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									Reporting Maintenance Issues                        there is a $10 lock out charge that is donated

1) How to lodge a maintenance request
                                                    by the Village to SUV’s designated charity         Where to go for help:
                                                    “Youth Off The Streets”.
     Report all maintenance issues directly to
                                                    During office hours, you should attend the         The Residential Support Team                          The Student Centre
     Reception or over the intranet via
                                                    reception counter in the Hub. After office
     “fix it” requests. We will log your                                                               No matter how big or small you think your             If you have any problems with your
                                                    hours, lockouts are attended to by either the
     maintenance request and Village Services                                                          problem is, you can always approach one of            enrolment, we suggest that the first place that
                                                    on-call RA or Security. Please remember that
     Manager will attend to your request as                                                            the Residential Support Team to ask for help          you try is the Student Centre, your Faculty
                                                    other more pressing matters may prohibit
     soon as is practicable.                                                                           (chances are they have come across a                  Office or if you are an international student,
                                                    these staff from attending to your lockout
2) Urgent maintenance                                                                                  problem like yours before). The team is your          the International Student Services Unit on
                                                    straight away, so please be patient.
                                                                                                       first point of call for any difficulty that you may   extn 1 4079.
     Urgent maintenance, such as broken
                                                    The On-Call RA will handle lockouts during         encounter whilst living in the Village and they
     doors, gas leaks and electricity shortages                                                                                                              The Student Centre, extn 1 3023 is located
                                                    the following time periods:                        can provide you with advice, support and
     should be reported immediately to                                                                                                                       on Level 1 of the Carslaw Building in Eastern
                                                                                                       where appropriate refer you on to other
     Reception. Maintenance staff will see that     Monday to Friday:                                                                                        Avenue and is open from 9am to 5pm from
                                                                                                       organisations within the University for help.
     the matter is attended to within the day. If   5pm—10pm and 5am—8am                                                                                     Monday to Friday. They can help with
                                                                                                       They can help with lockouts, noise
     these urgent problems occur after hours,                                                                                                                enrolment problems, HECS and PELS
                                                    Saturday & Sunday:                                 complaints, resident disputes and more
     they need to be reported to the On-Call                                                                                                                 payments for local students, provide you with
                                                                                                       serious matters. If you are having trouble with
     Resident Adviser on 555. They will assess      3pm—10pm and 5am—9am                                                                                     a copy of your academic transcript, advise
                                                                                                       uni, experiencing emotional problems or
     the situation and provide assistance.                                                                                                                   local students on the payment of fees and
                                                    Security will handle lockouts between the          stress, are ill or just in need of a chat, please
                                                                                                                                                             assist with any timetabling problems.
3) Service standards – examples and time            following hours:                                   feel free to contact a resident adviser on 555,
     SUV Facilities Management is committed         10pm to 5am seven days a week                      or alternatively you can arrange a time to
     to providing a responsive and timely                                                              meet with Andrew Evans, the Director of
                                                    The on-call RA can be contacted on
     service to residents. Simple matters such                                                         Residential Programs or with Penny Crossley,
                                                    extension 555 or by using the phone near the
     as the replacement of light bulbs should                                                          Senior Resident Adviser to discuss your
                                                    Resource Centre and pressing the green
     take a period of one to two working days.                                                         problem with them. If it is urgent don’t
                                                    button. If you’re locked out when Security are
     Repairs to more complex appliances,                                                               hesitate to call or find Andrew or Penny, no
                                                    on-call, you’ll have to find them in the Village
     such as cook tops and microwaves that                                                             matter the time.
                                                    or wait for them to patrol past the Resource
     require parts will take longer to complete
                                                    Centre. You can make your donation in cash
     as parts must be ordered. Urgent repairs
                                                    with the On-Call RA but with Security you
     will be given priority.
                                                    must pay at reception the following day.
4) Breakages
You are responsible for any breakages that
occur as a result of you, your flatmates’ or
your guests’ use of the items in your
apartment. Please report any breakages as
they occur, so that replacement items can be
provided as soon as possible.

