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									                                                                                 Appendix 1

Stock Option Appraisal Process – Timeline of Key Events
(up to 31 August 2004)

•   Autumn 2001, newsletter to all tenants asking their views on priority for
    investment in their homes.

•   November 2001, DTZ Pieda appointed to undertake Options Appraisal.

•   Autumn 2002, newsletter to all tenants giving feedback to the investment
    priorities and to inform tenants the beginning of the consultation period on
    Options Appraisal due to begin December 2002.

•   3rd and 4th December 2002, meetings arranged for Housing Involvement Group
    members and former elected Tenant Representatives to discuss interim Stock
    Option Appraisal report by DTZ Pieda and agreement reached to recruit an
    Independent Tenant Advisor (ITA).

•   14th January 2003, Cabinet Report, Options Appraisal regarding the
    appointment of the ITA.

•   12th and 13th February 2003, meetings arranged for all HIG members and
    former elected Tenant Representatives to discuss the brief for recruiting an ITA,
    including their possible role.

•   27th February 2003, Cabinet Report – Options Appraisal – DTZ Pieda report.

•   21st March 2003, Officer/Tenant Representatives meeting to discuss the brief for
    the ITA, incorporating the information discussed at previous meetings in

•   2nd April 2003, Officer/Tenant Representatives meeting to discuss the ITA
    interview process, agree questions to ask; Human Resources Officer attended
    to give advice on Scoring Criteria during the interview. Tenants agreed who
    would ask questions and who would be attending/scoring during the interviews.

•   10th April 2003, interviews for ITA, resulting in appointment of ITA by tenants.

•   Former Head of Housing Management file progress note on ITA appointment

•   21st May 2003, Tenant Representatives’ initial meeting with ITA, to
    discuss/agree possible work programme and formation of an ITA Steering

•   June 2003, DTZ Pieda final addendum on Options Appraisal report received,
    taking account of Sustainable Communities Plan implications.

                                              Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 1
•   9th June 2003, training session by Independent Tenant Advisor for Tenant
    Representatives – looking in more detail at the options available.

•   June 2003, Revised guidance released by Government “Delivering Decent
    Homes – Options Appraisal” – ODPM.

•   23rd June 2003, Tenants’ ITA Steering Group met with ITA, progress meeting.

•   June 2003, Options Appraisal article in ‘The Unison Times’ to inform union

•   7th July 2003, ITA Steering Group met with ITA to discuss DTZ Pieda report and
    the addendum produced to reflect the implications arising from the Community
    Plan. Also discussed was the Delivering Decent Homes – Option Appraisal,
    Guidance for Local Authorities. Summaries of both documents were provided
    by ITA.

•   18th July 2003, ITA Steering Group met to discuss and agree their Code of

•   24th July 2003, Government Office North East, Community Housing Task Force
    and officers of North Tyneside Council met to discuss options appraisal

•   28th July 2003, ITA Steering Group met with DTZ Pieda and discussed their
    report, including the addendum (question and answer session).

•   4th August 2003, ITA Steering Group met with officers from Community Housing
    Task Force, Government Office North East, North Tyneside Council and the
    Independent Tenant Advisor, to discuss concerns and to develop an action plan
    for the ITA to work to.

•   September 2003 – Council ‘What’s On’ article publicising Options Appraisal to
    all residents.

•   9th September 2003, Cabinet – Stock Condition Report – Requesting permission
    to carry out 10% survey, to supplement existing 2% survey, as per June ODPM
    guidelines and DTZ Pieda report.

•   22nd September 2003, ITA Steering Group met with Council Officers and ITA to
    discuss the work programme – a draft newsletter was distributed for comment
    and Steering Group gave their comments and suggestions, work programme

•   26th September 2003 – Government Office North East, Community Housing
    Task Force and North Tyneside Council officer progress meeting.

•   24th October 2003, staff briefings by ITA.

                                                 Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 2
•   27th October 2003, ITA Steering Group met with Council Officers, the ITA
    Steering Group members resigned.

•   October 2003, newsletter previously agreed by ITA Steering Group delivered to
    all tenants re Options Appraisal.

•   November 2003, Options Appraisal roadshows led by ITA.

•   27th November 2003, Regional Options Appraisal Roadshow, 12 places booked
    (10 for tenants).

•   8th December 2003, Presentation to Housing Scrutiny on Options Appraisal.

•   12th December 2003, Government Office North East, Community Housing Task
    Force and North Tyneside Council officer update meeting.

•   23rd December 2003, Options Appraisal Presentation to all Members.

•   5th January 2004, e-mail from ODPM commenting on satisfactory process of
    Options Appraisal.

•   20th January 2004, Adjourned meeting of Council, Housing Options Appraisal.

•   21st January 2004, Housing Options Appraisal Report to Cabinet (Report of
    Independent Tenant Advisor).

•   26th January 2004, letter from ODPM re Options Appraisal process.

•   11th February 2004, Options Appraisal Area Forum Presentation – Wallsend.

•   1st March 2004, Networking meeting with other local authorities at Government
    Office North East.

•   March/April 2004, 10% Stock Condition Survey undertaken by independent
    external consultants– on site from 8th March.

•   16th March 2004, Cabinet Report, Housing Options Appraisal, amended
    composition of Housing Options Appraisal Working Group.

•   31st March 2004, Head of Service Presentation and Questions & Answers to
    Tenant Representatives and Prospective Tenant Representatives.

•   April 2004, Questions to Council re stock condition report.

