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									Tanning & Marketing

             2007 lotions
             A round up of the year’s lotions
With the world’s top lotions manufacturers meeting in just a couple of
weeks they will already have decided what they will launch in 2008 by the
time you read this. The 2008 products will be announced at the ITA show
in Nashville on 11-14th October 2007. Although the winning new products
from 2007 will go on to sell for many more years to come, new
challengers will be released in 2008 to replace those (from previous
years) which did not quite make the grade. Thus, the line-up below is the
                                                                                                                     Beach Bums
current state of the art in lotions development and represents the best
guide to what will appear in 2008.
                                                                                                                     This new range of special tanning creams,
                                                                                                                     launched for 2007, uses a blend of the
                                                                                                                     finest ingredients to deliver the ultimate
                                                                                                                     tanning experience from an anti-ageing
                                                                                                                     and firming lotion. All tanners want to be
                Tenth Dimension Bronzing                                                                             able to prepare their skin to tan faster and
             Australian Gold
                                                                                                                     to provide an attractive long lasting golden
                                                                                                                     glow – with or without bronzer. Now, it’s
             Crystal I                                                                                               even easier to help them achieve their
             Darkest Intensifier enhanced with 21 Vital Nutrients and Cashmir Silk™ Blend. Prepare yourself          dreams with Beach Bums – especially with
             for a dark, awe-inspiring experience. A tantalizing intensifier formula for maximum-dark colour,        the attractive counter top display.
             with ingredients to promote healthy skin that looks and feels incredible. No less than 21 Vital
             Nutrients saturate the skin with a blend of the finest nourishing nutrients, vitamins and moisture
             that skin craves. Cashmir Silk™ Blend is an exquisite silicone blend that goes on like the finest
                            silk. Tanfresh™ Blend ensures a fresh, invigorating after-tan fragrance.
                               Crystal X
                                Ten X-travagant Bronzers energized with Dual BodyBlush™ Blend and Cashmir
                                 Silk™ Silicone Blend. Give in to the ultimate dark indulgence! Crystal X –
                                 A luxurious formula for the deepest, darkest tan colour - including 21 vital
                                  nutrients and moisturisers for healthy looking skin that feels fabulous. Tenth
                                  Dimension Bronzer formula with exclusive Celldark™ blend for dark
                                   longer-lasting colour plus immediate satisfaction that lasts up to 8 days.
                                   Dual BodyBlush™ Blend for an immediate, vibrant, photo-reactive blushed
                                  glow. Cashmir Silk™ Blend is an exquisite silicone complex for skin that
                                  feels silky smooth.
                                   Funky Monkey
                                  BodyBlush™ blend with Fourth Dimension Bronzer. Get down and get dark,
                                 dark, dark! Funky Monkey™ formula has everything you need for a dark FAST
                                tan blend while you’re shakin’ it. Fourth Dimension Bronzer consists of four
                  bronzing components combined to promote maximum, long-lasting colour, and immediate
                  colour that lasts up to 7 days. Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Formula is made up of essential
                moisturisers to visibly firm and tone for longer-lasting tan colour, while helping to prevent fine
             lines and wrinkles. BodyBlush™ Blend for an immediate, vibrant, photo-reactive blushed glow,
             followed by deep golden colour that lasts longer. Tanfresh™ Blend for a fresh, invigorating after-
             tan fragrance.

