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                 REALITY SHOW
                          NEW BANQUET MENUS

   WINNERS!2005 MIXIE Awards Hotel Cocktail Competition. p.35
    B E V E R A G E POTPOURRI                                                               BY   DAVE STEADMAN                               The World o
                                                                                                                                             Wine B F T     Y RED IBBITTS
                    ■ CHAMPAGNE
                    BY THE GLASS                                      formed by hand.       ºLounge, he explains the history of
                     Champagne by the                                    These minis        tequila and the process by which it is                                     Fred Tibbitts talks
                     glass just got easi-                              are also ideal for   made. “Blanco is bottled directly from                                     with Martin B.
                     er. Forget hoping                                  your room mini-     the distillation process and does not                                      Jones, GM,
                     that Champagne                                     bars. For guests    undergo aging. A distinctively strong                                      Westin Kuala
                     stoppers will keep Champagne minis.                finishing up        spirit, it is best enjoyed with a mixer or                                 Lumpur, and
                     the fizz in the bottle.  some late work, what could be better                               ”
                                                                                            with lime and salt, Cisneros says.                                         Chairman of
                     Forget the feeling       than an excellent glass of luxury                  “Reposado is unmistakably flavorful.                                  Starwood’s Asia-
Dave Steadman        that you can only        Champagne? Well, perhaps some would           Aged six months to two years in large                                      Pacific Food &
                     offer inexpensive                                   .
                                              prefer a fine Cognac. V.I.P XO Cognac         oak barrels, it can be enjoyed straight or                                 Beverage Council.
 Champagnes or other sparklers.               Frapin Grande Champagne Premier               with lime and salt. Anejo, the finest of
     Put an elegant wine bucket at the        Grand Cru du Cognac is available in a 50      all tequila varieties, is aged in small              Fred Tibbitts, the
 center of your bar, filled with ice and five ml mini and is sure to soothe any             quantities in white oak barrels three to          Globetrotting Wine Guy
 or six minis of Gosset Champagne. Pop        Cognac aficionado.                            five years and longer. Incredibly smooth,        FT Starwood is advancing across
 the cork and your guest will enjoy one of         Family owned, Frapin owns all of its     with complex flavors, these are best             Asia Pacific as everyone expected
 France’s finest champagnes. Gosset,          vineyards, including 494 acres of prime       enjoyed in a snifter glass.  ”                   and as advertised, especially in
 founded in 1584, is the oldest wine          Grande Champagne Premier Grand Cru                 The tasting covers two selections           China. How is this going and what,
 house in the Champagne region. Until         du Cognac vineyards.                          from each of these categories, with              if any, effect has it had on your
 the early 1990s, it was still owned by the                                                 3/4-ounce servings in a Riedel Crystal           division’s F&B operations?
 Gosset family when it was sold to the        ■ TEQUILA                                     Tequila Glass.                                   MJ It is true that we have some
 Renaud/Cointreau family, with ties to the    Ritz-Carlton properties take tequila seri-         Tiberio Lobo-Navia is the Tequilier at      exciting projects coming up in China
 Cognac district spanning 20 genera-          ously. While guests at the Cancun prop-       Cantina Beach, a Coastal Mexican                 over the next few years, predominant-
 tions—dating back to the early 1200s.        erty are open to sampling different           restaurant opened last June at the Ritz-         ly with our extremely popular and suc-
     Gosset uses juice from the first and     tequilas, the national spirit of Mexico,      Carlton Key Biscayne. The authoritative          cessful Sheraton and Westin brands,
 best pressing of grapes and still carries    Tequilier Ricardo Cisneros introduces         voice on the 40-plus tequilas offered, he        but also with W, Four Points, etc. This
 out initial fermentation in small oak bar-   them to an elegance they didn’t expect        mingles with guests, musing on the dif-          means we have the chance to really
 rels. Riddling and disgorgement are per      to find in this spirit.                       ferent qualities of each tequila, recom-         show what we can do in food & bev-
                                                   At tasting sessions in the Lobby         mending particular ones for pairing with         erage. We don’t plan to copy our com-
                                                                                            culinary selections, and making sugges-          petition in any way, so we will be
                                                                                            tions on creating the perfect Margarita          introducing some of our already suc-
                                                                                            to fit a particular mood.                        cessfully operating concepts as well
                                                                                                 “I am a particular fan of Del Maguey        as a few newcomers into this market.
                                                                                            Single Village Mezcals, says Matthew
                                                                                            Zubrod, executive chef/F&B director at           FT Predictions that the various hotel
                                                                                            Ritz-Carlton Club Aspen Highlands,               tiers would continue to segment in
                                                                                            Willow Creek Bistro. “Each village in the        Asia-Pacific to better target the best
                                                                                            Oaxaca area delivers different tastes            customer bases is happening. Has
                                                                                            due to varying micro-climates, much as           your plan to further segment been on
                                                                                            is the case with wines.    ”                     a country-by-country or a division
                                                                                                 In addition to Mezcal Tastings with a       basis? How does China play into the
Here's a refreshing idea:                                                                   one-ounce pour served in ceramic hand-           segmentation evolution today and,
A beverage control system                                                                   made vases from Oaxaca, servers sug-             say, for the next three years?
that makes your life easier.                                                                gest a Mezcal floater on Margaritas.             MJ Starwood is lucky in so much as we
                                                                                            Zubrod offers Del Maguey’s Pechuga,              have a number of brands that allow us
No more guessing bottle                                                                     Crema, Minero, Chichicapa, and Tobala,           representation in most markets. We also
levels, beverage costs,                                                                     his personal favorite, made from wild            have great owners who invest to ensure
or losses. Our fast, easy                                                                   mountain agave grown in the shade of             that whatever brand we are developing
                                                                                            oak trees. Completely organic, it is 100         will be a first-class product. In general,
system simplifies:
                                                                                            percent pure, with no water or chemical          most of our brands are growing through-
• Physical Inventory                                                                        additives. He features a drink created by        out this region and are being received
                                                                                            Ron Cooper, owner of Del Maguey.                 very well. This allows us some exciting
• Receiving & Perpetual                                                                                                                      and varied food & beverage products.
