ITALIAN FACIAL THERAPY
Dolce Vita Signature Moisturizing Facial                                   95
     A Classic European facial that includes a light natural exfoliation. A
     rejuvenating facial massage and a customized mask designed for
     your skin followed by a hand. For the final, a moisturizing treatment
     that refreshes, leaving you with radiant complexion.
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment                                                    135                              916 SPA-7733
                                                                                                           916 SPA-7733
     Instant face-lift for 35+ enriched with silk proteins, vitamins and                         WWW.DOLCEVITADS.COM
     vegetable extracts that reach the heart of your skin revealing the
     younger you. Vitamin C is an added bonus on this treatment                             ITALIAN BODY THERAPIES:
     providing your skin with newly found strength and hydration.                 Body Scrub                                                                 77
Beauty Concentration De-reddening Facial                                  120
                                                                                         Thermal Gommage with Oligo-elements not just a simple
     An intensive program designed for sensitive skin affected by fragile                exfoliate but a true stimulating and elasticizing treatment for the
     capillaries and diffused Couperose.                                                 skin tissues.
Balancing Facial                                                          110
                                                                                  Healing aromatherapy sauna                                                47
      Oily skin has achieved perfect harmony with a balance of fruity acids              Essential Oils provide cellular healing due to their anti-microbial,
      enriched with thyme oil and natural minerals that smooth the skin                  pain relieving, and immune strengthening qualities
      and minimize pores. The anti-inflammatory action leaves your skin
      smooth, fresh and irritation free                                           Hydrotherapy                                                              47

                                                                          100            Let us help you wash away your worries and stress with the
Dermo-Purifying Acne Treatment
                                                                                         transcendent power of water, using Gerard’s Eau Marine which
      This dynamic duo uses a combination of natural extracts and anti-
                                                                                         tones the skin and dissolves cellulite.
      septic properties of marigold, carrot, and chamomile to deeply
      cleanse acne prone skin, while removing impurities.                         Blue Mask Laminaria                                                       105

GLA Atipica Face Treatment                                                110            The richest form of seaweed mixed with thermal active
      For Psoriasis and dry, scaly, very sensitive skins. This Gerard’s                  ingredients result in immediate toning, firming and lifting for
      specialty treatment stops the irritation and the scaling, flaking and              specific areas such as bust, buttocks and inner thigh.
      dryness of the skin. Home care product is recommended.                      Green Mask Treatment                                                      105

Rigenera DNA                                                              145            Finally, a treatment, to achieve a desirable silhouette all year
      Designed for all skin types to provide an anti-stress, regeneration,               round
      and firming treatment. In addition, a mask sheet drenched in                Glycolic Body Treatment                                                   150
      marine DNA will supply the skin with vitamins A, C & E in the pure                 The perfect treatment for scars and stretch marks. Using only
      form, accelerating tissue regeneration and reducing the signs of                   natural fruit acids, this treatment helps reduce stretch mark signs
      aging.                                                                             as well as scar marks on the body.
Soy Soy Face                                                              100     Gerard's Chocolate Decadence                                              150
      Soy, with its natural anti-oxidating action, regenerates and                       A special formulation of natural cocoa from Italy, and sweet
      rebalances the skins ability to retain moisture. Soy has firming and               almond oil will lift your spirits, de-stress and relax you.
      revitalizing properties that tightens, compacts and firms the skin
      while stimulating collagen synthesis for a younger look.
                                                                                  Lulur                                                                     150