Locked out of your apartment?
There is always someone in the Village who
can assist you to get back into your
apartment or room if you lock yourself out. To
encourage you to carry your key with you

28                                                                                                                                                                                                       29
Faculty Offices                                                                                        Student Services                                Queer Support from the SRC
Your Faculty Office can also be a good place to go for faculty specific help, particularly for those   The University of Sydney provides a wide        Ph: 9660 5222
students doing sole faculty degrees such as Architecture, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine,       range of personal, welfare and academic         If you identify as Queer and feel isolated or
Nursing and Veterinary Science.                                                                        support services to help you achieve your       discriminated against, you can speak to an
Faculty                       Phone Number           Web Address                                       educational goals and facilitate your success   SRC Sexuality Officer for information on the
                                                                                                       at University.                                  support services provided by Sydney
Agriculture, Food and                                                                                                                                  University and the different Queer social
Natural Resources                  extn 1 2935                             Services include the Accommodation
                                                                                                                                                       groups on campus.
                                                                                                       Service, Careers Centre, Casual Employment
Architecture                       extn 1 3248                                                                              University Staff and Student Equal
                                                                                                       Service, Child Care Information Officer,
Arts                               extn 1 6677                              Counselling Service, Disability Services,       Opportunities Unit Ph: extn 1 2212

Australian Graduate                                                                                    Financial Assistance Office, International      Check out the website on
School of Management                9931 2200                     Student Services Unit, Koori Centre, Learning to find out more about
                                                                                                       Centre, Mathematics Learning Centre and         the University’s Equal Opportunities Policies.
Dentistry                          extn 1 8308                         the University Health Service.                  The Equal Opportunities Unit can provide
Economics and Business             extn 1 3076                                                                              advice and guidance if you feel you may be
                                                                                                       Visit the Student Services web site for more
                                                                                                                                                       being discriminated against in the University
Education and Social Work          extn 1 7041                             information and links to other services
                                                                                                       provided by on-campus organisations
Engineering                        extn 1 2534
                                                                                                                      University Security Ph: extn 1 3487
Graduate School of Government extn 1 8662                                                                                    Ph:1800 063 487 Freecall
                                                                                                       University Health Service Ph: extn 1 3484
                                                                                                                                                                           Ph: extn 1 3333
Health Sciences                    extn 1 9629
                                                                                                       Sick? In need of contraception? Vaccinations    Emergency
Law                                extn 1 0351                               for travel? Located in the Wentworth and        Call any time night or day if you feel your
Medicine                           extn 1 3132                            Holme Buildings, you can either drop in or      personal security is threatened on campus.
                                                                                                       book an appointment. The Health Service         They also offer a drop off service on campus
Nursing                            extn 1 0500
                                                                                                       offers bulk billing for Medicare members and    which is available late at night.
Rural Management                    6360 5555                              students covered under the Overseas
                                                                                                                                                       Financial Assistance Office Ph: extn 1 2416
Pharmacy                           extn 1 2320                             Student Health Cover Scheme. They may
                                                                                                       also be contacted on                            Loans available to students who can
Sydney College of the Arts         extn 1 1000                                                                      demonstrate they are experiencing real
Sydney Conservatorium of Music extn 1 2222                                                                       financial hardship. For more details see
                                                                                                       University Counselling Service        
Science                            extn 1 3021                           Ph: extn 1 2228
                                                                                                                                                       Youth Allowance Assistance from the SRC
Veterinary Science                 extn 1 3550                            If you are experiencing any sort of emotional   Ph: 9660 5222
                                                                                                       difficulties such as feeling the pressure of
                                                                                                                                                       The SRC runs a drop in service for students
                                                                                                       University, troubles living away from home,
                                                                                                                                                       seeking advice on matters relating to
                                                                                                       lack of motivation, poor time management or
                                                                                                                                                       Austudy/Youth Allowance. Contact the SRC
                                                                                                       more serious emotional distress, you can call
                                                                                                                                                       to find out times.
