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									                                       IBM WebSphere® Portal
IBM WebSphere® Portal, offers a single point of personalized interaction with applications, content, processes and people. To
deliver a unified user experience, WebSphere Portal brings together a range of leading-edge technologies designed to give you a
flexible, open and extensible framework to build successful business-to-employee (B2E), business-to-business (B2B) and
business-to-consumer (B2C) portals.

Features and benefits

Industry-leading portal solutions help improve employee productivity, lower application
deployment costs and improved sales channel effectiveness
IBM WebSphere® Portal Enable and IBM WebSphere Portal Extend are two of the industries most
comprehensive portal offerings. WebSphere Portal contains the widest range of portal technologies that help
you develop and maintain first-class B2C, B2B and B2E portals. And with an improved installation process,
WebSphere Portal helps to provide a quicker return on your investment with the following business benefits:

    •    Reduction of business costs by improving employee productivity and simplifying application
    •    Faster and better decisions by integrating business processes and portal users via orchestrated
    •    Higher customer and trading partner satisfaction with a personalized, dynamic, and reliable portal
    •    Revenue enhancement through effective cross-selling and improved customer service

Extending IBM's leadership position in the portal market, the new version of WebSphere Portal dramatically
increases the business value of your portal deployments. By delivering the unique capability of linking
business processes with the portal experience via an orchestrated workflow, employees and trading partners
can make faster decisions and improve their productivity.
With faster installation and support for virtual portals, the value of WebSphere Portal can now be quickly
delivered to new communities at a lower cost. Since any first-class portal demands up-to-date and accurate
content, a new integrated version of IBM Workplace Web Content Management is also included. As
employees contribute and add value to existing intellectual capital via WebSphere Portal, enhanced search
and document management technology now allows portal user's to rapidly respond to customer requests and
market opportunities.
In addition to these new capabilities, the WebSphere Portal offerings are modular in nature with each
offering building upon a common architecture and capabilities. The following text provides an overview of the
common features and benefits as well as the distinguishing features of each offering. Additional information
can be found on the web pages for each offering.

WebSphere Portal Enable

    •    Common portal services including back-end integration, portlets, administration, access control, and
         presentation that are required across portal environments
    •    Portal-based content management and personalization so portal users get an unique experience with
         the latest information
    •    Document management to improve the currency of portal content and the value of files shared by
         portal users
    •    Productivity components to view, create, convert and edit basic documents, spreadsheets and
         presentation files from with in portal interface
    •    Scalability and reliability of WebSphere Application Server to provide mission-critical portal services

WebSphere Portal Extend, includes features of WebSphere Portal Enable plus

    •    Powerful collaborative services including instant messaging, team workplaces, and people finder that
         allow users to quickly make business decisions with other employees, customers and trading
    •    Extended search capabilities to improve the productivity of your employees
   •   Web analysis features to help measure, report and improve effectiveness and quality of your portal

WebSphere Portal - Express is the base offering and contains the portal framework, a document manager,
a selection of portlets, the portal toolkit and WebSphere Application Server

WebSphere Portal - Express Plus adds in features for team collaboration including instant messaging and
virtual teamrooms.

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