                                                                          137            The fresh exotic ritual that revitalizes body and mind.
Vitamin C Nourishing Facial                                                              A wonderful sensation of energy. Revitalizing and refreshing, it
      Improve your skin instantly with Gerard's pure vitamin mask face                   stimulates the circulation, improves the immune defences,
      treatment. Restore and refresh your face and look younger in just                  combats oxidation, and eliminates toxins and water retention.
      one hour. Excellent for sun exposed skin.                                          Skin will be deeply nourished, looking smooth and silky.
Whitening Treatment                                                       110
      An immediate effect that restores a uniform color to your skin, while
                                                                                  Pindasweda Ayurvedic Package                                              150
                                                                                         Gerard's had created an amazing Aromatic, Energizing, calming
      minimizing wrinkles.
                                                                                         and restoring treatment using a very ancient Ayuervedic
                  FACIAL COMPANIONS                                                      treatment based on the therapeutic application of heat, herbs and
Gerards CAVIAR Luxury Mask                                                  65           oil.
       Experience the Luxurious touch of this preservative free collagen          TIBETS Energy Balancing Journey                                           150
       veil, rich in amino acids and essential minerals will intensify,                  Ultimate treatment for today's stressful lifestyle. Using Himalyan
       moisturize and stimulate cellular metabolism and produce a                        Pebbles, Dead Sea Salts and essential oils, exfoliate, purify and
       younger looking, firmer and more hydrated skin then ever before.                  immerse your body and soul in a journey of wellness and peace.
Blue Mask Seaweed Treatment                                                 45    Shea Butter Massage & Wrap Treatment                                      150
       Gerard’s exclusive light gel emulsion is able to produce Oxygen                   Exfoliate and moisturize your body. This treatment is a favorite
       when it touches your skin, restoring vitality and youthfulness of                 for sun lovers tanning or exposure to the elements.
       your face.
                                                                                  Soy Soy Body Sculpting-Anti Ageing                                        150
Matricol Eyes                                                               40
                                                                                         This exclusive treatment uses organic Soy, which is rich in Iso-
       A complete eye treatment using a high concentration of hydrating                  flavonoids and phyto-estrogens producing visible tightening
       oils, marine collagen, and pure chamomile extracts will provide you               results on all body tissue.
       with instant results you’ll notice every day.
              WAXING AND MAKEUP                                                                     MASSAGE THERAPY
Makeup Application                                                         45
                                                                                  Dolce Vita Ultimate Massage
Makeup Lesson                                                                            Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation... In your
Special Occasion Makeup Application                                        60            private suite, begin with • Healing aromatherapy sauna and
Eye Brow Design & Shaping                                                  25            Hydrotherapeutic Bath.
Eye Brow Maintenance (2 to 3 weeks)                                        15                                                   90 min. Total Time      140
Lip                                                                        10                                                  120 min. Total Time      190
Lip & Chin                                                                 15     Hot   Stone Massage                                                   100
Bikini                                                                     45+           A method of pre-and post-event massage designed to boost
French bikini                                                              65+           oxygen and nutrient levels in the tissues. This helps an athlete
Brazilian                                                                  85+           training for an upcoming event, and speeds recovery time.
Half Leg                                                                   37     Pregnancy Massage                                                         95
                                                                            70+          The hips, lower back, mid-back, gluts and shoulders are the areas
Full Back
                                                                                         focused on during the session for overall stress reduction for the
Full Arms                                                                  37
                                                                                         mind and body.
                   HYDRAFACIAL/                                                                            FINGERS
                                                                              Buff to a Shine Manicure                                                 25
             MICRODERMABRASION                                                     Clean up your cuticles and reshape your nails. A relaxing massage
HydraFacial Express Cleanse                                          85
                                                                                   with Gerard’s moisturizing hand cream will leave your hands
    On the Go??? An Express HydraFacial Experience. This                           smooth and soft. A final buff creates a glistening shine.
    revolutionary treatment simultaneously exfoliates, cleanses deeply,                                                                                35
                                                                              Spa European Manicure
    hydrates and performs painless extractions under 20 minutes.
                                                                                   Let our manicurists clean up your cuticles and reshape your nails.
HydraFacial Basic                                                    95
                                                                                   Next comes a relaxing massage with the advanced exfoliation
    This treatment will leave your skin incredibly clean and smooth. It            technique “Thermal Gommage with Oligo Elements and Sea Salt”
    deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates your skin                   that stimulates and elasticizes the skin. Finishes with a polish or
       simultaneously.                                                             natural buff.
HydraFacial Rejuvenation                                                150   Spa European Manicure w/ Paraffin Wrap                                   50
    A refreshing facial that reduces the appearance of fine lines and              As above, followed by a hot paraffin wrap.
    sun-damaged skin caused by dryness and dead skin cells.                   Hot Oil Manicure (Intensive therapy for dry hands)                       40
