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I thought I will share my 2 cents with Autoblogs and what I been doing with them. And how I am flipping
these for big cash.

I see people saying Autoblogs will get you banned or this and that, well these IGNORANT PEOPLE have
no idea and have never tried Autoblogs. I made well over $40k last 3 months with these Autoblogs not
only that I got these Autoblogs to 20k-80k Alexa Ranking. Tons of search traffic and referral traffic.

Before I start this guide I wanna tell you something, AUTOBLOGS WORK, if you know what to do and
how to do it, they bring at least $50 a month just from ads. And you will never get banned in search
engines. Setup takes time but then its automated.

Lets get started ---

Domain and Hosting

Domain name really doesn't matter but keep it niche related. Go for highly searched terms.

Hosting - is the best hosting tbh, they never suspend you even with huge spike of traffic.
HostGator and Bluehost are suckers they suspend your account with with small spike in traffic. So go with
these guys.

Tools Needed

Wordpress --->

WP-o-matic --> If you know PHP and can edit some lines this Plugin is a nightmare to webmaster and
Godlike to us AutoBloggers. Even with default settings this plugin is so powerful that basically if I were the
owner I would have never released it even if I did I would have sold it on monthly subscription. But
anyways this plugin scraps and posts everything in a well formatted manner.

DDSitemapGen -->


WP Super Cache

First of all setup a Wordpress blog if you have Fantastico, then it takes few clicks and it installs
Wordpress for you.

Once the installation is done, do the following changes --

Activate all the Plugins before you do anything.

1. Add a ping list -


2. Change Link structure to - %postname%

3. Put up an ok template do not use default and do not use some warez Premium Theme keep it simple.
3. Go to Category and change the "uncategorized" to General.

4. Go to links and delete all the links from LinkRoll.

5. Go to pages and make a new Page and name it SiteMap. Instead of visual mode go to HTML mode
and copy paste this code

<!-- ddsitemapgen -->

and then save the page, this basically creates a sitemap if you read the plugin page it explains

Save settings. You are done

If you wanna keep the spam away and make the blog bit better, I would say just enable Akismet it
requires API key which you can get from or if you are a lazy guy then just go get SPAM
FREE plugin for wordpress. This keeps your blog clean of spammers. Do not install any other junk plugin.
Keep the site light so it loads faster.

Time to find blogs. It is really a good idea if you go for a niche that gets millions of searches per day.
Reason being you will find blogs with fresh content daily. Micro niches won't make you a penny. Health,
design, photography, entertainment, news they do good.

Anyways, to get the blogs rolling with content we need RSS feed and it is pain to find them but here is a
nice trick to find good blogs in your niche and get their rss feed.

First of all, go to Stumbleupon and create an account, you dont have to be active there just get an
account and get their toolbar we really dont about being active. Next once you have approved your
account go to your settings and then My Preferences and select the topic that relates to your niche or
anything that is close to your niche. Save your preferences. If you do not know how to do it refer to this



Now lets find the blogs that we can leech the RSS feed from. We can do this by clicking the StumbleThru
featured in StumbleUpon Toolbar and selecting Blogspot Blogs. Now because you have chosen your
topic and then selected StumbleThru Blogspot blogs, StumbleUpon will only show you blogs related to
your topic and all you have to do is click Stumble and Stumble and Stumble to go through series of blogs
each time you get to a blog just click their RSS feed button and copy paste the RSS feed in a notepad
make a list of 100-200 blogs.

Here is a picture on how to do this if you do not know.



As you can see in the image, I have mentioned Flickr as well because a blog with articles look lame so
having pictures once in a while blends it well and google cannot scan the image anyways so you get
unique content and image search traffic.

Make a list of feeds you want to leech, make sure you find a lot of blogs that broadcast FULL Article in
their RSS feed, some only broadcast a summary while others full, so blend them together. Have lots of
Full Feeds and some Summary ones.