                                                                                                       to make an appointment. A daily drop in
                                                                                                       service is available in emergencies between     Scholarships Unit Ph: extn 1 2717
                                                                                                       11am to 3pm (brief sessions of about 25         Check out the website to see if you are
                                                                                                       minutes). Workshops are available in both       eligible for an Undergraduate or
                                                                                                       semesters and may be booked over the            Postgraduate Coursework scholarships at
                                                                                                       phone or on-line.                      For
                                                                                                                                                       Postgraduate Research scholarships see
30                                                                                                                                                                                                     31
Casual Employment Service                        Centre, to produce stylised courses, focusing
Ph: extn 1 8714                                  on study skills, exam techniques, time          In case of Emergencies
                                                 management and personal development.
Register with the Casual Employment Service
and check their website for jobs                 It is impossible for us to understand           Fire                          everything about what our residents want
                                                                                                 Fire alarms are life and death matters and must be treated as such. Please listen for fire alarms
                                                 from us in the area of learning so we need
Careers Centre Ph: extn 1 3481                                                                   and follow the procedures set out below. To minimise fire risk in the Village, do not use any open
                                                 your feedback. Where a need is realised we
The Careers Centre provides counselling,                                                         fire sources in your apartment. This includes lighters, candles, incense burners, all of which are
                                                 will endeavour to provide services to meet
advice, workshops and assistance with                                                            forbidden by Village rules. Do not leave cooking unattended or leave heaters or irons on in your
                                                 that need or alternatively direct you towards
graduate recruitment. Go to                                                                      room in your absence.
                                                 people who can assist. for more info.
                                                 Below we have summarised a few points
Disability Services Ph: extn 1 4554                                                              Procedures for Hutchison and Bligh                  Procedures for Camperdown, Blackwattle,
                                                 which we know will help you achieve your
                                                                                                 Buildings:                                          Old Stockade, Foveaux, Butanaming,
The Disability Services Office is the point of   goals while at Sydney University Village.                                                           Wianamatta and Gross Buildings:
call for all students with disabilities. The
                                                                                                 When you hear the alert alarm                       When you hear the fire alarm
Disability Services Office also often look for
                                                                                                 (BEEP BEEP BEEP)                                    (BEEP BEEP BEEP):
student notetakers to take notes in lectures
for other students. This work is remunerated                                                     • Switch off all appliances, collect your           • If it is safe to do so check for smoke or
and demands a high level of responsibility.                                                         room keys and wait for further instructions         flames
Check out for            SUV Study Survival Guide                        or the evacuation alarm.                         • If it is not safe to stay, evacuate and
more details.                                       Here are the Top Ten Tips from the           • When you hear the evacuation alarm                   proceed to assembly area (Village Green)
                                                    SUV Study Guide.                                (WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP) you MUST                     The authorities will advise when it is safe to
Learning Centre Ph: extn 1 3853
                                                                                                    evacuate via the nearest EXIT.                   return to your apartment
The Learning Centre runs free workshops on          1. Attend every class
                                                                                                 • Proceed to assembly area (Village Green).
time management, essay writing, preparing           2. Hand in work on time                      The authorities will advise when it is safe to
for oral presentations and many others.             3. Don’t be afraid of lecturers!             return to your apartment.
Check out for the
                                                       Approach them out of class to
complete list of workshops available and
                                                       discuss your progress and any
information on how to enroll.                                                                    TAKE YOUR ROOM KEY WITH YOU. LEAVE ALL
                                                       questions you have
                                                                                                 BELONGINGS BEHIND.