    Following a pre-cleanse, diamond-tip dry adrasion is used on areas             Begin with a warm, sweet almond oil soak. Next, your cuticles are
    requiring deeper exfoliation, then the HydraFacial deeply cleanses,            cleaned up and your nails reshaped, followed by a relaxing
    exfoliates, hydrates and extracts, followed by a specialty mask to             massage with the advanced exfoliation technique “Thermal
    finish the treatment. The result is bright, luminous skin.                     Gommage with Oligo Elements and Sea Salt” that stimulates and
HydraFacial Revitalizing BackTreatment                                  295        elasticizes the skin. Topped off with a Sweet Almond Oil.
    Make as good an impression leaving the room as you do entering            Magic Hands Manicure                                                     25
    it. This treatment smoothes and refines you back. All the benefits             This warm, succulent honey blend naturally exfoliates, nourishes
    of a HydraFacial, diamond crystal-free microdermabrasion and                   and smoothes away lines using orange, lavender and 100% pure
    LED light therapy are extended to your back for a truly relaxing               honey. Reduces age spots to reveal younger looking skin.
    treatment.                                                                                                                                         45
                                                                         75   Mediterranean Olive Oil/Glycolic Peel hand facial
LED Light Therapy (red and/or blue)                                                This treatment softens age spots using pure olive oil, glycolic peel,
     It uses innovative, safe photo pulsation light technology to help             sweet orange and lavender. Makes hands look 10 years younger.
     alleviate the subtle effects of aging. It helps the skin to appear                                                                                  6
     more radiant, plump, and smooth, and visibly diminish the                Nail Extensions (per nail)
     appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.                       Color Gel Nail System - One Color Application                            55
Lymphatic Drainage                                                       75        Gel is a gentle natural alternative to acrylic products. Gel products
                                                                                   are odorless, cured under a light and clients love the lightweight
Diamond Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion                                             feel. Now gel comes in beautiful colors, just as polish.
       FACE                                                           150
                                                                              Two Color Application
                                   Package of 6                       750                                                                              5+
                                                                              Nail Art Application
                                   Package of 12                     1200          Our technician can mix a color just for you adding shimmer and
       FACE & NECK
       FACE & NECK
       FACE & NECK                                                     175         glitter just the way you want.
                            Package of 6                              900     Color Gel Nail Maintenance (2 to 3 weeks)                               45+
                            Package of 12                            1500          Refill / Rebalance - After 2-3 weeks your nails grow longer and
                                                                                   require a refill and rebalance near the base. Choose the same
       FACE NECK & DÉCOLLETÉ                                          225
                                                                                   color or a different nail color.
                            Package of 6                             1200
                            Package of 12                            2100                                     TOES
                                                                              Dermal Foot Care Pedicure                                                 75
                                                                                  Growing number of dermatologists, foot care and diabetes
          CORRECTIVE TREATMENTS                                                   specialists realize that dry skin requires moisture as an effective
                                                                                  treatment: "not oils". Our two-dimensional system delivers active
                                                                       250        ingredients into the outer layers of the skin. Naturally exfoliates as
Dolce Vita All-Inclusive Corrective Facial
                                                                                  the skin surface renews itself. Increases elasticity, allowing the skin
       Microdermabrasion is not for everyone, but
                                                                                  to become perfectly healthy
       HydraFacial is... Serum-based skin resurfacing
                                                                              Magic Feet Pedicure with Honey                                           80
       system targets this conditions: fine lines, wrinkles,
       hyperpigmentation, brown spots, sun damage, acne-                          Foot treatment begins with European Spa Manicure, followed by
       prone or oily skin, and more. Includes as needed:                          Gerard’s warm, succulent honey blend naturally exfoliates,
       Hydrating exfoliation, painless extractions, Crystal-                      nourishes and smoothes away lines using orange, lavender and
       Free microdermabration, lymphatic drainage,                                100% pure honey
       customized Peel and LED light therapy                                  Mediterranean Olive Oil Pedicure                                         80
                                   Package of 3                       675         SPA European Pedicure, the most comprehensive nail service,
                                   Package of 6                      1200         followed by a treatment of pure olive oil mixed with essential oils
                                                                                  produces soft, beautiful feet, increasing circulation and restoring
                                   Package of 12                     2100
                                                                              SPA European Pedicure                                                     45
Glycolic Peel                                                           85        This treatment begins with a soak to release toxins and improve
Jessner Peel                                                           100        circulation. Next cuticle grooming, nail shaping, thorough callus
TCA Peel                                                               125        removal. Feet and calves are massaged. A final buff and polish
                                                                                  creates a glistening shine.
                                                                                                     w/ Paraffin Wrap                                  65

                         916 SPA-7733
                         916 SPA-7733                                                                  916 SPA-7733
                                                                                                       916 SPA-7733

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