22       TAN*BIZ Issue 10, October 2007
A complete new approach in 2007
California Tan
As one of the oldest and most respected brand names in tanning celebrates 20 glorious years
in the business the company re-invented itself to keep pace with market trends in 2007. ‘The
developmental process for the 2007 season was a challenging experience as we stripped the
brand and re-evaluated everything from our packaging and pricing to our marketing communi-
cation,’ stated Sarah Galusha, Senior Vice President of Marketing. ‘Entering our 20th anniver-
sary year, it was critical that we dig deep and continue producing advanced products and
marketing concepts that will keep California Tan at the forefront of the industry for years to
come.’ The result is a complete overhaul: consolidation of brands, simplified pricing and
product lines, better differentiation from competitors, and adaptation to hot market trends. The
company focus is now on two core brands: California Tan, which encompasses indoor, outdoor,
and sunless tanning products; and Emerald Bay, which maintains its position as the value lotion
line. Pricing and product offerings within each collection have been streamlined for easy selling
and reinforcement of California Tan’s 3-Step System. With its new image and surf logo, the
company remains true to the California dream and the promise of a rich, golden-brown tan and
healthy-looking skin. California Tan’s line up for 2007 consisted of innovative ‘tech’ and ‘trend’
product collections, additions to popular existing lines using tried and tested formulas, and ‘make-
overs’ of oldies but goodies.
Skin Lingerie
Skin Lingerie was introduced by California Tan for 2007. These titillating formulas couple advanced
dark tanning with anti-aging, firming, and smoothing skin-dulgences. In this ‘Skin Lingerie’ range –
new for 2007 - California Tan launched: Dirty Secret™ Step 1, Guilty Pleasure™ Step 2, Dark Thrill™
Step 2 Triple Bronzer, and Facial Attraction™ Double Bronzer.
Innovation: PotenC
Also entirely new for 2007 from California Tan: PotenC. Delivering into your skin the ultimate in
UV-activated Vitamin C stress defense and high performance tanning concentrates for powerful,
dark colour. Products launched in 2007: PotenC™ Step 1, PotenC™ Step 2, and PotenC™
Step 2 Triple Bronzer.
 Pure Karma is a sensitive-skin friendly, dark tanning, hypoallergenic, hemp blend that surrenders
   skin to golden harmony. This Dark Hemp Elixir is a Step 1 base tan builder, for tanners who de-
   mand performance, yet have delicate skin that needs extra care. Vitatan 2000 jumpstarts the
  tanning process to develop a fast base tan. Hemp Elixir provides powerful moisturizing benefits
  whilst Green Tea helps defend against aging factors. Energizing Ginseng helps skin perform
    more efficiently and promotes more even distribution of ingredients throughout the skin.
     Deep Karma is a sensitive-skin friendly, dark tanning, hypoallergenic, hemp blend that
     elevates colour to harmonic darkness. This is a Step 2 dark tan booster version of the
     above, Advanced tanning technologies of CuO2 and TRF2000 provide deeper, darker
    tanning results. The same powerful moisturizing and defending against aging factors,
   plus energizing Ginseng.
   Sweet Sutra is a triple bronzing lotion that introduces beginning tanners to heavenly-sweet, bronzing bliss.
                       This Dark Dual Hemp Elixir is a Step 1 base tan builder, that provides tanners with a
                          rich and moisturizing bronzing lotion that calls on nature’s bounty to deliver a
                          heavenly-dark tan. Vitatan 2000 jumpstarts the tanning process to develop a fast
                          base tan. Dual Hemp Elixir provides powerful moisturizing benefits while Avocado Oil
                              smoothes skin’s surface for improved UV penetration and softer results.
                               Meanwhile, Triple BRONZEXTEND® jumpstarts colour with fast-acting bronzers
                                in 2-4 hours.
                              SULTRY SUTRA™
                              Sultry Sutra is a triple bronzing lotion that seduces skin with surreal bronzing
                               ecstasy. This is a Step 2 dark tan booster version of Sweet Sutra, that provides
                                tanners with a rich and moisturizing bronzing lotion that calls on nature’s
                                 bounty to deliver them to tanning ecstasy. Advanced tanning technologies of
                                 CuO2 and TRF2000 provide deeper, darker tanning results. The same
                                 powerful moisturizing and skin smoothing for improved UV penetration and
                                 softer results, plus Triple BRONZEXTEND®.

