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                       Wikipedia Announces How to Break into a Medical Sales Career

       By NAMSR
       Dated: Sep 09, 2009

       Endeavoring to become a Medical Device Sales rep can be challenging, but equally rewarding. Becoming a
       medical device sales rep can provide a good income, but it also means that you can help people in need of
       healthcare and medical supplies.

       How to Become a Medical Sales Rep

        According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales of medical supplies are expected to steadily grow
       through the year 2014 at a rate higher than all other industries combined. For this reason, many sales
       professionals turn to the medical device products and supply industry to advance their sales career. Find out
       if you can also become a medical sales rep by learning how to become a medical sales rep.

        Step 1: Invest in your education to become a medical sales rep, if you do not already have a college degree
       that is still fine with many medical device companies. Due to an increased volume in medical sales being
       realized over the last few years, and stiff competition in the industry, more manufacturers and supply
       companies require that a medical sales rep have some medical sales training or education.

        Step 2: Emphasize your medical knowledge and sales experience if you do not currently possess a college
       degree or are unable to become Certified as Registered Medical Sales Representative (RMSR) . Many
       medical supply companies will still allow you to become a medical sales rep if you have the appropriate
       background, certification, skills and experience.

        Step 3: Demonstrate that you have a professional attitude, medical knowledge, enthusiasm for developing
       new business (this is key), excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Your first opportunity to do so
       will be from your resume and cover letter, followed by an initial interview (usually by phone) and finally a
       personal meeting.

        Step 4: Expect that the company that hires you to become a medical sales rep will likely have you engaged
       in advanced medical sales training program on their product lines, as well as current and projected research
       and development. It is important to have some medical industry training on your resume to attract medical
       device companies.

        Step 5: Obtain your RMSR certification (Registered Medical Sales Representative), if you wish to boost
       your credibility as a medical sales rep (and possibly your earning capacity). A RMSR designation indicates
       that you have advanced training in practical and business models over the medical industry's standard
       practices. It generally involves 75 hours of study sessions and the successful completion of a certification
       exam provided by the medical device trade group, the National Association of Medical Sales

        Some Tip and Warnings:
        A medical sales rep often enjoys a good base salary with commissions, as well as full medical benefits. In
       addition, medical sales reps work independently and can often arrange their own scheduled work hours.
       Some travel may be required of a medical sales rep.

        This RMSR Certification and training program includes all information that entry level reps should
       understand before entering a career in medical sales. Individuals who obtain the RMSR™ become much

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

more marketable to Medical Companies who look to hire new reps. All RMSR™ graduates become eligible
to utilize the National Association of Medical Sales Representative - NAMSR™ Career Center where
medical companies advertise seeking RMSR™’s and current members.


The NAMSR is the largest medical sales rep trade association in the United States. We represent over
24,000 medical device and equipment reps who work for over 450 different medical companies. The
NAMSR provides education, training, and certification.

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