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Strange Animal Attacks Continue ANNOUNCEMENT FIRE IN THE STREETS


Strange Animal Attacks Continue ANNOUNCEMENT FIRE IN THE STREETS

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									The truth, the hole truth, and nothing butt the truth                                              November 9th 1290

Recent reports of strange singing folk on the streets of Grantabrugge were substantiated yesterday, as members of the
Brotherhood of Magic managed to observe and document several of these strange beings during a disturbance at the
Brotherhood. The singers, in appearance between a human and an elemental, clad mostly in waistcoat and short trousers
and sporting prominent blue marks on the forehead, managed to dance past the guards and into the Brotherhood ritual centre
during a routine practical session on ritual theory.
Once inside, and seemingly ignorant of the consternation of the students, the demonstrator and a somewhat bemused air ele-
mental, the singers danced once around the outside of the ritual wardings singing a folk song about madness and obsession,
and then left wordlessly. "Our wardings were perfectly secure throughout", claims the Grey College in an official statement.
"No reasonably expectable threat, and not many of the unreasonable ones either, could penetrate the wardings on our ritual
circle. All three of the city's ley nexi are well defended. The Brotherhood and the Warlocks are still the sane
man's choice for the supernatural defence of our fair city. Besides, no attempt was made to disrupt the ritual."
The elemental was unavailable for comment.

      Strange Animal Attacks Continue                                MARRIAGE

Peasants on the Northeastern granges - and even esteemed             The Gossip wishes to anonounce the wedding of Count-
members of the Scouts Guild and others who have legitimate           ess Ruthilda Arundel of Musgrove to Freeman Alan of
business out there - have begun recently to arrive in the city       Musgrove. The best wishes of the Gossip and all news-
with strange poisoned injuries and stranger tales of betentacled     reading citizens will surely go to the happy couple as
beasts out upon the lands. These areas are downriver of              they start their new life together upon the Arundel estate.
Grantabrugge, and have always benefited from the fish rought
by the city's waste as it floats down the Granta, but of late they   A brief statement from the happy couple was cause for
have been beset by strange things crawling out of the fens and       rejoicing among the inhabitants of their estate: the
driving them from their lawful fishing and scavenging!               Countess' marriage should once and for all have laid the
                                                                     curse upon those lands to rest.
At first, the reports the Gossip have received were but short
and without import - isolated occurences - but the strange ag-
gressive polypous beasts are slowly becoming a familiar sight
to those who go downriver beyond the safety of village stock-
ades and city walls. Perhaps these new creatures, strangely                     FIRE IN THE STREETS
similar to those we know and love, have been attracted by the
city's waste? If it is good enough to provide good fishing, per-     It is the Gossip's sad duty to report a serious fire in a com-
haps it is good enough to provide good hunting for these             mercial property near the Docks area of towm. The cause of
strange beasts? Only time, or investigation by those                 the fire is being treated as suspicious - a statement from the
qualified to make more than baseless speculation, will tell!         Militia's investigating officer reports that the evidence here
                                                                     points toward arson. Only prompt action by orcs from the
                  ANNOUNCEMENT                                       Martial Arts Division of the Orcish forces, combined with
                                                                     the heroic efforts of a couple of passing water mages,
                                                                     stopped the blaze from spreading further.
It is the pleasure of the Most Worthy, Ancient and Hon-
ourable Guild of the Arcane Blade to announce that the               The Militia are stepping up patrols in the area. But, if we
antiquated and outmoded restriction against Light and                may be permitted to editorialise, why did this ever come to
Dark mages becoming members is CURRENTLY                             pass? The city of Grantabrugge is built as much of wood as
                                                                     it is of stone. There are few who live outside the walls. So
UNDER OFFICIAL REVIEW. Applications are currently                    why would any criminal deliberately choose arson over the
being solicited for Dark and Light mages of physical and             comparatively smaller danger of violent crime? The spread
mental puissance to take the Warlock Oath.                           of any fire would spell death for hundreds and ruin for
                                                                     many more, especially in the less salubrious and ever-
It is our fond hope that the undoubted distinction with              more-crowded areas of town - including, surely, either the
                                                                     criminal's own person or at the least those associated with
which these new members shall serve will lead to a per-              them! The Gossip appeals to the criminals of Grantabrugge:
manent place among the Warlocks for wielders of all six              crime may be your chosen path in life, but please remember
colours of magic, that the cause of magic and the safety of          your future! Leave Grantabrugge standing for the next
mages can be the better supported and defended.                      generation of criminals!
                                        GRIM STREETS GROW GRIMIER
Residents of the city may have been forgiven for being baffled this week, as the street beside the Temple of
Humact was descended upon by the Orcish Legion and roped off, followed by systematic and magically assisted
excavation work. Those assisting with the dig included several adventurers, not least the notorious Sir George
Galfrese, and what seemed to be a small contingent from the Children of the Light. When this reporter asked
whether the eccentricity of the nobles had finally gone too far, the question was rebuffed: the guards would say
little over the sound of repeated magical impacts other than that it was an authorised and sanctified operation.

What could be lurking below the mean streets of Grantabrugge to stir these people to pound them so? Rumours
are wild, many of them centring upon the recent regrettable incidents in the Temple. Meanwhile the hole goes
deeper and deeper; as of Thursday it was reaching the foundations.

Meanwhile, only strict military discipline has prevented looting from the spoil heaps; every morning there are
fewer flagstones and even cobblestones there, as paupers desperate for building material take them to shore up
slum dwellings and lean-tos. Jaundiced eyes are being turned upon the work crews; if there are enough men to
spare for this kind of work, they seem to say, why cannot they be spared to build housing to meet the needs of our
expanding city?

                 MAGIC FOR SALE                                         SELLERS, BUYERS, DROW
                                                                           AND INVESTORS!
No longer is magic restricted to the aca-
demic hands of trained mages!
                                                                    THE DARK COLLEGE IS PLEASED
Thanks to our stalwart endeavours and the                           TO ANNOUNCE THE LAUNCH OF A
power of our staff mages:                                               NEW TRADING VENTURE
Scroll Traders are now pleased to offer                              THOSE WHO LOVE PROFIT AND
SPELLS at a MOST REASONABLE                                          THOSE WHO LOVE FINE GOODS
PRICE!                                                               OF DROW MANUFACTURE CAN
                                                                     HENCEFORTH BE SATISFIED IN
Scroll Traders. Bringing magic to the                                      OUR COMPANY
masses since 1290.
Some knowledge of Tengwar required. Not suitable for rituals.
May contain eldritch forces beyond mortal ken.

In the interests of fairness and unbiased re-
porting, the Gossip would like to print the fol-                    For those who seek their answer, and those
lowing response to last week's Letter from a                                whose hearts are troubled -
Concerned Citizen:
                                                                     by our symbol we are called, by song you
Dear Concerned Citizen.                                                          can be rescued.

I am writing to the Gossip to correct some of your misconceptions
on the subject of the Church of Humact. Whilst it is true that
Humact has cast down many of His priests, they are not mad.
They were, for a short time, very distraught but now continue to                   Buy Pete's Fish!
serve Humact in a new role.
                                                                    Finest Fish, All Fresh! Fabulously low prices!

Iris Thornicroft.                                                     Enquire of Fisherman Pete at the Docks!

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