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									MacWorld vs CES: The Battle for Twitter Buzz
I’m not at MacWorld or CES, but there have been enough tweets about the event that it almost feels like I’m there.
Trendrr has done some analysis of the buzz surrounding the events using its graphing tools, displaying how many
tweets relating to each are showing up over time. – Adam Ostrow, January 8, 2009

StatShot: Gossip Girl Tweets, Button Beats
Trendrr’s graph of the top Twittered TV shows for the week of Dec. 30 - Jan. 6 shows remained largely the same —
but for the first time since we’ve been keeping track, Gossip Girl surpassed Heroes (by a long shot). It was just for
one day, but a win is a win. Trendrr also expanded the list to the Top 6 shows since newcomer Superstars of Dance
had a strong finish. – Chris Albrecht, January 7, 2009
Wiredset named Grant Johmann SVP of marketing. Johmann will oversee the agency's client
marketing including audience building and consumer engagement such as social media
initiatives, word of mouth marketing, and online video. He was previously director of online
marketing for Elektra Records. – January 6-9, 2009

The 12 Graphs of Christmas
Mark Ghuneim is the Founder/CEO of digital marketing agency and technology incubator Wiredset and social
media tracking service Trendrr.
It’s the time of year when people from many parts of the earth take time off to eat, drink and be merry, or something
like it. But just how excited is the social media universe about the upcoming holidays? Here are some metrics to put
the holiday mindshare into perspective. – Mark Ghuneim, December 24, 2008
StatShot: Most DVRd Shows This Season, Top TV Shows
on Twitter
Trendrr tells us that over on Twitter, Heroes still held all the buzz with the most tweets from Dec. 9-15, but in a
surprise turn of events The Big Bang Theory bumped Family Guy from the top five. Should I be watching that show?
– Chris Albrecht, December 17, 2008

Trial and Error
Is Obama Losing His Social Media Mojo?
But who would have predicted that President-elect Barack Obama would see this big a drop in the number of videos
tagged with his name on YouTube? Online trend tracker Trendrr reports that while the number of videos on
YouTube tagged with ―Obama‖ rose from 82,200 on April 18 to 396,000 on Nov. 16, the amount of videos since
then has fallen dramatically. As of Dec. 7, there were 138,000 videos tagged with ―Obama‖ on the video site, a
decrease of 256,000 videos in less than a month. – Daisy Whitney, December 16, 2008

Bush shoe-throwing goes viral
Viewership of the YouTube videos of Mr. Obama's weekly radio addresses has been falling steadily since his first
one a month ago, according to TubeMogul. And Trendrr, which tracks online content, says both blogs and YouTube
videos about Mr. Obama have dropped precipitously. – Stephen Dinan, December 15, 2008
StatShot: Heroes Tops Twitter
We’re adding a new data point to the StatShot this week. Trendrr will be providing a weekly snapshot of the most
Twittered broadcast TV shows.Trendrr is an online service that tracks and graphs consumption trends across social
networks, blogs, torrents, Amazon, Craigslist, Twitter, Google News and dozens of video sites. Trendrr is a white
list partner with Twitter, which gives the company access to the full public timeline via an open API.Heroes had the
most Tweets Dec. 4 - 10 (perhaps because everyone in the audience is prescribing ways to fix the ailing show). CSI
and 30 Rock enjoyed nice bumps on the day after their broadcast, while Gossip Girl shot up above all but Heroes
after its broadcast night. - Chris Albrecht, December 11, 2008

Cyn opsis: DIGITAL
Online tracking service Trendrr unveiled a new tool that tracks and graphs usage of words and phrases on Twitter.
The service, currently available for no charge, creates usage graphs that illustrate the number of posts per hour, per
day or longer made by Twitter's 3.4 million users. Results can be measured against other data via the site's
Scratchpad tool including blog and news buzz. – Wayne Karrfalt, December 3, 2008

8 More Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Shouldn’t Leave
Home Without
Google Trends is the most popular trend analysis site out there, and you can also get trending charts with paid social
media monitoring tools too. For those seeking an alternative, Trendrr will scratch that itch. You can track and
compare the trends of any keyword–your company, CEO, etc–and even compare them to other keywords. Trendrr’s
pretty charts definitely qualify as social media ―eye candy.‖ – Andy Beal, December 2, 2008