                                                                                                    TAN*BIZ Issue 10, October 2007   23
Tanning & Marketing

 Stand out, party on
 Designer Skin
 2007 saw ten new products launched by Designer Skin to an already strong range. Bloom was a
 valuable addition to the Boutique line of products and is infused with French wine extracts whose
 potent antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties provide quintessential skincare. Utiliz-
 ing the most advanced cosmetic science, these delectable wine extracts fight the effects of skin-
 aging and protect cells from oxidative damage, thus providing the perfect foundation for a
 healthy luminous tan. New to the Designer Skin range in 2007 is Intrigue, a revolutionary sili-
 cone based emulsion therapy to hydrate and promote smooth, sinfully-soft looking skin. Utilizing
 Mega Melamax™ Optimizing Complex and enriched with Opti-Glow™ accelerators for a more
 youthful looking, radiant appearance, new Intrigue will deliver spectacular dark tanning results,
 while leaving your skin sensuously soft. Tan at the Speed of Light with the advanced quadruple
 bronzing accelerator with unique Fade DefyingTM formula. Enriched with dual Opti-GlowTM accel-
 erators for a more radiant appearance and a healthy looking, rosy glow. “Live hard, tan fast!” is the
   motto for users of this product. You know the customer type. They want everything and they
     want it now… extreme UV exposure as fast as possible, with no waste of precious time and
    getting the most out of every single moment – this lotion has been designed especially for such
   demanding customers. An extreme quadruple bronzing accelerator that delivers the ultimate tan fast…
                    what more could they want? Shine is a new continuously moisturising dark tanning lotion from
                      Designer Skin with unique Fade DefyingTM formula and natural bronzers but is DHA free.
                      Show your customers that they can truly Shine from the outside in! This wonderfully dark tan-
                     ning lotion is infused with natural bronzers to create that immediate, lavishly dark, lush colour
                         that tanners love. Use Shine and it will set you free – DHA free, stain free and streak free,
                              that is. The special 24 hour continuously moisturising blend helps protect the precious
                                 tanned results by hydrating and nourishing the skin the way it needs to be, every                                                Cheers!
                                  time, for best results. Your customers will quickly get the in Mood for it with this                           Caribbean Gold
                                  maximum sizzle quadruple bronzer with Fade DefyingTM formula. Some tanners
                                                                                                                                   Caribbean Gold proudly presented the new
                                  like it hot. And some like it even hotter – it helps them get into the Mood with its
                                                                                                                                     lotion line for 2007: Cheers! Get the best
                                 extreme tingle formula that is not for the faint-hearted. The maximum sizzle formula
                                                                                                                                  out of your skin and the best out of yourself.
                                delivers intense results through improved skin performance and cellular stimulation,
                                                                                                                                  The Caribbean Gold ingredients that you al-
                              while advanced bronzers provide an immediate blended lush caramel colour, which, on
                                                                                                                                      ready know are used as the basis for the
                             top of the sizzle, should get anyone into the Mood. In the Splash Tonics line, Get Down
                                                                                                                                    special mixes, together with extra new in-
                              Brown is the ultimate, DHA free, dark tanning formula. Formulated without the hassle
                                                                                                                                     gredients. The result: a lovely tanned skin
                              of DHA, this streak free, stain free, worry free blend of natural bronzers is guaranteed
                                                                                                                                      that gives you a healthy glow full of self-
                           to deliver spectacular dark tanning results. Enriched with vitamins, oils and nutrients to
                                                                                                                                     confidence. ‘Bottoms Up’(lotion ratio: one
                provide superb skin hydration and conditioning to optimise your true tanning potential.
                                                                                                                                     part perfect lower body, two parts perfect
                                                                                                                                    topless), ‘B.Y.O.B.’ (one part dark tan, one
                                                                                                                                     part self-confidence), ‘ Mind Eraser’ (one
                                   part restore, two parts blush), ‘Pretty 101’ (one part hot, two parts caring), ‘Guilt Trip’ (one part mysteriously brown, two parts hemp),
                     ‘Sex Pot’ (one part hemp, two parts sexy), ‘Sex Kitten’ (one part Hello Kitty, two parts sexy), ‘ Tap That!’ (one part tanning, two
                               parts fortifying), and ‘Too Cute’ (one part adorable, two parts deep brown) form the core line up of this all-new range.
                                                                                                                                  Sex Pot
                      Wild eroticism with a super-tanning formula you quickly score with. This is the upgrade of the already popular Sex
                                Pot lotion. The extra ‘intensifier’ in instant tanners and hemp seed extract produces an immediate result.
                                           A ‘Whistle-Wetting Moisture’ blend, pumpkin seed and sake extracts, together with the special
                      Honey and Birch Bark extract, ensure perfect skincare. Natural deep tanning and a super soft sexy skin! Lotion ra-
                                                                                                         tio: one part hemp, two parts sexy!
                                                                                                                                   Pretty 101
                     You want a tan, but especially for it to last? Then Pretty 101 is the product for you! Chill with a super tanned colour
                      and the Pretty 101TM skincare formula that maintains the tan for a spectacularly long time. The Whistle-Wetting
                           Moisture blend provides ultimate hydration for the skin. Hemp seed extract, vitamins and Lipocare® Blend
                      enhance the positive effects on the skin. As a bonus, ingredients have been added that counteract aging of the
                         skin and reduce wrinkles. Skin absorbs the lotion quickly and provides brilliant results immediately – results
                                                                                   that last! Lotion ratio: one part hot, two parts caring!
                                                                                                                            Bottoms Up
                       Shake briefly and the beauty radiates to the user. This new lotion stands on its head and also turns you upside
                         down. And the best thing about it is that you get a lovely tan even after the very first time you use it. A deep
                                 tanned colour immediately, thanks to the added Blowout Bronzers! The ‘What-A-Lush’ Skin Softener
                            ensures silky soft skin. The Hard-upTM Blend contains a skin fortifier, vegetable enriched oils for an even
                         darker skin, UV-Raydar® Blend, a cocktail of antioxidants and Vitamins E and A. Lotion ratio: one part perfect
                                                                                                  lower body, two parts perfect topless!

