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									220 VOLT

6, Kievskaya st., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 606-0606, 6-220-220
FAX +7 (812) 606-0606
email: pa@220-volt.ru
internet: http://www.220-volt.ru

Federal retailing chain specialized in power and petrol tools, garden tools, welding and power equipment. We offer optimal format of
stores, standardization of all the business-processes, programs of personnel training, special offer for partners, concessionary
repayment terms, common software, personal managers, support on all stages.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД N106


312 North Yanzhao Street, 050800, Zhengding, Hebei, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 311 85174190
FAX +86 311 85174239
email: xmf@xmftools.com
internet: http://www.xmftools.com

Established in 1994, Hebei XMF Tools Group is one of the original manufacturers and developers of diamond tools in China. We
specialize in diamond products, our line consist of silver brazed saw blade, laser welded saw blade, grinding wheel, core dri ll bits and
TCT saw blade.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C110


29/1, Skotoprogonnaya st., 109029, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 744-5371
FAX +7 (495) 981-1080/81/82
email: abi@eisenkraft.ru
internet: http://www.eisenkraft.ru

Tools for making decorative bars and fences Eisenkraft.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД J106


390 Renming road, Yancheng, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 51588553098
FAX +86 51588550398
email: pantao@sanlingcn.com
internet: http://www.sanlingcn.com

Founded in 1964 as vice director’s membership of China Coated Abrasive Association. We have well equipped coated abrasive
production line and cloth finishing line in 2 factories. In 2007 the total output of sanling is 22 million square meters, and has kept the
position of the top-seller of China coated abrasive for 6 years. In 2004 we invest a new factory which has a non-woven abrasive
production line from South Korea and a coated abrasive production line from Germany.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A122


Development zone, Dacheng, Hebei, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 316 5568068, 5568066
FAX +86 316-5568062
email: 5534132@vip.163.com, robtec@robtec.cn
internet: http://www.robtec.cn, www.sanlushalun.com

A Sino-US joint venture with a history of more than 20 years, which have got the ISO 9001 certificate, and the product have reached
the EN12413 standard. J Long Hardware Abrasive CO., LTD mainly target on industrial market, and do their best to development and

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D129


8, Marshala Ribalko st., 123060, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (499) 194-3424, (812) 715-6210
FAX +7 (499) 194-2817
email: info@abraziv.ru
internet: http://www.abraziv.ru

Industrial tools BOSCH
Pneumatic drills, fret saws, punchers, screwers, grinding machines, screw guns, strap-on engines, needle deflectors
High-frequency grinding machines, high-frequency converters
Accumulator screwdrivers and screw guns from 0, 6 up to 30 Nm of EXACT series.
Abrasive materials Klingspor, Rottluff, Primex, Joest-abrasives: cutting and snagging wheels, tapes, fiber, sponges, paper, diamond
cutting wheels.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q101


P.O. Box 67, Skhodnya, 141420, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 221-2883/ 772-7924
FAX +7 (495) 221-2883/ 772-7924
email: avan@avan.ru, info@handytool.ru
internet: http://www.handytool.ru, avanrus.ru

Company AvanRusIntegral is the representative of some large European and Taiwan firms-manufacturers of tools in Russia: RISS
(France), FISCHER DAREX (France), EDMA (France), KAPRIOL (Italy), NAREX (Czech Republic), BUCOVICE TOOLS (Czech
Republic), SPERO (Taiwan), APPALAN (PANRICO) (Taiwan), JOKARI (Germany), manufacturers of household pumps, heating
machines, water heaters, hoses.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q107


 (Business-Centre), 4, 1st Vyazovskiy proezd, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 657-8870
FAX +7 (495) 988-1848
email: avtom-2m@rambler.ru
internet: http://www.avtom-center.ru, www.avtom-2.ru

Avtom-Center is a dynamic and fast-growing company. We work in the wholesale market of auto equipment and mechanic-assembly
instruments supplied from a warehouse in Moscow. The equipment we offer could be used by any professional or amateur. Moreove r,
we sell equipment on truly favorable condition. Our company is a big representative of the Voronezh enterprise. Avtom -2 –
manufacturer of specialized equipment for auto service and repair shops, private and industrial use. We have been working tog ether
since 1990. Our main directions are: special equipment for bodywork, engine repair, car running parts and universal equipment. Work
head 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch from 8 mm to 80 mm, body parts for car repair, tuning of running parts. Presently, Avtom -Center can offer a
wide range of products (more than 7 thousand names) at different prices and from different manufacturers. Since we started, we have
gained the trust of our clients and we have developed a reputation of a reliable partner.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S113


Россия, 115191, г. Москва, ул. Малая Тульская, д. 57
57, Malaya Tulskaya st., 115191, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 255-3343
email: marketing@agroum.ru
internet: http://www.agroum.ru

The distributor of garden and park tools from leading world manufacturers, tools for golf courses and gardens.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД H102


6, Rashetova st., 194214, Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 5532645
FAX +7 (812) 5532695
email: russia@aist-tools.ru
internet: http://www.aist-tools.ru

The manufacturer of “AIST”, the trade mark well-known in Russia, which is adequate to international standards. Since 1996 the
company has supplied a broad assortment of professional hand, pneumatic tools and garage equipment by wholesale. It develops the
unique contents of bench-assembly systems, cases and plastic trays for them, using the latest developments in tools construction,
modern alloys and materials. The tools are recognized by professionals and widely spread in the regions of Russia an d the CIS. From
2000 till 2007 the company had been the North-West representative of “King Tony” trade mark in Russia. The products are estimated
at more than 7000 items.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q128


office 612, 74, Sotsialisticheskaya st., Rostov-on-Don, Russia
TEL +7 (863) 268-9515
FAX +7 (863) 268-9515
email: akitapp@mail.ru
internet: http://www.akitapp.ru

Akita Power Products is official importer of electrostations ELEMAX and official distributor of Mikasa in SFR. Product line is from 1 up
to 18 KW. Advantages of new models are stronger output, bigger fuel tank, automatic voltage regulator, better design.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД S111


5f, No. 81, Chang-Teh_Road Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL +886-2-25561166
FAX +886-2-2555-8605
email: acurite@ms5.hinet.net
internet: http://www.acurite-ind.com

Acurite Industries Corporation has been established to be producer, distributor for LEMORE brand quality tools since 1986. We have
capability to produce more accuracy and efficient quality tools no matter in our brand name “LEMORE” or under your private la bel
brand. Our mission is to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A133


Stefanikova 41, Bmo, Czech Republic
TEL +420 541 550 111
FAX +420 541 550 555
email: office@alta.cz
internet: http://www.alta.cz / www.toss-kurim.cz

ALTA operates in the territories of Central and east Europe, especially Russia, Ukrain and Belarus. The company has been
specializing in the field of technological devices supplies for mechanical engineering, extractive, metallurgy and power engi neering
industries since 1991. ALTA has been specializing in the field of machine tools and systems and jogging techniques owning to a
property acquisition of the groups TOS Kurim (2005) and SE-MI service company (2008).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M113


P.O. Box 65, 141007, Mytischi, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 513-7156/57, 513-7990
email: albinatools@mail.ru, morozov@albinatools.ru
internet: http://www.albinatools.ru

Wholesale of power tools and consumables.

ПАВ. 1


office E-210, 113/1, Leninskiy prospekt, 117198, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 956-5781, 956-5782
FAX +7 (495) 229-4533
email: alfa@alfa-bc.ru
internet: http://www.casada.ru

Alfa BC. Ltd is the exclusive distributor in Russia for CASADA Massage equipment from Germany. CASADA massage will help you to
relax, take away the stress and ease your tension.



23A-11-12 Yinglong Plaza, No. 76 Huangpu, Dadaoxi, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 020-38390898
FAX +86 020-38390793
email: market@yasw.com
internet: http://www.anjiawiremesh.com

Welded wire mesh; Galvanized square wire mesh; Hexagonal wire netting; Galvanized wire window screen; Aluminum window screen;
Fiberglass window screen; Galvanized wire; Black wire; Galvanized barbed iron wire; Stainless steel wire mesh; Chain link fencing.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F103


Wire Mesh Industrial Park, Anping, Hebei, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 318-7591366б 318-8067366
FAX +86 318-7063366
email: apjinjue@126.com
internet: http://www.apjinjue.com, www.jinjue-wiremesh.com

HEBEI ANPIN JINJUE HARDWARE PRODUCTS CO., LTD is one professional company that product stainless steel fine wire,
stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel crimp wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, PVC coated welded
wire mesh, stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh, stainless steel board mesh, stainless steel Dutch wire mesh, diamond wire mes h, U
wire Mesh Sheet and so on hardware products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G110


Wuhu Mechanical Industrial Zone, Anhui, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0553-2571888

Goodluck Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is an export cooperation which specializes in developing, producing and selling different hi-
tech products. It was founded at Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province. In May, 2006 our company began to develop going across areas.
Thus, we founded Anhui GoodLuck Science & Technology Co., Ltd, which locates in Wuhu Mechanical Industrial Zone and covers an
area more than 70000 squares meters. We produce 600 thousand pcs kinds garden machineries of hi -tech products. It is one of the
biggest places which explore and produce hi-tech products specializes in gasoline chain saw.
Our individual proprietorship company--Anhui Goodluck Science & Technology Co., Ltd is the biggest enterprise as the manufacturing
base of Garden Machines in China. It locates in Wuhu Mechanical Industrial Zone and covers an area more than 70, 000 squa re
meters. It has distinctive advantage in traffic especially in air transportation, sea transportation and land transportation.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P130


Guan Hai Wei Industrial East Zone, Cixi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-6366-6008
FAX +86 574-63666018
email: sales@aoboer.com
internet: http://www.aoboer.com

We are one factory for sockets, extension cords and cable reel.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P127


2, 2nd Kabelnaya st., 111024, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 783-4924
FAX +7 (495) 783-4925
email: energy@argusonline.ru, info@way-energy.ru
internet: http://www.way-energy.ru

Manufacture, sale, service of petrol and diesel power stations. Wholesale of motor-pumps, pump equipment manufactured in Italy and

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД S109


No. 350, Song Jiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL +886 2 25813521
FAX +886 2 25238782
email: ieatpe@ieatpe.org.tw
internet: http://www.ieatpe.org.tw

Established in 1947, The Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei serves the dual function of coordinating member companies to
further common interests and expanding foreign trade to promote economic progress.
The IEAT is among the largest private trade organizations in the Republic of China, with a 5, 000-odd membership mainly from the
medium and small-scale enterprises.
The Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei has four main functions: Trade Promotion, Source of information, Safeguard of
members’ right and interest, Trade & Business education.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B135


1F No. 296, Sec. 2, Tung-Hwa st. , Pei-Tou Dist, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL +886-2-2826-1385
FAX +886-2-2827-7472
email: astor@astor.com.tw
internet: http://www.astor.com.tw

Established in 1979, specialize in hand tools, electrical items, hardware, automotive, testing equipments, Asia sourcing, and
engineering solutions. Welcome OEM/ODM!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A136


No. 48-17 Samjung-dong, Ojung-ku, 42-150, Bucheon, Kyungki-do, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 32 6841551
FAX +82 32 6841991
email: arkim@atecdia.co.kr
internet: http://www.atecdia.co.kr

A TEC DIAMOND CO LTD is an international manufacturer of high precision abrasive for automotive, fuel-injection, bearing, tool and
cutter, semi-conductor, etc. Specializing in both internal and external grinding, A TEC DIAMOND CO LTD has a full range of products
to suit the high demands of precision component manufacturing.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A100


No. 7 Floor, 333 South Tai Ping Road, Nanjing, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 25-86870677-102

Invox specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, testing, and sales of power tools, garden too ls and gasoline tools. Its
products are sold in major markets, including America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Invox has advanced production and
manufacturing facilities, trade corporation, product-research and testing center in China.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A121


No. 24, 36th rd. , Taichung Industrial Zone, Taichung, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 4-2359-8877 ext. 1312
FAX +86 4-2359-8880
email: irene_chen@basso.com.tw
internet: http://www.basso.com.tw

BASSO is a professional manufacturer for pneumatic nailer/staplers, impact wrenches, air sanders, die grinders, air hammers, etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A139


Латвия, г. Рига
Sporta street 15, LV-1013, Riga, Latvia
TEL +371 6 7370202
FAX +371 6 7370207
email: info@baumar.lv
internet: http://www.baumar.lv

Company Baumar has been based in 2003. For almost 6 years of active work based on experience and desires of our main clients -
the leading building companies, Baumar became a reliable partner for them, having chosen cooperation with such world famous
manufacturers of professional tools and technics as Belle Group (England), Raimoni (Italy), Jason (Poland), and Kipor (China).
Extending and developing, in october of this year opening of our branch takes place in Moscow, than we can essenially reduce time of
present deliveries of the goods to Russia and provide techhnics guarantee and after guarantee service. In this connection we invite to
cooperation not only wholesale buyers, but also the building companies who are inerested in purchaising road building technics, tools
for qualitative stacking a stone blocks, professional tools for a tile, power stations and their futher service.

