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					                      Miid Beds Locall Strategiic Partnershiip
                      M d Beds Loca Strateg c Partnersh p
                                                   News etter
                                                                      Spriing 2005
                                                                      Spr ng 2005

Welcome       to the Spring edition of the Mid Beds Local Strategic Partnership
                          The newsletter is intended to inform on the latest stages
                          of development and delivery of the Mid Beds Community
                          Plan and Local Strategic Partnership. It is also hoped it
                          will develop into an opportunity for readers to pose
                          questions to the Partnership and for groups and
                          individuals to use it as a platform to inform us on what is
                          taking place in the community that relates to the
                          Community Plan.

                          If you have an item or question then please do send or
                          email it to us and we will endeavour to respond through
                          these pages in the future.

At the January meeting of the LSP Steering group
presentations were received from the County Council
on the second publication of its Local Public Service                  MID BEDS
                                                              LOCAL STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP
Agreement, (LPSA) which is due for submission to
Government in Spring 2006.

An LPSA is a voluntary negotiated agreement                 IDENTIFIED MEDIUM & LONG TERM
                                                                 PRIORITIES & ACTIONS
between a council and Government which includes
priorities for an area not just the council. The                STEERING GROUP MEETING
Government offers ‘rewards’ for achievements made,                  26 JANUARY 2005

including pump priming and outcomes. Members of
the LSP were invited to submit suggestions for
inclusion in the document.
Presentations were also received from three of the thematic groups – Leisure,
Transport and the Environment on their identified priorities and key actions for
medium (2007) and long (2011) term delivery. The remaining sectors are
expected to make their presentations at the LSP meeting on 28 April at the office
of the Learning Partnership in Kempston – come along if you like! The LSP
Steering Group will then meet again in July to make their decisions on the
priorities to be endorsed and included in the Action Plan. Once the priorities have
been decided, the Action Plan will be produced in hard copy format and also
published on the website.

During the latter part of this year it is our intention to undertake a self-assessment
of the Partnership. Currently the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) has
guidelines in place for Neighbourhood Renewal areas only (eg. Luton). A revised
version is expected to be available shortly, which can be applied to districts like
Mid Bedfordshire. We are also looking to adopt a monitoring and reporting
system enabling us to continually assess our performance as a Partnership and
the delivery of the action plan.
 Community West CLF - Mr Colin McFarland, Bedfordshire County Council,
South East BedsLiasion Forums
County Hall, Bedford, MK42 9AP Tel: 01234 228857
                 A    CLF stands for Community Liaison Forum.             They are
                 consultative bodies which draw together representatives of all tiers
                 of local government (the County, District and Town and Parish
                 Councils) along with other partners in the community. Meetings
                 are held in public and focus on community needs and concerns,
                 dealing with issues that cannot be dealt with by one tier of local
                 government or partner alone. By bringing together community
                 representatives to act as the local voice, they encourage members
                 of the public to participate in meetings and community projects.

 There are ten CLF’s established in the Mid Beds district, each set up over a
 period of time and therefore at different stages of development. Community
 Liasion Forums as a whole are represented on the LSP Steering Group by Mr
 Barry Thompson. It is through Barry that the CLF’s can feed information,
 requests and comments and will report them direct to the partnership at the
 quarterly meetings. Barry is also a member of the South East Beds West forum.
 He can be contacted c/o South East Beds West CLF - Mr Colin McFarland,
 Bedfordshire County Council, County Hall, Bedford, MK42 9AP Tel: 01234

 Investing in Communities (IIC)
 Investing in Communities (IIC) is a fund administered by The East of England
 Development Agency (EEDA) accessible through sub-regional economic
 partnerships. For this area that is Beds & Luton Economic Development
 Partnership (BLEDP).

