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					                          Terminating Employees
                         Processing COBRA Notices

One of the most challenging processes after the summer season is the timely processing
of COBRA notices for seasonal employees. Currently PEBB.benefits receives status
information from the PPDB personnel system and uses that information to flag employee
files that need to be processed for COBRA.

What is happening is that the termination PA is not sent in timely, personnel does not
process the final coding, and the COBRA notice is not sent. Payroll has developed a
simple flag that the work location can add to the requested P370 to help us know if we
can wait for the formal PA to be processed or if a COBRA notice is to be requested

On the upper right corner of the P370 check request please include one of the following
numbers, circled, to let payroll know what time line to follow.

       #1- termination, employee not returning in near future to ODF, process COBRA

       #2- termination, but employee will return within the next 15 days for the next
       season for ODF, do not process COBRA

       #3- Declination of Insurance form sent in to payroll, do not process COBRA

       #4 - retiree, employee is retiring from state employment (use even if the employee
       will be back the next day as a temporary employee), process COBRA

       #5- check is for other reasons, no COBRA required

This will greatly help payroll to ensure that all eligible employees are given the full 45
days to determine if they wish to continue insurance coverage through COBRA and what
their options are.

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