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									What to Look for in the Best Canister Vacuum
The conventional upright vacuum cleaner will probably not be disappearing completely from the market anytime soon. It cannot be denied though that
there are now new technological trends that have made the creation of new and advanced vacuum models possible. One model type that is a hit these
days is the canister vacuum. If you want to look for the newest and best canister vacuum, then here are some great models, each with something
special to offer.

Oreck Housekeeper Ultimate

Oreck originally produced vacuums of the upright type for heavy duty use in hotels. They probably realized after some time that there is also a future
for vacuuming companies in residential areas. They have thus developed some items that are especially suited for homeowners. One of their best
canister vacuum models is the Housekeeper Ultimate. It was probably given such a name because it weighs only 5 pounds but can reputedly carry a
total weight of 16 pounds. What is even better about it is that it apparently has a long warranty period. You get 3 years warranty for its motor and a 10
year housing warranty.

Oreck DutchTech 1200B

It seems that Oreck is set to dominate the market when it comes to the best canister vacuum options. They have released only quality products in the
category and the DutchTech is one model that is set to be a hit with those allergic to dust. This means that the filtration technology on this vacuum is
one of the most efficient yet, getting rid of 99.99% of all allergens. If that doesn't indicate how clean this canister leaves your floors, nothing else will.

Eureka High Performance 6855

Eureka is not about to stand on the sidelines since they are still considered to be the biggest vacuum company. One of their best canister vacuum
models is the High Performance 6855. With this canister vacuum's many features, you simply get the best out of your money. Just like the DutchTech,
it also has a filtration system that can help prevent serious dust allergies. It is also so flexible that you can use it for cleaning bare surfaces too. Its
other features include a headlight, power wands, a brushroll and a powerhead that can be released immediately.

Electrolux EL6985a Harmony

Who hasn't heard of Electrolux? Like other major names in the vacuuming industry, this popular name in home cleaning also has something to be
proud of when it comes to vacuum canisters. Its EL6985a Harmony is something that consumers would definitely appreciate because it is practically
noise free. It can clean both carpets and bare floors without disturbing you or your neighbors with any whirring sound. It is also comparatively
lightweight which makes it perfect to lug around. Its foot switch is also an added convenience.

Hoover Constellation

Some British people refer to vacuums as hoovers. It is possible that this brand and model name might be the origin of the nickname for vacuums. As
the model name suggests, this vacuum uses air pockets to hover over surfaces. This makes it easier for users to get around areas and surfaces. It
also has a long hose that can extend up to 12 feet for hard to reach spots. If you are looking for the future of home cleaning, Hoover is probably what it
will look like.

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