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					                               Pruning Guide A – Z (Season sorted)
                                  c/o One Two Tree (Issued - Jan 08)

SPRING                                                                    Details
Abelia x grandiflora     Sp   Sm   Spring – shape up, remove longer branches.
                                   Summer – prune to shape after flowering (reduce 1 : 4 branches to near ground
                                   To renovate = cut all branches to base early spring.
Abutilon megapotamicum   Sp        Early / mid Spring – shape, remove crossing and overly long stems …
Aucuba japonica          Sp        Spring after display of winter berries. (If no berries then winter prune acceptable)
                                   Cut back lanky branches back to within body of plant. Otherwise trim branches
                                   over body of plant to maintain size / shape.
Bamboo                   Sp        Cut back old canes to ground floor level if clump becomes congested.
                                   Thin out as necessary through year. Remove overcrowded stems to ground level. If
                                   prune off top then will not regrow in height.
Bergenia cordifolia      Sp        Flowers over winter/ spring. Remove dead leaves as necessary eg spring
Betula                   Sp        Prune out dead / damaged / diseased branches. Prune crown only if overgrown.
Brachyglotis             Sp   Sm   Mid-spring after frosts and prior to onset of new growth.
                                   These tend to put on a lot of growth over the year and can become leggy. Prune
                                   accordingly ie prune 1 in 3 back hard just above to new shoots.
                                   NOTE: flowers bourne on previous years growth in summer. Hard pruning
                                   therefore results in finer foliage effect at expense of flowers. Routine and sensible
                                   pruning should enable both!
                                   May also be pruned after flowering.
Buddleja davidii         Sp        Prune HARD early spring with the onset of new growth. (eg 20 / 30cm or 05 / 1m
                                   pending final required height)
                                   A prolific self seeder, therefore for ease, remove spent flowerheads promptly (may
                                   promote secondary flowering)
Callicarpa               Sp        Early spring after frost but whilst plant is still dormant.
Camellia japonica        Sp        Spring, after flowering but before growth buds break.
                                   Shorten over vigorous stems to balance future growth and to encourage a bushy
                                   Renovative pruning can be performed by hard pruning eg prune third of stems
                                   above ground floor per annum.
Carpinus betulus         Sp        Spring – prune as necessary.
Ceanothus dentatus       Sp   Sm   NOTE: pruning depends on whether flowering on new / old wood. Species
                                   Either spring prior to flowering if on new wood,
                                   Or Late summer after flowering if on old wood.
                                   DA suggest – trail / error – initial prune after flowering safer method – after
                                   flowering mid summer
Chaenomeles              Sp   Sm   Late spring /early summer after flowering. Show a fair degree of growth over the
                                   season so prune back accordingly eg reduce circa 5 / 6 shoots on all stems.
                                   Thin out main body of crossing stems.
Choisya ternata          Sp        Spring after flowering and may get 2nd flush in Autumn. Hard pruning in spring
                                   (immediately after flowering) is best for well grown species.
                                   Equally respond well to hard pruning in spring if overgrown.
Clematis Montana         Sp   Sm   Very dependant on species.
                                   Eg. Spring flowering – flower on last seasons growth in spring - prune after
                                   flowering eg summer. (Eg evergreen armandii)
                                   Other (majority) = investigate type as either flower on previous or current seasons
                                   growth – safest option = prune after flowering. Potential to cut back hard.
Convolvulus cneorum      Sp        Early spring before buds break.
                                   Allow to develop initially before pruning, followed by simple pruning of overly
                                   long stems.
Cornus alba              Sp        Early spring before bud break. New growth is brightly coloured. Therefore good to
                                   prune back hard in spring to encourage new growth following winter.
Cotinus coggygria        Sp        Spring before growth begins.
                                   Rotating pruning eg reduce half stems by half / ¾ length.
Erica                    Sp        Late spring after flowering.
                                   Species dependant, some respond well to hard pruning, others don’t!
Escallonia                     Sp        Renovate – spring
                                         Routine pruning summer after flowering.
                                         Neglected plants can be pruned hard to produce vigorous new growth
Euonymus fortunei              Sp        Prune to shape as nec eg spring.
                                         Renovative pruning possible by cutting back hard.
Euonymus japonica              Sp        Prune to shape as nec eg spring.
Euonymus radicans              Sp        As per Euonymus jap
Fatsia japonica                Sp        Mid spring. Cut back unwanted stems completely (will reshoot from base).
                                         Remove faded berries later spring.
Fremontodendron                Sp        Flowers on current seasons growth. (hairs irritant).
                                         Light pruning only to train to shape. Prune out flowered growth where strong
                                         shoots exist to replace it.
Fuchsia magellanica            Sp   Au   Flowers on current seasons growth in summer /autumn. Cut back hard annually.
                                         Prune early spring once growth starts or if exposed reduce stems by 1/3 in Autumn
                                         to reduce wind damage.
                                         Pinch out tips to encourage bushy growth.
Garrya elliptica               Sp        Catkins winter/ spring. Prune early spring as the catkins fade. And before growth
Griselinia littoralis          Sp        As required. Cut out stems as required typically in spring. Trim over with secateurs
                                         summer to shape up as required.
Haemomeles x intermedia        Sp        Slow growing and respond slowly to pruning. If necessary prune early spring after
                                         flowers fade but before leaves unfold. Often grafted - remove suckers.