• Ordering                                                                                  THE GREEN CHAPULIN
                                                                                            12 oz. red grapefruit juice                      We are constantly developing these to
• Banquets                                                                                  20–30 sprigs of fresh cilantro (discarding       suit the brands and the location/market.
• Transfers                                                                                 stems below bottom leaf on each)
                                                                                            4 oz. Del Maguey San Luis del Rio                FT More and more chain hotels in
• Requisitions                                                                              2 oz. Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal highly          Asia-Pacific are getting far more seri-
                                                                                            carbonated soda water                            ous about directing their wine pro-
800-806-3922                                                                                large ice cubes
                                                                                            Blend juice and cilantro until mixture turns
                                                                                                                                             grams with core wine lists and wine-
                                                                                                                                             by-the glass programs.Why is this,                                                                             medium green and barely any cilantro par-
                                                                                                                                             and what is Starwood doing to better
                                                                                            ticles show. Stir in mezcal, pour over ice in
                                                                                            a large glass, and top with a 1/4-inch float     address this development?
                                                                                            of soda water. Serves 6 to 10.                   MJ We all know the importance of
                                                                                                                                             wine in our business. Emerging mar-
                                                                                            Dave Steadman is editor & associate publisher,   kets such as China are also growing in
                                                                                            HOTEL WINE, BEER & SPIRITS

                                                                                 We don’t plan to COPY OUR
regard to wine consumption. Wine by the                                             COMPETITION IN ANY WAY,                             MJ We create our wine programs divisionally, not
glass is an excellent opportunity for our                                                                                               globally. The world is too large and diverse to dictate
guests to experience a wide variety of grape                                                                                            such things. European hotels have different lists and
types, brands, etc. Our wine-by-the-glass pro-
                                                                                    so we’ll be introducing some of                     mixes, as do Australia and our Asian hotels. We need
gram is available in most Sheratons and                                                                                                 to cater to the local market as well as our international
Westins in the region. It has an excellent and                                      our already successfully operating                  visitors. The program has a great deal of flexibility with
diverse selection from throughout the world.                                                                                            some minimum requirements. Then each hotel
This is extended to wine by the bottle, allow-                                      concepts as well as a few                           decides which labels it would like. Our wine partners
ing favorites to be purchased this way. We                                                                                              generally build a relationship with the hotels individual-
also have local representation for Indonesia                                        newcomers into this market.                         ly for special promotions, etc.
                                                                  Martin Jones
and China, giving it a true global appeal.
                                                                          bility of each property to manage with the local              FT What is the most important aspect of your divi-
FT Is most of the wine volume by the glass or by                          wine importers? Do you train the trainers for wine,           sion wine program and why? Do you see this remain-
the bottle and in the front of the house or banquet?                      or is it a hotel level responsibility?                        ing the same indefinitely, or could priorities and/or
And does the answer depend on the country?                                MJ We develop the program (wine by the glass),                the vision change over the next three to five years?
MJ This varies greatly country by country or even city                    engage the wine partners, and then encourage our              MJ Flexibility, without doubt. Our partners too. They are
by city. For example, a hotel in Australia that has large                 hotels to deal individually with suppliers and wine part-     extremely positive and understanding and willing to sup-
banqueting could easily sell most of their wine by the                    ners for training, dinners, tastings, etc. We encourage our   port us. It is never easy to implement such a program
bottle in functions, whereas other hotels, such as hotels                 hotels to prioritize with our wine partners, and we gener-    over so many brands in so many countries. We feel it
in China or Thailand, may sell more by the bottle or glass                ally see excellent results. There is without doubt an         will remain the same—with the same partners—for the
in restaurants. I don’t think there is a firm pattern. The                improvement overall in guest satisfaction.                    near future. There are always ways we can improve, but
most important thing is that we are selling wine in most                                                                                now the formula seems right, so we will push forward.
locations, and it is growing all the time                                 FT Many wine producers think Starwood
                                                                          Worldwide dictates their wine policies from the New           FT What are your favorite wines and why?
FT What kind of wine training do you organize on a                        York World Headquarters at White Plains. In truth, as         MJ I’ll drink pretty much anything. I’m a self confessed
division basis, and what part of it is the responsi                       I understand it, each Starwood division office sets           New World Wine drinker, but I’m very happy to try and
                                                                          their wine policies, though loosely in accordance             enjoy anything. Cheers!
key to the pantry                                                         with the now famous “Wines of the World” pro-
                                                                          gram. How does it all work and why? Do you see it             Fred Tibbitts & Associates Inc., is the foremost global wine-
PURELY VERSATILE                                                          changing? Will it be a topic of discussion at your            by-the-glass consultant, working with on-premise chains
Homer Laughlin’s pure white                                               upcoming Global Conference at San Diego this year?            around the world.
Alexa™ line, with a modern
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