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                            The Rittenhouse Hotel
                          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                            28-29 September 2007
                           Draft Meeting Summary

1. Call to Order and Introductions – Baker
APC Chair W. David Baker called the meeting to order at 8:10pm. Those present
introduced themselves, (Summary Attachment #1).

2. Review and Adoption of Agenda - Baker
The meeting agenda was reviewed and some changes were made in the order of
agenda items. Item 3.5, (CEAA Report), was withdrawn from the agenda as CEAA Chair
Nick Tredennick was not present at the recent CEAA meeting. A Motion was made and
approved to adopt the agenda as amended.

3. APC Chair’s Report – Baker
Dave Baker reviewed his APC Chair’s report (Agenda Attachment #2). He spoke about
the ABET renumbered criteria and the ABET Society Summit meeting. Dave suggested
that eligible accreditation committee members and EAC and TAC Representatives to
ABET consider attending the 2008 ABET Train the Trainer session or attending the
ABET PAVE program evaluator training sessions as observers, (Action Item #1).

4. EAB Vice President’s Report – Kam
Moshe Kam, Vice President of the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB), gave a
presentation on accreditation activities, (Summary Attachment #2). Moshe’s
presentation covered the following topics:
    Interaction with ABET
    IEEE Position Paper on Accreditation
    The First Professional Degree in Engineering
    CEAA, CTAA and CGAA Charters
    Discussion of balance between Industry, Academia and Government on
       accreditation committees (Action Item #2)
    Accreditation in Peru
    Accreditation activities in China and the Caribbean

The meeting was adjourned for the evening at 9:25pm.

The meeting reconvened at 8:45am on Saturday.

5. Agenda Change – Baker
Dave Baker requested that the agenda be amended to include an additional item:
Approval of IEEE Renominations to the EAC and TAC of ABET. The agenda was
amended to add this item.
6. ABET BoD Report – Peskin
Arnie Peskin, IEEE Representative Director on the ABET Board of Directors, gave a
presentation on major issues in ABET, (Agenda Attachment #3). Topics discussed

       ABET Governance and Finance
       Partnership to Advance Volunteer Excellence (PAVE)
       International Accreditation

7. EAD Report – Gorham
Doug Gorham, Managing Director of the IEEE Educational Activities Department, gave
report on current activities in IEEE Educational Activities, (Summary Attachment #2).
Doug spoke about the following topics:

       Pre-university and university education
       Post university education and awareness of engineering and public education
       Trends and requests for programs and services
       EAD budget items, expenditure changes in the future and staffing
       New and expanding services
       EAD in the future

8. EAC Report – Brand
Jerry Brand, Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) Representative to the APC,
gave a report on current EAC of ABET activities, (Agenda Attachment #5). He spoke

       EAC visits
       Dual-level accreditation and harmonization of criteria
       PAVE
       2007 IEEE EAC PEV Training Workshops

Jerry is also the CEAA Training Coordinator and he detailed the program specific
training he gave to new IEEE EAC program evaluators who attended an ABET PAVE
training session.

9. CGAA Report – De la O Serna
José De la O Serna, Chair of the EAB Committee on Global Accreditation Activities
(CGAA), gave a presentation on current CGAA activities, (Agenda Attachment #6).
José spoke about the following:

       Engineering Education Models
       Accreditation Policies
       True mission of education
       IEEE vision and mission

10. CTAA Report – Hoffman
Larry Hoffman, CTAA Chair, spoke about current CTAA activities, (Agenda Attachment
#7). These activities include the development and improvement of the CTAA Mentoring
Process and mentor training which the committee will hold after their January 2008
CTAA meeting. Larry advised that the accreditation white paper was discussed during

their June 2007 CTAA meeting. During that same meeting, the committee publicly
acknowledged outgoing members Joe Tamashasky and Carol Richardson for their

11. TAC Report – Sammarco
John Sammarco, Technology Accreditation Commission (TAC) Representative to the
APC, gave a report on current TAC activities, (Agenda Attachment #8). John spoke
about the institutional programs reviewed during the 2007-08 cycle, the harmonization of
criteria and also the decline of accreditation in associate degree programs. It was
suggested that the CTAA review the draft simplified general criteria for the January 2008
CTAA meeting, (Action Item #3).

12. Approval of February 2007 APC Meeting Summary and Action Register –
A Motion was made and approved to accept the February 2007 APC Meeting Summary
and Action Register.

13. Approval of APC, CEAA, CGAA and CTAA Charter Changes – Kam
Moshe Kam reviewed and discussed the proposed changes to the APC, CEAA, CTAA
and CGAA Charters, (Agenda Attachments 10a, 10b and 10c). A Motion was made
and approved to endorse all Charter changes, (Action Item #4).

