Attachment IV - Checklist of Bid Forms and Documents_NL by gvv13235


									                                                                          Attachment IV: Checklist
  Bidder’s Name and Address (Company Stamp)

                       Checklist of Bid Forms and Documents

Forms/additional documents                                                            Number of pages

 Proof of proper licensing/EIN
 Bank statement on bidder’s liability
 Bid Form 1: Bidder’s Statement
 Bid Form 2: Bidder’s information
 Bid Form 3: References for prior work of bidder/contractor for similar
 services provided for tourism/hospitality businesses
 Bid Form 4: Information on associated bidders (if applicable)
 Bid Form 5: Information on associated contractors (if services are not
 being provided first-hand by the bidder)

 Bid Form 6: Formal obligation of associated contractors (if applicable)
 Bid Form 7: Information on associated contractors (if applicable)
 Attachment VI: Cost Matrix/Sample Calculation

Additional documents submitted by bidder                                              Number of pages

 List and specification of services and cost

Date, signature (incl. last name in print letters) of bidder / authorized signatory if associated bidders
are involved and signature of contractors

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