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Sexual health and teenage pregnancy communications December 2009

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					Sexual health and teenage pregnancy communications

December 2009

Campaign Update

Sex. Worth Talking About launched on November 30th2009.with the first strand of the
campaign focusing on contraception, “Contraception. Worth Talking About”.

The TV, radio, digital and magazine advertisements are currently running across a wide
range of media so we reach the campaign’s many audiences.

The TV advertisement will appear until 21st December on terrestrial and satellite channels,
such as:

Coronation Street     18/12/09       ITV
Love Actually         19/12/09       ITV 1
Dirty Dancing         20/12/09       C4

You can view the TV advertisement on NHS Choices via the link below:

The contraception radio advertisement is being aired across England on stations such as
Kiss FM and Galaxy. Radio stations include Minster FM in Yorkshire, 96.4 FM the wave in
the West and 99.9 Radio Norwich, whilst the magazine advertisement is appearing in
women’s titles like Heat, Now and Closer. Digital advertisements are now live on websites
such as and

If you would like a copy of the media schedule please contact

Nursing in Practice

This month Nursing in Practice is running a feature about Contraception. Worth Talking
About, following a roundtable discussion held in early November. It explores the themes of
the campaign and draws together a range of best practice from healthcare professionals,
such as practice nurses and specialist sexual health nurses as well as Alison Hadley, the
Programme Manager at the Teenage Pregnancy Unit, Department for Children, Schools
and Families.

Topics covered include the background to the new campaign, the role that family and
partners play in talking about contraception and how health professionals can approach
conversations about contraception. You can view a video of the discussion on line at:

Chlamydia. Worth Talking About

The Chlamydia. Worth Talking About campaign will launch on January 8th. To be kept up
to date with the campaign plans please visit:
Brand guidelines

The brand guidelines for the Sex. WorthTalking About campaign are now available in both
high or low resolution. The guidelines are designed to help you promote the campaign at a
local level and include guidance about using assets and logos to create your own materials.
The guidelines also detail usage rights for print and broadcast advertisements, which you
may wish to use for your own campaigns. To download a copy of the guidelines please visit:

If you have any questions about the brand guidelines please email

Collateral - for local campaign use

Campaign posters based on the press advertising will soon be available to order and to
download from the website. In the mean time PDF files of the Contraception. Worth
Talking About print advertisements and campaign logos for use on your own materials are
available upon request from:

Chlamydia. Worth Talking About posters will be available on our stakeholder website
when the campaign launches in early January 2010.

Whilst we develop other collateral for you to use locally, please do continue to suggest your
ideas to the team at: Your ideas will really help us make
the campaign work well locally.

Being kept updated

Once again, please would you take a moment to check and ensure your local services
details are correct in the database that feeds the current websites with service
information. To update your clinic or contact details contact Stuart MacFarlane on

We are also growing our database of contacts to receive these regular updates, email so you can keep up to date on the campaign.

If you would like to unsubscribe to this newsletter please email

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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