Hebe                           Sp        Spring so time for new shoot growth / flower. Also after flowering as nec.
                                         Trim the plant over lightly each yea to maintain size / shape
Hedera helix                   Sp   Sm   Prune throughout year as necessary. Preferred before new growth so that juvenile
                                         growth display for sp / sm.
Hibiscus                       Sp        Flowers on current seasons growth in late summer.
                                         Prune late spring. Cut back established plants by redn stems by upto 1/3 to good
                                         buds. Old stems can be removed to base if required to rebud at base.
                                         Prune young plants lightly to maintain well balanced plant.
                                         Remove lopsided / badly placed branches, otherwise lightly prune as applicable.
Hydrangea macrophylla          Sp   W    Either after flowering or else leave flower heads over winter to protect young
                                         growth below. Cut back to good bud for flowering. Leave leaders with bud.
                                         Spring :
                                         1. Cut out one or two less productive branches at ground level
                                         2. Shorten the flowered stems to pairs of healthy buds eg 20 – 30 cm
                                         3. Remove weak and spindly stems, completely or if there are buds low down to
Hypericum calycinum            Sp        Flowers on current seasons growth. Annual prune in early spring.
Jasminum nudiflorum (winter)   Sp        Early spring after flowering. Remove dead stems.
Jasminum officinalie           Sp   W    Early spring
Laurus nobilis                 Sp   Sm   Prune to maintain shape eg select appropriately facing bud (cut leaves look
Lavandula angustifolia         Sp   Au   Dead head in Autumn, prune best left until spring.
                                         Do not reshoot if cut into old wood. As such prune annually to remove bulk of
                                         previous seasons growth.
Lavatera (Mallow)              Sp   Au   Prune in spring after the buds begin to break. Stems can also be shortened in
                                         autumn. Equally during growing season remove damaged wood.
                                         Flower on current seasons growth over a long period summer – autumn.
                                         Wood is particularly weak and can often ‘self-destruct’. Prune before they become
                                         top heavy. Tolerant of hard pruning to reshoot at base.
Leycesteria Formosa            Sp        Spring. Remove selected stems to base / shape as necessary.
                                         New stems grow and flower in a single season.
Ligustrum (PRIVET)             Sp   Sm   Trim 2 – 3 times between late spring & late summer. Renovate old examples by
                                         hard pruning in spring (possible reversion of variegated types though).
Lonicera nitida                Sp   Au   Flexible – eg Spring to Autumn as required (eg esp if hedging) 2 – 3 pa
Mahonia aquifolium             Sp        Spring after flowering. Cut back old shoots to ground level to renovate.
Mahonia x media                Sp        Spring after flowering. Cut back lanky stems to strong growth lower down.
                                         Possible to renovate by pruning low down (recovery may be slow)
Nandina                        Sp        Flowers summer, red berries afterwards. Prune only to keep in shape. Prune back
                                         spindly plants to lower regrowth or indeed remove unwanted stems to ground level.
Perovskia                      Sp        Flowers bourne on end of new stems.
                                          Prune back reasonably hard down to new shoots early spring as new growth is
Phlomis                         Sp        Mid spring when plant is growing actively.
Photinia x fraseri              Sp        Bright red leaves early spring.
                                          Shortening stems by 15cm to outward facing bud to encourage more bright young
                                          growth. Eg after initial spring flush.
                                          Prune hedges through year as necessary.
Pieris                          Sp        Young red leaves and flowers in spring. Prune accordingly in spring after
Pittosporum tenuifolium         Sp   Sm   Mid spring when growth has started. Also midsummer as necessary.
Potentilla                      Sp   Au   Flowers on current seasons growth throughout summer.
                                          Prune mid spring and again as necessary in autumn.
Prunus lusitanica               Sp   Su   Late spring or early summer. Can develop to tree like if unpruned. Prune to restrict
                                          size and cut overlong shoots well back to trunk or main stem.
Pyracantha atalantioides        Sp        Thorns -wear gloves. Prune typically mid spring.
                                          Wall trained also in late summer shortening new growth to expose berries.
                                          Flowers form early summer which then turn into autumn / winter display of berries.
                                          Prune hedges in spring then clip 2 / 3 thro year as required.
Rhus typhina (Staghorn)         Sp        Sap potentially harmful – wear gloves.
                                          Prune for shape early spring. Remove unwanted suckers as they appear.
Ribes sanguineum                Sp   Wn   Flowers on previous seasons growth. Prune mid to late spring after flowering.
                                          Renovate in late winter. Regular pruning encourages fresh new growth. Rotational
                                          pruning beneficial.
Salvia                          Sp        Prune in spring when growth begins.
Saroccoca                       Sp   Sm   Fragrant flowers in spring on previous years growth. Prune after flowering.
Skimmia Japonica                Sp        Fruits on female (Autumn / winter). Cut back over vigorous shoots in spring after
                                          flowering. Can tolerate hard pruning if nec.
Taxus Baccata                   Sp        Spring as necessary
Tilia x europaea (Lime)         Sp   Sm   Mainly in spring. Continually remove suckers from base (trunk) as necessary.
Viburnum tinus                  Sp        Flowers winter / spring. Prune late spring after flowering.
Vinca major                     Sp        Spring
Vinca minor                     Sp        Spring.

                                List not exhaustive & for guidance only.
                     Refer to Hessayon Pruning Guide as necessary for ID / guidance.

                     Remember suitable deadheading throughout season as necessary.

                           Sp = Spring, Sm = Summer, Au = Autumn, W = Winter.

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