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					Gwen Taylor Brooklyn Patricia Garcia

JC 13, 23, 26, 28, 35, 80 FS 02, 13, 14, 19

(212) 331-5617 (212) 860-5294

(718) 237-2032 (212) 331-5614

Roberta Hannah Diane Robinson

Not assigned to a specific Job Center JC 66 FS 20, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28 JC 64 FS 26

(718) 237-2253

(212) 237-2048 (212) 331-5614 (718) 237-2216 (718) 742-3639 (718) 742-3654

Fax: (212) 2372525

Richard Claudio Clinton Holman Bernard Nenner

Bronx Jean Coyle

((718) 742-3631 (212) 331-5613

Fax: (718)7423970

Angela Johnson

Not assigned to a specific Job Center (212) 331-5613

Special Needs Unit Greg Gomez (212) 835-7884 (212) 331-5616 Rebecca Blanc Substance Abuse Programs, POISED, RTSC, Employment Liaison, Union Square SENIORWORKS, Fax: (212) 3318010 Sylvia Ruiz Intensive Services Center, Veteran’s Job Center (212) 835-7839

(212) 835-7931

Housing and Homeless Services

Mark Glickson

(212) 331-5507

Evelyn Correa

JC 37 and 18

(212) 331-5506

Fax: (212) 3316290

Victoria Pitchford

(212) 666-7057 (212) 331-4129


Welfare Reform Network c/o Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Inc. 281 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10010 (212) 777-4800

A group of recipients, advocates and other interested groups and individuals who work on welfare reform and welfare rights issues. Meetings are scheduled the first Tuesday of the month.

Welfare Task Force c/o Legal Services for New York (LSNY) – The Legal Support Unit 350 Broadway, 6th Floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 431-7200

A monthly meeting, the third Thursday of the month, of citywide advocates to discuss welfare changes, problems and resolutions. Information and resources are distributed.

The Western New York Law Center Ellicott Square Building 259 Main Street, Suite 454 Buffalo, NY 14203 (716) 855-0203

Western New York Law Center hosts online e-mail discussion groups about public benefits, housing law, disability law, domestic violence, and Medicaid. Also, the web site houses information on state and federal regulations, a fair hearing database, and more.

NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) 40 North Pearl Street Albany, NY 11243

This office has responsibility for Public Assistance,

Food Stamps, HEAP, Child Support, and homeless programs. The website is a source to access caseload statistics, information about fair hearings, EBT, HEAP and more.

NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA)

The NYC HRA website now includes information published by HRA on caseload statistics, special programs and initiatives, as well as additional contact information.

NYS Department of Labor Employment Manual

The online version of the NYS Welfare to Work manual, which services as the policy document for public assistance and food stamp employment programs. It includes Department of Labor’s regulations, as well as policy interpretations, systems implications and questions and answers for each section of the regulations. Web Sites

Office of Temporary Disability Assistance Office of Temporary Disability Assistance providing information on public assistance, including fair hearings, substance abuse requirements, homeless services, food stamps, domestic violence, child support services, case load statistics, NYS TANF plan and more. 1. Temporary Assistance Source Book New York’s OTDA Temporary Assistance Source Book on the policies and regulations of the public assistance program. On the far left of the web page, click under “Other Resources”, Temporary Assistance Source Book. Administrative Directives OTDA administrative directives and information letters from 1990 to the present. HRA Approved Training Programs A listing of HRA’s approved training programs for PA recipients. HRA Policy Directives Kept up to date by the Western New York Law Center (WNYLC) it contains current policy and procedures of the local NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA)

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