ПАВ. 1


43, Lane 74, San Chun Street , Shulin city, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
TEL +886-2-2689-1280
FAX +886-2-2689-4346
email: beibeisafety@beibeisafey.com.tw
internet: http://www.beibeisafety.com.tw

We manufacture safety helmets, dust masks, respirators, safety glasses, safety goggles, face shield, welding helmets, ear muff,
welding goggles since 1985.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A132


3d kadashevskiy lane, 7/9, E-115035, Moscow, Spain
TEL +7 (495) 740-3307
FAX +7 (495) 953-3205
email: bellota@mail.ru
internet: http://www.bellota.com

In 1908 Mr. Patricio Echeverra founded the BELLOTA Company in Legazpi.
Being supported by the industrial, commercial and logistics structure of the main company of the Group (CORPORACION PATRICIO
ECHEVERRIA. S.A.), BELLOTA HERRAMIENTAS, S.A. (Legazpi-Guipuzcoa), has a position of leadership in the offering of tools,
machinery and accessories of the BELLOTA brand name in the Iberian Peninsula.
It carries out a developmental plan in France, Italy, Greece and Morocco through business organizations located in each market. The
Company BELLOTA presents a wide range of tools made for garden, agriculture, construction and industry.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M114


Munsterstrasse 135-137, D-46397, Bocholt, Germany
TEL +49 2871 93-224
FAX +49 2871 93-429
email: r.linde@benning.ru
internet: http://www.benning.ru

Development and manufacturing of voltage tester DUSPOL, digital Multimetr and Current-Clamp-Multimetr, instruments for safety tests
on electrical systems according IEC69364 (VDE0100) and portable electrical equipment according the "German Health and Safety at
Work Regulations" (VDE0701/VDE0702).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N111


375, Tar-Der Rd. , Luchu Hsiang, Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan
TEL +886 7 6953336
FAX +886 7 6953310
email: b1406@ms58.hinet.net
internet: http://www.wheelltd.com

Best Wheel Products (Best Caddy/Best Gift) is a professional manufacture for supplying trolley, various solid wheels for trolley, craft
caddy for workman, snap n roll for easy moving, DIY products, gardening use and other hardware for daily life, such as grab b ar and
suction rack for towels… and so on.
More than 15 years, customers and consumers are very satisfied with all our products and services. Honesty and responsibility are the
leading soul of our running path to the success at past, present and future. We don’t put the focus on the very bi g business but on the
reliability of the products. The point from that is to go hand in hand with buyers. Buyers can see our active design which is quick and
efficient, accurate and economic.
Our president, CHUNG HSIU SU, is always with strong confidence in mind and say “Time never waits for people. To touch Best Wheel
is to touch time. Time is worth of money”. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your dream can come true in our hand. The succes s will be
with you because of Best Wheel. Seeing is believing! Just go!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B139


10/2, Miklukho-Maklaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 775-8182
FAX +7 (495) 775-8182
email: office@bilar.ru
internet: http://www.bilar.ru

Manufacture of the punched fixing details for construction of carcass-panel houses, cottages, bath-houses, for roof construction, for
ventilated front of a building, for ventilating equipment, for plastic windows.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S114


No. 20, Industry W. 5th Road, ChangBin Industry Park, Lukang, 50544, ChangHwa, Taiwan
TEL +886-4-781-2533
FAX +886-4-781-2540
email: chrischien@honcho.com.tw
internet: http://www.honcho.com.tw

Bing Chang Hardware Co., Ltd (BCH) is a marketing company.
We do hand tools, construction tools and building tools. Company self have strong stock power, and also have strong marketing
resource. We can get feedback for our product quality in the first place.
We have our own production line to support our marketing company have strong resource to compete in the mark et.
“Small quantity is ok” is your new choose.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A134


225, Gobong-Ri, Guji-Myun, Dalsung-Gun, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 615 1361
FAX +82 53 614 3552
email: koo90@bokuk.co.kr
internet: http://www.bokuk.co.kr

BOKUK ELECTRIC IND. CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of Alternator, Gasoline/Diesel/Gas/Gas turbine engine generator i n
Korea. We have specialized in this industry for more than forty years. Now Bokuk has become one of best Exporter i n similar
manufacturer. Bokuk's quality is reliable. One third of our products is exported and the market's respond always keep well.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A125


Gewerbering 1, D-86510, Ried, Germany
TEL +49 8233 744 233 41
FAX +49 8233 744 233 36
email: c.moessner@bt-bavariatools.com
internet: http://www.bt-bavariatools.com

Manufacturer of laser welded diamond tools, laser welded blades 115-1200 mm, handheld, floor saws, wall saws, blades for reflectory
industry, cup wheels, tuck pointer, core bits. Segments for: floor saws, wall saws.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД 110


1000-1, KUMSAN RI, WAEGWAN EUP, CHILGOK KUN, Kyung Buk, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 54 974 3331
FAX +82 54 974 3330
email: bktec@bktec.co.kr

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Nonwoven Machinery in Korea. We are producing various type of Nonwoven
Machinery and supplying all over the world such as Japan, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A129


location 127, North Industrial Zone, Vidnoe, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 745-9837 (доб. 200)
FAX +7 (495) 745-9837 (доб. 110)
email: info@boutte.ru
internet: http://www.Boutte.ru

Company “BOUTTE Ru” is the branch of French company Boutte.
Boutte Ru represents wide assortment of brass and plastic products in the Russian market.
We offer:
150 names of muft, connectors and adapters for irrigation systems.
More than 100 names of brass and plastic unions.
More than 100 names of products for irrigation systems: diffusers, nozzles, taps.
Complete set of products for pumps connection.
Wide assortment of linings and wrappers of various sizes.
There are also stylish taps suitable for decoration in assortment.
Diversification of assortment (hoses, coils for hoses) is in plans of the company.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H108


Shushan Street, Hushan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-82766587
FAX +86 571-82764999
email: wttools@yahoo.cn
internet: http://www.wantongtools.com, http://holesaw.en.alibaba.com

Hangzhou Wantong Tools Manufacture Co., LTD founded in 1998 . It’s a factory specializing in making hole saws such as Bi-metal
Hole Saw for cutting metals, Carbon Steel Hole Saw for cutting Wood, Tungsten Carbide Gritted Hole Saw for cutting tiles, ceramics.
We also make Saw blades with Carbon Steel, Bi-metal and HSS. We are always trying to develop new items and improving our service
and quality and we hope to be on service of you in near future.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C101


Vill wariana, Sangal sohal road, Jalandhar City, India
TEL +91 9988500984
FAX +91 181 2431848
email: info@varinderatools.com
internet: http://www.varinderatools.com

Our manufacturing range includes all types of Spanners (Combination Spanners, Double Open End Spanners, Ring Spanners Ellipti cal
types, Raised Panel, Recessed Panel as per DIN Standard, Gost specifications), Pliers, Fourway Wheel Spanners, Box Spanners, Two
way spanners etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД С 128


13/1, Bolshaya Kommunisticheskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 790-7591
FAX +7 (495) 790-7591
email: info@vashdom.ru
internet: http://www.vashdom.ru

Construction portal "Vash Dom" is the internet tool of the market of the building products and services. It combines functionality of a
trading platform and an information resource. The project is designed both for professionals of construction business and con sumers of
building products and services. Above 25 000 unique visitors visit our portal daily. At present it contains about 80 000 offers from more
than 15 000 construction companies.

ПАВ. 1


8F, No. 6, Ho Ping E. Rd. , Sec. 1, Taipei 106, Taiwan
TEL +886 2 8369 3869
FAX +886 2 83691469
email: michelle@wenbi.com
internet: http://www.ttnet.net

Trade Media Publications and Website Searching Service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B131


No. 8 Shenzhen Rd, Wendeng, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0631-8088763
FAX +86 0631-8088761
email: tools@cw-maxpower.com
internet: http://www.cw-maxpower.com

Adjustable wrench; bolt cutter; grip locking pliers; pipe wrench; Swedish type pipe wrench; water pump pl.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C99


Quang’an rd Daqiao Wuniu industry, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0577-67398001

Our company is one of the largest manufactures in this area in China. We specialize in utility knife, hand tools, knee pads, tire gauge
for nearly 20 years. Our products are good in quality and superior in price.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B122


22/1, Malomoskovskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 781-2805
FAX +7 (495) 781-2805
email: trade@vinco.ru
internet: http://www.vinco.ru

VINCO-2000 helps people to build and accomplish for more than 12 years: we produce and sell building and garden equipment VINCO
and AQUALIGHT pumps. We are a leading Russian producer of aluminum ladders, wheelbarrows and concrete-mixers. High quality
and good service help us and our partners to grow fast. Our partners: big com panies in Russia and abroad.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H104


B-9, Focal Point Extn, Jalandhar, India
TEL +91 181 2602930-35
FAX +91 181 5085000
email: vishaltools@vsnl.com
internet: http://www.vishaltools.com

Vishal Tools is leading manufacturer/exporter of quality hand tools since a decade and known by good serices to customers all over
globe. We have exerted great efforts towards technique and innovation and has earned name in hand tool industry. Our products are
quality and packagings. Company has ultra modern plant and accredited by ISO 9001-2000. Our products are G.S. approved and
globally accepted. We always in search of techniques to provide best product and efficient services to the customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E99

15/2, 2nd Vysheslavtsev proezd, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 790-7997
FAX +7 (495) 790-7997
email: tools@vnesh.ru

Wholesales of machines and tools from world-leading manufacturers. Warranty, service, after-sales service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q105

82, Pyatiletki st. , Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, Russia
TEL +7 (4855) 22 54 90/ 20 88 27
FAX +7 (4855) 28 99 88
email: vshp@vaz.yaroslavl.ru

Manufacture and sale of abrasive tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S116


Wohlenberg str. 6, D-30179, Hannover, Germany
TEL +49 511 6307 0
FAX +49 511 6307 440
email: info@wohlenberg-werkzeugmaschinen.de
internet: http://www.wohlenberg-werkzeugmaschinen.de

Development, production and sales of CNC high performance turning machines, machining centres and deep-hole boring machines.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q111


Ruixiang, Junzhang, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 510-85552759
FAX +86 510-85553064
email: pengtian@pengtiantools.com
internet: http://www.pengtiantools.com

Wuxi Pengtian Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various high quality tools in China. Main product is: hole
saw, drill bit, saw blades.