24            TAN*BIZ Issue 10, October 2007
Tanning & Marketing

Body Cosmetics International
The stylish new 2007 packaging for Tannymax Gold oozes quality for this sumptious range which in-
cludes exceptional tanning lotions, tan intensifying lotions plus a tan extending butter. The products
have also been enhanced with pure melanin for maximum bronzing results, and employ collagen and
a silk protein for a soft and smooth skin. Also, there are now four products instead of three before.
The tanning and bronzing lotions are still available and have been joined by a bronzing butter to be
used before sunbathing and a tan extender to maintain a tan for longer. All the products can be used
both for the face and the body. The result is a lasting tan as pure and unique as gold.
Skin Couture
Experience an irresistible tan thanks to the skin’s own pigment melanin. Valuable shea butter and fine silk proteins
lend pliancy, while collagen ensures a wonderful tightening of the skin. Skin Couture also forms the ideal facial care.
                                                                                                                               Absolute Gold
Allow yourself to be spoiled by Skin Couture with an incomparable tan.                                                         Premier International

Golden Divine                                                                                                                  Premier International launched a new
The gold-shimmering luxury tan, which appears immediately following application on the skin, is the inspiring result           tanning experience in 2007. This easy to
of a combination of the most effective tanning ingredients with the skin’s own melanin. You are rewarded with                  understand, very simple range from level 1
absolute silky skin and a previously never noticed pliancy thanks to valuable silk proteins and rich shea butter. Golden       to level 6, is suitable for all tanners and
Divine also forms the ideal facial care.                                                                                       skin types. Called ABSOLUTE GOLD, the
                                                                                                                               range includes a special formulation ‘-
Private Chic                                                                                                                   extreme boost’ tanning balm for men. The
Impressive because of exquisite skin care ingredients such as the finest silk proteins and high quality Aloe vera. The         products are formulated from a natural
skin’s own pigment, melanin, and selected tanning additives lend an attractive tint while collagen smoothes fine lines.        extract base including aloe vera to give a
Also suitable for the face, Private Chic forms the ideal tanning care product.                                                 very creamy and silky feel to the skin as
Sunset Style                                                                                                                   well as perfect absorption. All contain a
The high-class product for fans of a long-lasting golden luxury tan and perfect care! Thanks to exquisite care                 multi-vitamin blend for maximum tan
components such as the finest silk proteins and high-quality Aloe vera. The skin’s own pigment, melanin, and selected          enhancement and complete skincare.
tanning additives lend an attractive tint. Also suitable for the face, Sunset Style forms the ideal after-sun care.            Additional natural ingredients added to
                                                                                                                               boost tanning and skincare include: Hemp
                                                                 Go Brown, beautifully                                         and Grape seed extract, Jojoba, Anti-aging
                                                                 Tannymax kicked off in 2007 with an array of new              and anti-wrinkle formulas, Q10 and ‘new
                                                                 products to help motivate salon users who do not buy          dimension’ bronzers. Exquisite fragrances
