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									                      NEWS ~ NEWS~ NEWS ~ NEWS
                       APRIL 2009 NEWSLETTER
Well here we are it is April! Go figure there is snow in the forecast, oh yeah we do live in Western New York!!
 Well at least racing season has started!! Hope this newsletter finds everyone out in their garages working hard
on their boats!! Don’t worry you can stop work for 5 minutes to read my newsletter!! LOL! But that is all you
  have! We have a lot going on! There are a few attachments with this newsletter! So you should have a lot of
 information to go through! Seeing there is a lot of information, I apologize in advance if I missed anything, or
   if anything is confusing! I am learning what NO SLEEP means, and learning how to do things, either one
                  handed, or in between, feeding and naps and diaper changes! I know, I know!
                                   WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD ANNE!!!

                                      LOCAL CLUB NEWS
                                         ~ DUES ARE DUE !!
                                RACE DATE: August 29-30, 2009
                            ~ A letter is attached regarding our local news and race
                         ~ 2009 Thunder on the Niagara ad packets are now available!
                                 They can be emailed to any interested party.
              ~Maudine Hackett is the NFBRA contact for thing to go into the APBA Propellor.
               If you have anything for her please email them to her at hmaudine@yahoo.com
            ~Pictures are still wanted for the NFBRA website. Old ones, new ones, we need them!
                                Please send any pictures you may have to Lauren
                          ~Don’t forget to check out the club website www.nfbra.com
                               ~ Minutes from last months meeting are attached!
                             ~ We are looking for crafters and vendors for the race!
                          If anyone knows of anyone please contact Lauren 572-5910
             ~ Liz Barker will be the head scorer for the Syracuse race this year, June 20-21, 2009.
               She is looking for volunteers to help at the registration table and the starting line.
                       If you know of anyone or if you are interested please contact her at
                                 773-1191 – 297-8483 – lizb773@hotmail.com
~ If anyone knows of anyone who are not members but help work at the race or would be interested in helping
at the race please send me there contact info. Address or email addresses, as we would like to send them up to
                                        date information about the race.

                                         RACING NEWS

~ Dan Kanfoush made the trip down to Sunny Florida for the Lakeland race! There he was piloting the A-600!
   He reported that many local racers showed up to spectate! Who wouldn’t go to Florida!! Don Less, Clyde
   Mayer were present, and also Grand Island natives Gregg and Todd Roesch were present! Of course Matt
O’Connor was present with his 5 liter! Saturday he saw a 3rd in the final, and on Sunday the gremlins hit and he
 saw a DNS. Matt and crew have identified the problem and they are ready to take on the Centsless Team and
                                    Black Sheep Teams in Elizabeth City!!
 The Kanfoush/Sechler team has lost their Grand Prix boat. With the lovely economy we have right now, their
 sponsor they had for the GP boat just couldn’t do it this year. So we will be seeing the Y-1 Fast Eddie out in
   action again this year!! Hopefully we will see a GP boat from the Kanfoush/Sechler team in the future!

                                          Other News….
 The 9th Annual Western New York Fun Run will be June 12 & 13th to be run out of the Dockside Inn. Poker
 Runs America will be here again this year. Anyone wishing to help as a patrol or photo boat (preferably a fly
 bridge), please contact me at 693-1314. For details just visit the website! We would love to have a couple of
                            hydros on display to help promote your event as well.
                                              Humphrey Stinson

                                     RUMORS & GOSSIP
                       Is it true or isn’t it?!?!!? That is the question.
 ~ Now that the Timmermans have their little bundle of joy, could Chloe have a little friend or
boyfriend to run around with at the boat races? The only couple that pops to mind, that would
           be next for a little racer would be Eric and Gayle Butler…… Hmmmm…
                Guess we will have to start keeping any eye on Gayle’s belly!!!
 ~ So little Chloe Timmerman is here! Could Grandpa Barker have some J-stock hydro plans
                 hidden in his garage somewhere! A pink one would be nice!!!
~ Rumor has is that Ken Brodie II doesn’t even have his boat ready yet… Don’t worry Ken I am
                                sure you are not the only one!
                           ~SPECIAL NOTES~
   ~ Chloe Anne Timmerman is here!! She came a little early, but all is well.
                         Born March 16, 2009 at 10:46 am
                    6 pounds 3 ounces and 19 ½ inches long
                Very proud parents Ryan and Anne Timmerman
               Even prouder Grand Parents Greg and Liz Barker
                        Rick and Pat Timmerman of Iowa
                      (finally not a 4 legged grand baby!!!)
Daddy made it home just in the time from Fort Drum! Who knew you could make it
     home from the Fort Drum/Watertown area in 2 hours and 15 minutes!
Anne found our her mom has a heavy foot when she has to get her daughter to the
                         All in all we are so very excited!!
                              And all are doing well!
          Chloe already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!!

                  Now that you are done reading this month’s newsletter

                   RACING SEASON IS HERE!!!
                 Say a prayer for the men and women over there…

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