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name=Stephen C. Hendricks name=Hendricks Law Firm, P.C. Address1=4614 SW Kelly Ave. Address2= City=Portland State=OR Zip Code=97239 Comments=Dear Sir: I am writing just to add a voice to the Eola Hills AVA application. I am a grape grower in the Eola Hills. While I don't mind being designated with an AVA, I am very much against getting this particular AVA if it means that Eola Hills Wine Cellars cannot use their name of 18 years. Either Eola Hills Winery should be excluded with a grandfather clause or the AVA should be changed enough so as not to conflict with Eola Hills Wine Cellars. I believe is would be a very bad precedent to take away someone's long time use of a name just because it's now wanted for an AVA. Stephen C. Hendricks

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