ПАВ. 1


Yangjian Industrial Park , Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0510-82628770
FAX +86 0510 82618770
email: master@lthardware.com
internet: http://www.http:www.lthardware.com

Our company called Lead-Type Ind & Tra Co ltd is a large scale and competitive hardware company in colleague industry with
specialized in producing various mortise doorlocks, cylinders, handles, plates and deadbolts.
We have strength technical and advanced technology to manufacture high quality products with nice appearance. Since our factory
established in 1986, its annual growth rate is kept increasing. Now sale turnover have reached USD 8 million, and the total employee is
250. All products are exported.
Based on high quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and best services, we sincerely welcome all customers both domestic and
overseas to cooperate towards brilliant future business together.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F105


Park A, Yangjian Town, Wuxi, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 510-81010178
FAX +86 510-81010630
email: mail_nilan999@126.com
internet: http://www.pivor.com.cn

Located in Wuxi city, with pretty scenery, which is the hot area of the world manufacturer, Wuxi Power Technology co., ltd owns the
largest production scope of air cooled diesel/gasoline engines, air cooled diesel/gasoline generators, garden machinery and w ater
cooled diesel generators.
Our management system is approved under ISO 9001:2000. Also we have got CE, GS and EPA product approval. Our products have
been sold to many countries all over the world, and won public praise.
For our service, We'll print custom logos and product documentation in your language, and provide spare parts for easily worn down
components. We also can design and deliver OEM/ODM samples according to the requests.
With vigorous enthusiasm and persevering commitment, our members are working toward the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in
the international industry.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F104


63, Radisheva st., 620102, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
TEL +7 (343) 379-4200
FAX +7 (343) 379-4200
email: info@galacentre.ru
internet: http://www.galacentre.ru

Gala-Centre - is one of the biggest wholesaling companies in Russia. Gala-Centre - is the right holder of "ERMAK" trade mark (hand
tools). Reliable tools for home and professional use! A full range of 1500 items of handtools, measuring tools, painting and cutting tools
with all accessories. There are also gardening tools, professional car tools and electric tools. Ever -widening range, individual approach
to every client, direct contract shipment of goods from factories, proven transportation scheme, possibility to make an order from "Gala-
catalogue", free of charge delivery around Russian regions - is our offer for wholesalers and retail nets.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N102


8/30, 5th Kozhuhovskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 725-2759, 978-4258
FAX +7 (495) 725-2759
email: gvidon98@rmt-net.ru
Wholesale of power gasoline tools, pumps, grass-cutters, welding machines.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД T123


16/1, Viktorenko st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (499) 157-3521
FAX +7 (499) 157-3521
email: geopribor@bk.ru
internet: http://www.redtrace.ru www.geobox.ru

Manufacture, sale and service of Geodetic devices, Building lasers, Accessories, Nondestructive gauges, Laser range finders, Tape

ПАВ. 4, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S108


2/2, Nagatinskaya st., 115230, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 981-1923, 921-3892
FAX +7 (495) 921-3892
email: info@geototal.ru
internet: http://www.geototal.ru

Laser and traditional equipment for construction and interior works.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M107


1, Leningradskaya st., 141400, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 230-6969
FAX +7 (495) 230-6969
email: info@cora.ru
internet: http://www.flexovit.ru

The GEOFLEX Company presents a wide range of abrasive tools for domestic (DIY market) professional (car repair, transportatio n
industry) application.
At the disposal of GEOFLEX Company's network partners there are always available the following services:
- automated and updated warehouse,
- logistic centre, which guarantees accurate and timely shipment,
- complex marketing support.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M104


Villemombler Strasse 76, D-53123, Bonn, Germany
TEL +49 1888/6150
FAX +49 1888/615 4436
email: info@bmwi.bund.de
internet: http://www.bmwi.bund.de

Official Presentation of the Federal Republic of Germany

Sponsored by:

Federal Ministry of Economics & Technology
Villemombler Strasse 76
53123 Bonn, Germany
Tel.: +49/1888/615-0
Fax: +49/1888/615-4436
Internet: www.bmwi.bund.de

In cooperation with:

Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA)
Littenstrasse 9
10179 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49/30/24000-0
Fax: +49/30/24000-263
Internet: www.auma.de
E-mail: info@auma.de

Supported by

Association of German Tool Manufacturers (FWI)
Elberfelder Strasse 77
42853 Remscheid, Germany
Tel.: +49/2191/438-20
Fax: +49/2191/438-79
Internet: www.werkzeug.org
E-mail: fwi@werkzeug.org

Organized by:

Koelnmesse International GmbH
Messeplatz 1
50679 Cologne, Germany
Tel.: +49/221/821-2097
Fax: +49/221/821-2092
Internet: www.koelnmesse-international.de
E-mail: kmi@koelnmesse.de

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N107


Am Bruechelsteg 6, D-64823, Gross-Umstadt, Germany
TEL +49 60 78-93 71 37
FAX +49 60 78-93 71 80
email: d.kuhn@g-glaser.de
internet: http://www.glaser.de

Metalsmith equipment and accessories, stainless steel machining equipment and accessories, handrail and staircase accessories and
systems, designer door knobs, designer railing rods.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N107


Yukari Dudullu Mah, Natolu cad. No:161, Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey
TEL +90 (216) 526 57 87/88/89
FAX +90 (216) 526 57 80
email: info1@globalteknik.com
internet: http://www.globalteknik.com

Global Teknik Hırdavat ve Zuc. Dıs Tic. Ltd. Sti. has been working in Powertools market in Turkey and we our brandname
“CATPOWER” which is very famous in our market in DIY, semi-professional and professional quality level. Generally our products have
been producing by Far East (China, Taiwan, etc…) factories. As we have more than 20 years experience on hardware and tools
market in Turkey, we have an important selling capacity.The products we are selling vary from drills, hammers, grinders, saws ,
sanders, mitre saws to threating machines, bench drills etc… We are continually improving our quality and capacit y and trying to give
the best service to our customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M105


21F Guotai Times Plaza A, Mid Renmin Rd, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 512-58682313, 58988503
FAX +86 512 58682797
email: william_qian@gtiggm.com
internet: http://www.guotaitools.com

Jiangsu Guotai International Group is one of the lead exporting companies in China with more than 10 billion exporting volume
annually. Our main products are different kinds of hand tools, such as pliers, spanners, measuring tape etc. We sincerely like to build a
long term business relationship with you with our best quality and best service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C106

Qingdao, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 532-83900560
FAX +86 532-85166027
email: wangdognsen@126.com

Qingdao Doublestone Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of wheelbarrow in mainland of China. We have 6 subsidiary
companies and 2 branch companies and one international export department. And manufacture more than 400 types of wheelbarrow
and over 200 types of casters. We main produce OTR tires, motorcycle tire, butyl tube, steel rim, rubber wheels, rubber foam wheels,
series of rubber products, plastic products, meal products and bearings. Our products are being sold to more than 100 countri es all
over the world with rich technical force. Complete international quality assurance system. We can meet the requests of enormous
orders form customers. And produce wheelbarrow of various types and small batches for customers specially. Our company is seeking
for sincere cooperation and common development with friends from home and abroad.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P122


No. 518 East Yangming Road, Yuyao, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-62678966
FAX +86 574-62678959
email: vivian@dayegarden.com
internet: http://www.dayegarden.com

Professional producer for garden irrigation and garden power tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E101


227-13, Yakarm-Ri, Daegot-Myun, Kimpo-City, Kyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 31 987 8424
FAX +82 31 987 8435
email: itp2004@paran.com

Slitter Line is the equipment to produce pipe and forming skelp.
Shear Line is to produce sheet from various coil, including HR coil, CR coil, Stainless Steel coil.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A126


Houxiang Developing Zone, Danyang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 86312386
FAX +86 0511-86311386
email: frank@giano.com.cn
internet: http://www.giano.com

Danyang Jiangnan Tools Co., LTD. is a professional tool manufacturer from China. It was established in 1997, lies in “China Tool
Town” - Houxiang Developing Zone, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. The company specializes in manufacturing various diamond saw
blades, diamond grinding wheels, polishing pads, core bits, T.C.T saw blades and so on, most of which are exported to America,
Europe, Oceania, Africa, East Asia and Southeast Asia. The advanced management, equipment and technology provide a guarantee
of good quality and service. The company has also been awarded the ISO 9001, Germany MPA and Russia PCT Certifications. The
products from Danyang Jiangnan Tools Co., LTD. are highly salable in the world market for their innovative designs and superi or
The principle of Danyang Jiangnan Tools Co., LTD. is to satisfy each customer with stable quality, competitive price, punctual delivery
and perfect service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G106


No. 156, Jinling west road, Danyang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-86985919
FAX +86 511-86882631
email: kevin@xunlida.com
internet: http://www.xunlida.com

We are a special manufacturer in producing all kinds diamond tools for stone working, as laser welded saw blades, brazed saw blades,
sintered saw blades, diamond core bits, diamond cup wheels, diamond tuck point and etc. Also we are producing and exporting TCT
circular saw blades to oversea. We have about 20 years experience to produce and export our products. And now, our main market is
in Europe, North America, South America and etc.
Also we supply some different level markets as professional, standard and customary quality markets. Also we have get the
ISO9001:2000 from UK SGS, and our products are awarded Europe MPA/EN certificate. Also we have got the MPA -Quality producer
certificate from MPA company, this certificate is only one in Chinese company, to commend eve ry inspections of our products are ok in
whole year.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B109


Central Avenue No. 188, Houxiang Town, Danyang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0511-86312120
FAX +86 0511-86317928
email: wjx18888@163.com
internet: http://www.dywyhj.cn

Our company is an ISO9000 certified manufacturer of tungsten carbide tools, wheel lug nail and wheel balance weight. We have the
right of self-run export.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D112


Yong An Danyang Developing Zone, 212300, Danyang City, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-86961888
FAX +86 511-86960005
email: xiabineastar@163.com
internet: http://www.dhtoolco.com

The company is established in 2001 and located in the famous tool-making base – Danyang City. The city is linked to Shanghai,
Nanjing, Hangzhou and other most developed cities in Eastern China by railways and express highways, transportation is very
Our main products are diamond cutting tools and TCT saw blade, including to sintered, brazed welded and laser welded blades, which
were applied in marble granite, concrete, asphalt, masonry, tile and many other materials. TCT saw blade is suiting for wood, veneer,
plywood, and Aluminum. Our products are manufactured to ISO9001 and have achieved the exacting safety standard demanded for
certification by the MPA/EN standards group of Germany. We also offer OEM services to complete buyer’s customized orders.
We sincerely hope to set up close relationships with customers all over the world.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P101


20, Kulakova st., 123592, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 758-0711
FAX +7 (495) 757-6515
email: anton@www.delot.ru
internet: http://www.delot.ru

«Delo Tehniki», ltd is engaged in design and wholesale of hand tools (spanner wrenches, combined wrenches, inclined wrenches,
wrenches with ratchet, balloon wrenches, hex wrenches and also sets of heads and nozzles in plastic cases).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T118


922-1, Weolam-Dong, Dalseo-Gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 583 1244
FAX +82 53 583 1316
email: jmc@jalman.com
internet: http://www.jalman.com

Established in 1974, JALMAN PRECISION CO., LTD. has enjoyed the reputation of serving the Korean industrial market with
outstanding team of committed bearing specialists. We manufacture and distribute a greater range of industrial bearings and h ave
previously been experienced in Korea. Our special engineering team can meet your expectation for quality and price together.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B128


731, Sunhwa, Jillyang, Kyungsan, Kyeongbuk, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 852 2664
FAX +82 53 853 2665
email: jdryu@jdtools.co.kr
internet: http://www.jdtools.co.kr

JD TOOLS is the leading supplier of custom made Carbide cutting tools and Diamond tools in Korea and is specialized in the Carbide
Slitting(slotting) Saw, Drill, End-mill, Taper Reamer, Form tool and Diamond Tools. Established in 2003, we provide both products and
solutions for all manufacturing industries. With the bridging experience and advance technology, JD TOOLS specialized in custom ized
special cutting tools for your needs.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A130


Tanghui Industrial Park, Jiaxing Economic Development Area, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 573-82211934
FAX +86 573-2214337
email: jxmajor@163.com
internet: http://www.jxeasy.com

We are a professional manufacturer of powder actuated fastening systems and batteries, it is located near Shanghai city, whic h owns
convenient transportation. Our products include drive pins (nails), powder loads (cartridges), and powder actuated tools (fastening
tools), batteries. We engaged in this line for nearly ten years. Our professional production and management team make sound q uality
of the goods, even all our drive pins are ballistic point, which is much more popular in the international marke t comparing with those cut

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L103


Xingqiao Road, Qixing Town, Nanhu District, 314002, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang, 314002, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 573-8391-9839
FAX +86 573-8391-9837
email: buildstrong98@yahoo.com.cn
internet: http://www.carefreetire.com

PU foam tires, PU foam filled tires, wheelbarrow, handtruck, casters.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F100


Room 606, No. 65 Yunhe RD, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-84406495
FAX +86 511-84406498
email: yanwei@interchinatool.con
internet: http://www.interchinatool.com

Professional hacksaw blade, power blade , band saw balde manufacturer, have m ore than 40 years experience specilized in saw blade
line, the owner of China most famous brand “Air plane“ and “Shanghai” of saw blade.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G113


Houxiang town, Danyang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0511-86312333
FAX +86 0511-86312403
email: brave_chan@tiangong-tools.com, bravechan2006@hotmail.com
internet: http://www.tggj.cn