 The fund was introduced in February 2004 with an initial amount of approximately
 £8million and £17million for 2005/6. (Funds not allocated roll forward into the
 following year). As a new fund there have been a number of false starts and most
 areas have been guided to submit capacity building proposals rather than specific
 projects. At the end of January 2005, Beds and Luton finally received
 confirmation that its revised proposal had been accepted and an initial £60K has
 been given to employ an IIC Faciltitator to co-ordinate the development and
 production of a 10-year Bedfordshire and Luton Business Plan. A further
 proposal is being submitted to employ key personnel with varying remits to
 support the Facilitator in his/her role. These are likely to be fixed term posts.

 The Business Plan will be drawn together with input of Beds and Luton LSP
 Managers and the existing IIC Steering Group. It will be complementary to the
 Community Plans and map out a direction for economic growth for the sub-
 regional area. The Business Plan will be the lead document identifying priorities
 for economic growth against which, future funding proposals can be submitted.
 The draft Business Plan is intended to be in production by end of Summer 2005
 and will be subject to consultation.

 Additional Information
 The next meeting of the LSP Steering Group will take place on 28 April 2005 at the offices
 of the Learning Partnership, Railton Road off Wolsey Road, Kempston. The meeting is
 scheduled for 13.30 for a 14.00 start. Items for the agenda should be submitted to the
 LSP Manager by 7 April 2005. The Summer edition of this newsletter will be produced at
 the end-June. If you have an item for the newsletter then please forward it before: 1June
 2005 to Sandra Einon. Local Strategic Partnership Manager c/o Mid Beds District
 Council The Limes, 12 Dunstable Street, Ampthill Beds. MK45 2JU 01525 842286
bReview of the Short Term Action Plan
 Although work progresses on the medium and long term action plan below is a brief
 overview of where we are now in respect of our current or short term intentions.
  Action                              Achievement   Comments
  Community Safety bbb = achieved/on target bb = on target/ongoing b= insufficent data
  Employ 5 Community Support              •  Now likely to secure 8 CSO posts in key areas
  Officers (CSO);                      bbb•  Roadshows regularly carried out and ongoing.
  School Roadshows on subject          bb    MBDC Community Safety Team also undertake
  of alcohol and drug misuse.                various programmes
  Providing Housing & Building Communities
  Secure 20% affordable housing                     •   This target was revised to 28% and in the first half
  on new developments;                  bb              of 2004 31% was secured within the 4 qualifying
  Bring empty properties back into      bb              sites
  use                                               •   This is an ongoing target. Up to September 04, 8
                                                        properties had been brought back into use
  Improving the Environment
  Implement a new cross-district                    •   An alternative waste collection scheme was
  recycling scheme;                    bbb              introduced last October in conjunction with a new
  Removal of abandoned vehicles        bb               contractor
  litter, graffitti, & dog fouling                  •   Flytipping 355 incidents reported were removed
                                                        in 1.41 days. Abandoned vehicles also on target.
  Improving Health
  Develop new and targeted diet                     •   On target to reduce death rates in people under
  & nutrition programme;               bbb              75 from coronary Heart disease by 25%
  Development of the stop
  smoking service and tobacco
                                       bbb          •   2003/04 stop smoking service helped some 700
                                                        people stop, reaching 85% of annual target
  control initiatives
  Promoting Leisure
  Development         of   existing                 •   Work in progress on – new fitness suite and
  community facilties;                  bb              athletics stadium at Sandy Sports and Community
  Delivery of youth Arts, Sports &
  Participation programmes
                                        bb              Centre, new fitmess suite at Flitwick Leisure
                                                        Centre and Saxon Pool, Biggleswade
                                                    •   Ongoing programme development across all
                                                        areas. New combined activities in 2005 to further
                                                        develop skills and participation
  Strengthening the Economy
  Support and retention of village                  •   A new PO in Clophill opened Dec 04; PO & Shop
  P.O’s, pubs, shops, farm              bb              in Haynes is scheduled to open Summer 05.
  diversification and     tourism                       Inward Investment Guide published
  activity.                                         •   Bedfordshire Conference Bureau awarded Highly
                                                        Commended in regional tourist board awards.
                                                        More than 15 bookings secured
                                                    •   40-mile Greensand Ridge Walk upgraded with
                                                        new waymarking and; Lets Go walking/cycling
                                                        website set to go live Spring 05
  Establish a ‘skills alliance’ to                  •   7 action points all of which have been and/or are
  address     different    business    bbb              ongoing incl: Completion of Skills & Perception
  sectors with skills shortage                          research; Agreed format for data collection and
                                                        information sharing; Skill for Life programme
                                                        implemented; Joint research project agreed and
                                                        started in January 05
  Developing Learning Opportunities & Skills
  Gap Analysis and development                      •   7 Actions points all of which have been achieved
  of Information & Guidance (IAG)      bbb              incl: Learning for Life appointed as lead IAG body.
  programme;                                            Targets and PIs adopted by national IG
                                                        stakeholders. Codes of Practise issued to
                                                        agencies offering IAG
  Expand ‘learning pathway’
                                                    •   7 Action points all of which have been achieved
  to include vocational courses;
  Increase work experience for
                                       bbb              incl: Audit of vocational opportunities completed in
  young people                                          2004; Vocational curriculum offered from Sept 04;
                                                        Mid Beds 14-19 group established Autumn 04 and
                                                        completion of Best Practice review of Learning
                                                        Warehouse initiative
  Creating Better Transport
  Improve provision of transport                    •   Transport Brokerage Scheme implemented.
  and levels of information            bbb          •   Youth Transport schemes incl. Transport tokens
                                                        and Escape to Xscape introduced
                                                    •   Co-ordinated information material produced
                                                    •   Community transport schemes expanded
  Including Everyone
  Extend healthy schools scheme                     •   21 schools gained Healthy Schools award. 19
  & improve access to sexual           bbb              new schools joined scheme across PCT area.
  health services.                                  •   19.4% reduction in teenage pregnancies across
                                                        Bedfordshire was achieved against a target of
Thematic Groups – a brief overview of three themed sectors in the Mid Beds
Community Plan