Crashing Motrin-Gate: A Social-Media Case Study
J&J Caved to a Vocal Flash Mob, but Did It Hurt Its Relationship With a Larger Audience?
Another Colorado-based blogger, Amy Gates of, picked up on that and posted the
first tweet on the subject just under five hours later. By the following Sunday, the Motrin ad controversy was
generating as many as 300 tweets an hour, according to That helped move it to the top of Twitter's
"trending topics" list, which in turn helped the original bloggers pitch the story to conventional news outlets. – Jack
Neff, November 24, 2008
The Barbed Wire Report

Study: "Center-Right Nation" Narrative Spiked Immediately After
Election Day
Feeling like I was out on a limb (and remember, this was almost 2 weeks before a group of major progressive
pundits belatedly started writing about the trend), I asked a friend out here in Denver who works with a company
called Trendrr to officially track whether my prediction was right - and you can see from the results above, it was -
more so than I ever expected. – David Sirota, November 21, 2008

Trendrr - Quick and Easy Automated Trend Tracking, With a
Social Twist
I started messing around a little bit with Trendrr last week and was very impressed with its options and functionality.
Basically, Trendrr mashes multiple lightweight and mostly free Web trend tracking tools (over a dozen data fields
including Google, Technorati, FeedBurner, Quantcast, YouTube etc) and lets you easily drag output graphs from
these trends into a single graph with an easy interface, making comparisons really easy. The free version lets you
make 20 graphs tracking one or multiple query terms. You can share those graphs with others pretty easily — not
that this is very hard to build but its a nice feature. – Christopher Kenton, November 13, 2008

Obama Wins the Battle for Online Buzz
Not only did Barack Obama come away with the election last night, he also tallied up more social media buzz during
the last year, according to data from online tracking service Trendrr. Sen. Obama had the advantage in news
mentions, blog buzz, MySpace followers and number of videos on YouTube, Trendrr said. On Election Day, Sen.
Obama had been ―tagged‖ in 665,000 YouTube videos, while McCain had been tagged in 351,000.In the one-day
span from Nov. 3 to Nov. 4, Trendrr said 9,000 new videos had been tagged with ―Obama,‖ and only 4,000 with
―McCain.‖ – Daisy Whitney, November 5, 2008
Obama's Social Media Advantage
In the course of the 2008 U.S. election cycle, which resulted in the election of Senator Barack Obama last night, we
regularly reported about how the candidates used the web and social media tools to connect to their followers and
organize their campaigns. Today, we received some data from Trendrr, an online statistics mashup tool, that clearly
shows Obama's lead in using technology to connect to his audience, as well as his overall lead in mindshare in the
blogosphere as a whole. - Frederic Lardinois, November 5, 2008

Palin’s Bad Moment in Philly an Online Hit
According to the online buzz tracking service Trendrr, the video of Gov. Sarah Palin getting booed at the
Philadelphia Flyers hockey game last month logged more views online than her 1984 swimsuit appearance.I’m told
the swimsuit video has been pulled from YouTube, but even if it were still up I wouldn’t link to it because I don’t
want to participate in that sort of objectification. Nevertheless, this blog is about what’s hot and what’s not online.
So it’s worth noting more people viewed the video from the Flyers game (more than 1.5 million), than the pageant
appearance with more than 1.4 million views. – Daisy Whitney, November 3, 2008

Invasion of the election apps
In other words, many of the companies that have been responsible for the share-this, embed-that culture of the 2008
election's digital coverage might not be around to do the same thing for the 2010 midterms or the 2012 general
"I wouldn't be surprised if the Internet as a whole took a breather," said Mark Ghuneium, founder and CEO of
analytics agency Wiredset. "You know what they say about a rising tide raising all boats? It might be true that (the
election) is keeping things sustained." – Caroline McCarthy, October 31, 2008
Q & A Thursdays: Mark Ghuneim, Founder and CEO of Wiredet and Trendrr
I love the offering at, which is a site that allows you to track any topic you choose across leading
properties in social media. It is of tremendous value, and the price is right: free. To find out more about this great
service -- a service you should avail yourself of right at this very instant, and then quickly return here to give me
another page view -- I got in touch with Mark Ghuneim, CEO and founder of Wiredset and Trendrr. There's some
great thinking behind this service! – Jim Nichols, October 30, 2008

