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									     Sleep Apnea Diagnosis - Do You Need a
            Sleep Apnea Diagnosis?
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Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Over 12 million in the United States Of America need sleep apnea diagnosis at any point of
time. It is temporary stoppage of breathe during sleep. The breathing pauses a large number
of go on based on data from one seconds to five moments most every hour. In such article, I
would show you if you really desire a sleep apnea diagnosis and what you desire to do right
now.Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

People who are suffering from these normally experience poor sleep and various health
complications such as high blood pressures, headaches, risk of heart attacks and arrhythmia.
Moreover, they also suffer from psychological problems like short term memory, anxiety,
depression, mood swings, impotency etc. It can be fatal in cases where the sufferer sleeps
during driving an automobile. Some serious apnea sufferers also require surgeries. Therefore,
proper sleep apnea diagnosis should be done at the right time to begin appropriate treatment.
Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Positive Diagnosis If you think you have these symptoms, waste no time in seeking positive
diagnosis of the problem. Sleep Apnea diagnosis is the first step towards its treatment and it
is completely curable during its initial stages. A polysomnogram test is performed to detect
this disorder. It's a comprehensive test that monitors brain activity via an EEG, air flow, chest
and abdomen movement, chin and leg movements, continuous oxygen saturation, eye
movement, heart rate and its rhythm.Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Polysomnogram test does not work by measuring the breathe pauses during your sleep but
instead detects the disease by monitoring all the given elements concurrently. It shows the
amount of time you spend in various stages of your sleep and the total time you spend in
Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This test requires you to stay in the laboratory for a night.
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