Promoting Leisure
Leisure in its widest sense is an important part of all our lives. Making the most of
our leisure time is essential to our physical and mental well-being. A range of
officers and facility providers work as a group concentrating on this thematic area
to achieve the vision – A Mid Bedfordshire which enjoys a more diverse mix
of accessible leisure, sporting and cultural activities suitable for all ages
and abilities.
Key Issues are:
Improving Access and
Activities for young people

Short term actions set to address these are
   • Develop existing community facilities where it can be demonstrated that
        they will improve access to leisure activities
   • Deliver Youth & Community Arts Projects: Active Sports Programmes and
        Youth Participation Programme across Mid Beds

Improving Health
The Bedfordshire Heartlands Primary Care Trust is the lead organisation for this
thematic group. It is involved with many of the other sector groups and works
with others to undertake specific project work that ultimately aims to achieve the
vision: By 2011, we would wish to have improved the overall health of the
people in Mid Bedfordshire and to have reduced the gap in health
experience between the most well off and the poorest.
Key Issues are:
Saving Lives: Stopping premature death and illness and
               Improving Health

Short term actions to address this issue are
   • Develop local programmes to improve diet and nutrition, targeting
        disadvantaged families and older people
   • Develop further the stop smoking service and tabacco control initiatives

Creating Better Transport
Bedfordshire Rural Transport Information and Guidance Partnership work to
address issues facing users and providers of transport. The vision for this
thematic area is – In 2011, people’s right to freedom of access and mobility
will be in balance with the social, environmental and economic costs of
                       Key Issues are:
                       Increased and improved maintenance of roads as part of a
                       sustainable transport strategy
                       Transport needs in rural areas & access to local services
                       Encouraging people to choose public transport

Short term actions are:
   • Lobby for increased funding to carry out road maintenance
   • Improve transport provision for those without a car by targeting information
        and promoting services available to rural communities, working with
        transport providers and local authorities to provide a better level of
        transport information

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