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JAMES CASSIDY, doesn‟t ask questions or have any answers. 36, he possesses a
compact stocky muscular frame; dark, grey eyes; a nose broken twice; red leathery skin,
and dark hair. He is now a functional alcoholic, though he was a collegiate scholar and
football player(guard). Cassidy became a WWII war hero(Bomber Captain), and star
Commercial Pilot(until the unfortunate crash of his high profile plane, for which he was
wrongly blamed). His career over, he plummeted into a downward spiral which
ultimately landed him in New Orleans as a small time bus driver for a crummy 3 bus
operation based on Tchoupitoulas Street.
         Sexually obsessed with his wife, he thinks in fundamentals because everything
else is too complicated. He needs his job in order to have any kind of life direction, the
bus being the one constant which enables him some degree of control. He is angry about
the injustices life has dealt him, yet he hopes he can change his fate. He drinks heavily,
to calm down, or to fuel his anger. He likes to fight, which he uses as a catharsis.
    When he faces his greatest challenges, he retreats into flashbacks and fantasies for his
future, which reveal his deep sense of hope against all odds. Ironically, these tragedies
cause him to find his inner voice, and ultimately allow him an emotional epiphany that
gives him his life back.

MILDRED CASSIDY, Jim‟s Wife of four years, 32, works as a hairdresser and drinker.
She is a cheap Cajun slut with a bodacious body, who can pack a mean punch, and isn‟t
afraid to use either. She is an even match for Cassidy, and treasures the violent sexual
relationship they have. Her long raven black hair, long legs, large breasts, which she uses
like weapons, her ample shapely ass, slim waist, luscious red lips, and dark brandy
colored eyes with long lashes indicate her intense passion. They are compelled to be with
one another. She exerts an outwardly dominant, tough presence, yet inwardly she has a
need to be conquered, as only Cassidy can take her. She can be possessive, fierce, strong,
and stubborn. She seems self involved and thrill-crazy, but she ultimately realizes how
much she loves her husband, and she finally will do anything to make the marriage

HANEY KENRICK, 43, Cassidy‟s nemesis, who desperately craves Mildred, sells
merchandise door to door on the installment plan (very successfully). He weighs in at
over 200 pounds, mostly blubber, stands 5‟11”, has a fat shiny face, sparse light brown
hair (greased down), and likes to wear loud, hard pressed, cheap suits with shoes polished
like enamel. He spends his free time at Lundy‟s bar, which is located near the small
rooming house where he lives. He hangs out there so he can be the big man, flashing
money around. He needs the ego gratification and the sense of superiority it gives him.
He needs Mildred for these same reasons, but beyond everything else, he must satisfy his
intense singular desire which now rules his life. Mildred taunts and teases him, but will
not allow him the sexual release he hopes for.

“PROF.” SHEALY, white haired at 40, thin, pale, one-time author of college textbooks
on Economics, now he works behind the counter at Crescent City Ship Chandlery on
Decatur street. He is a determinist philosopher who tries to teach his friends what he sees
as the „truth‟. He mostly sits and drinks with them at Lundy‟s. Cassidy is his best friend.

DORIS, 27 years old, a sometime burlesque dancer at the Shim-Sham Club on Bourbon
Street. She is frail, small breasted, ninety eight pounds, blond hair, an angelic air, is a
hard-core alcoholic, drinking herself to death. From war-torn Europe, she married and
moved to Nebraska, where she was responsible for the fire which consumed her husband
and children. She will never escape her bloody past. She has a short-lived affair with
Cassidy, which brings her a temporary hope for redemption, but ultimately, her guilt and
dependency issues prove too strong, and she returns to her downward cycle.

SPANN, a waterfront idler and part-time barker on Bourbon Street, with a long rap sheet
is straight as a ruler with people he likes, and he carries a long mean switchblade for the
ones he doesn‟t. He is thin and wiry, in his thirties and he likes to drink and argue,
sometimes physically, with his girlfriend.

PAULINE, Spann‟s girlfriend, thin, small, firm breasts, secretly lusts after Cassidy. She
likes to tell it like it is, and she can spot bullshit a mile off. She likes to gossip and
meddle in people‟s lives. She also drinks heavily, and has for most of her life. She loves
to provoke Spann to the point of violence, with her sarcastic verbal battery She is a
professional bum, who can always get a free drink or cigarette. Her personal style could
be termed a celebrated wacky.

LUNDY, owner of the corner bar. He is old, dull, and hollow. He doesn‟t care what
happens in his bar. Anything could go down, and does. He allows fights, after-hours
drinking, back room prostitution; he doesn‟t gossip, he stays out of disputes, and he
collects his money for the drinks he‟ll serve anyone.

CAPT. ADAMS, of the freighter bound to South Africa, a complex man who has also
seen his share of career misfortune and has paid dearly. He becomes sympathetic to
Cassidy, a compatriot in misery. Adams is a tough old sailer with a full head and beard
of silver hair. He smokes a mirchaum pipe, and can be both compassionate and non-
judgmental, willing to go out on a limb for a good cause.

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