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					Newsletter February 2000

Press Release
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Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
February 10, 2000

IBA and Syncor International Corporation join forces to launch new FDG centers in the
United States and beyond

IBA and Syncor International Corporation (NASDAQ: SCOR)announced today that they have signed
a letter of intent to pool their individual strengths, radioisotope expertise and equipment in
promoting the production and distribution of FDG to local nuclear medicine centers in the United
States and in other countries.

The joint venture would combine the forces of two world leaders: IBA, originally the world's leading
manufacturer of radioisotope-producing cyclotrons based in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, and
Syncor International Corporation, based in Woodland Hills, California, USA, the world's premier
provider of radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear pharmacy services and medical imaging services.

The agreement anticipates the setting up of new FDG production centers dedicated to the
manufacture and commercial distribution of FDG in the US and several other countries. Under the
general terms of the agreement, IBA will provide the radioisotope-producing equipment and Syncor
the radiopharmacy services. Both IBA and Syncor share a common objective: to provide high-
quality FDG, right-on-time deliveries and excellent value-added services to meet future FDG

FDG stands for F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose and is the most common short-lived radiopharmaceutical
used in Positron Emission Tomography (PET). It allows more accurate and precise diagnosis of
tumors at an early stage and thus more appropriate treatment. As such, it is considered to be the
solution of choice for the diagnosis of cancer and for monitoring a patient's response to cancer
treatment. Whereas traditional diagnostic techniques such as X-rays, CT (computerized
tomography) scans or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), produce static images of the body's
anatomy or structure, PET is a diagnostic imaging technology used to measure metabolic human
cell activity. PET is used not only to diagnose and manage patients with cancer but also for patients
with neurological disorders and heart disease.

FDG is tagged with Fluorine-18, a marker that is specifically produced by PET cyclotrons, one of the
core businesses of IBA. FDG is injected into the patient and through the natural metabolic
differentiation in absorption allows cancerous tissues to be identified since it has a higher metabolic
rate than that of surrounding healthy tissue.

As Sabine de Voghel, president of the IBA Radioisotope Business Unit, emphasized, "PET using FDG
is gaining widespread acceptance in many large hospitals and radiology centers. We are witnessing
a real explosion of the technique due to better quality examinations, the availability of less
expensive scanners and mobile imaging services. The IBA-Syncor Joint Venture would bring added
value to the business by creating reliable FDG production service centers and is completely in line
with IBA's strategy of providing a complete range of services and equipment to meet customer
needs." In Europe, two new PET radioisotope producing centers are to be opened in Lyon, France
and Milan, Italy during the course of 2000.
"We are extremely excited about this agreement between Syncor and IBA," said Robert G. Funari,
president and chief executive officer of Syncor International Corporation. "With its extensive
expertise in radioisotope production, IBA can ensure a reliable supply of PET isotopes for Syncor's
widespread distribution network and large customer base. Syncor's patented shielding and delivery
systems, such as the PETPigä tungsten containers, will facilitate the smooth handling, transport
and delivery of FDG to the marketplace. We both expect outstanding growth in terms of revenue.
We shall also be able to complete our services mutually and enlarge our presence in the field of
PET while retaining our specialties."

Syncor International Corporation is a leading provider of high technology health care services
concentrating on nuclear pharmacy services, medical imaging and radiotherapy. In the nuclear
pharmacy services business, Syncor compounds and dispenses radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic
and therapeutic use by nuclear medicine departments in hospitals and outpatient clinics. Syncor
distributes these time-critical pharmaceuticals through an integrated network of 121 domestic and
19 international nuclear pharmacies. This network also provides information management services
and currently services more than 7,000 customers. Medical imaging services are provided through
an integrated network of 43 domestic and 8 international owned or operated facilities.

Founded in 1986, IBA is the undisputed world leader in the design and manufacture of cyclotrons.
Since 1999, this technology has been integrated into a strategy of complete solutions to meet more
fully customer requirements in a number of key applications. IBA is active in three main market
areas with growth potential: sterilization and ionization, radiotherapy and radioisotope production.
IBA currently employees more than 1,100 people on 42 sites in 14 different countries.

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