We are the largest hss material, drill bits and bi-metal hole saw manufacturer in China. Our main products, hss steel material, mould
steel material, hss blank, hss straight shank and taper shank twist drill bits, masonry drill, sds, wood drill, wood spade bit, step drill,
center drill, taps, bi-metal hole saw, saw blade and other special cutting tools. As a public company in H.K, we can provide all kinds of
grade quality hss and mould steel material.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P135-136


East Guanzhuang Road, Shengao Town, Jiangyan, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 52388668811
FAX +86 52388661358
email: xumayyh @hotmail.com
internet: http://www.scaffolding-coupler.com

Jiangyan Yahua Forging Co. Ltd is an export enterprise of manufacturing various forged constructional couplers. It is located in
Jiangyan City Jiangsu Province, which is about 300km northwest from Shanghai China. Combining research and production, as well
absorbing international advanced technology and equipment, our products are well sold into Europe, America, Asia and other countries
and regions. We produce and export 40 Full Container Loads of scaffolding parts a month. Our products include: Drop forged double
coupler, drop forged swivel coupler; drop forged putlog; drop forged girder coupler; drop forged board clamp, and so on. All of our
products are produced under BS1139 and EN74 to satisfy the most rigorous of structural mechanical applications. With good service
and credit, our company is developing fast day by day. We warmly welcome customers and friends in and out to enquire us. With the
aim of “quality comes first; customers are the highest; operate with honest and create our brilliance together”, we promise to afford
competed products, reasonable prices and good credit and service, in order to get Yahua’s development with your company toget her.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C92


Hardware industrial zone, Qiantan town, 311602, Jiande, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-64177888
FAX +86 571-64173978
email: xuejun@id.hz.zj.cn
internet: http://www.3w.chinascrewdriver.com

JIANDE SCREWDRIVER CO., LTD was established in Hangzhou China since 1993. Specialize in manufacturing hand tools, especially
screwdriver set.
We have rich technical force, complete test-equipment and High-quality management team. Has passed ISO9001 international quality
system authentication.
The products pass such authoritative authentication as VDE, TüV/GS, CE, etc. More products exported to EU have passed the PAHS
& RoHS test. Our company has power to engage in import and export trade of self-operation. The products are sold well in Europe,
America, Asia more than 40 countries and regions.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P113


No. 8 Wangliyang industrial estate, Qiantan town, Jiande City, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-6468673б/ 64693270
FAX +86 21-64686739
email: angela-ren@126.com
internet: http://www.feilingtool.com

Feiling Tools is a long established International Manufacturer of the finest quality Tools and Hardware available. Feiling to ols produce a
vast variety of Screwdriver Sets & Screwdriver Bit Sets. Our Annual production last year alone was w ell over 100 Million Screwdriver
Bit Sets and 500 Thousand Screwdriver Sets. Feiling Tools enjoy an outstanding reputation, and hold excellent position in market all
across the Globe. We currently export our products throughout the US, UK, EU, Russia & Taiwan. We will provide high quality products
and first level service to our customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E108


No. 8 Dingxiang Road, Economic & Technological Development Area, Wuyi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579-87921528
FAX +86 0579-87921529
email: jhtanky@tom.com

Jinhua Tiankai Electric Company is a high-tech company specializing in design, manufacture and commercialization. With its advanced
technology and continuous innovation spirit, the company devotes itself in inverter welder industry. With its rapid development mid and
high-end industrial inverter welders with advanced technology and high performance have been launched continuously. Our persistent
pursuit is best quality, best performance, best cost ratio and creating value for customers. We sincerely hope to hold hands with our
friends from all walks of life around the world together to move forward and create a glorious future.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P134


No. 25 Mingyuan Road, Hardware Technology Industry Zone, Yongkang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579-87230618
FAX +86 0579-87230600
email: jh@jh-tools.com
internet: http://www.jh-tools.com

Yongkang City Jiahe Tools Co., Ltd. is one of primary exporting foundations of China Electric Power Tools Manufacture, which is an
important enterprise of "Five Industries" in Zhejiang province and the annual output is 300, 0000 set. We have a highly compe tent R&D
team that possess abundant technological power and equipped with advanced testing and productive instruments. All production
procedure follow ISO9000 standard strictly. All products have passed China Electric Products Authentication and obtained GS, EMC,
CE safety approvals certificates of TUV.
Our products are sold well throughout the world and win high reputation from customers for their excellent service and superi or quality.
In the 21st Century, we make up our mind to devote ourselves to develop more newest products, meanwhile we strive for serving
clients sincerely and creating our mutual brilliant future together.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K105


Taozhuang Industry zone, Jianshan, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0573 84865828
FAX +86 0573 84865533
email: rmh@jszsjz.com
internet: http://www.jszsjz.com

JIASHAN ZHONGSHENG METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD was established on May 2004. The amount of value is RMB 15, 110, 000.00.
We are the special for all kinds of hardware, the range of business as follow: hardware products, metal materials, waste iron materials,
construction materials.
We local at the Golden Place of Taozhuan Province (there have a rat close southern of us, Pingli road at close northern of us ), our
company area near to 30, 000 sqr. meters.
There we have a building of more than 15, 000 sqr. meters, a work room more than 8, 000 sqr. meters, a place for goods and products
- more than 10, 000 sqr. meters. We have our own two river port, one big lifting machine, three big traveling cranes, one computer
loadmeter, others for big and middle pressure machine, punching machine, cut-iron&steel machine, cold mill machine, etc. We are the
company gather factory, trade, carry & pile up goods.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G117


Shangbutou Industrial Zone, Tengqiao, Lucheng, Wenzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 577 86479618/ 86480618
FAX +86 577 86471288/ 86471618
email: rigging@mail.wzptt.zj.cn
internet: http://www.luchengrigging.com

We are manufacturer; main product includes turnbuckle, screw rigging, quick link, snap hook, shackle, clip, swing hook, rings , "S" hook,
eye plate and other series of products. OEM is preferably welcomed.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D109


132 Kaifa Avenue, Taizhou Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0576-88055535
FAX +86 0576-88820909
email: joewangxw@126.com
internet: http://www.jiaoguang.com

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B119


Hangwen rd. 30, Shanshi, Daxi, Wenling, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0576-86389920
FAX +86 0576-86389908
email: wswf5262@vip.163.com
internet: http://www.giantgroup.cn

We would like to introduce ourselves as a specialized manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in welders and cutters such as
ON. We can also be your OEM if there’s a need for us. We also have a strong team of engineers developing new models day by da y
and controlling good quality of our machine as well, which have achieved CE, IS9001, GS and ROHS. Our produc ts are now having
been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C109


668 Yuandong road, Fengxian, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-67105215
FAX +86 21-67105102
email: cain.huang@didatools.com
internet: http://www.didatools.com

Professional manufacturer of diamond tools and cutting machine for construction and stone industry.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A115


Room 808 Zhuoda Zhongyuan Commercial Building, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 311-87162039/38/37/36/80
FAX +86 311-87162020

Dingzhou Five-Star Metal Wire Mesh Factory has been specializing in producing metal wire, wire mesh for nearly 30 years. During the
past years, we have been striving to develop and improve ourselves. Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and
areas in the world, and have won an excellent reputation for superior quality. The main markets are USA, Europe, South America,
Caribbean Countries, Middle East and South-East Asia, etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P102


Werner von Siemens str. , 5, D-51570, Windeck-Rosbach, Germany
TEL +49 2292-91400
FAX +49 2292-914040
email: intro@g-wendt.com
internet: http://www.g-wendt.com

DIPL.-ING. GUNTER WENDT GMBH is a family held, privately owned manufacturer specializing in the production of abrasive finishing
and polishing products. Our products stand for consistent quality combined with a custom oriented service.
Numerous innovative products are patented and were successfully launched. Wendt is a DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and GOST R
A significant portion of our business involves the manufacture of customer products for special needs.

ПАВ. 1


End of East and Beiyi Rd, Dongying, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 546-8313330
FAX +86 546-8313287
email: jane@investmentcastingchina.net
internet: http://www.investmentcastingchina.net

China Changrui uses investment casting, precise processing, surface treatment technology to make hundreds of different castin gs and
intensive processing product with material carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, High-temperature steel and so on. Changrui is
an experienced manufacturer of steel investment castings which produces castings by means of the silica sol (lost -wax) process.
Changrui will try our best to make it straight forward to establish direct purchasing of your components from a reliable manufacturer
operating to ISO9001:2000. With an output 60Ts castings per month, exported everywhere around the world.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C108

Huxi Town, Industries Zone, Dongyang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-86612612
FAX +86 579-86600302
email: bright-east@vip.163.com
internet: http://www.bright-east.com

Dongyang Bright East is one manufactory, who produce the pipe clamps and it’s accessories, for fixing the pipe tube and the building

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K109


30, Mitinskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 721-8797
FAX +7 (495) 721-8797
email: popov-dtl@bk.ru
internet: http://www.dtl.su

Industrial-business concern (manufacture and wholesales of the metal-cutting tool).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q124


36 Block 11 lot, Namdong Industrial Complex, Incheon, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-32-814-1540
FAX +82-32-814-5381
email: dragon96@kotis.net
internet: http://www.dragon.co.kr

DTR (Dragon Precision Tools) is best leading Gear Hob and Milling Cutter manufacture in the world.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A106

No. 12, Lane 135, Jui-Ho Street, Ta-Li City, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan
TEL +886-4-24932826
FAX +886-4-24929333
email: easen @ ms7.hinet net
internet: http://www.easentools.com.tw

EASEN HARDWARE CORP. had been established in 1983; up to now already have 25 years exporter experience. 2001 through
ISO9001, 2003 through GS authentication. Provided from design, sampling, examination, production, packing and delivery, etc. All
consistent flow integrity service, our product quality receives from the customer and the market suitable affirmation; simultaneously the
price also unusual has the competitive ability. For in accordance to the global demand, then had been established Ein Seng In dustrials
(M) Sdn Bhd in 1990 of Malaysia, mainly provided Malaysia the locality and the southeast Asia market demand. EASEN HARDWARE
CORP positively put up a factory in 2007 to the Mainland China, provided has the competitive ability the product service cust omer

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B133


702b, 3, Guotai Modern City, No. 39, Renmin Road, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0512 58698858
FAX +86 0512 58698596
email: root@wintoptools.com
internet: http://www.wintoptools.com

Euro-Tek Industrial Co., Ltd. is a group company which manufacture and export hand tools and plastic machinery. We are able to
supply all kinds of hand tools including pliers, wrenches, saws, axes, drill bits and tool bags. We also manufacture plastic machinery
and various other related machines.
We are fully committed to providing our clients with high quality products, prompt delivery and professional services. Our company has
many long-term customers, especially in the UK, North America and Southeast Asia. Our engineers and artwork designers are ready to
supply you with a wide range of product models and package designs.
We welcome both new and existing customers to take a look at our current lineup and hope that you will choose our brand of
competitively priced quality products. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and we will be happy to answer any questions you may

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД D107


8 Dachengxiang, Wuxi, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 510-82729700
FAX +86 510-82711541
email: e-links@china.com
internet: http://www.e-links.com.cn

We are professional manufacturer of diamond saw blades & TCT circular saw blades in China. Our products are having very Good
market in Europe, North America, Asia & Africa. Since 2001, we have been selling our products in Russia so that we know very well
about Russian market. We are sure that our products will meet your requirement very well both in quality and prices. Looking forward to
work with your in the very soon future!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A114


A358#, East Industrial zone, Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 512-56920568
FAX +86 512-56920567
email: salangane@kmttools.com
internet: http://www.kmttools.com

Zhangjiagang Kingmaster Tools Co., Ltd is a manufacture and leading exporter of hand tools and other hardware products. We are
able to supply all kinds of hand tools including pliers, wrenches, saws and axes. We also can provide drill bits, tool sets and various
other related items.
We are fully committed to providing our clients with high quality products, prompt delivery and professional services. Our en gineers and
artwork designers are ready to supply you with a wide range of product models and package designs. Presently, our clients include
wholesalers, large retailers and famous brand name companies from all over the world.
We welcome both new and existing customers to take a look at our current lineup and hope that you will choose our brand of
competitively priced quality products. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and we will be happy to answer any questions you may

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G114


Diankou Industry Zone, Zhuji, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 575 87655287
FAX +86 575 87655568
email: bruce_tong@dunan.cn
internet: http://www.dunanvalves.com