14. Approval of CEAA Chair – Baker
A Motion was made and approved to endorse the appointment of Nick Tredennick as
CEAA Chair, (Action Item #5).

15. Approval of EET Program Criteria – Hoffman
After discussion of the draft changes to the EET program criteria, (Agenda Attachment
#12), a Motion was made and approved to endorse the changes to the EET program
criteria, (Action Item #6).

16. Approval of IEEE Rep to the TAC of ABET – Hoffman
A Motion was made and approved to endorse the appointment of Tim Skvarenina as an
IEEE Rep to the TAC of ABET, (Action Item #7).

17. Approval of Renominations of IEEE Reps to the EAC and TAC of ABET – Baker
Dave Baker submitted the list of current IEEE Representatives to the TAC of ABET
whose terms need to be approved for an additional year, (Summary Attachment #3).
Carolyn Solimine read a list of current IEEE Representatives to the EAC of ABET whose
terms need to be approved for an additional year, (Summary Attachment #4). Jerry
Brand advised the committee that he cannot continue on the EAC after July 2008. This
will cause Joe Hughes’ position as an Alternate Representative to the EAC to become
permanent. During their January 2008 meeting, the CEAA will need to re-appoint a new
alternate EAC Rep, (Action Item #8). Jerry will also need to be replaced as Training
Coordinator for the CEAA, (Action Item #9). The APC approved the renominations of all
the EAC and TAC Representatives to ABET.

18. White Paper on Accreditation – Kam
Moshe presented his reasons for developing the Accreditation White Paper and then
spoke about the various points of interest within the paper, (see pages 44-51 of
Summary Attachment #2). Moshe stated that all programs leading to degrees deserve

accreditation and accreditation needs to be economical so that all constituencies feel
they derive value from it. The committee discussed some editorial changes to the White
Paper and Moshe plans to incorporate them into the next version of the document before
it is sent to the EAB for their November 2007 meeting. A Motion was made and
approved to endorse the Accreditation White Paper, (Action Item #10).

19. First Professional Degree in Engineering – Kam
Moshe Kam reviewed the article that he authored with Arnie Peskin. He discussed
different responses that IEEE might suggest in response to this topic. Some APC
members made various suggestions which Moshe plans to incorporate into his report to
the EAB for their November 2007 meeting, (Action Item #11).

20. Effect of PAVE on IEEE’s Accreditation Processes – Baker
Dave Baker led a discussion on the impact of PAVE on IEEE’s processes. The following
items / processes were discussed:

       IEEE program evaluator application forms
       Emphasis on the competency model
       Application process and timeline to accommodate early training dates
       IEEE program criteria training
       New mentoring roles and responsibilities
       PAVE PEV performance feedback by ABET

Dave stated that ABET Societies will still select new program evaluators – but the ABET
Competency Model must be considered in the selection process. It was decided that
Moshe, Arnie and Dave would work on responding to ABET with regards to PAVE issues
and a separate letter will be sent to ABET on ABET Board of Director issues, (Action
Items #12 and #13).

Comments to ABET on PAVE should include:

       Increased technical information should be collected from potential program
       References should not be required from applicants
       Applicant resumes should not be allowed or limited to two pages
       A PEV training session scheduled for February 2008 is too early

It was decided that in 2008, the deadline for submitting program evaluator applications
would be the 15th of October 2008. For 2007 applicants, staff will set up a website for
CEAA and CTAA members to review the PEV applications as soon as possible after the
15th of November 2007 deadline. The CEAA and CTAA will review the applications and
staff will organize a conference call mid-December for the committees to discuss, review
and select new program evaluators. Staff will then organize an APC conference call in
mid-January to approve the PEV applicants selected by the CEAA and CTAA.

The 2008 Vice President of Educational Activities will decide whether or not the APC
meets face-to-face in February 2008, (Action Item #14). Both committees will need to
update their mentoring processes to include PAVE pre-work training.

The committees will also need to develop a means of conveying the IEEE program
criteria training to new program evaluators. They should examine all their processes to
determine how PAVE will impact them and update the processes accordingly, (Action
Item #15).

21. Balance Of Academic Versus Industrial Or Government Volunteers – Kam
Moshe led a discussion about the balance of academic, industrial and government
volunteers. He stated it is apparent that there are two ways of judging people depending
upon if they are industrial or academic volunteers and this topic needs to be a discussion
item for the next APC meeting, (See Action Item #2 from this meeting).

22. Adjournment – Baker
Dave commended Arnie Peksin’s efforts on the ABET Board of Directors and thanked
staff for their contributions. The meeting was adjourned at 2:49pm.


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