0.5 LITRE        5 LITRE
                                                                              10 LITRE   0.5 LITRE        5 LITRE
                                                                                                                      10 LITRE
                                                 TRIGGER         BUCKET       BUCKET     TRIGGER         BUCKET       BUCKET
                                                     /,75(                                 /,75(
                                                 75,**(5 635$<      %8&.(7               75,**(5 635$<      %8&.(7

                                                  SPRAY                                   SPRAY

                                PRECISE AMOUNT    25 ml                                   17 ml
                                  OF PRODUCT                     1000 ml      2000 ml                    500 ml       1000 ml

                                MEASURING JUG           MEASURE PRECISE                        MEASURE PRECISE
                                                           AMOUNT AS                              AMOUNT AS
                                                        INDICATED ABOVE                        INDICATED ABOVE

                                PUMP DISPENSER


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                 The Technical Staff in the Training and Advisory Centre can ensure that the
                 correct equipment and methods are used and our consultants can provide
                 on-site training and advice. Standard Two Day Training Courses are held
                 regularly in Cheltenham, and tailor-made courses can be arranged if

                            Premiere Products, Bouncers Lane, Cheltenham, Glos GL52 5JD Tel 01242 537150 Fax 01242 528445
                                      E.mail: Web

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