Using Graduate Attributes and Curriculum Mapping to Enhance Program by ycf52082


                Using Graduate Attributes and Curriculum
                                           faculty an
                Mapping to Enhance Program Coherence
                  Tom Cockburn, Carolyn Cousin, Michelle Kofod, Uttra Singh and Prem Ramburuth
                               The Australian School of Business, The University of New South Wales, Australia
                                                      Contact: Uttra Singh – Project officer , email:

Introduction:                                                                           Graduate Attributes & Curriculum Mapping Project
In 2007 the Australian School of        While the project comprises five
Business (ASB) undertook a project      distinct but inter-related phases,
to contextualise and embed              this poster demonstrates the
graduate attributes (GAs) within        progress we have made on the               Phase 1               Phase 2     Phase 3a      Phase 3b         Phase 4         Phase 5
                                                                                   Market Research       Program     Develop ASB   Mapping          Professional    Embedding
the undergraduate programs of the       first 3 phases of the project : (1)        with stakeholders     Coherency   GAs           Integrating      Development     Program Coherency
Faculty. The aim of the project is to   Market research; (2) Determining           including industry.   BCom Review                                                & Project Evaluation
further enhance program                 program coherence and (3)
coherence through integration of        Defining and mapping ASB GAs.
GAs and constructive alignment of       We will also outline our future
program goals, learning objectives      plans for the remaining phases of                         2007                2008                  2009                   2010
and assessment rubrics. By              the project: (4) Professional
involving staff in the process we       development; and (5) Embedding
will be raising their awareness of      GAs, program coherence and                                                                                 Accreditation
                                                                                                                                   Develop program goals, learning objectives,
the importance of incorporating         evaluation of the process and
                                                                                                                                              assessment rubrics
the GAs into their learning and         product.

          Market Research                 BCom Review                                                                           ASB Graduate Attributes
1. Investigate the perception of 1. Structures of BCom -                                                                1. Critical thinking and problem
   BCom by stakeholders                                                                                                    solving
                                    establishing new core
                                                                                                                        2. Communication
  • Current students                subjects 1st year students                                                          3. Teamwork and leadership
  • Employers                    2. Establish ASB graduate                                                              4. Social, ethical and global
  • Alumni                          attributes                                                                             perspectives
  • Comparison with other        3. Feasibility of internships                                                          5. In-depth engagement with relevant
     Australian Institutions                                                                                               disciplinary knowledge
                                    and exchange programs                                                               6. Professional skills
                    GA Mapping Workshops                                                                       Professional Development
Conduct workshops for staff in each of the schools:                                                                 L&T Workshops
• Introduction to graduate attributes                                                              e.g., “GA Mapping Workshops”
• Audit where GAs are assessed in all core                                                 “Meeting the Challenges of Embedding Graduate
  subjects for each of the major streams.                                                                    Attributes”
• Vertical integration of GAs in the program                                                  “Using Teams for Student Engagement”
• Where to from now?

                             Demonstrating Program Coherency through Constructive Alignment
                                Accreditation                           Horizontal                             Vertical                       Database of GAs
       July               Development of program                       Integration                         Differentiation                  Assessment Strategies
      2009 -              goals/ learning objectives                 Courses in major                    Levels of the major
                         and assessment rubrics for                      streams                               streams
       2010                         majors

                                                                                                                                          • Evaluation
     Jan – Dec                                        Embedding GAs
                                   Using curriculum mapping tools to align program goals,                                                 • Dissemination
     2010                                 learning objectives & assessment rubrics                                                        • Publications

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