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The termly notification newsletter is designed to keep schools and their governing bodies fully informed of forthcoming
consultations and documents sent to schools by the Welsh Assembly Government. This will help schools to forward plan
and manage their workload.

Consultation Documents
Title                                                   Contact                          Planned date of       Planned date for
                                                                                         issue                 receipt of
Travel Behaviour Code for Wales                       Mark Waughington                   March / April 2009    TBC
                                                      Transport Planning and
                                                      Administration Division
                                                      029 2082 3103
Behaviour in Schools – Safe and Effective             Graham Davies                      January 2009          March 2008
Interventions                                         Support for Learners Division
                                                      02920 826897
DCELLS Guidance on assessment arrangements – a        Chris Coles                        January 2009          TBC
questionnaire survey of schools views                 3-14 Curriculum and
                                                      Assessment Division
                                                      029 2037 5435
An all Wales home to school transport risk assessment Mark Waughington                   January 2009          TBC
framework                                             Transport Planning and
                                                      Administration Division
                                                      029 2082 3103
Touchscreen Resource Pack – Tourism, Healthy          Kate James                         February 2009         TBC
Living, Learning Welsh and Climate Change             Department for Constitutional
                                                      Affairs, Equality and
                                                         029 2082 6677
National minimum standards for primary schools           Adrian Davies                    Spring Term 2009   TBC
                                                         Department for Public Services
                                                         and Performance
                                                         029 2082 3900
KS4 Performance Indicators/Targets and Reporting         Emma Williams                    Spring Term 2009   Spring Term 2008
                                                         School Improvement Branch
                                                         029 2082 5825
Making Languages Count: a revised national strategy      Tegwen Harrison                  Spring Tem 2009    TBC
for modern foreign languages                             Curriculum and Assessment
                                                         029 2082 6251
Guidance covering bullying around racism, religion       John Hicks                       Spring Term 2009   TBC
and culture, homophobic bullying, cyberbullying and      Behaviour, Attendance &
bullying around SEN and disabilities.                    Discipline
                                                         029 2080 1445
Emotional Health and Well-being in Schools and Early     Graham Davies                    February 2009      TBC
Years Settings                                           Support for Learners Division
(Not a formal consultation but document will be placed   029 2082 6897
online for comments)
Except where consultation documents are of particular significance the normal pattern is to consult a 10% sample of schools.
This means that for each relevant sector a random sample of approximately one in ten schools is consulted. The sampling
frame is set up to ensure a proportional geographic sample, and additionally, due to the small number involved, a proportional
representation of Welsh medium secondary schools. The random samples are selected on a rolling basis to ensure that schools
are consulted with equal frequency. Schools that wish to be consulted on a particular document but are not in the relevant
sample can access the consultation on the Welsh Assembly Government website www.wales.gov.uk or speak to the contact
given to request a hard copy. To request a 10% sample of schools, please email school.stats@wales.gsi.gov.uk, listing the
sectors to be included in the sample (nursery, primary, secondary, special, independent, PRU).

 Information Documents
 Title                                                       Contact                                    Date
 Clued up on Food CD                                         Sue Bowker                                 January 2009
 Primary Schools only                                        Health Improvement Division
                                                             029 2082 6105
 National Curriculum Assessment & Public Examination         Stephen Page                               January 2009
 Results Wales 08 (Blue Books)                               School Improvement Branch
                                                             029 2082 5826
 Design Approach for Sustainable Schools                     Gemma Webber                               January 2009
                                                             Value Wales (Estates and Projects)
                                                             029 2082 3057
 Welsh second language: Guidance for Key Stages 2 and 3      Kathy Haggarty                             January 2009
                                                             Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                             02920 375441
 Information and communication technology: Guidance for      Kathy Haggarty                             January 2009
 Key Stages 2 and 3                                          Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                             02920 375441
978 0 7504 4764 5
Mathematics: Guidance for Key Stages 2 and 3               Kathy Haggarty                           January 2009
                                                           Curriculum and Assessment Division
978 0 7504 4867 3                                          02920 375441
Food and fitness                                           Kathy Haggarty                           January 2009
Bwyd a ffitrwydd                                           Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                           02920 375441
978 7504 4952 6
(with copy of ‘In perspective’ published by Health
Improvement Division)
Ask Rhodri promotional materials                           Kate James                               January 2009
Wrexham area schools only                                  Department for Constitutional Affairs,
                                                           Equality and Communications
                                                           029 2082 6677
Pedagogy – the practice of teaching to support learning    Julie Shipp                              February 2009
                                                           Learning Improvement and Professional
                                                           Development Division
                                                           029 2080 1019
‘Give and Let Live’ teacher’s pack                         Helpline 0870 242 5572                   February 2009