•   2nd April 2004, ODPM monitoring board, Head of Service Options Appraisal

•   16th April 2004, Government Office, Community Housing Task Force and North
    Tyneside Council Officer progress meeting.

                                             Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 3
•   20th April 2004, Tenant Representatives’ event, “Decent Homes – A North
    Tyneside View”, led by Consultants undertaking Stock Condition Survey.

•   Mid April 2004, DTZ Pieda commissioned to update Options Appraisal, taking
    into consideration RTB increases, Housing Revenue Account Subsidy changes
    and revised stock information.

•   23rd April 2004, ITA brief given to Tenant Representatives.

•   May 2004 – Ombudsman investigation into Options Appraisal. Investigation

•   26th May 2004, Tenant Empowerment and Communications Strategies
    discussed with Tenant Representatives, plus Stock Condition Survey update.

•   8th June 2004, Officer Progress meeting with Government Office North East and
    Community Housing Task Force.

•   15th June 2004, Further discussion on Communication and Empowerment
    Strategies with Tenant Representatives.

•   2 July 2004, Letter from Head of Service to Tenant Representatives re vote on
    shared chair of the Options Appraisal Working Group and tenant observers.

•   19th July 2004, Letter from Head of Service advising Tenant Representatives of
    outcome of vote.

•   Late July 2004, Draft Stock Condition Survey report from Consultants received.

•   July 2004, Internal Financial Business Plan review complete, forwarded to DTZ
    Pieda for evaluation.

•   27 July 2004, Letter to Tenant Representatives and Members from Chief
    Executive re stock condition survey appointment process.

•   28th July 2004, Meeting with Chief Executive, Head of Housing, Government
    Office North East, and Community Housing Task Force re stock condition

•   July/early August 2004, Consultation with Tenant Representatives on ITA brief
    and advert.

•   August 2004, Internal and external (DTZ Pieda) evaluation of Stock Condition
    Survey underway, due for completion September 2004.

                                             Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 4
•   August Area Housing Forums          - Appoint Tenant Representative and
                                          Council Member for Options Appraisal
                                          Working Group.

                                        - Appoint representatives for Tenants’
                                          Panel to work with and appoint
                                          Independent Tenant Advisor.

•   10th August 2004, Letter to all Members and Tenant Representatives re update
    on Options Appraisal, plus Stock Condition.

•   Week beginning 9th August 2004      - Letter to all tenants re Options Appraisal.

                                        - Initial summary report on Stock Condition
                                          to all Tenant Representatives, plus
                                          Councillors and Trade Union.

•   Mid August 2004, Advert placed for ITA (closing date for expressions of interest

                                             Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 5
Future Timetable (From 1st September 2004)

(Subject to consultation with Tenants’ Panel, Options Appraisal Working Group,
Government Office North East and Community Housing Task Force.)

7th September 2004          -   1st meeting of Options Appraisal Working Group.

10th September 2004         -   Tenant Representatives training with VODA.

13th September 2004         -   Recruitment and selection training for Tenants’ Panel
                                with Council’s Human Resources section.

14th September 2004         -   Letter of invitation to Tender to those ITAs who had
                                expressed an interest. Deadline for reply 6th October

14th September 2004         -   Monitoring Officer report to Overview & Scrutiny.

Mid September 2004          -   DTZ Pieda, Michael Dysons Associates and Officers of
                                Council meeting to discuss outcome of
                                evaluation/validation into Stock Condition Survey.

Mid/late September 2004     -   Publication of stock condition survey, separate
                                presentations to Tenant Representatives and Elected

Week beginning 20th         -   Officer meeting with DTZ Pieda to finalise Options
September 2004                  Appraisal timetable.

21 September 2004           -   Cabinet reports:
                                • Stock Condition Survey Update Report.
                                • Options Appraisal Update Report.
                                • Report of Monitoring Officer (Confidential)
6th October 2004            -   Second meeting of Options Appraisal Working Group.

20th October 2004           -   ITA interviews and appointment by Tenants’ Panel.

Late October 2004           -   Options Appraisal Report (subject to confirmation with
                                DTZ Pieda) received by Head of Housing.

Early November 2004         -   Initial meetings with Tenants’ Panel and ITA.

                            -   Internal validation of DTZ report by Council Officers.

                                            Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 6
Mid November 2004            -   Options Appraisal report to Options Appraisal Working

                             -   Presentation by DTZ Pieda to Tenants/Members/
                                 Officers and key stakeholders.

Late November/early          -   Initial publication of recommendations to all tenants.
December 2004
                             -   Work with Tenants’ Panel and ITA on report and work

January/February 2005        -   ITA led tenant consultation on DTZ Pieda’s Options
                                 Appraisal report.

By March 2005                -   ITA report to Options Appraisal Working Group and
                                 Cabinet for decision on preferred option, which would
                                 be based primarily on the tenants’ wishes.

At this stage, dependent upon the preferred option, following the consultation
process with tenants, further consultation may need to take place, as shown in the
table below.

    Preferred Option         Additional Consultation                   Timescale

Stock retention              None                            -

Arms Length Management       Need to demonstrate             Dependent on level of
Organisation                 support for this option –       support shown during ITA
                             no vote required, test of       process.
                             opinion needed.

Large Scale Voluntary        Ballot of all tenants.          Up to 12 months.

Private Finance Initiative   Local detailed                  2-3 years.
                             consultation required.

                                               Appendix 1 OA Process to 31.8.04 + from 1.9.04 / 7

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