                                                                 tanning creams and lotions. Tannymax Brown, new in            make applying these new lotions a ‘mouth
                                                                 2007, consists of five different products designed so the     watering’ tanning experience.
                                                                 use and benefits can be understood immediately by
                                                                 anyone so they become self-promoting. Basically, the          LEVEL 1 – just INTENSIFY
                                                                 customer can choose whether s/he wants a lotion with or       Dark tanning accelerator – Multi vitamin
                                                                 without bronzer and with an exotic or a fruity scent. A       blend.
                                                                 tropical tan extender with bronzer, for daily skin care,      LEVEL 2 – just HEMP
                                                                 completes the deliberately lower priced range. Yet, for the   Dark tanning accelerator – Multi vitamin
                                                                 most beautiful tan the products employ the natural            blend – Hemp & Grape seed extract.
pigment Melanin itself. Add aloe vera, peach kernel oil and important vitamins to provide the skin with an effective           LEVEL 3 – just DARK
protection against environmental pollutants and you have a winning salon formula. Plus, the new 125 ml tube fits per-          Dark tanning accelerator – Multi vitamin
fectly into a handbag. Funatic Dark Bronzing Lotion in either exotic or fruity fragrance. Suitable for the face and body,      blend – NEW Dimension BRONZERS with
contains melanin, a bronzer, plus caring Aloe Vera and skin protecting vitamins. Intansity Deep Tanning Lotion, again          HEMP.
in either exotic or fruity fragrance and suitable for both the face and body. With its skin protecting vitamins, moisturis-    LEVEL 4 – just CHOCOLATE
ing Aloe Vera and pure melanin, this product delivers all the right ingredients for a smooth and supple tanned skin.           The ultimate dark tanning accelerator –
Beyouty Tan Extender will help maintain your tan even longer and your skin will smell great with its tropical fragrance.       Multi vitamin blend – Essential Oils –
Use daily on the face and body. Bronzer, moisturising Aloe Vera and skin protecting vitamins plus pure melanin are             Jojoba skincare blend.
complemented by regenerating pineapple fruit extract and natural sugar                                                         LEVEL 4 – just POUR HOMME
cane extracts for long lasting tanning results.                                                                                Extreme Boost tanning Balm – Multi vita-
                                                                                                                                 min blend – Essential Oils - Melaboost
Tan Extender                                                                                                                           LEVEL 5 – just PERFECT
Following on from the success of the Tannymax Xtra Care moisturiser,                                                                    The ultimate dark tanning acceler-
Body Cosmetics International launched another extension to the popu-                                                                     ator - Multi vitamin blend – Anti
lar classic line – the new Tan Extender. This gently prolongs a tan                                                                       ageing – Anti wrinkle – Q10 -
thanks to highly effective tanning ingredients – including melanin and                                                                     Jojoba skincare blend.
natural cane sugar extracts. Extracts of sunflower give ultimate skin
care, while aloe vera and panthenol moisturise skin deeply. Cocoa
butter helps make skin feel smooth and special cooling ingredients
give a comforting freshness after tanning. Also, skin is provided with
essential vitamins A,C and E, which help to give an effective protec-
tion against free radicals. The Tan Extender infatuates with a smell of
delicious apricots that wafts around the body. Suitable also as opti-
mum daily skin care, for an enviable tan all year round.