Staff health and wellbeing – For all staff in support of   Sue Bowker                               February / March
Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes                    Health Improvement Division              2009
                                                           029 2082 6105
Fruit and Vegetable Book                                   Sue Bowker                               March 2009
Primary schools only                                       Health Improvement Division
                                                           029 2082 6105
‘How is you Child doing at School’ – A Parents Guide to    Stephen Page                             Spring 2009
the National Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting.         School Improvement Branch
Primary and Secondary school versions.                     029 2082 5826
Religious education: Guidance for 14 to                  Kathy Haggarty
19-year-olds                                             Curriculum and Assessment Division    Spring 2009
                                                         02920 375441
978 0 7504 4998 4
Science: Guidance for Key Stages 2 and 3                 Kathy Haggarty                        Spring 2009
                                                         Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                         02920 375441
Gwyddoniaeth: Canllawiau ar gyfer Cyfnodau Allweddol 2   Kathy Haggarty                        Spring 2009
a3                                                       Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                         02920 375441
A curriculum for all learners                            Kathy Haggarty                        Spring 2009
                                                         Curriculum and Assessment Division
Cwricwlwm i bob dysgwr                                   02920 375441

ISBN 978 0 7504 4708 9
Addysg grefyddol: Canllawiau ar gyfer dysgwyr 14 i 19 oed Kathy Haggarty                       Spring 2009
                                                          Curriculum and Assessment Division
978 0 7504 4999 1                                         02920 375441
Gwerthfawrogi deunydd anllenyddol                         Kathy Haggarty                       Spring 2009
                                                          Curriculum and Assessment Division
978 0 7504 4980 9                                         02920 375441
Cymraeg – Enghreifftio safonau darllen ac ysgrifennu -    Kathy Haggarty                       Spring 2009
Lefelau 7, 8 a Pherfformiad Eithriadol                    Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                          02920 375441
978 0 7504 4981 6
English – Exemplifying standards in reading and writing – Kathy Haggarty                       Spring 2009
Levels 7, 8 and Exceptional Performance                   Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                          02920 375441
978 0 7504 4982 3
 Learning and Skills Act 2000 Statutory Approval of           Graham Pickering                             Spring 2009
 Qualifications under sections 96 and 97 (amendment of list   Qualifications and Learning Division
 of approved qualifications) – Internet publication only      02920 3755454
 Private Fostering Leaflets                                   Michael Maher                                Spring 2009
                                                              Directorate for Children's Health and
 Do you look after someone else's child?                      Social Services
 Is someone else looking after your child?                    02920 82 3145
 Private Fostering

Guidance Circulars
Title                                                     Contact                                     Date
Circular on School Organisation Proposals                 Mary Davies                                 Spring Term 2009
                                                          Schools Management and Effectiveness
                                                          02920 821570
Guidance on the Regulations for Collaborative             Joanne Meade                                Spring Term 2009
Arrangements between Further Education Institutions       Lifelong Learning and Providers
and Further Education Institutions and Schools            Division
                                                          01443 663846
Your Guide to Credit and Qualifications                   Rachel Mooney                               Spring Term 2009
                                                          Qualifications and Learning Division
                                                          01443 663873
Access to Education and Support for pupils with medical   Paul Jones                                  Spring Term 2009
needs                                                     Support for Learners Division
                                                          029 2082 1652
Newsletters and other regular communications
Title                                          Contact                                  Date
Basic Skills Newsletter Monthly                Toni Schiavone                           Throughout Term
                                               Basic Skills Cymru
                                               01745 860167
Dysg e-newsletter Weekly (secondary only)      Rhys Davies (Dysg)                       Throughout Term
                                               Knowledge Management Division
                                               02920 820356
Qualifications and Curriculum Newsletter       Kathy Haggarty                           Spring Term 2009
Termly                                         Qualifications and Curriculum Division
                                               02920 375441
Dysg Briefing Wales                            Rhys Davies                              Spring Term 2009
Quarterly (Secondary only)                     Dysg
                                               029 2082 0356
Financial Literacy project newsletter          Emily Lay                                January 2009
Quarterly                                      Basic Skills Cymru
                                               01443 663853

Resources for schools and colleges in Wales    Heulwen Goodwin                          January 2009
                                               01443 663994

Learning Pathways 14-19 E-zine/Newsletter      John Pugsley                             January 2009
Quarterly                                      Children and Young People’s Strategy
                                               Learning Pathways 14-19 Branch
                                               029 20823523
Curriculum and assessment update                       Kathy Haggarty                        February 2009
Termly                                                 Curriculum and Assessment Division
                                                       029 2037 5441
Newyddion cwricwlwm ac asesu
School Effectiveness Framework Newsletter              Guilia Vidal                          Spring Term 2009
Termly TBC                                             School Effectiveness Framework
                                                       029 2082 6052

Title                                                Contact                                Date
No documents for this Term

Forthcoming Statistical Returns for Completion
Title                                         Contact                                       Date
School Census 2009: PLASC returns for all     Catherine Pomeroy                             13 January 2009
Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Special       School & Teacher Statistics
maintained schools and STATS1 returns for     029 2082 5068
Pupil Referral Units and Independent schools.