SUV Learning Assistance                             4. Don’t do more than 15 hours
Unlike many of the Colleges within the                 paid work a week
University of Sydney, the Village does not          5. Write up lecture notes                    Who in the Village responds to fire alarms?         RAs handle fire alarms during the following
operate a Tutorial program, and does not                                                                                                             time periods:
                                                    6. Keep up with the readings                 During office hours, the staff in the office will
profess to be an educator. We do however                                                                                                             Mon-Fri: 5pm—10pm and 5am—8am
                                                    7. Run a google search on your               investigate fire alarms. If outside of office
have a very serious interest in the success of
                                                       lecturers and read their works                                                                Sat & Sun: 3pm—10pm and 5am—9am
every one of our residents, and assisting                                                        hours and you hear a fire alarm going off (a
them in achieving their personal goals.             8. Get a study buddy to swap notes           high-pitched humming noise that comes
                                                       with                                                                                          Call 555 for the RA on duty or contact them
Throughout the year our Residential Support                                                      from the fire panels) or set off a fire alarm in
                                                                                                                                                     by using the phone (green button) outside
team will introduce a number of programs            9. Look up previous exam papers              your apartment, it is important that you tell
                                                                                                                                                     the Resource Centre.
which will primarily assist residents in the           on the library website                    someone about it. Even if you’ve just burnt
process of learning. We will introduce guest                                                                                                         University Security handle fire alarms
                                                    10.Allow time out from studying.             the toast and the alarm goes off for a minute
speakers on various topics while working                                                                                                             between 10pm - 5am seven days a week
                                                       Exercise and get involved with            or two, you need to tell someone about it so        and may be contacted on extn 13333 in an
very closely with the University Learning
                                                       social activities.                        that the alarms can be re-set.                      emergency.

32                                                                                                                                                                                               33
                                                                                                      Your Safety, Security and Personal
Always ensure that the Village knows if you or your housemate have experienced a serious              The Village is designed with your safety in         concerned about your safety call Campus
medical emergency. If the emergency is of a serious nature phone an ambulance by dialling             mind. While Sydney is a friendly place and is       Security on 9351 3487 and arrange for an
0-000. If you are unsure of what to do you should phone a Residential Adviser immediately on          consistently voted as one of the most liveable      escort.
extn 555. They will attend, assess the situation and contact the relevant people, ambulance,          cities in the world, it is dynamic and like any     If your personal security is threatened in the
security etc.                                                                                         city in the world it is sensible to be security     Village or on campus you should first of all
                                                                                                      conscious - both at home and when you are           contact Campus Security on Ph: 9351 3487
                                                                                                      out and about. Sydney University Security           (x13487) / 1800 063 487 (Freecall) / 9351
For matters of a less urgent nature, here are the contact details of some local facilities that may
                                                                                                      provides Village security. They base a staff        3333 (x13333) for emergency only. Then you
be of assistance.
                                                                                                      member in the Village late at night and in the      should contact a Residential Adviser on 555
Doctors                                                                                               early hours of the morning, and run patrols         who will come to assist you.
                                                                                                      through the Village at other times. The staff of
University Health Service                                                                                                                                 To contact the local Newtown police the
                                                                                                      the Village, including the Resident Advisers,
Level 3, Wentworth Building                          Ph: extn 1 3484                                                                                      details are Ph: 9550 8199 or their address is
                                                                                                      also keep an eye out for strangers. Parts of
University Health Service                                                                             the Village are covered by a closed circuit TV      222-223 Australia Street, Newtown.
Outside Foyer, Holme Building                        Ph: extn 1 4095                                  system. The UCard™ entry system ensures             Bikes. Bikes can be stowed at various
                                                                                                      that only residents of your building can gain       designated bike racks throughout the Village.
                                                                                                      access to building foyers and lifts. In two,        If you have a bicycle then you need to use a
Chemist on King                                                                                       four and five bedroom apartments, each              heavy-duty lock that is very hard to cut such
205 King Street, Newtown                             Ph: 9557 2646                                    bedroom door is fitted with a personal lock.        as a “U-Bolt”. If your bike has flip lock wheels
Union Pharmacy                                                                                        We advise residents to always lock their            then you must consider securing these and
Level 3 Wentworth Building                           Ph: 9660 3338                                    bedroom door upon leaving the apartment.            taking flip lock seats with you.