Zhejiang DunAn Valve Co., Ltd. is hold by DunAn Holdings Group, which a professional manufacturer of various of brass valves and
fittings, covering, ball valve, gate valve, radiator valve, stop valve, check valve, and strainer etc. It is approved by ISO9001:2000 and
ISO14001certification and introducing TQM system into management system and received DVGW, KIWA, WRAS, and EN331 product
security approvals.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G120


Daxi pump industry zone, Wenling, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-86329299
FAX +86 576-86329488
email: webmaster@cnxinya.com
internet: http://www.cnxinya.net

Zhejiang XINYA pump industry co.,ltd was established in the early 1988s. It is a modern enterprise which is specialized in
manufacturing air compressor, water pump & welding machine. All products have passed CE & ISO9001 international quality
certificates successfully. All of products enjoy good reputation in European countries, South America markets, Australia, Africa, Middle
East regions, Southeast Asian areas. By our strong design team, we welcome customer's designment and OEM. Sincerely welcome a ll
guests to visit our company for cooperation.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G109


Xiacheng Mechanical Industrial Area, Wugen Town, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-86906852
FAX +86 576-86906851
email: info@lastonweld.cn
internet: http://www.lastonweld.com

Zhejiang laoshidun welding equipment Co. Ltd is located in the zone of industrial machinery which is next to the beautiful town -
Wugen. Our factory is the first machinery enterprise that can export and import in this area.
After years of unremitting efforts, the company has already developed into a well-established modern enterprise. The company is
acreage 30000 centiare, the plant building is about 20000 centiare, has a stuff of over 200 people. Laoshidun Electric m achine takes
the lead in the world and brings the benefits to customers from reduction of weight and size of vibration machine, welding ma chine,
cutting machine.
With excellent quality, competitive price, technique advanced. Our company has passed the "CCC" Product Certification and the
certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Our products are selling to South Korea, Europe, and America, Southe ast,
Asia, the Middle East and so on. We are also willing to manufacture our products with OEM.
With the market of competitive fiercely, the stuff of Laoshidun, will make our best effort to meet the customer requirement an d service
for them. Welcome to our company.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P124


Nantang Industrial Zone, 325618, Yueqing City, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 577-62252044
FAX +86 577-62256668
email: info@tspm-cn.com
internet: http://www.tspm-cn.com

We specialize in manufacturing cemented carbide products. The factory occupies a land area of 100, 000 square meters with over 600
employees. We have the high-class professional production equipments, including 126 3T-100T pressing machines, 10 HIP furnaces,
15 vacuum sintering furnaces, 2 Spray Drying Towers and a full set of modern testing methods.
Not only in the homeland, but also our products sell to dozens of countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Widely use d in
metallurgy, machinery, mine, petrochemical industry, electronics, textile industry, military industry, spaceflight and furniture making.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C95-b


No. 2 Furong Town, Yueqing, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 577-61310559
FAX +86 577-61310883
email: webmaster@hx-union.com
internet: http://www.hx-union.com

Founded in 1995, ZHEJINAG FOHILL TOOLS CO., LTD. Now governs 5 branch companies and more than 200specialized collaborator
factories, and over 100 sales offices and special distributors throughout China, Middle East and Russia etc. Export business covers
Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. We are specialize in producing hard alloy electric hammer drills, wood
working tools, steel chisels, cutting disc, pneumatic nailing guns, hole saw, electric hammers and electric pickaxes etc. more than 20
series and over 5,000 different kinds of specifications. FOHILL drill was honored the title of Famous Product in Yueqing. It is the leader
of Yueqing Hardware Tools Industry and China drill (construction works) industrial Base.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P119


Daxu Industry Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579 87271526
FAX +86 57987271333
email: chaoyue@cn-chaoyue.com
internet: http://www.cn-chaoyue.com

Founded in 1986, Zhejiang Chaoyue Industry Co., Ltd. locates beside the No.330 national highway in Yongkang city, Zhejiang Prov. It
covers an area of 50000m2 and the staff is more than 660 in which 85 are engineer with high and middle ranks. We’re specialized in
manufacturing of brushcutter, scooter, small power gasoline engine, cylinder head, snubber etc. Its business type contains
manufacturing, trade and R&D. The company has powerful economic and technical development capacity so that its quality lists in the
front line among the competitors within China. It has sizable scope in the area of rough die casting, machining and product assembly.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E103


Daxi Industry Zone, Wenling, Taizhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576 86380598
FAX +86 576 86389788
email: cary@sh-mingjiang.com
internet: http://www.youlimachine.com

We want to know the market situation, to contact the potential customer so that to develop the market through attending the e xhibition.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C93


308, North Zhongshan rd, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-85773913
FAX +86 571-85773925
email: guwanjun@zj.com
internet: http://www.zjnac.com

Our company is specialized in decorating tools, such as paint brush, paint roller, scraper, artist brushes, and also sell all kinds of
natural bristle, synthetic filament, or the mixture of the bristle with filament.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B113


Shentang industrial zone, Baiyang st., Wuyi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-87869187
FAX +86 579-87869168
email: burley@burleytools.com
internet: http://www.burleytools.com

ZHEJIANG BURLEY TOOLS CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of power Tools for over a decade. With the experience of exporting to EU,
the USA and Middle East, we are now a leading power tool supply source in China. With a 40,000 square meter production base, we
specialize in electric hand mixers, heat guns and electric polishers. We back up our R&D strength with a large production capacity
equipped with 6 assembly lines. Our products are tested to CE, GS, EMC, UL, CSA standards and managed by the ISO 9001:2000
certified system. A team of 30 R&D professionals illustrates our commitment to research and development. Our comprehensive ODM
services conduct analysis of your needs prior to research, enabling us to design and develop the ideal power tools. With ability to
accept OEM orders, our experienced sales and customer service department will provide you with a professional working procedure in
accordance with international practice.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B102


1891 Yatai Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571 82302668
FAX +86 571 82301288
email: jason@wanda-intl.com
internet: http://www.wanda-intl.com

Zhejiang Wanda Import And Export Company Limited was established in 1988, and has since then become one of the major Chinese
players in the global field of DIY and professional tools and hardware. The King Kong Toolshop brand is a guarantee of streng th and
loyalty, and we will never hesitate to reach new heights for the benefit of our customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B100


Feng Huangshan Industry Area of DongGan, WuYi County, 321201, JinHua, ZheJiang, 321201, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579 87709690
FAX +86 0579 87708523
email: gl004@glelectric.com
internet: http://www.glelectric.com

We are a professional corporation which research and manufacture electric tools. Now there are more than 800 workers in our
company. In 2000 year, our company gained certificate of ISO9000 quality control system. Also our products got several international
approvals, such as CE, GS, EMC and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K101


No. 121, Honglong Rd. , Hongjia, Taizhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0576 88013228
FAX +86 0576 88015612
email: info@boyacn.com
internet: http://www.boyacn.com

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L102


-35 FENDONG DUQIAO TOWN, Linhai, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576 82431868
FAX +86 576 82431780/781
email: kevin@kende.com.cn
internet: http://www.kaiser.net.cn

ZHEJIANG JUDING INDUSTRY CO., LTD was founded in March 2005. It is a sole-invented subsidiary of China Kende Electric Group,
specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of welding machine, battery charger, concrete mixer and heater. The main
market is Europe, Russia, South America, North America, Japan, Australia. The products enjoy good reputation because of the g ood
quality and competitive price.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F102


No. 18 Yusan str. Jinpan developing zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579-82235518
FAX +86 0579-82235798
email: jhbetty@mail.jhptt.zj.cn
internet: http://www.yxtools.com

Our company is mnufactory specialized in manufacturing all kinds of spirit levels, mainly produce aluminum level, support rod s, and
plastic levels etc..Our company manages with the ISO9001 management operation system, and supplies high quality and novel design
products, getting recognition by customers, some products get patnet, as well as some achieved TUV/GS, FDA, CE and ROHS
certification for European and USA markets etc. Thank you for choosing our products, hope we will be your best supplier.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K104


Shentang Ind. Area, Wuyi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579 87878787
FAX +86 0579-87969798
email: jason@jskygroup.com
internet: http://www.jskygroup.com

Zhejiang Jason sky Ind. Ltd. is a privately owned company founded in 1994, is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of Gasoline
operated garden tools such as Chainsaw, Brush cutter, Hedge trimmers, and Lawn mowers etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K100


Zhapu Economic Developing Zone, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 573-85520590
FAX +86 573-85520333
email: scp@washan.com
internet: http://www.washan.com

Zhejiang Zhapu Industrial Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of Steel Hex Nuts and Bolts. It has acquired ISO9001:2000,
ISO14001:2004 and ISO/TS16949: 2002 accreditations, and now becomes one of the biggest manufacturers in Fasteners Industry an d
the largest Nuts Manufacturer in China. This company has more than 900 employees, with yearly production capacity of 55, 000
M/Tons for nuts and 50, 000 M/Tons for bolts.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D127


Wanchang Middle Road, Wenling, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-86146569
FAX +86 576-86146567
email: sales@zomaxtool.com
internet: http://www.zomaxtool.com

We have been engaged in research and development of engine and related products for than 30 years. Now we take the lead in
manufacturing gasoline-powered garden tools in China. By leaning from the most advanced design concept and absording the up -to-
date technology in this field, we introduce more than 5 brand new products and over 15 models of improved products to the market
This makes our products lead the development trend of garden machineries in China.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D118


Shiwei Road, Yuxin Town, South Lake Zone, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 573 8322 5888
FAX +86 573 8311 2333
email: yat@yattool.com
internet: http://www.yattool.com

YAT is a professional Lawn and Garden Tools, Power Tools manufacturer in China.
Founded in 2001, we now have more than 1700 staff members and 112,000m2 building area.
YAT is certified by ISO 9001:200, has reliable quality control system with complete set of procedures covering the incoming m aterial
inspection, in-process quality control, and final quality control. YAT has professional testing center which can do all functional testing
according to GS/CE/EMC/UL standards.
The turnover of YAT in 2007 is more than USD60 million, the target in 2008 is about USD90 million. Europe is the main market of YAT
which takes about 60% of the whole sales turnover. Others are, North America 20%, Australian 15%, others 5%.
YAT has strong R&D team, more than 50 experienced engineer can work out more than 120 new models per year.
Building a world class organization that is focused and driven by customer needs.
Responsibility to the customer drives research and product development to products, that are innovative, efficient and cost e ffective.
We look forward to setting up a long term business relationship with our customers on mutual benefit.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E100


No. 165 Zhonghe Zhong Road, 310001, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-87824265
FAX +86 571-87830676
email: liubinsinotex@gmail.com

Engine, generator, welder generator, engine pump agriculture & garden machine (tiller, wheel barrow).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P114


No. 195, Qingchun Road, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-88391755
FAX +86 571-88391758
email: golddoorco@mail.hz.zj.cn
internet: http://www.golddoorco.cn

As a main Chinese exporter in house hardware, Zhejiang Orient Group Light Industrial Products I/E Co. has 32 years’ business
experience and extensive connections with worldwide distributors and agents. Our steadily-increasing supply line conduces to an
availability of almost every type of products that our clients need. Exporting more than USD 5, 000, 000 value of products annually, we
keep innovating and improving to ensure providing best quality at competitive price.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P104


No. 32, Tongling West Road, Hardware & Science Industry Area, Yongkang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 13454964791
FAX +86 579-87232168
email: yyp@kedatools.com
internet: http://www.kedatools.com

Zhejiang SATA Tools Manufacture Co., ltd is the pioneer in power tool production industry in China. We have advanced technology,
perfect inspection and scientific management method, and have a good faith in the international market. Our company specialized in
manufacturing the table saw, miter saw, cut-off saw, jointer/planer, concrete vibrator, impact drill, angle grinder, circular saw, marble
cutter, sander, trimmer etc. Our products have been exported all around the world.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C111


North city industrial zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-87153566
FAX +86 579-87153138
email: ykxf0002@swirlwind.com.cn

Zhejiang Swirl Wind Tools Made Co., Ltd. Is located in north city Industrial Zone of Yongkang City , It covers 10, 000 square meters,
and building area is 30, 000 square meters.It enjoys convenient transporataion, only 5 kilometers away from doentown. The com pany
was founded in 1992, With 15 years his hidtroy of specializing in belt sanders and electrical planers, It has been an influential
manufactuer in the field .There are more than 600 employees in the factory.The annal turnout of belt sander have rechers 800
thousand pieces.Annual production value hits RMB150 million.The company possesses the independent developing, d esigning, and
producing capacity of power tools. Each product is developed by our R&D engineers, and it is available for us to develop new products
according to your special requirements.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P116