For information only: Welsh Assembly Government Statistical Releases Bulletins and Publications
Title                                            Contact                        Type            Date
School Statistics by Assembly Constituency, 2008 Martin Parry                   Bulletin        January 2009
Ystadegau Ysgolion yn ôl Etholaeth Cynulliad,    School & Teacher Statistics
2008                                             029 2082 5968
Absenteeism from Primary Schools, 2008                 Jenny Humphreys School &            Release           February 2009
Absenoldeb o Ysgolion Cynradd, 2008                    Teacher Statistics
                                                       029 2082 5514
Academic Achievement and Entitlement to Free           Jenny Humphreys School &            Release           March 2009
School Meals, 2008                                     Teacher Statistics
Cyraeddiadau Academaidd a'r Hawl I Brydau am           029 2082 5514
Ddim, 2008
Exclusions from Schools in Wales, 2008                 Matthew Wellington School &         Release           March 2009
Gwaharddiadau o Ysgolion yng Nghymru, 2008             Teacher Statistics
                                                       029 2082 5056
Academic Achievement by Pupil Characteristics:         Martin Parry                        Release           March 2009
Wales, 2008                                            School & Teacher Statistics
Cyraeddiadau Academaidd fesul Nodweddion y             029 2082 5968
Disgyblion: Cymru, 2008

This list provides details of Statistical Releases, Bulletins and Publications by the Welsh Assembly Government Statistical
Directorate that may be of interest to schools. This list is correct as of December 2008. The information is available free of charge
on our website at www.wales.gov.uk/statistics and can be accessed from 9:30am on the day of publication or can be obtained at
the contact details given.

Specific and Special Grants available to Schools
Grant                                    Funds Allocated             Deadline             How to apply
Minority Ethnic Achievement Grant        £9.1m                       Financial Year       Via LEA
Education of Travellers Grant               £900,000.00              Financial Year       Via LEA
The Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (EMAG) and the Asylum Seekers Grant (ASG) merged to become the
Minority Ethnic Achievement Grant on the 1st of April, 2007. As such the two budgets were also merged.
The Gipsy Travellers and Displaced Persons Grant was renamed the Education of Travellers Grant and came into
effect on the 1st April, 2007.

Welsh Assembly Government School           £770,000.00            Financial Year        Via LEA
Uniform                                                           2008/2009
Financial Assistance Scheme
Grant formally launched 22 June 2005
Denominational Schools Inspection          Voluntary Controlled   Same time as          Application form from
Grant School Education Act 2005 –          Primary - £350 + VAT   individual school’s   Performance &
section 50. [formerly s.23 of the School   Voluntary Aided        inspection            Improvement Division or
Inspection Act 1996]                       Primary - £450 +VAT                          VIA website
                                           Voluntary Aided                              www.learning.wales.gov.uk/
                                           Secondary - £900 +                           (Guidance for S50 Grant
                                           VAT                                          under ‘Estyn reports and
Welsh Assembly Government Key              £2m                    Financial Year        Not available directly to
Stages 2-3 Transition Grant                                       2008-09               schools – for allocation to
Basic Skills Quality Mark/ Quality         £626,000               Sep 2008 – April      Via LEA
Standard Grants                                                   2009

Family Literacy/Numeracy Grant             £1.67 million          Sep 2008 – April      Via LEA
Programmes                                                        2009

Language and Play Grant Programme          £1.35 million          Sep 2008 – April      Via LEA
Strategic Intervention Grant               £2.572 million          Sep 2008 – April     Via LEA
Programmes                                                         2009
Follow-up Intervention Support             £173,000
Continuous Professional                    £1.2 million            Sep 2008 – April     Via LEA
Development(CPD) Grant Programme                                   2009

Read a Million Words Together in Wales     £206,120.00             Sep 2008 – April     Via LEA
Grants Programme                                                   2009

Estyn Annual Remit from Welsh Assembly Government

Each year the Welsh Assembly Government commissions Estyn to carry out additional work set out in an annual remit. The
purpose of Estyn's Annual Remit is to provide a framework for advice required by the Assembly Government during the financial
year on all aspects of education and training in Wales. We use this information to develop the evidence base needed to underpin
action to raise standards and quality across the board. In response to remit work commissioned by the Assembly, Estyn publish a
wide range of advice and reports many of which contain recommendations applicable to schools. The latest reports published can
be accessed through the attached link to Estyn's website: http://www.estyn.gov.uk/publications.asp

The Termly Notification Newsletter is now being sent electronically. To avoid delay in receiving your copy, please send us your
email address to: educationcommunications@wales.gsi.gov.uk

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