Varsity Pharmacy                                                                                      Personal Security
Foyer, Holme Building                                Ph: 9660 0327
                                                                                                      The Village is located in the inner western
Hospitals                                                                                             suburbs of Sydney. Like in any big city, when
                                                                                                      travelling to and from the Village, especially at
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
                                                                                                      night, you should take simple security
Missenden Road, Camperdown                           Ph: 9515 6111 / 9519 7656
                                                                                                      precautions. Stick to busy, well lit streets and
Dentists                                                                                              try not to walk alone. Do not walk alone in the
                                                                                                      areas of Redfern Station, Queen Victoria Park
Wentworth Dental Surgery
                                                                                                      (between the University and Broadway) or
Level 3, Wentworth Building                          Ph: 9692 8900
                                                                                                      down dark, back streets in general. In other
Dental on King                                                                                        areas, such as Darling Harbour, use common
57 King Street, Newtown                              Ph: 9557 9299                                    sense, stay away from isolated areas and
                                                                                                      always travel with someone else. When going
Mental Health Services
                                                                                                      to King Street at night, consider using
Central Sydney Area Health Service (CSAHS)           Ph: 1800 636 825                                 Missenden Road as it has more lighting and
                                                                                                      traffic than the alternatives. If you need to
Community Help
                                                                                                      cross campus at night time and are
Additional services are contained in the white pages phone directory

Cars. To minimise the risk of petty theft,        Drugs – Legal & Illegal                           A few things to note about drugs in the           Resident Adviser or the Director Residential
when parking your car in or near the Village it                                                     Village:                                          Programs.
                                                  We have placed information about drugs
is advisable not to leave any valuables in        under this section because our primary            • The use of marijuana and other illicit drugs    Further Information and Help
sight such as stereos, wallets, keys, coins,      concern is your safety. Alcohol is perhaps the      is prohibited.
                                                                                                                                                      If you need help or want to talk to someone
cameras. Consider leaving your glove box          most widely used “drug” in society and its        • If you are caught dealing (selling)
                                                                                                                                                      about excessive alcohol use, quitting
open so that people can see there is nothing      use can have a very negative impact. The            marijuana or any other illicit drug in the
                                                                                                                                                      smoking or problems you may have with illicit
of worth to steal.                                negative health effects of alcohol are widely       Village the police will be called and you
                                                                                                                                                      drugs, then think about dropping into the
                                                  known and include heart disease and liver           will also be required to immediately move
Doors and windows. Always remember to                                                                                                                 University Health Service or make an
                                                  disease. The regular and excessive use of           out of the Village.
lock all doors behind you, remembering foyer                                                                                                          appointment on 9351 3484 to see a doctor.
                                                  alcohol can have a major impact on your           • Smoking tobacco inside may also lead to
doors and balcony doors. It is important that                                                         your exclusion from the Village.                If you are looking for more information then a
                                                  personal relationships, work and study. If you
residents take responsibility for the security                                                      • If you think you have an alcohol or drug        good start is the NSW Government youth
                                                  are drinking several times a week and doing                                                         website:
of their own apartments and buildings. Very                                                           problem and don’t know who to see for
                                                  it every week, then you may have an                                                                 drugs_and_alcohol
simple precautions such as ensuring you                                                               assistance then you can talk with the
                                                  addiction to alcohol. There is also a strong
always lock the front and sliding doors to                                                            Director of Residential Programs, and he        If you would like to talk with someone over
                                                  link between alcohol and violence, including
apartments when not in the living room, lock                                                          will assist you to see a doctor.                the phone for further information, advice or
                                                  date rape.
windows and draw curtains when not in your                                                          • Your welfare is our primary concern. In the     treatment for drug and alcohol problems
                                                  We’re not here to preach and we know that           evenings, you can always contact the on-        then try the NSW Drug and Alcohol phone
bedroom, can reduce the likelihood of burglary.