Shangzhang Industrial, Luqiao, Taizhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-82930088
FAX +86 576-82537778
email: sales@tg-tool.com
internet: http://www.tg-tool.com

TAIZHOU HARTE MECHANCIAL TOOLS CO.LTD is a professional manufacture of producing the bore processing tools. It locates in a
coastal city of Taizhou, by the east sea of China, with convenient transportation in land, sea and air.
The company established in 1988, with two production basis (one is in Luqiao, the other in Wenling), has more than 200 staff. At
present, its main products are drill bits, reamers and cutters. In addition, the company also can make non-standard products according
to the requirements of customers.
From establishing to the present, we welcome all guests come to our company, discuss cooperation, communicate technologies an d
create resplendence together.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P106


Xinbi Industry Zone, Jinyun County, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 578-3183876
FAX +86 578-3183668
email: wangxuelin2006@126.com
internet: http://www.taotaogroup.com

ORETAO is a technology cooperation between America and China company, and is specialized in producing chain saw, grass cutter,
bush cutter, hedge trimmer and other gasoline gardening tools. Our company has powerful technology, advanced production
equipments and independent research and development departments.
Established in 1985 as an integrated enterprise including company, our group now comprises the Taotao Vehicle Co., Ltd., Taot ao
door, Taotao Leisure Articles, Taotao Foundry, Taotao Hotel, and a trading company. With assets worth in excess of USD 12,000 ,000.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L108


No. 143 South Huansha rd., Zhuji, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 575 87375906
FAX +86 575 87185581
email: dongwang128@163.com
internet: http://www.fengqiu.com

Zhejiang Fengqiu Group is mainly producing pump products engages in scientific research, production and trades including self-run
import and export trade, which is ranked as a key pump manufacturer and has been recognized as a major and high -tech enterprise by
the Chinese government. Backed by a water pump institute, a computerized test center and a CAD facility, the company is capable of
custom designing and developing various kinds of pump products under a quality system of ISO9001 and an environment system of
ISO14001. UL, CE and GS listed products are available for extra safety assurance that the company never takes lightly. The quality
products are sold well in China and exported to Europe, the United States, South-east Asia, etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B101


No. 88, PuNan Road, Shengzhou City Economic & Developing Zone, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0575-83048888
FAX +86 0575-83262666
email: handhoist@163.com
internet: http://www.handbrand.cn

Our Company established in 1993, is seized of 100000 m2 with modern processing, assembling and testing center. The main produ cts
are lever block, chain hoist, electric hoist, plain/geared trolley, beam clamp, and etc.
We have completely achieved quality system approvals such as ISO9001, CE, and GS certificate which make stable quality of products
and make them sell fast in different regions and countries such as Japan, France, Australia, German, and America.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K110


58 Kaixuan Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 573-82116815
FAX +86 573-82110892
email: fastener@zj-shiner.com

Our company is one of the biggest & professional manufacturer and exporter of fasteners in China.
Our company has invested several fasteners factory.
Main Products:
(1). Hex Head Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Carriage Bolts
(2). Hex Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts, Square Nuts, Wing Nuts, Tee Nuts
(3). Thread Rod, Stud, B7 Stud, U Bolts
(4). Flat Washers, Spring Washers
(5). Confirmat Screws, Furniture Screws, Lag Screws, Coach Screws
(6). Self Tapping Screws, Chipboard Screws, Particle Board Screws, Drywall Screws
 Wood Screws, Machine Screws, Nail Screws.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D106


Badu industrial zone , Tiantai, Taizhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-83010851
FAX +86 576-83012898
email: henry@tianticn.com, henry@tztt.cn
internet: http://www.ttgs.cn

Zhejiang Tianti rubber and plastic Co., LTD is specialized in pvc series hose with main products of plastic water tape, pvc f ibre
reinforced hose, pvc steel wire steel hose, pvc clear single hose, pvc garden hose, etc in complete categories, nowada ys, most of our
products have been far exported to Southeast Asia, mid-east, Europe, Russia and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A120


No. 9 Tieling rd. , Hardware science&technology industrial zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-87536516
FAX +86 579-87536598
email: sale01@kuaili-tools.com
internet: http://www.kuaili-tools.com

Zhejiang Kuaili Tools Co.Ltd, specialized in producing gasoline train saw, brush cutter, carpenters’ tools, garden tools and so on. Our
goods have been sold to clients in Germany, France, America, Middle East and South East Asia. And most of our clients have go od
impression on our products. We will supply good price, professional quality and excellent service to our clients as ways.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P103


Lijiayang, Lunan, Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576 82412012
FAX +86 576 82530000
email: office@bried.com
internet: http://www.bried.com

BRIED is located along the coast of East Seashore. It is a most influential manufacturer for drill chuck industry. Over ten years, we all
along persist in the objective of "promptly delivering the high quality goods to the customers, striving go do the excellent job in each
step of the whole technological process". It is no definitely a slogan, but has been implemented into the pragmatic works. In the inner
part, we always keep improving the production equipments and processing craft. It applies more and more automated technology in
production. The workers and staff members have easier tasks to deal with, but the product quality has been continuously lifte d up. On
behalf of our dear customers, we are engaged in persistently ameliorating the products, constantly enhancing the product performance.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L104


room 0361, Wangjing New World Shanxiang Square, Zhenjiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 51185115250
FAX +86 51185134124
email: baoertools@mail.ru
internet: http://www.jesdatools

JSD TOOLS Company is a professional enterprise engaged in tool production and sales.
Drill bits, Taps, Dies, End mills are main cutting tools of our company. And we also produce some hand tools and machinery
accessory. Our company’s products through the ISO9002 quality system. For many years’ endeavor of our staff, our company’s
products have been sold in many foreign countries such as Asia, America, Australia, Europe, Russia and so on.
The customers are satisfied with our high grade and high quality products, they also enjoy our good service. We extremely welcome
the colleagues all over the word to visit our company and to offer us some valuable suggestions. We want to grow up with you.
Meanwhile we are active to develop some more new products to meet the different need of the different country.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A118


Zhuangquan, Xinfeng Town, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-83323108
FAX +86 511-83326711
email: hfbrush@hfbrush.com/ dyw@hfbrush.com
internet: http://www.hfbrush.com

Our factory established in 1988, it covers an area of 9600 M2, production rooms occupy 9000M2. Holding the advanced equipment ,
perfect management system and abundant professional technology, our factory is a competitive factory. Also we have the import and
export license, and this is great facility for us to handle international business.
We mainly produce a wide range of Flat paint brushes, Ceiling brushes, Radiator paint brushes, Bent paint brushes, Brush sets , Round
brushes, Artist brushes, Paint rollers, Roller frames, For our brushes, we have different materials of Bristles& Handles.
For our paint rollers, we also have different materials.
Our principle: Credit First, good service! We sincerely invite business negotiation and friendly cooperation from home and abroad, we
will offer satisfied quality products with good prices, good service to thanks for your selection our products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P140


Dantu Industry Zone, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-85340759
FAX +86 511-85340757
email: jessicawang8817@gmail.com
internet: http://www.greatpump.net

Zhen Jiang Great Pump Co., Ltd, located in Zhen Jiang, China, is specialized in pumping station design; water pump manufacturing
and technology development. The business scope of our company includes: design, manufacture and sale of pumps, valves and low -
voltage apparatus facilities, and consultation of designing large-scale pumping station. The company has already passed the ISO9001.
Since its establishment, the company has been focused on the engineering construction and advanced technology development. At
present, the company has developed 13 series totally 52 kinds of pumps, such as Circulating Pump, IMC series magnetic pump, JFY
Long Axis of the Pump, Submersible Pump, Standard chemical pump and so on. These products have got an excellent reputation fr om
our customers due to their high quality and good function.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G115


No. 4, Huangxu Town, Dantu District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511 83511087
FAX +86 511 83514868
email: hf@hengfei-brush.com
internet: http://www.hengfei-brush.com

Our company is in a beautiful and fecundated famous city Zhenjiang. The traffic and geographical position is very convenient. It
connects with Huning highway and Gedan road only far within 4 kilometers. In the east, it nears Dagang international dock. In the west,
it nears Jinghu railway, Nanjing Lukou and Changzhou Airport.
Our company produces brushes with history of near thirty years. We inherit hard-working spirit from our ancestors. At present, we have
advanced brush-producing equipments in the same level from those from Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The annual
yield is more than 800,000 dozens.
We offer various high, middle and low grade goods-bristle brush, Paint brush with hollow polyester bristles, Painting brush with sharpen
polyester bristles, paint brushes and series painting tools and so on. They are all famous in the world. The species is over 600, s aling
to Europe, South-America, Mid-east, Africa, Southeast Asia etc. We gain high appraisal from many clients and several prizes from
governments and media.
In the future, our company will carry on the notion of best product, best service and best credit. Welcome new and old custom ers from
abroad and home markets for future cooperation.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G105


6/f, No. 19 Jiefang rd., Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-84498758
FAX +86 511-84421828
email: kinpower@vip.163.com
internet: http://www.cn-protools.com

We are one of leading exporters in China for hand tools and other hardware products based on our manufacture. We started the
business with oversea markets from the end of last century. With about 10 years study and work for our products, now we have been a
mature team. Our team is ready to treat any technical problems during our business, also can accept OEM order as your design for
products and package. We are fully committed to providing you with high quality products inspected strictly, prompt delivery and
professional service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D107


Jiangdong Park, Gaohu rd., Zhuji, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
email: lissam@vip.163.com
internet: http://www.lissam.com

As one of main exporters and manufacturers of Welding/Cutting Equipments in China, LISSAM Weldi ng Equipment Co.,Ltd deals with
a large range of Arc. Welding Accessories, Gas Equipment, TIG Torches & Spares, MIG/MAG Torches & Spares, PLASMA Torches &
Spares, Welding Machine, Welding Consumables and Safety Products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D124


65/2, Ryabinovaya st., 121471, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 700-0915
FAX +7 (495) 700-0915
email: info@iatek.ru
internet: http://www.iatek.ru, www.craftsman-russia.ru

Sales of garden and professional communal techniques. Warranty and repair services.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H100


25, Avtozavodskaya st., 115280, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 792-3280
FAX +7 (495) 675-2546
email: info@idiama.ru
internet: http://www.idiama.ru

Garden tools. Exclusive distributor of SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH (Germany) in Russia.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F97


187, Obvodnogo kanala emb., Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 251-7390
FAX +7 (812) 251-2664
email: opt@infracom.ru
internet: http://www.infracom.ru

Wholesale and service support of power tools, the building equipment and account materials.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S100


7/1, 1st Novokuzminskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 741-7070
FAX +7 (495) 741-7070
email: sale@engtech.ru
internet: http://www.engtech.ru

ENGTECHSERVICE Company is an exclusive distributor of the Italy-made BETA tools in Russia.
The complete range of BETA products includes:
- reliable and durable workshop tools
- special tools for various systems and components of cars and trucks
- tool troleys
- tool sets specially intended for specific car brands (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, VW, Audi, etc.).

BETA tools have been tested and approved by FORMULA-1 racers.
A comprehensive and complete catalogue of all tools available in Russian language.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T127


58, Kirova st., Pavlovo, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Russia
TEL +7 (831-71) 2-25-97
FAX +7 (831-71) 2-25-97
email: info@ iagro.ru
internet: http://www.iagro.ru

Manufacture and sale garden stock, the snow-removing tool and the goods for rest. Import-export. Work with regions.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G94


room 234, 49, Bolshaya Semenovskaya st., 107023, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 933-8870
FAX +7 (495) 933-8877
email: instrum@rustools.ru
internet: http://www.rustools.ru

10 years of successful operation in the industrial instrumentation market enable InstrumentImpex to fully satisfy the demand for
process instrumentation of industry-wide application and minimize purchasing expenditures. We provide regular supply and complex
delivery of the below-listed articles:
- metal-cutting tools;
- hand tools;
- workshop auxiliaries and machining fittings;
- measuring tools.
Our company attaches great importance to rendering personalized service to each customer. “Lukoil”, “TNK Ltd.”, “Rosneft Ltd. ”,
“Gasprom Ltd.”, “Mosenergo Ltd.”, “RZD Ltd.” and many other companies form our regular customer base.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T124


17, Vilisa Lacisa st., 125480, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 638-5118/19
FAX +7 (495) 660-8298
email: info@instrumentsnab.ru
internet: http://www.instrumentsnab.ru

Wholesale and retail trade of powertools, consumables, abrasives. FESTOOL, PROTOOL, HITACHI, VIRUTEX, GESPA, STABILA,

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G99


4, Hodinskaya st., 123022, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 252-5385
FAX +7 (495) 252-5385
email: isotclub@instrumir.ru
internet: http://www.instrumir.ru

Magazine "World Of Tools" is honorary member of Moscow Association of businessmen, MAB member. Aim and tasks: popularization
and promotion of tools and equipment; producers, suppliers and users support. Assistance in development of small and medium
business. Publication subjects tools, shops, equipment, technologies, exhibition projects, masters society, the history of to ols and
brands… The idea of magazine appeared in 1997 and realized in 1998. "World Of Tools" has been publishing since 2003. The
supplement - "ISOT CLUB" has been issuing since 2004. Since 2007 the status of Magazine "World Of Tools" - international issue
"ISOT CLUB" LTD Editorial Board "Instrumentalniy Mir".

