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									Cordiant Technologies

                        Enterprise Java Solutions
                        with IBM WebSphere
Cordiant Technologies   J2EE    is revolutionizing the way the server-side business solutions are built and made to play with the web. It
                        provides a standard for simplifying complex business problems with the development, deployment, and management
                        of multi-tier enterprise solutions.

                        With the addition of J2EE-based technologies, which are supported by the Java community at large, Java technology
                        is a viable choice for developing solutions of varying deployment topologies, platform requirements, and business

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                        From our perspective, running on WebSphere is all about ROI, having a scalable solution for virtually any need and
                        availability around the clock in a dynamic and challenging business environment. Developing with WebSphere is the
                        key for time-to-market and using an organization's existing system and data assets in combination with the most
                        recent technologies. Providing our own developers with the WebSphere toolset to work with, keeps them highly
                        motivated and productive.

                        WebSphere Application Server, along with WebSphere Studio Application Developer is the solution representing the
                        most productive environment, allowing developers to build and fully test a J2EE application, from the presentation
                        part down to the most critical components like EJBs, Web Services or message-driven beans.

                        Cordiant Offering
                        Cordiant has the experience and expertise to partner with you in designing, developing and deploying best-in-class
                        J2EE Solutions using WebSphere, the leading software platform for on demand business.

                        Cordiant is an IBM Business Partner. Our partnership with IBM is a reflection of our commitment to expose our
                        developers to the latest IBM products and technologies so that we can continue to deliver state-of-the-art
                        e-business solutions to our valued clients. Our WebSphere expertise spans various versions of WebSphere
                        Application Server and development environment like WebSphere Studio Application Developer.

                        In addition to working with IBM WebSphere, Cordiant also has experience working with BEA WebLogic, Apache
                        Tomcat and JBoss Enterprise Application Servers. We are one among the few companies in the world to use IBM
                        Rational Rapid Developer for an open source J2EE based solution using Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

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                        Cordiant stands as an obvious choice for software vendors            minute and let you know that
                        who wish to harness the power of Outsourcing. Our                    the development and quality
                        offshore teams perform as a veritable extension of our               assurance resources on your
                        clients' development teams, working in tandem and total              side have been doing a great
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                        By choosing Cordiant as your offshore par tner for                   and I'm looking forward to
                        developing robust J2EE solutions, you have the liberty to
                                                                                             the continued relationship in
                        define the relationship model that best serves your unique
                        business requirements. We have a proven development                  the future. Congratulations
                        methodology in place which is carefully crafted to give our          on putting together such a
                        clients the advantages of offshore cost savings, world-              fine team!"
                        class quality and speed-to-market.

                        With a dedicated team of developers having vast J2EE/                -COO of a mar k et-leading
                        WebSphere experience, Cordiant is ideally placed to leverage         Sarbanes Oxley solutions
                        the J2EE framework to deliver next generation eBusiness              vendor
Cordiant Technologies    At Cordiant, we have considerable experience in building enterprise solutions to clients from various domain areas
                         like Financial Services, Corporate Compliance-SOX, Travel and Leisure, Inventory Management, E-Procurement,
                         Spend Management and Human Resources.

                         We have an established infrastructure for offshore delivery. Our development centers in Kochi and the International
                         Technology Park, Chennai demonstrate our commitment to invest in infrastructure. Our strong quality policies and
                         procedures take care of our clients' Intellectual Property concerns.

                         With our broad experience in J2EE development, we can help you build, manage and grow successful e-business
                         Solutions that enable rapid response to change and short term return on investment.

                         We have been offering our J2EE experience and expertise to a market leading Sarbanes Oxley Compliance vendor
                         having Fortune 500 customers. We have delivered an open source J2EE based content Management application
                         using the emerging MDA RAD methodology, to an Industry association.

                        About Cordiant
                        Founded in 1995, Cordiant Technologies builds globally aligned India teams for Independent Software Vendors
                        worldwide. Cordiant has offshore product development centers in Chennai and Kochi, Southern India; and a US
                        subsidiary in Princeton, NJ.

                         Contact Inf or ma tion
                                 Infor mation

                         India, Kochi
                         Indira Nagar,
                         Kochi, Kerala
                         India 682020
                         Phone: +91 (484) 231-3654
                         Fax: +91 (484) 231-3672

                         India, Chennai
                         Unit 3, Level 1,
                         International Tech Park,
                         Taramani CSIR Rd,
                         Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
                         India 600113
                         Phone: +91 (44) 426-66015
                         Fax: +91 (44) 426-66021

                               New Jer sey
                         USA, Ne w J er se y
                         Floor II,
                         Princeton Overlook Center,
                         Princeton, NJ,
                         USA 08540
                         Phone: 609-375-2354

                         Email: mktg@cordiant.com
                         Website: http://www.cordiant.com

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