                                                  some people have lots of fun with the legal         call RA or the Director of Residential          line for central Sydney on 9515 6311.
Suspicious persons. Only residents can gain       and illegal drugs out there, but we do want         Programs if you or your friends need help.
access to communal entryways, foyers, lifts       you to be safe and enjoy all aspects of life.     Personal Issues
and other Village facilities. If you see anyone   SUV does NOT support the use of any illegal
                                                                                                    Personal issues, such as academic stress,
acting suspiciously, alert a member of office     drugs. The most common drugs that you
                                                                                                    alcohol abuse, depression and eating
staff or a Residential Adviser by calling 555     come into contact with are alcohol, tobacco       disorders may strain relationships in a living
from any Village phone or on the RA mobile        and marijuana. The possession and use of          situation. It is both a student’s right and a
which is 0422 395 499.                            marijuana is illegal in Australia. Then there’s   student’s responsibility to seek help when
                                                  a whole range of other illegal drugs that         such issues become disruptive.
Further information on personal safety and
                                                  playing with can cause major problems,
the University is available at                                                                      Studies on alcohol abuse within universities
                                                  ranging from arrest by the police (and if                                                                 show that there are significant secondary
                                                  you’re an international student, deportation)
                                                                                                    affects for room mates and friends of those
                                                  to death. While you can die from a drug
Cars in the Village                                                                                 who drink excessively. A resident’s concern
                                                  overdose, some countries also execute drug        about protecting a room mate’s privacy, where
Please remember that only authorised
                                                  users so if you’re holidaying in Southeast        excessive drinking is involved or otherwise,
vehicles are allowed into SUV past Elizabeth      Asia at the end of semester think twice           should not keep him or her from getting
Way. If you drive into Richard Way then you       before using even marijuana. You can never        support personally or for that other person.
may be fined and are liable for any               be sure what you have scored (purchased)
accidents. Richard Way is full of pedestrians,                                                      If a resident is worried about a friend, if the
                                                  when you buy illicit drugs and if you are
                                                                                                    behaviour of another resident affects living
and is used by children from the adjoining        going to take the risk of trying something like
                                                                                                    habits of others, he or she has the right and
Primary School. Friends may drop you off in       ecstasy then make sure you use it with a
                                                                                                    responsibility to seek help both personally
Elizabeth Way and can park in Carillon Ave. If    friend who 1. isn’t under the influence at the    and for that other person. It may be that the
you have heavy goods to unload then you           same time & 2. will not hesitate to call an       resident’s action spares the individual
may borrow a trolley from the office.             ambulance if you become sick.                     concerned painful consequences – then or
                                                                                                    later. You may seek assistance from a

Safe Sex                                           physical contact to have, and you have to
Ever needed a condom at 3am? The public            make decisions about contraception. Both          Administratively Speaking
bathrooms in Hutchison and Bligh sell ‘extra-      men and women should share these
sensitive’ condoms in packets of two for $2.       responsibilities and should respect each
                                                                                                     Mail                                               Couriers & other deliveries
For more information about safe sex, collect       other’s wishes. It is vital to consider the
                                                   consequences of sexual involvement. These         Above anything else, communication is most         For reasons of liability, Sydney University
a Union pamphlet from the Resource Centre
                                                   could include: unwanted pregnancy, dealing        important, before your arrival, while you are      Village is unable to sign for courier and other
or visit one of the Union contact desks on
                                                   with the issue of abortion, early marriage, HIV   with us and after you have departed. Email is      deliveries for residents. You must arrange
campus to pick up some info and/or a free
                                                   and so on. These issues need to be                used as the primary communication tool, and        with the courier company to be in your room
condom or dental dam.
