Curriculum Mapping and Pacing Guide - 2009-2010 by pfi13099


									                                       Curriculum Mapping and Pacing Guide – 2009-2010
Grade/Course           Preschool History                          Grading Period _______1st nine weeks_______
Time Frame                Unit/SOL                    Strand           Resources              Assessments                       Notes

 Week 1          Similarities and Differences    1      D      Dramatic play centers         Observation
Welcome to                                                     (housekeeping, vehicles,
 School                                                        etc.)

  Week 2                  Location               3      A      Map of school                                Take students on a tour of school for
School Rules                                                                                                location of various rooms (clinic, office,
                                                                                                            resource rooms. Cafeteria). This is a
                                                        B      Center play (vehicles,                       part of establishing classroom rules and
                                                               manipulatives)                               procedures.

                 Economics/Making Choices        6      A      Lunch count, center play                     Students have choices when purchasing
                                                                                                            lunch. It is up to student to decide which
                                                       B-D     Center Play                                  lunch they will purchase.

                                                               Appropriate classroom                        For Block 7, all strands are modeled by the
                     Civics/Citizenship          7     A-H     behavior as modeled by                       adults in the room. This time is used for
                                                               the adults in the                            introducing rules, procedures, and classroom
                                                               classroom.                                   activities

  Week 6             Descriptive Words           4      E      Real life representation of                  The use of pumpkins will facilitate the use of
 “P” is for                                                    various textures.                            descriptive words.

   Week 9                 Location               3     C-E     Block play, modeling clay,
“X” marks the                                                  Lincoln logs, photographs
                Geography/ Descriptive Words     4      C      Treasure Map, clues                          Create a treasure map with pictorial clues for

                                                                                                            Students to follow using descriptive words.
                                    Curriculum Mapping and Pacing Guide – 2009-2010
Grade/Course Pre-School/History and Social Science                                       Grading Period 2nd Nine Weeks
Time Frame             Unit/SOL                    Strand           Resources             Assessments                        Notes

 Week 12          Change Over Time            2      C      Pictures of people in        Observation
 “F” is for                                                 different stages of growth

                                                    E-F     Stories/Experiences about      Observation
                                                                  life in the past

  Week 14     Similarities and Differences    1      E       Celebration that includes                     Children make craft projects and sample
  Holidays                                                   various holiday customs       Participation   different foods
 Around the                                                 and traditions from around
   World                                                             the world
                              Curriculum Pacing Guide – 2009-2010
Grade/Course   History and Social Science               3rd Nine weeks_____________
Time Frame        Virginia’s Foundation Blocks            Strand            Resources           Assessments   Notes

   Week 23          Economics/World of work       5         A-E       Houghton-Mifflin Themes   Observation
“J” is for Jobs

  Week 27         Geography/Descriptive Words     4      A, B, D, F            Maps             Observation
  “H” is for                                                           Oral Language Cards
   Habitat                                                                   Block Play
                                                                            Story Books

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