Knowledge Discovery in Laboratory Informatics

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					        Knowledge Discovery in Laboratory Informatics

Solution Overview

More than ever, organizations are facing increasing pressures such as growing competition, increased
government regulation, product segmentation, corporate consolidation, and of course, time to market.
Even with these challenges organizations must still deliver innovative products to remain competitive; and
deliver them on time.

Organizations need to manage the challenges and the amount of time it takes to get their products
through the discovery, development, and manufacturing product lifecycle stages. This directly affects the
company's bottom line. Many of these challenges lie in a company's ability to extract knowledge from raw
data and to make it readily available where and when it is needed.

Today many top companies employ the use of informatics software such as Electronic Lab Notebooks, Lab
Information Management Systems, etc. However, most informatics software is used to gather the data.
Most companies understand what’s important to save; their problems seldom arise from missing some
data. The problem is usually that it’s stored in a manner that makes it difficult or impossible to do this
without manual intervention. The forethought of how to successfully do something useful with the data is
sometimes overlooked. Data is stored in these disparate “information stovepipes” and the information we
need is not easily retrieved.

A typical approach to solving this Laboratory Informatics problem is to create a new data repository where
copies of the data are moved and linked together to meet specific business problems. The issue with this
approach is that now data is duplicated, out of sync, and new business inquiries often require IT
resources to solve.

                                    Fast, Efficient, Accurate, Laser Focused, Searches

                                    Chiliad Discovery/Alert offers Global Knowledge Fusion. We provide
    Chiliads helps                  an automated way to relate information from disparate data sources
    organizations                   such as LIMS, ELN, Inventory Systems, etc. and provide real-time
    access and connect              answers to your questions.
    data from all
                                    Our unique peer-to-peer technology allows for indexing of both
    available sources
                                    structured and unstructured data without the need for data extracts,
    so researchers can              duplication, or systems integration. We are data driven – this means
    collaborate easily              we go right to the underlying data source.
    and effectively
                                    Through our concept recognition and extraction technology (along
                                    with industry-specific taxonomies and ontologies) we can uncover
                                    relationships between data that would have gone unnoticed.      Ph: 703-657-2980         2325 Dulles Corner Blvd.   Suite. 1125    Herndon, VA 20171

Use Cases:                                         Chiliad Discovery/Alert advantages include:

•   Reinvention Elimination                        Quick Return on Investment (ROI): Reduce research and
                                                   development costs by lessening the manpower and time needed
•   Adverse Event Management                       to complete search queries.
•   Clinical Trials – Patient
                                                   Accelerated Product Development Cycle: Enable quick
                                                   action on research information with real-time alerts, fast
•   Root Cause Analysis                            distributed searches, global ranking, and real-time fusion of
                                                   content from distributed sources that connect the dots. This
•   Off-Patent Use                                 gives a unified view of all information resources without
                                                   transferring the data across networks.
•   Grant Management
                                                   Improved Efficiency: Extend your research and development
                                                   capabilities by eliminating duplicate exploration through more
                                                   effective searches. Chiliad's provides a single access point to all
                                                   data. This allows clients to achieve reduced information
                                                   processing time and improved research efficiency.

                                                   Streamlined Research Processes: Simplify the research
                                                   process with batching and global ranking. This increases
                                                   accuracy and empowers employees who can now redirect
                                                   energies to other projects.

                                                   Data Security: Despite distributed repositories and access
                                                   rights Chiliad's role-based discretionary access control
                                                   guarantees that users only view content they are authorized to
                                                   view. This protects intellectual property and trade secrets.

Chiliad Discovery/Alert solves stovepipe issues and promotes research & development:
• Does not disrupt existing systems
• Allows individual departments, divisions, business units, agencies and organizations to maintain control
  and management oversight over their information
• Does not place excessive burden on network bandwidth and computing resources
• Is scalable in terms of data volume, number of data sources, number of users and network distribution
• Provides the most relevant results, and a rich, navigatable knowledge base for analysis and drilldown
  regardless of how diverse and large the target data repositories
          Ph: 703-657-2980           2325 Dulles Corner Blvd.     Suite. 1125    Herndon, VA 20171