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                                              Thinning Hair - Causes And Solutions
                                                            By Janie Woods

   To begin with and learn about what thinning hair is, you have to know what causes it. There are
damages that are caused by oxidation and free radicals. The damages caused by these areas effect
the hair, scalp and skin as far as thinning hair goes.

You can counteract these problems that cause thinning hair by using an antioxidant or botanical
shampoo and conditioner. On top of doing this type of treatment for thining hair, you will also have to
combat the damage that causes the hair loss when it is crossed with free radicals.

It is best not to use artifical colors or chemical preservatives when you are dealing with thinning hair.
What you put in your hair should be sulfates and should be DEA free. The more pure the stuff you use
on your hair, the better help you will get for your thinning hair.

When you have thinning hair, there are other things you can do for hair replacement other than the
medications and treatments. You can also decide to get a hair piece. Hair pieces come off daily, but
you can also get a hair system, which typically stays on for 4 to 6 weeks without being taken off. Which
can really help with a person's self esteem. Thinning hair does have many choices for helping to feel
better about yourself.

Some people don't like the artifical method to help with thinning hair though, and will elect to go for
treatments of some sort. If you do decide to go for the artifical type of hair method, you can have them
special made for you. Thinning hair doesn't have to get you down and depressed. There are options to
help with thinning hair.

If you go for the hair replacement for thinning hair, an exact contoured pattern of the balding area and
will make a hair replacement for that area. It is then tightly stretched and fitted to exactly fix the
problem area you are having. Each little hair to this type of hair replacement is tied in knots to the
surrounding areas of hair until it is all fit into place.

So if you are focusing on thinning hair, please note that there are not just medicines that area available
to you. There are simple things you can do to wash your hair with to help with the problem, and there
are also artifical methods where people will not be able to tell the difference.

Janie Woods publishes articles on beauty and well-being. Visit her website for information on thinning

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                                           Hair Style For Fine Hair
                                                  By Ray Subs

If you have fine or thinning hair you might feel it is difficult to find a hair style that suits you. A trip to a
barber or hairdresser can be a source of distress. It is important that you can discuss your fine or
thinning hair and the style you want with the person cutting it and not feel any embarrassment or

 For men, the most sensible and easiest style is a short, clean cut. One of the worst mistakes a guy
can make with thinning or fine hair is to grow it long, spike it or jell it. These accentuate the thinning
hair and draw attention to it, and under no circumstances attempt the dreaded 'comb over' by growing
your hair at the sides and the back long and combing over the fine or receding areas. This will almost
definitely bring unwanted attention and highlight what you are trying to conceal.

Dyeing the hair lighter will nearly always help by reducing level of contrast between the hair and scalp.
Of course, if you have a darker scalp then a darker color would be better.

 There are also a vast range of thickening shampoos and conditioners that add volume to the hair and
are less likely to break and damage the already weakened follicle. It is also advisable not to let fine or
thinning hair get too greasy.

 For women, chin length cuts are recommended by most stylists. Again, attention and emphasis will be
on the features, face and neck, rather than the hair. As is similar for men, hair that is too long will make
the hair appear weaker and thinner than it actually is. Curling irons and straighteners should be
avoided as they can seriously damage hair.

 A short 'bobb' type cut with the hair brushed behind the ears is of the trendiest current looks and can
do wonders to add volume to hair, especially if the hair is layered correctly at the back. Extensions are
an absolute no-no and will add stress to an already weakened hair follicle. As distressing as fine and
thinning hair can be there are different styles that can benefit you.

 There is no need to allow something like thinning hair to take over your life and make you self
conscious wherever you go. So long as you do not make the common mistakes that people with
thinning hair make then you will be fine, the thing is people do not know that a lot of the “fixes” actually
just makes things that much worse, the companies that offer you curling irons or straighteners and the
vast array of other things that are bad for your hair do not care about your hair in the long run, so long
as you will buy their product and get a false sense of security from it they are satisfied, but it does not
have to be this way which is why I am trying to help you make informed decisions that can offer
solutions while not compromising your hair.

Ray Subs works with Hair Style for Fine Hair as a public relations consultant, more information about
Stephen Lambert can be found at

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