Tracking Success in Online Ads' Brave New World
How do we measure whether ads worked or failed when it comes to video, social media or p2p networks? A lot's
riding on the answer.
Figuring out the answer now may be more critical than ever. Advertising sans metrics makes brand owners very
nervous, so measurable metrics "couldn't be more important than in this current economic environment," according
to Mark Ghuneim, CEO of digital agency Wiredset, who moderated a panel discussion here on the topic at the
Digital Hollywood conference in Santa Monica, Calif. – David Miller, October 28, 2008

Trendrr Creates Graphs From Confusing, Chaotic Data on Web
If you like Google Trends, get ready for a souped-up competitor that identifies Web buzz across many other sources,
such as Amazon, YouTube and eBay. Trendrr can track the viral rise or fall of a Web hit, and its CEO discusses the
impact of the start-up. – David Silverberg, October 18, 2008

Execs & Accounts: AdBrite, MEC Interaction, Undertone
Digital marketing agency Wiredset has partnered with publisher William Morrow to launch a
widget promoting the latest novel from Neal Stephenson, titled "Anathem World." The widget,
which contains six exclusive videos of Stephenson discussing the book, is an extension of an online
engagement campaign that kicked off prior to its release on September 9th. – Jack Marshall, Oct 17, 2008
                                                                  Visionwiz SocialRovr

Trendrr Makes Graphs That Move With Time | The Startup Review
What is particularly appealing about Trendrr is that the relevance of data within a graph does not end with the
publishing date. Data continues to arrive. For instance, a Trendrr graph created in late March 2008 with a focus on
Google News stories having to do with the names ―barack obama,‖ ―john mccain,‖ and ―hillary clinton,‖ has
progressed into the present day. - Paul Glazowski, October 14, 2008

Digital Dealmakers
Mark Ghuneim, CEO and founder of Wiredset and Trendrr
The pros: Individuals, companies and marketers are clamoring for data to better understand how consumers respond
to and interact with Internet campaigns, making Trendrr well-positioned. – October 12, 2008

Obama, McCain Push Web-Video Democracy
Since Aug. 24, the number of You Tube videos tagged with ―Obama‖ has grown from 148,000 to 169,000, while
videos tagged with ―McCain‖ have jumped from 63,000 to 75,000, according to Trendrr, a free online tracking
service. As of 4 a.m. Sept. 5, there were 5,450 videos tagged with ―Sarah Palin,‖ Trendrr said. - Daisy Whitney,
September 7, 2008

Internet Searches for ‘Palin’ Soar
In addition, as of today, there were nearly 17.5 million Google results for her name, up nearly 15 million since Sept.
1, according to online tracking service Trendrr. Also, her name now yields more than 70,000 Google news results,
up from 25,000 on Sept. 1. – Daisy Whitney, September 5, 2008
More Videos Online for Obama Than McCain, Trendrr Says
More than 148,000 videos on YouTube are tagged with ―Obama,‖ while just over 63,000 are tagged with ―McCain,‖
according to data from Trendrr, a company that tracks trends across social networks and other sites. – Daisy
Whitney, August 26, 2008

Other digital components rolling out this season include exclusive model home videos, behind-the-scenes photos
and a bonus act. Working with digital marketing and social engagement experts, Wiredset, and Rock You!, the
leading application developer for social networks, Oxygen will roll out Facebook tools that empower fans to
virtually experience actions with Janice and the models including: sip a cocktail poolside with Janice; play twister
with Kehoe; spin the bottle with Chandler; and relax in the hot tub with JP and Crystal. – August 27, 2008

Final Tally: Olympics Web and P2P Numbers
This particular torrent had almost 100,000 seeders at one point, according to market research company Wiredset.
Also interesting: The vast majority of downloaders are from China, with the U.S. only accounting for eight percent
of its downloads. - Janko Roettgers, August 28, 2008

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