                                                   discussed with your partner before you start a    it is compulsory that you have a valid email       at the time of the delivery. Couriers report to
Sexual Decision Making                             sexual relationship. These aren’t easy            address while at the Village. “Hotmail”            Reception and Reception staff will call you in
No-one should feel pressured into being            decisions. If you need some guidance, the         addresses are actively discouraged and when        your room to notify you of their arrival.
sexually active. Despite greater sexual            FPA Health Line can provide information and       you are a resident in the Village we will ask      Courier companies may charge you if items
freedom in recent times, and more openness         referral; they also have an excellent website:    you to provide an email address that is not        have to be redelivered. Some companies will
in discussing sexual attitudes and behaviour, with many facts under        hotmail.                                           return deliveries to the sender if they can not
don’t feel forced into behaviours you aren’t yet   the “sex matters” link. Your General              Snail Mail (items delivered by postal service)     be delivered.
ready for. You need to feel comfortable with       Practitioner is also a good source of help in     is still used and you undoubtedly have a lot
the decisions you make in this regard.             discussing the options in contraceptive                                                              Sending mail
                                                                                                     of people that will want to contact you via this
Decisions about sexual behaviour should be         control.                                          method.                                            The nearest post box is located on Carillon
made thoughtfully. Everyone has their own          There are times when you are vulnerable to                                                           Avenue. The nearest Post Office is on
set of values and attitudes and people are                                                           Your postal address is:                            Missenden Road, just past RPA Hospital.
                                                   being swept away in strong feelings, for
ready to engage in different sexual                example in the party context with free flowing        Your Name
behaviours at different times. Go with what                                                              Sydney University Village                      Application Process & Costs
                                                   alcohol, when spur of the moment impulses
feels right for you.                               may lead you into unwise behaviour. Don’t             Locked Bag M161                                Applications are made to SUV via an online
Our values provide a frame or structure within     forget, you can always see a medical                  Missenden Road P  .O                           application process. You will be contacted via
which decision-making takes place. As              practitioner at the University Health Service         Camperdown NSW 2050                            email regarding the success of your
adults, it is crucial to make responsible          following such a time.                                Australia                                      application, at which point residential
decisions in relationships. These decisions                                                          Your street address:                               contracts and fee payment details will be
                                                   If you want to talk about relationships issues
should involve each partner equally, with the                                                                                                           sent out to you. When applying for a place at
                                                   at any time, and feel uneasy talking with a           Sydney University Village
realisation that your partner has a valid point                                                                                                         SUV you must pay an application and
                                                   Village RA, make an appointment to see a              90 Carillon Ave
of view, and valid feelings, that need to be                                                                                                            registration fee. Should you be unsuccessful
                                                   Counsellor at the University, which is free and       Newtown NSW 2042
understood and considered. If you can both                                                                                                              in your application, the registration fee is
                                                   confidential.                                         Australia
do this, you will have a satisfying and                                                                                                                 refundable. The details of these fees are as
                                                                                                     Receiving Mail                                     follows.
successful partnership. After all, our
relationships with each other are of great                                                           All mail received via ordinary Australia Post is
                                                                                                                                                        Application Fee: The application fee is a
importance in our lives – perhaps the                                                                distributed by last name in pigeonholes in the
                                                                                                                                                        once only fee, payable when submitting your
greatest source of pleasure, and sometimes                                                           Resource Centre which is accessible 24
                                                                                                                                                        application form. The fee will confirm your
unhappiness. It makes sense to pay attention                                                         hours a day. Should you receive a large
                                                                                                                                                        request for accommodation at the Village.
to forming and maintaining relationships.                                                            parcel it will be kept in reception and an email
                                                                                                                                                        Residents returning to the Village after their first
                                                                                                     sent to you advising of its arrival. Parcels can
If you and your partner decide to be sexually                                                                                                           year in residence will not be required to pay
                                                                                                     be collected in office hours from reception.
active, both of you should take some                                                                                                                    this fee again. This fee is non-refundable. No
responsibility for health care within the                                                            Any mail not collected within one month of         refund will be paid to applicants who cancel
relationship. You have to decide how much                                                            receipt will be returned to sender, or             their application, or whose application for
                                                                                                     disposed of.                                       accommodation in the Village is unsuccessful.

38                                                                                                                                                                                                       39

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