26              TAN*BIZ Issue 10, October 2007
A Golden Year for Supre
Supre® Tanning is celebrating 20 fantastic years in the professional sun and skin care industry this year, and
Supre® Europe is still leading in innovation. With unparalled formulations and state of the art tanning technolo-
gy, Supre unveiled a range of products to wow your clients and send your sales figures soaring. Fantastic new
       product lines this year include: TANSIUM™, ROMP™, OCHO™, ROLLERGIRL™, Hammer™ and
       HEMPZ™ BLACK LABEL. Also, the COCO BEACH™ family has a completely new look and three new
           advanced tanning formulations to deliver lustrous, golden colour, while a blend of 9 tropical oils and
            extracts conditions and nourishes the skin.
                Not for the faint hearted – Supre® TANSIUM™ Proactive Body and Face Tanning System fea-
               tures Elite Ultra-Dark Tan Maximisers with Melanin Synthesis Intensifiers, Oxygen Conversion
               and, wait for it, Caviar Extract. Designed exclusively for the tanning connoisseur
               featuring unsurpassed tanning performance and extravagant skin care. TANSI-
               UM is Supre’s richest concentration of premier skin care ingredients and ad-
              vanced tanning technology. The proactive age-defying formulas infuse nutrients                        Power Tan
              and hydration essential to enhancing the present and future look, feel and
                                                                                                                    Camouflage Love & Peace
              health of the skin. Fragranced with Acai Fruit and Vanilla.
                                                                                                                    Launched in 2007, Camouflage is
              ROMP™                                                                                                 a radical new line of tanning lo-
               ROMP™ Sexually Charged Tanning Aphrodisiac invites you to do your                                    tions developed specifically with
               skin naughty with an arousing blend of dark tan maximisers, alluring                                 tanning professionals in mind. Available in two
                Pheromones and natural aphrodisiacs. Prepare your skin for pleas-                                   product variations, Camouflage “Love” and
              ure seeking escapades with the most deliciously dark tan imaginable.                                  Camouflage “Peace” these advanced formula-
                Mango, Mandarin and Vanilla help attract your prey before you                                       tions are guaranteed to attract customer atten-
                   pounce.                                                                                          tion and interest with their diverse and eye-
                                                                                                                    catching packaging. Camouflage “Love” is a
                                                                                                                    dual Sunless Bronzer containing a combination
                      Raise your tan to the 8th Power with OCHO™ Max 8 Smoother
                                                                                                                    of DHA and premium accelerating ingredients
                       Bronzer. This unique combination of potent dark tanning elements
                                                                                                                    to promote and prolong the life of your tan.
                       and smooth, streak-free, self-tanning bronzers utilises Supre’s ex-
                                                                                                                    Camouflage “Peace” is a unique blend of Ultra
                       clusive 3-part dark tanning blend and 5-part Continuous Colour
                                                                                                                    Dark tanning agents and skin conditioners to
                       Complex™ to dramatically multiply and propel your tan to a radically
                                                                                                                    deliver spectacular tanning results and main-
                       dark dimension. With a gorgeous orange, vanilla and citrus sorbet
                                                                                                                    tain healthy looking skin.
                                                                                                                    Black by demand
                                                                                                                    2007 saw the re-launch of one of their biggest
                  Turn up your tan and take no prisoners with ROLLERGIRL™, a Caffeine-in-
                                                                                                                    selling and most popular products: Super
fused, high energy, dark tanning formula with a hot Pink Sugar fragrance. This fierce blend is
                                                                                                                    Black Onyx “tingle free”. Reformulated with
designed to leave a woman’s skin noticeably smooth and sexy while giving it a more toned
                                                                                                                    even more super charged tanning punch, this
look and a no-holds barred tan.
                                                                                                                    premium non-tingle favourite was welcomed
HEMPZ™ BLACK LABEL                                                                                                  back enthusiastically. Containing an emol-
                             HYDROMAX BRONZER and FACIAL BRONZER are new premi-                                     lient-rich blend of premium ingredients such
                             um formulations of richly blended, select tan maximisers and                           as Unipertan p2002, Grape Seed extract and
                             colour multiplying, self tanning bronzers. Unique silken emul-                         caffeine, this advanced formulation takes you
                             sion melts into the skin to deliver rich, radiant colour, while Hempz™ 5 Hy-           to the highest level of tanning excellence
                             dration System moisturises skin with pure, cultivated hemp seed oil and extract.       from a ‘tingle free’ lotion. As the product
                             Fragranced with the scent of Morning Dew.                                              slogan goes: ‘You can’t tan darker
                                                                                                                    without tingle!’
                                 And finally one for the guys…Unleash the strength of the ultimate men’s            Very Berry Fruit Fusion
                                  dark tanning booster. Hammer™ is formulated to meet the unique needs              Very Berry, introduced in 2007 by
                                    of a man’s skin. Deeper penetration, cleaner application and skin sup-          Power Tan, is a fabulously fruity
                                       plements take your tan to the highest echelon of darkness and defini-        blend of fresh berry fruits
                                       tion. Hammer™ is fragranced with Jaborandi Vanilla.                          packed with natural
                                                                                                                    vitamins, minerals and anti-
                                                                                                                    oxidants, combined with
                                                                                                                    natural bronzing agents to
                                                                                                                    create a fruit fusion of nour-
                                                                                                                    ishment and immediate
                                                                                                                    golden colour for the skin and