ПАВ. 1


Xialixi Industrail Park, Shizhu Town, Yongkang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-87588885
email: cnyusen8886@cnyusen.com
internet: http://www.cnyusen.com

Yongkang Yusen Garden Machinery Co.,Ltd is a Professional Garden tools Manufacturer , we mainly produce gasoline saw 3800 4500
5200 6200 6500, also produce brush cutter and Garden tools, all our products are have high quality and reasonable prices, we have
our sales-net work through out over Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia and more than 30 countries and regions in the
world. Pls feel free to contact us for details.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A125


55/5, Bolshaya Semenovskaya st., 107023, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 366-9800
FAX +7 (495) 366-9800
email: advert@ito-baza.ru
internet: http://www.ito-news.ru

Monthly informing-analytical magazine “TTE: tooling, technology, equipment” with newspaper “TTEnews”.
Subscription through “Rospechat” Agency catalogue (index 81249), "Press of Russia" (index 42049) and also in “TTE” Publishing

ПАВ. 1


47 Xinanhe rd, Yantai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 535-6696920

Our company is one of the largest lock manufacturers in China. Through over 70 years’ development, our mainly products are mo re
than 100 specification of over 10 types, including tri-circle padlocks, combination locks, all kinds of door locks, chain lock, smart card
locks, security doors, etc.. Our annual sales volume reach more than USD 50 million. We own tri-circle brand locks enjoyed high
prestige in domestic and abroad for superior quality and credit. We have taken the lead to pass ISO9000 certificate in the national lock
manufacturing line. «Tri-circle» brand locks was ranked among “China ten kings of locks” by China national hardware association.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D126


D-6, Ba Ling Hua Yuan, Yancheng, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 515-8843-1189
FAX +86 515-8843-1190
email: sinova158@gmail.com

Yancheng Sinova Int'l Trade Co.,Ltd. is a leading exporter of various tools and hardware with good quality control and reasonable
prices and timely shipment which enjoys high reputation in world market. We supply various hand tools, abrasive discs, workin g gloves,
masking tapes, locks, power tools, various hardware, electric sockets, pipe fittings, wire ropes... Contact us at sinova158@gmailcom
for what you want.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L100


no 20, Yunyi Rod, functional sub-area, Jiangnan Baiyun Industrial Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-87192622
FAX +86 579-87192678
internet: http://tiller.en.alibaba.com, www.ykgerui.com.cn, www.cngerui.com

Yongkang Gerui Power Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing garden tools, lawn mowers, hedg e
trimmers, chain saws, brush cutters and general-use engines. Our motto is “Win the market depending on quality control, offer satisfied
product and service to customers”. We are looking forward to establish long- term cooperative relationship with you.
For more information, welcome to contact us freely, we will reply you promptly!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P121


Tianzhai Industry Area, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579 -87237671
FAX +86 0579 87236054
email: sales@cnqimo.com
internet: http://www.qimo.com

Yongkang Qimo Power Tools Co,.Ltd. is located in Yongkang City of Zhejiang central section, which was set up in 1980 A.D, is a
enterprise that specializes in development, exploiture, production, sale of power tools. Our products have following characte ristics: little
noise , strong motivity, good performance etc. moreover give attention to two or more things security and rationality, which cause
product to spread all over the world., and become a network of systemic and rigorous production, sale, service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K103


No. 888 East Huaxi Road Gushan, 321307, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-87512298
FAX +86 579-87511071
email: yksts@chinasuntools.com
internet: http://www.chinasuntools.com

Snow thrower, saws, putty knife/taping knife, bricklaying tools, concrete finishing tools, edger/corner tools, tile cutters, tiling tools,

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B111


No. 20, Jinshan East Road, Hardware Industrial Zone, 321300, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579-8722907
FAX +86 579-87229075
email: sales@okenweld.com
internet: http://www.okenweld.com

Zhejiang Yongkang Oken Electric Co., Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in design, manufacturer and commercialization.
Continuous innovation is our principle, Provide high quality products is our responsibility, Cooperate with customer basic on honesty
and sincerity is our nameplate. We develop the welding industry both in depth and width persistently. Continuous promote better and
reasonable price products to user. Suit for family use and Industry use.
 At present, we have professional welding engineers with rich experience in R&D and design. Our welding products provide bette r
welding purpose to the end user. 5000 square meter factory, 100 employees, rich experience management team and sales team. It can
provide better and faster service to the customers.
 Oken has acquired ISO9001-2000 systems certification. We have all series products supply for market, Including Inverter MMA, DC
Inverter TIG, Inverter MMA/TIG double using welding machine, Inverter AC/DC TIG welding machine, Inverter TIG/MMA/CUT
multifunction welding machine, Inverter plasma cutter, Inverter CO2 welding machine, SAW welding machine, Digital welding machine,
family use welding machine, Auto power charger etc. Now we have twelve series hundred kinds of products, CCC, CE, ROHS, CTICK
standard available in our products.
Our marketing team has won abroad acclaim from customers at home and abroad by offering best service and highest value, Products
sales to American, Europe, Australia, Mid East, South Asia etc. We are going to the leading position in the inverter welder m arket
 We persistent pursuit is best quality, best performance, best performance, cost and creating value for customer, We sincerely hope to
hold hands with our friends from all walks of life around the world together to move forward and create glorious future.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C104


No. 8 BeihuRoad, Hardware&Technology Industry Zone, 321300, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 13906794265
FAX +86 579-87225011

We have over 14 years of experience in professional manufacturing and exporting high quality power tools. Under the joint effort of
Zhou Jiaqiang and all the staff, the company has been continuous innovation and developing. Up to now it has been developed i nto a
specialized company which has the productivity capacity of 50,000 sets of Power Tools with an annual output of USD 4,000,000.We
mainly sell the products to America, Europe, Japan, etc. We keen stick quality control system. With superior quality and good after-sale
service. We win the respect of our customers. Many products have passed the GS/CE. Our ISO9001 approval in 1997. We have
stepped into a new stage. Prompt delivery and the best price! Good quality, Innovation, Service and Satisfied are our quality policy.
The director and all the staff will try their best to provide the best quality products, the best service, and continuous innovation to meet
our customers’ requirements. You have any interested in our products. Contact us now. More detail information be shown. Customs
designs are welcome and welcome to our factory!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C103


No. 7 Xita 3 Road, Chengxi Industrial Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579 87989170
FAX +86 579 87728760
email: sales@fushimotor.cn
internet: http://www.chinafushi.com

Yongkang FuShi Motor Manufacture Co.,Ltd. founded in 1988, is one of the largest export bases for Tubular Motor and Garage do or
opener in China. Evolution and success do not come in a day. For almost two decades, FUSHI has abided by the virtue of credibility
and a positive and practical doctrine in business management.
Welcome to visit our booth and make further business cooperation!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G104

No. 22 Dangui south Road, Chengxi New Area, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579 87230128
FAX +86 579-87230138
email: sale@chinahalley.com
internet: http://www.chinahalley.com

We’re professional manufacturer of Petrol Machines such as chain saw, brush cutter, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, lawn mower,
water pump, high pressure washer…etc, most our products have CE, GS, EMC, EURO-2, EPA certificates, and we also got
ISO9001:2000 certificate. Our products are popular in Europe, America, Asia Pacific…etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G103


No. 18 Yusan str. Jinpan Developing Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579 82235518
FAX +86 0579 82235798
email: jhbetty@mail.jhptt.zj.cn
internet: http://www.yxtools.com

Our company is manufactory specialized in manufacturing all kinds of spirit levels; mainly produce aluminum level, support ro ds, and
plastic levels etc. Our company manages with the ISO9001 management operation system, and supplies high quality and novel design
products, getting recognition by customers, some products get patent, as well as some achieved TUV/GS, FDA, CE and ROHS
certification for European and USA markets etc.
Thank you for choosing our products, hope we will be your best supplier.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K104


9th, Xishan Raod, Yongkang Economic Development Zone, Yongkang, Zheijiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 579 87236167
FAX +86 579 87237009
email: xieheng@xhtool.com
internet: http://www.xhtool.com

We are a professional manufacturer for the parts washer, sandblaster, and portable concrete mixer in China, we have 9 years
experience in this business line, our main market is America and Europe, welcome to visit our booth and talk b usiness!!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K102


1F 84 Chienchih ST. , Eastern Dist, Taichung, Taiwan
TEL +886 4 22832211
FAX +886 4 22831875
email: ee.fon@msa.hinet.netInternet
internet: http://www.efon.com.tw

Our company has been established since 1984. We are a professional hardware manufacturer and have many years experience
designing and manufacturing our own products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B132


No. 787, West yangming road, Yuyao, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-62800035 / 62801036

YIMEI is specialized in manufacturing irrigation garden products. Established in 2005 in YUYAO, YIMEI aim to be one of the main
supplier in gardening and household in the world.
YIMEI apply itself to promoting to technological research and innovative design. Recognize the signs of evolving market to st ay market-
oriented, standing out with keen views, uprightness and reliability. And we value the role of human resources inside and outside the
company. These principles have brought so much valuable effects, and making YIMEI an excellent model of total quality.
We value each client and put the maximum effort in taking care of every single order placed with us. All orders a re promptly
acknowledged and confirmed with a scheduled shipment date, and are carefully monitored up to their delivery.
We treasure water as precious resource, and hope you can save water and enjoy your garden with YIMEI irrigation garden tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C113


Yaobei New Industrial Area, Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-62195287
FAX +86 574-62195488
email: asbestos@mail.nbptt.zj.cn
internet: http://www.cn-carbonfiber.com

Yuyao Tianyi Special Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. The main products are sealing materials, heat insulation and fire-
proof material as well as labor protection commodities. Our products are widely used in chemical industry, petrol eum, electrical power,
mechanical manufacture and fire fighting. We always take quality first, users first as our aim, keeping development and impro vement all
the time.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B114


No 188 South_Dong Han Men Road, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0574-22713011
FAX +86 0574-22713099
email: tony@wf-fastener.com
internet: http://www.wf-fastener.com

Ningbo Weiifeng International enterprise Co.,Ltd is located on Yuyao City which is easy of access. It takes half hour to Ning bo city by
high way while 3 hours to Shanghai City. Our enterprise specialized in hardware for example anchors, screws, bolts, nuts and tools.
Our members have so many good experiences in the line of this field that we offer products with high quality and reasonable p rice as
well as our consideration service. Besides manufacturing, we also dealing with directing imports and exports business. Our products
are of various kinds, according with the following standards: GB, DIN, JIS and ANSI and we can also accept orders of other
specification as customer’s requests.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A119


IM Auel 42, D-51766, Engelskirchen, Germany
TEL +49 2263 807 0
FAX +49 2263 807 333
email: mail@keil.eu
internet: http://www.keil.eu

German high quality producer of drill bits.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N107


1a, Pionerskaya st., Korolev, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 500-4133, 926-8083, 513-4203
FAX +7 (495) 926-8083
email: tools@kalibrcompany.ru
internet: http://www.kalibrcompany.ru

Production of electric tools and equipment for household and professional applications. Wholesale and retail trade.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q120


Industrial area, 403882, Kamyshin-12, Volgograd Region, Russia
TEL +7 (84457) 5-70-00, 5-70-01
FAX +7 (84457) 5-40-40, 5-70-01
email: kamtools@kzsmi.ru, commerce@ kzsmi.ru
internet: http://www.kzsmi.ru