Once you have made a good list, it is time to put feeds inside Wp-0-matic and let it leech for you. Few
things to note here, if you don't do you will have to waste hours going through each thing.

1. Add 2 feeds at time do not add tons of feeds at one time because there is a bug in WP-0-Matic, most of
the time it crashes if you are leeching from a lot of feeds, sometimes it does not crash but it posts the
same thing 9-10 times. That is the downfall of WP-0-Matic that once in a while if you put lots of feeds it
even if you tell it to leech only 10 articles it will leech the 10 articles but will make 9 posts or more of each
post. So in essence you will have 90 articles instead of 10, so make sure you don't go more than 2 feeds.
Just in case the bug happens you can delete the duplicate posts.

2. Let Wp-0-Matic leech the posts with pictures, it always looks great.

Once you have added the feeds you will have thousands of pages created in a fly. I usually add 300 a
week. So you can spread your feeds across a week to make it look bit natural.

Once this is done, it is time to get Ads integrated inside your Wordpress Blog, I will be honest I have not
tried this with Adsense and the sole reason being is that I make really good money with my whitehat sites
that I really did not want to risk it. But I have not heard any bans to be honest. But if you are not making
anything with Adsense it is better to use it for this trick instead of just being a scary cat. Else do what I do,
go to Adbrite and sign up for an account and publish their ads on your blog. Although I must say Abdrite
is the SHITTEST paying company they pay you less than pennies lol. But I will show you a trick to make
cash out of them big time. It is really important that you place the ads correctly. I always put 2x 250x250
ads on top of each post just after the post title. So it looks like ...

Title ----

Ads Ads

Your article....

Screenshot to show it...



I think they are 250x250 but I am not sure. I am telling you this because this is what gets clicks. Beside
that put a Leaderboard (728 x 90) on top of your blog. So you have Header then Leaderboard (728 x 90)
and then Post Title then 2x Ads and then your article.

This gets really good clicks from my testings.

Your blog is all set. Now do few things.

1. Submit your Sitemap to Google
2. Submit your blog to --


3. Submit your RSS feed to RssMillion -

You can find blogs related to your topic here as well and then leech their RSS feed.

Thats it, if you wanna go few steps which I do go, then..

4. Submit your site to
5. Submit your site to
6. Submit your site to

That is enough.

Now lets move on how to get massive traffic. About 1k a day sort of traffic or may be more. Paid and Free

Paid Version..

If you are lazy then go with the paid method. Just go to Etology and sign up for an advertiser account.
Then go to Buy Ads and then Network Ads and then scroll down to ads that are cheapest there are those
with 1 cent a visitor, I always go with these, you can buy 1000 clicks for $10 and they convert like sick.
NOTE - You will 100% get banned from Adsense if you try to do this with them, they will ban you, sad but
TRUE, that is due to the fact that back in 07 me and friend made cash with this system and then I taught
the trick to a DP guy and this idiot shared the method in some warez and soon Google started banning
people. So do not try to cheat Adsense they will ban you.

Once you have bought the Ads they will call you to approve you are real and then your ads will run. If you
have setup the Ads as mentioned you will get HIGH ROCKET Clicks on ads and will make back your
invested $10 right away.
Note that, in order to buy traffic from etology you will need a credit card.

Now lets move to my favorite method. FREE TRAFFIC. This method is SIMPLE so SIMPLE and it works

1. Go to and get yourself an account. Close your window clean your cache.

2. Go to


and get one of the proxies and set it up, just so your IP is different and then go to and create
one more account. Thats it you are done.

Now I will teach you how to get 1k uniques a day from Reddit now if you overdo it, you will get banned
they have never banned my URLS may be because I submit from different accounts but as long as you
get 1k a day who cares. In worst case they will ban you from submitting to a category.