                                                    2007 was a good                                                 having a Fresh Berry Fruits

                                                     year for Lotions

                                                                                                                      TAN*BIZ Issue 10, October 2007           27
Tanning & Marketing

 Skin Fitness
                                                                                                                                For further information on any of the
 Performance Brands Inc.                                                                                                        products featured in this review,
 Fiesta Sun Country                                                                                                             a list of suppliers and contact telephone
 The Fiesta Sun Country line has gone down a storm since its introduction - good rea-                                           numbers can be found on our website
 son to expand it with the following products for 2007. Rich & Famous™ is a Luxury                                              www.tan-biz.co.uk under
 Daily Moisturizer with Cranberry Extract. The silky smooth blend of Aloe Vera and natural oils creates                         “Suppliers List 2007”
 a lusterous, healthy glow. Prolongs your tan’s colour and brilliance with an added dose of L-Tyrosine, the
 amino acid that is instrumental in your body’s natural tanning process. Leather & Lace™, Full Throttle 5X Bronz-
 er with Advanced Accelerators. Accelerates immediate colour with stain and streakfree bronzers while rich and
    creamy moisturization (from numerous natural extracts, plus Vitamins A, C and E) leaves skin feeling and look-
     ing its very best. Southern Comfort™, Dark Tanning Lotion with Warming Action. Bathes skin in the perfect
       blend of warming moisturization and advanced tanning benefits. The perfect picnic for your skin! Vitamins A,
       C and E are complimented by exotic botanicals, natural oils and extracts to deliver deep moisturization and a
       smooth, silky feeling skin. With a fragrance of Fresh Sliced Georgia Peaches – what else!
     Tan Tini collection
     The Fiesta Sun Tan Tini collection contains a number of new and exciting additions this year, including:
       Grapelicious Tini™, hot action with a twist. A radically spectacular warm bronzing tansensation. Unique
       moisture rich, skin firming, anti-aging lotion with extra Virgin Olive oil for the true meaning of tanning indul-
        gence. Features stain- and streak-free bronzers and the exclusive 20 minute heat formula that provides
           optimum micro-circulation without the tingle. Tangerini Tini™, a citrus explosion, erupting with mois-
          ture rich decadence preps skin for an unimaginable deep, dark tanning experience free of bronzers and
         tingle yet advanced enough for the most discerning tanner. Unique skin firming, anti-aging lotion forti-
         fied with ample doses of Extra Virgin Olive oil, nature’s finest Moisturizer.
          ZEDA line
          ZEDA was a complete new line in 2007, full of luxurious Ingredients and featuring exclusive Acce-
         laBronzeTM technology. This advanced line focuses on anti-aging skincare and bronzing. Bejew-
        eled™, Quadruple Ultra Bronzer is an Advanced Ultra Dark Tanning Intensifier: the crowned jewel of
    pure tanning decadence. Quadruple bronzing technology with Erythrulose, Black Walnut, Caramel and DHA
   for your darkest tan. Mystify™ is a hot formula variation with the same luxury ingredients as Bejeweled.
       Psychic™, Advanced Age Defying Bronzing Intensifier. Firming, towards a more youthful appearance.
            Pro Tan
           Summer Lovin™, Dark Tanning Cocktail is a warm super bronzer. Advanced triple bronzing complex
          with added heat stimulation provides instant dark results. The Girls Have It™ is a Bust Firming Tanning
         Crème. Not only tans but firms and enhances with its new proprietary formula. Added shimmer lends that
         ‘off the runway’ look!

