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Non-Applying Household Members

All non-applying household members must provide information on income and resources. They may do so by merely stating their income and resources, they are not required to verify the income and resources that do not affect the amount of benefits for which the household is eligible. If the information is not provided, PA benefits will be denied, although a FS and Medicaid eligibility decision should be made.

Required Documents

Documentation for an application may differ for each applicant depending on individual circumstances. Often an applicant may not be able to obtain a document the worker has requested. However, if the applicant can verify a fact in some other way or with some document other than the one requested, the worker should accept that alternate document. Refer to Vol. I – Public Benefits Screening, Documentation Checklist for a general guide.

Good Faith Effort

If applicants are unable to produce all the documents in time for the interview, they should bring all that are available. Applicants should be able to demonstrate to the JC interviewer that a good faith effort has been and is being made to obtain the balance of the documents or reasonable substitutes. Decision on the application should not be held up because some documents are missing. Once the applicant has made a good faith effort to obtain the documentation, the agency must assist in securing documentation and should accept the application. If an individual cannot obtain the documents needed to establish eligibility, then the JC worker must try to verify eligibility through phone calls or other means that do not require documents, or assist in other ways to obtain the necessary documentation.


Face-to-Face Interview

Continued eligibility for PA is established by verification of information such as income, resources and household composition, at specified intervals. This process is known as recertification. Recipients must report for face-to-face recertification at least once a year and probably more often. If because of age, handicap or other verifiable limiting conditions the recipient is unable to appear for a face-to-face interview, the Job Center must make appropriate arrangements to accommodate the individual. Recipients should be notified by mail of the date and time of the recertification appointment. At the Job Center the recipient’s designated worker will conduct this interview. The client should bring to this appointment all documents that show proof of continuing eligibility. The recipient should not have to produce documents that have already been submitted and are not subject to change, such as social security cards. If a client calls to reschedule a faceto-face recertification appointment, the client should obtain a log number. This number will be proof of response and can prevent the case from being closed.

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