Now we will find interesting stuff that we can post on our blog and promote it on Reddit. My favorite and
one of the best trick is to use Stumble to find images, all you have to do is in your StumbleUpon Toolbar
click the the button that says Stumble Images and it will show you tons of nice interesting pics, anytime
you hit a nice one, download the image on your pc and then post it back on your blog with a new title.

Once that is done go to with your 1st account your main IP and then click Submit new link
and then in title field put a title as long as possible, the longer the better, if you put short title you will not
get any traffic. So for example --
Bad title - beautiful nature image

HOT title - I know you have seen a lot of nature images but I guarantee nobody around Reddit have ever
seen anything like this before, because good come by hard..

Now you can actually test it, the long title will get you at least 1k-2k visitors while the short one will get
down voted right away lol. Anyways once you have done the title chose the PICS category and post it.
Then quickly clean your cache and change your ip to another proxy ip and go to and vote up
your story. The best way to vote up your story is to always go to this url ---



So if your category was WTF you would change the pics to WTF so on and so fourth. If you go to that url
after you have submitted your link, you will see yours somewhere there if you do not see it, just down vote
3-4 stories that you see currently and then click REFRESH and it will be there if its not there do another 2
downvote and refresh and you will see your submission vote it up. And then vote down next 10 stories on
the list. Go grab a coffee while Reddit sends you about 1k uniques lol.

Now lets move on to the 2nd method, this will basically take down your server. Anytime you find really
interesting post or image. Go to **********.org and post it up. If your server can handle this site will send
you a traffic which will force your host to send you an email and warn you about cpu usage.

That is it boyz n girlz, its late night here I am not sure if I missed something but I will go through this later
once again and see if I can add more stuff...

Some autoblogs we have taken to a whole new level ---





This one got featured on Gizmodo I was ROFLMAO

And few others that are in high 50k Alexa which i planned to put some unique content so I can sell it. This
works and not only it brings cash but you can later flip these blogs. If you plan to flip these blogs try to
create new sitepoint accounts or get a friend to sell for you, I always get friends to sell it for me as nobody
buys from me when I sell it with my real name. Call it jealousy or something else I think people get sort of
curious after they see that you have sold tons of sites in your profile. So sell one go with another account
and keep it up. I have one sitepoint account but I get my friends to list for me as I find it most suitable and
easy for me.

Hope some of you will take action and do this, because this just works, if you do not make cash, I will
REFUND YOU LOL. Just take action and this method is worth more than these $2000 - $5000 so called
Guru stuff.

Once you have enough cash you can just keep buying etology ads.

ps - if you like my guide please sign up for my newsletter at I have sort of stopped
sending stuff because I been making so much cash with these blogs that I am more into big flips now. But
I wish you guys luck, try it and it will WORK. If it doesn you can come and beat the crap outta me...and
well if you like it you can leave me a nice warm message I take mean messages as well, but I think i have
more friends than haterz at least I don't steal other people stuff and rehash it... lol...

Btw if you buy domains from godaddy use the coupon - oyh3 to get $2 or $3 off..

LunarPages is better than others and I think they charge $50-$70 a year...

Submit 1 story a day to Reddit and do the trick..until they ban you from a category LOL...

Etology =

best regards

I wrote this piece in a hurry..
So I forgot to add few things lol..

It is good to get the Google XML plugin.

Get the Keyword Plugin and link back all the main keyword back to your sitemap page..
Like, so your sitemap page gets tons of backlinks from pages within your

When u submit something over reddit. Thumbs down 10-20 other submissions in same category just so
more eyeballs can see your Reddit submission. Reddit is all about first 1-2mins so if you vote down guys
behind you, then traffic will come.

********** doesnt make ur links live but people still copy paste it...

I will update this as I see stuff that is missing..

I will answer some questions..

1. I started every single blog with scraped content but some got frontpage Digg and Reddit and later I saw
it was growing that is why you will find adsense on one as it just went ROCKET high and started getting
80k uniques a month. So that is why I went back with adsense as it makes way more than Abdrite. It is
autoblog but I am using another friends adsense lol so even if something happens he doesnt mind
because right now he is making $500 a month and we do 50%-50%.

