The Expert Patient Programme is based on the theory by ecd11126


									Who is the group for?                  How often will the group meet?         Will there be rules?
                                       The group will meet once a fortnight
The group is for adults diagnosed
                                       on Wednesday evenings from             There will be some basic rules to
with Asperger’s syndrome who
                                       6.30 PM – 8.00 PM.                     help the meetings to feel safe and
would like to meet others who have
                                                                              respectful. For example:
been given this diagnosis
                                       What will the meetings be about?
How can meeting with other                                                       New members will be allowed to
people help?                             We will discuss topics around the       join only after consultation with
                                         experience of having a diagnosis        the existing group members.
There are many potential benefits        of Asperger’s Syndrome.
that can come from joining a group                                               We would ask that what is
of this kind. It may help you to:        People will take turns to talk          discussed in the group be kept
• Gain support, friendship and           about their thoughts and feelings       private and not discussed outside
  encouragement from people who          and about how things are going          of it.
  understand your difficulties.          for them. Everyone will have the
                                         chance to speak                      Who will run the group?
• Think about and discuss what
  “having Asperger’s syndrome”           People will be free to explore the   In the first twelve months the group
  can mean for a person.                 issues that interest them, but       will be run by ourselves (we are two
                                         there will also be areas that we     psychologists). After this, the aim
• Identify and build on some of the
                                         would like to focus on, such as: -   will be for the group to be run by the
  strengths that you have (and that
                                         family life, friendships and         people who use it with help from us
  may sometimes go
                                         people’s experience of               (we will still attend the meetings if
                                         employment, education, mental        people want us to).
• Find ways of beginning to              health services.
  address some of your difficulties.                                          Where will the group meet?
                                         Everyone will be encouraged to       The group will meet at the Roy
• If we can, we will help you access     say what they liked and disliked     Fletcher Centre in Shrewsbury
  other services that you or your        about the meeting, and whether       (please see map).
  family might need, and the group       future meetings might need
  will be a good place to think          changing to make them more
  about ways of encouraging new          useful.
  services in Shropshire.
                                                                                              Shropshire County
                                                                                                     Primary Care Trust
How do people join?                      Contact Us
• Anyone who is interested in joining
  the group will meet with us first.     Paul Moloney
                                         (Counselling Psychologist)
• This will be to help you to find out
  if going to this kind of group would   Francesca Mantia
  be useful to you, and whether you      (Assistant Psychologist)
  might need any special kinds of        40 Tan Bank
  support in the group itself.           Wellington
                                         Telford TF1 1HW
• These meetings will take place in
  June and July.                         Alison Laing (Psychology Secretary)
                                         Tel: 01952 – 202 – 611
Interested? Would you like to
know more?                               Email:
If you would like more information or
                                                                                           A Discussion & Support
want to join the group, then please      or
contact us. We will try to answer any                                                      for People in Shropshire
questions that you may have.                                                                    Who Have Been
You can contact us by phone, email,
or by post.                                                                                     Diagnosed with
                                                                                            Asperger’s Syndrome
    (see contact details overleaf)

                                           Roy Fletcher Centre, 12-17 Cross Hill,
                                           Shrewsbury SY1 1JE ALDD/050 Review April 2007

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