                    Skincare the Natural Way
                                Renowned hair and body care expert HEMPZ™ has unveiled a range of new skin care products for 2007. Combining the best of na-
                                ture with state of the art technology, HEMPZ™’s Skin Care has something for all skin types, to create and maintain a soft, unblem-
                               ished radiant complexion. New HEMPZ Purifying Facial Cleanser is a gentle, but highly effective, daily-use cleansing gel. Bursting
                               with natural extracts, which provide not only thorough cleansing and exfoliation benefits, but also hydrating and antioxidant protec-
                              tion, the Purifying Facial Cleanser keeps skin looking radiant and glowing. Purifying the face is the first step to better looking skin,
                              so HEMPZ™ have created Hydro-Balanced Facial Moisturiser to complement the benefits of the Purifying Facial Cleanser. Utilis-
                             ing the latest in skincare technology, the formula helps increase collagen synthesis. A complex mix of vitamins, minerals and proteins
                             provide antioxidant protection, whilst Desert Plant Extracts help moisturise and protect stressed or dry skin. The intelligent formula of
                            this product ensures balanced moisture and oil levels on the skin, making this, according to HEMPZ, ‘the only facial moisturiser you
                           will need to consider from 2007 onwards.’ The perfect way to complete your new HEMPZ™ skincare routine is with the HEMPZ™ Age
                           Defying Eye Contour Cream. Designed to hydrate the delicate skin around the eye, this cutting edge formula contains a complex of
                           antioxidants including Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Vitamins A, C and E. It not only provides immediate anti-aging bene-
                          fits with a micronised mineral powder which helps mask fine lines and wrinkles, but also also helps reduce the long-term appearance of
                          these lines and wrinkles using high levels of Ceramide and Peptide. HEMPZ™ Ultra Moist Shave Gel is a sulphate-free light foaming
                    gel that is so soothing and moisturising that the ladies will be ‘borrowing’ it to give their legs a clean, close shave with a soft, smooth finish.
                    The irresistible combination of peppermint, tea-tree oils, chamomile extract and aloe, help to calm and cool the skin, protecting it from irrita-
                    tion, whilst vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection that keeps the skin looking youthful and radiant.
                    HEMPZ™ concentrates on providing top skincare the natural way, which is why all of the products in this range contain hemp amino acids,
                    proteins and pure hemp seed oil and extracts to provide intense hydration and nourishing benefits. High levels of beneficial “essential fatty
                    acids” are also included to ensure that the skin is sufficiently moisturised and that the elasticity of the skin is maintained.

28            TAN*BIZ Issue 10, October 2007

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