2. I have tried almost all plugins that scrape content and WP-0-Matic is the best out there it beats all of
them hands down. It is free and very powerful and if you know bit php you can tweak it to a whole new

3. If you try with Adsense you may not get banned but if you send etology traffic you will get banned.

4. About niches, I go for fun, funny, interesting, entertainment and hollywood. These niches bring massive
traffic and you can find massive amount of content. Do not go with tiny niches go the ones that get tons
and tons of searches for me it will always be entertainment business such as "hollywood, gossip, funny

5. How I sell these blogs? Due to the fact that I get these autoblogs to really high rankings and crazy
traffic I have now a contract with a SEO company who pays me minimum $5k per blog like these and they
just add it on their network or I think they sell it for a lot more to their clients.

6. What lines to edit in Wp-0-matic, that is a whole different thing, this is where ideas n your thinking will
come in. You will have to see what you want scraped and how and then you can play around with it.

For those of you that doesn't even have few dollars to buy a domain I will soon release another guide to
make $20 a day for as long as you want.

About hosting, please don't get me wrong when I say HostGator and Bluehost suck, thing is I get massive
traffic to these autoblogs and in the past I have always been suspended by HostGator and Bluehost, I
loved bluehost but the way they suspended me I lost tons and tons of traffic, whereas over lunarpages
they did warn me once that was because i got 40k uniques in one day but other than that they easily
handle 4-5k a day.

So go with your heart I just shared my view with you guys I am not affiliated with them as I never try to
market anyone's product to get affiliate commission.

Once again, do not go with stupid niches to get high paying ads then u won't get traffic and content to
scrape. If I were you I would dive into health and gossip.

Wp-o-matic Errors - You cannot put feeds with a question mark in them for example

this will crash it. find feeds which are in simple format, I know you guys are facing this issue due to the
blogger format of RSS for example..


see there is a question mark and then alt=rss this will give error in wp-o-matic so just delete the last
lines.."?alt=rss" and then wp-0-matic will work smooth..

About hosting plan, I use the basic plan over lunarpages, and moved to VPS to handle more than 1 blog.
I host all my blogs on same server I really dont care about IP. As long as it works I am not trying to build a
hot SEO blog anyways, as long as it gets traffic I am cool with it.

About CPA, I do not do CPA anymore requires way too much work and its not my kinda cake. But yes
you can try it, I have tried it on few but did not have good results so I went with my adbrite.

About reddit, here is how you go about it, you need about 2 accounts, you submit with one and then vote
with another and then vote down every new submission like 10-12 and then if your title is good some
people won't even visit your link and will just vote it up. The idea is to get eyeballs on your submission.
Once it gets few votes it will drive traffic, the way reddit works you will always get traffic so do not worry.

What I do is I submit few random stories from other sites and then I submit mine and do the trick. I do
thise 3 times a week and it drives good traffic remember that you should be happy with what you will get
even 3k uniques a week for an autoblog is good. It takes time.

I buy Ads from the Network Spot in Etology they are about 1 cents a click. Never ever buy direct ads they
suck you will hardly get any traffic and each click you will have to pay at least 10 cents...

If i missed anything drop me a pm...
oh one last thing, DO NOT PUT weight loss, sexual stuff on reddit the trick won't work, people are not
stupid nobody will buy anything from you, KEEP YOUR NICHE to what is SEARCHED a lot like gossip,
you get votes you can find stories..I can't stress enough go with niches with content and search volume
and what is acceptable over some sites like Reddit.

I use random templates everywhere free ones that you can get from wordpress theme section.

It really doesnt matter that much too..

I been telling this again and again, if you are new and want to learn go with GOSSIP/Hollywood stuff.
Thats it..

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