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Tooth Loss - A Very Serious Problem

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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                Tooth Loss - A Very Serious Problem
                                                                  By Robert Sifer

    Our teeth are of paramount importance to all of us. It helps us chew our food. Thus, it is necessary
for you to take good care of them in order to enjoy a happy life.

Tips for preventing tooth loss

Studies have shown that tooth loss generally happens due to the presence of "bad" bacteria in the
mouth. The bacterium reacts with sugar in the food and converts into plaque and tartar. If you are
facing such problems, then it is extremely important for you to start taking care of the oral hygiene.

Following are certain useful tips that can help you in dealing with this problem in the most effective

o Use a soft brush: The first and foremost step is to use a soft bristled tooth brush. A soft brush helps
in massaging the gums effectively by getting into the crevices in more effective way. It is always
advisable to use fluoride-based toothpaste. Brush you teeth vertically with short strokes. Make sure
that you brush every single tooth.

o Brush after eating desserts: The next important thing to keep mind is that you need to always brush
your teeth after eating deserts. This helps in reducing the deposition of sugar on teeth. As a result this
reduces the formation of plaque or tartar on your teeth.

o Flossing: Even if you are very conscious and brush three times a day after having your meals, you
still need to place importance on flossing your teeth after whatever you eat. This way you can
completely eliminate the chances of plaque deposition on your teeth. The best way to floss is by using
around 18 inches of the floss.

o Visit a dentist at least two times a year: It is highly recommended that you visit your dentist at least
twice a year. Your dentist will clean your teeth as well as deep scale all the deposited plaque along
with the tartar.

o Select the right mouthwash: It is very important that you rinse your mouth with an effective
antibacterial agent such as chlorhexidine. This antibacterial agent has the ability to reduce the problem

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

of plaque by almost 55%.

o Right selection of toothpaste: You need to choose the right kind of toothpaste for your teeth. Always
go for toothpaste that contains high quantum of chloride, fluoride as well as triclosan.

o Saliva: This is considered to be an extremely important natural component that helps in neutralizing
the harmful effects of acids formed in the mouth. So, it is good to chew gums (the sugar free variety) in
order to enhance the production of saliva in the mouth.

As you grow old, you tend to lose teeth easily. But if you find that you are losing them at an early age,
then it is serious problem. It must be dealt with urgency.

No one can resist that the teeth are important to us. To take care of the teeth and to prevent from tooth
loss, there are many tips to follow. So, why don't you visit => to read
more of useful tips to take care your teeth?

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                An Overview on Various Tooth Improvement Methods
                                                                   By Catty

Since there have been loads of tooth improvement methods flooded in the market these days, it
becomes very difficult to choose the best approach or formula in order to keep your teeth healthy. The
marketplace of tooth whitening has now grown up tremendously to represent billion dollar business per
annum. There are variety of problems concerning tooth from which people generally suffer from that
basically include plaque in teeth, bad breath, gums problem as well as problem related to wisdom
tooth. Tooth improvement methods can be very difficult job if you think about the disturbing pace at
which the industry of tooth whitening is churning as well as growing. There are several tooth
improvement methods that one can get access to in order to whiten the teeth or for having healthy
teeth. There are several diverse techniques that are basically applied for tooth whitening and the
techniques are as follows:

External technique:

 This is a technique in which a dentist applies a whitening gel to the external surface of tooth. This
technique of tooth whitening is generally categorized into two methods that include laser tooth
whitening and home tooth whitening. Laser tooth whitening is the system that involves insertion of
rubber seal enclosed within your tooth, which is basically done in order to guard your teeth.

 After this your teeth will be highlighted with the whitening gel that directs bright light towards your
teeth. The light generally makes the process of whitening faster and ends for around two hours in order
to obtain better results.

 Home tooth whitening is another external technique that involves mouth guards prepared by the
dentists by rubber which are known as rubber guards. These rubber guards are designed by the
dentists in a manner to precisely employ them on your teeth.

Internal technique:

 In this type of tooth whitening method the whitening gel is basically introduced into the teeth by means
of a hole performed by the dentist. This process of whitening the tooth is one of the most appropriate
methods for successfully treating the tooth. Throughout this technique of tooth whitening the dentist will
pierce one opening at the backside of your front teeth and then will apply teeth whitening gel within the
hole. The pierced hole is sealed with some temporary fillings while the gel gets surrounded by the
tooth. The internal technique basically has no ache since teeth does not have nerves.

 In around week’s time the whitening gel as well as fillings will be removed and then the holes will be
filled up by means of teeth colored filings. There are some other techniques too in order to improve
your tooth. Wisdom-tooth surgeries as well as tooth extractions are few common surgical processes
which are basically performed in present day scenario. These dental surgeries make use of anesthesia
in order to operate the tooth and this is one of the safest methods of tooth improvement. An individual
can visit to some oral-maxillofacial surgeon in order to get the wisdom tooth detached.

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