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					Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® Newsletter: latest updates on the a...   

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                            Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®

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                                                                                                             February 2009
              Read Lauren's Blog:
                        New Articles
                    Obama's New Energy Plans
                    Prepare for the Unexpected!
                                                                          Welcome to 2009!
                       4 C's of Winter Driving
                       Stranded: Blizzard 101
                      CNN: BIG 3 Rescue Plan

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                    Meet Shelby Fix,                            Happy Winter to All!
                    the Teen Car Coach!
                                                                   Now that the new year, holidays and the election is
                                                               over it's time to listen to our cars. Does yours need to be
                                                               replaced or repaired? Cars are usually ignored until there is
                                                               a problem but with the economy being in its current state -
                                                               NOW is the time to repair your ride.

                                                                     I' ve received many emails about buying a new car - is
                                                               it a good time? How do I get a good deal? Should I repair
                                                               what I have? Should I buy out my lease? What should I
                                                               do? Everyone has a different situation so I'm offering to
                                                               answer your questions personally. Drop me an email and
                                                               I'll help you sort it out. Keep in mind - if you are going to
                                                               buy a new car - make that purchase before the end of the
                    Born and raised                            first quarter!

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Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® Newsletter: latest updates on the a...        

                    around cars!
                                                                  My newest blog explains both why that's the case and
                    Introducing the newest                     what you can do. You'll also find my take on the "Cash For
                    young car expert!                          Clunkers Bill." Please read it, weigh in with your opinion,
                                                               and contact your congressperson.
                    New Drivers and Parents:
                     Check out my You Tube                Stay warm and drive with Car Smarts!
                                                          Love Your Car!

               Newest Car Auto Innovations!
                   Lauren on CNBC
                                                        Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®
               Can Technology Save the
                    Car Industry?
                                                                                 Upcoming Book Signings
                                                       2/19-21/08, Cancun, Mexico - Automotive Training Institute, Super Conference

                                                       2/23/09, Alfred, NY,     Alfred University, seminar and book signing

                                                       2/27/08, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Royal Ontario Museum Speakers Series

                 *Turbo Diesel is the New                                 Contact Lauren to have her at your event!
                          Hybrid                                               Television and Appearances
                *Mobile Commerce in GPS
                      *Ford's MyKey                    February               NATIONAL NEWS CNBC - On The Money -
                    *Active Park Assist                                           See more CNBC appearances in this newsletter.

               Here are a few "soon-to-hit-            More appearances are listed on Lauren's website.
                                                                                    Want details? Contact Lauren
              innovations" features. But are
                they enough to turn things
                                                                       President Obama's New
                                                                             Energy Plans!
              See new developments in the
                       industry!                           Auto Emissions and Fuel Milegage Standards

                                                              Good for the environment, Bad for the economy?

                 CNN On the Money!

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Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® Newsletter: latest updates on the a...

              "For most of us, buying a new
              car is just not in the cards right
              now...we have to take extra good
              care of what we've already got."
                                                                    Lauren takes on Washington D.C.

                                                           "Who's going to pay the bill for the automakers to
                               five easy
              Lauren Fix suggests
                                                            make this happen?... It's going to be you and I."
              ways to maintain your old
              ride"                                                         View the Special!
                                                                    CLICK ON "Clean Skies TV - SUNDAY"
                       View the Segment!                                     (middle column)

                                                             Prepare for the Unexpected!
                        Test Your "Car                              Emergencies behind the Wheel

                  Strange Recipe for Icy

                            Associated Press
                            reports the use of
                            18,000 pounds of
                            garlic salt on 400
                            miles of roads in

                      Read the Article!                Over 300 people a year die in submerged cars:
                                                           Don't be a statistic. Protect your family.

                                                                           View the Segment!.
                        Lauren's Blog
                                                                4 C's of WINTER Driving

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Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® Newsletter: latest updates on the a...  

                                                                                                   Learn what to
                                                                                                  Check, Change,
                                                                                                  Carry, and Clean!

                                                                                                 From Leaks to Blankets
                                                                                                 to Snowtires, make sure
                                                                                                    you have the winter

                Car Deals aren't Here
                                                        The SECRET To A Safe Winter - See and be seen!
              "With many manufacturers                                         Read Full Article
               slowing production and all
              the great deals - things are                      CNN: BIG 3 Rescue Plan
                  going to change..."

                  Cash for Clunkers?
                 Oppose the Use of U.S.
                  Taxpayer Dollars for
                  Accelerated Vehicle
                   Check out my Blog!

                 Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®
                                                           Will Loan Help Car Companies Survive?

                                                         Lauren talks candidly about cars and the economy.

                                                          COLLINS: "Probably a really simplistic question, Lauren, but
                                                          obviously this is your area. You've been following it for a very
                   YOUR NEXT EVENT                                    long time. Whose fault is this?"
                  Key Note Speaker,
                 Seminars, Expo's and                                            Get informed!
               Lauren keeps everyone in
                      high gear!                               Stranded: Blizzards 101
                                                                                                            Do's and

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Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® Newsletter: latest updates on the a...  

                                                                                                        Stranded in your
                                                                                                         car? Beware of

                                                       Know essential tips about:
              Professional speaker, author,                                        -Windchill
              automotive expert & Car Coach,                        - Winter Storm Watches and Warnings
              Lauren Fix invites you to check out                                -Hypothermia
              her content at
                                  Prepare in advance: Protect your Family!

              This site is designed to help you fit                           Read Full Article
              the pieces of the automotive puzzle
              together to "Love Your Car and Get

                                                               Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving
              On With Your Life."

                                                                       Your Car
              Lauren is engaging and creative
              and you'll get great "Car-Ma" with
              your next event.
                                                                                         "Everything You Need to
              Email or call Hope today! Book                                             Know to Take Charge of
              Lauren as your next speaker.                                                 Your Car and Get On
                                                                                             with Your Life"
                        Lauren's Contacts
                                                                                             America's award winning
                                                                                          automotive expert, Lauren Fix,
                                                                                          has all the tools you'll need to
                                                                                           purchase, care for and repair
                                                                                                     like a pro!
                                                       "Throw away the owner's manual and put Lauren Fix's Guide to
                                                       Loving Your Car in the glove box. It's that good."

                                                       --Marty Bernstein, contributing editor at American International
                                                       Automobile Dealers Association &
              Find Your Perfect Match at CarZen
              Get Your Zen                                                      Price: $16.95
                                                                         Order Your Copy Today!
              Contact Lauren!
              Lauren's Blog

              Do you have car related                  Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® Newsletter: latest updates on the a...  

              questions?                                                      Save Money Each Month by checking
               What issue would you like                                              your tire pressure!
                 to see addressed?                                          *Accurate tire pressure every time Gauge
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