It was founded in 1970 as a specialized plant for producing a wide range of articles for equipping metal cutting machines, forge -and-
press equipment, automobiles, agricultural machinery etc. In 2000 the former state plant changed into a Ltd Company and now i t is one
of the biggest manufacturers of professional hand tools in Russia, a modern industrial enterprise, aiming at the development of
international business contacts.
Manufactured of special tool, chromium and chrome – vanadium steel, the tools from our plant are perfectly designed, reliable,
convenient and easy to use. Workpieces undergo precise die forging with inductive heating.
Stable hardness of tools is provided by special thermal treatment in hardeners.
Laboratories of the plant use modern control-measuring instruments and testing equipment. New items are developed with regards to
wishes of our consumers and design requirements. Old equipment is permanently replaced by modern one, new technologies are
being introduced.
On 02.02.2005 we received the Certificate of "BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL", which certifies that the management
system of Kamyshin Tool Company was verified as corresponding to the demands of the International Management Standard ISO

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД J109


No. 26 Shigang Road, Development Zone, Cangzhou, Hebei, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 317-3096506
FAX +86 317-3096507
email: con-well@vip.163.com
internet: http://www.con-well.com

Cangzhou Changyuan Fittings Co.,Ltd is a high technical enterprise which specialize in stainless steel products.
Our main products are precision casting stainless steel Sanitary Unions, standard: DIN11851, DIN11850, SMS, 3A, IDF, RJT; Qui ck
couplings, Type: A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP; Ball Valves: 1PC, 2PC, 3PC, T-WAY, L-WAY, Mini and Flanged Ball Valves. Gate valves,
Globe valves, check valves, Y-strainer, all series of pipe fittings, weld pipe fittings, clamp couplings etc. We can also design according
to the customer’s demand and manufacture other types of stainless steel products .With advanced facilities, first-class technology, we
have gained praise from customers both China and abroad .The main materials of products is CF8, CF8M, CF3M according to ASTM
A743 or 1.4408, 1.4409, 1.4308, 1.4309 according to DIN EN 10213-4.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C91


Perşembe Pazari Cad. , Çeşme sok. , Erciyes Han no:4 Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey
TEL +90 (212) 2498639
FAX +90 (212) 2516951
email: karaca@karacamakina.com.tr
internet: http://www.karacamakina.com.tr

Karaca Makina started to operate in 1982, Karaköy-Istanbul. Initial working area was local ,
But since 1993, we have become distributer of high- quality products that were not in Turkey market before.
By 1995, Karaca has been introducing OSAKA air –tool that is well known brandname of Far East to Turkey market. We are the first
 that provided guarantee and service convention for air-tools .
Within wide-range performance area , Karaca Makina has been in a continuous business relation with the countries , Japan, Germany,
ıtaly and
 Taiwan etc. We are in effort of activities that aim to be balanced our import with volume of export.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3


Puqi Industrial Zone Hongqiao, Yueqing, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 577-62388666
FAX +86 577-62351114
email: yzh@kedu.cn
internet: http://www.kedu.cn

KEDU is the first specialty low voltage switches, plugs and sockets manufacturer. With 50 major product types in more than 1000 styles
and bearing the brand name of KEDU, now we have markets in Europe, South America, South East and Asia.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C100/107


7, Tallinskaya st., 195196, Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 449-4566, 67, 68 / 448-5779
FAX +7 (812) 449-4566, 67, 68 / 448-5779
email: anna@lioness.ru
internet: http://www.westfieldgroup.ru
Россия, 443086, г. Самара, ул. Новосадовская, 169;
169, Novosadovaya st., Samara, 443086, Russia
TEL +7 (846) 334 05 31
FAX +7 (846) 334 05 31
E-mail: info@orta.ru

Professional gas equipment for soldering, welding and engineering by European manufacture. Blowlamps gas cartridges.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T110


34 bid 3,Taganskaya st.,109147,Moscow,Russia
109147, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 228-3945
FAX +7 (495) 228-3946
email: info@ru.kaercher.com
internet: http://www.karcher.ru

Sales and marketing of cleaning consumer and professional equipment in Russia.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД S112


Quoxiangqiao industrial park, Yuyao, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-62518665

We are a professional factory producing Hand Tools, our main products are PVC & PPR Pipe. We are a professional factory produ ce
Hand Tool, our main products are PVC Pipe Cutter, Wire Stripper and Connector Pliers. We have professional engineer an d skillful
workers to ensure the quality.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D116


No. 1028, Sanxing St., Wenling, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-86150047
FAX +86 576-86150609
email: ada_2007@126.com
internet: http://www.qjiang.com.cn

Focus on the development and manufacture of gasoline engines and the augmented products such as gasoline generators, lawn
mowers, water pumps and high pressure washers etc. for many years.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K107


No. 2 Bridge Xicheng Road, Wuxi, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 510-83100928/83110808
FAX +86 510-83125685
email: slf@public1.wx.js.cn, jackyuan1234@126.com
internet: http://www.kingfastener.cn

The company established at 1984. We are one of the largest fastener production based in China. Main of our productions are collated
screw, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, modified truss screws, hex washer head screw etc.
We can provide quality products with competitive prices. The products are sold well around the world and highly appreciated by

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K109


Giaotou industrial zone, Cixi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-63699699
FAX +86 574-63699178
email: jinfeng@jinfengcn.com
internet: http://www.jinfengcn.com

Cixi Jinfeng Plastics Co.,Ltd, founded in 2000, is a private enterprise engaged in the production of plastic and metal items.
With years of rapid developing, our products now fall into categories of flashlight tool set, screw drivers, gifts, tool set, flashlight,
houseware, and etc. They are exported to countries and regions over the world, like USA, Europe, Australia, HK…, and enjoy
reputations from the customers for the quality and timely delivery.

ISO9001:2000 is fully extended in the company, and the quality policy is “endless pursuing the best and continuously creative”. The
company has strong technical resources and is well equipped with different latest machines. Each link of the production lines from the
designing and mold to mass production and inspection is strictly supervised.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D115


West section, Guanhaiwei industrial zone, Cixi, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 57463630788
FAX +86 57463630188
email: robin7911@tom.com

We are established at the end of 1999.Our main products are timers, thermometer, RCD, Power meter, Remote control series. All of
our products have got the CE, GS, FI, S, N, D, BS, SAA, UL approvals.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G102


No. 105 Haixi Mid-Road, Jiaonan, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 532-88165777
FAX +86 532-88165999
email: info@qdzhenfa.com
internet: http://www.qdzhenfa.com

It was established in 1999, the corporation presently possesses over 1000 employees with technique personnel of more than 60 and
covers a floor area of over 80 thousand sq. meters and building area of over 50 thousand sq. meters. It currently produces mo re than
three hundred varieties such as wheelbarrow, hand trolley, platform hand truck tool cart, service cart, sandbeach cart, garden tools,
heavy duty tyre and inner tube, motorcycle tyre and inner tube, rubber wheel, truckle, polyurethane foam wheel and plastic products,
bearing, standard piece and so on in all models. The company appreciates the quality control and safety performance on the products
very much, it has gained ISO9001:2000, CCC Quality Control System and so on. Corporate board chairman Wang Zhaohai together
with all staff cordially welcomes foreign and domestic friends for business negotiations.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P111


North of Beijing road Yinzhu town, Jiaonan, Qingdao, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 13589367351

QINGDAO YICHUN METAL MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD is one of the professional wheel barrows and storage racks supplier in
mainland China. Our company is qualified in developing new products, has advanced productive equipments, adopts strict qualit y
management system and several product’s quality inspection systems.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B120


no 6 Dongjing road of Free Trade Zone, Qingdao, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0532-86957196
FAX +86 0532-86957101
email: melodyzhang@163169.net
internet: http://www.chinataifa.com

Qingdao Taifa Co., Ltd. is both the oldest and the biggest pushing cart manufacturer in Chinese Mainland, specialized in whee lbarrow,
go-cart, garden cart, handtruck and tyre, etc. Since foundation in 1980, after more than 20 years' development, in addition to covering
an area of 750, 000 sq meters, nowadays it has possessed total assets of 700 million Yuan and 8, 500 employees. Depending on
abundant technical power and rich experience, the company can manufacture more than 600 models of carts and over 700 types of
tyres and castors with annual output of 7 millions pushing carts of various models and 30 millions sets of products respectively. All our
products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions all over the world, enjoying high reputation in the world market.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P112


8, Lingang Road, Yinzhu, Jiaonan, Qingdao, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 532 85198886
FAX +86 532 85198889
email: qdxuanli@163.com
internet: http://www.hengxiang-qd.com

Qingdao hengxiang industrial products co.ltd, China expert producer wheel barrow and wheel since 1998, export among forties of
countries with ten years of development sino-hongkong joint venture, ISO9001 and ROHS controlled.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P107


Industrial Park Of Huangshan Ecnomic Zone, Jiaonan, Qingdao, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 532 83123399
FAX +86 532 83123377
email: qingdaochuntai@126.com
internet: http://www.chinachuntai.com

QINGDAO CHUNTAI METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is located in the west coast of Qingdao City, Huangshang economic zone. Our
company specializes in producing a variety of wheel barrows, hand trolleys, platform hand trucks, garden tools and go karts. And we
also produce rubber wheels, polyurethane foam wheels, rubber products, plastic products, metal products and bearings. Our factory
has advanced manufacture technology and equipment. We establish perfect quality control system to ensure the products of top
quality. Not only can we guarantee the timely delivery of large orders but also arrange production for small orders with multiple models.
Our products are sold very well in more than 100 countries and regions and enjoy great reputation among our customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D108


Tanda Road, Near Jalandhar Model School, Jalandhar City, 144004, Punjab, India
TEL +91 181-2291790
FAX +91 181-5063447
email: infokmv@vsnl.com
internet: http://www.kmvexp.com

Manufacturer and Exporter of High Quality Spanners & Wrenches.

ПАВ. 1


20/4, Krasnaya Sosna st., 129337, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 974-1102
FAX +7 (495) 974-1102
email: kmdr@mail.ru
internet: http://www.kmdr.ru

Sale, repair, service of the pneumatic tools.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД S110


113 Center for SMB Cooperation, Yeungnom University, 214-1, Dae-dong, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 8129629
FAX +82 53 812 9628
email: comet21c@cometparts.co.kr
internet: http://www.cometparts.co.kr

Found in 2002 COMET CO LTD has solely researched and produced cutting tool related parts. With endless R&D and investments
Comet has successfully localized cutting tool parts which have been mostly imported from other countries. Comet is now competing
with other global products and establishing distinguished products both domestically and internationally.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A131


room 106, 14/4, Novaya Basmannaya st., 105078, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 727-2156, 262-7135
FAX +7 (495) 727-2156
email: info@condtrol.ru
internet: http://www.condtrol.ru

Development, production and supplies of laser distance meters and levels, surveying equipment, NTD instruments. After-sales service,
support manning. Consultations and training of clients to work with new devices. Own representative offices in Moscow, St. Pe tersburg,
Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk. More than 200 dealers all over Russia.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД S106

15, 5th Magistralnaya st., 123007, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 921-3943
FAX +7 (495) 783-8823
email: mail@cordoba.ru
internet: http://www.cordoba.ru

Wholesale trading of professional hand tools "KABO" and pneumatic tools "BASSO".

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N124


office 43, 88, Nevskiy prospekt, 191025, Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 975-0458
FAX +7 (812) 272-2296
email: info@line-red.spb.ru
internet: http://www.line-red.spb.ru

Red line, modern building technologies magazine focused on experts and heads of building branch of the Russian Federation. The
edition informs on the major events in the building market; shines novelties, questions and problems in the field of construc tion;
promotes mutually advantageous intermediary between manufacturers and buyers.
The information-advertising edition is distributed free-of-charge : express delivery on the building companies of St. Petersburg and
suburbs; post dispatch across Moscow and regions of Russia; is constant-operating exhibitions in St.-Petersburg; specialized
exhibitions, conferences, seminars.
Size: 210 x 297 mm
Periodicity: 2 times a year
Volume: 86 pages minimum + cover 4 pages
Circulation: 8 000.

ПАВ. 1


Industriegebiet Altenburg, D 36304, Alsfeld, Germany
TEL +49 0 6631 795 132
FAX +49 0 6631 795-139
email: georg.keck@krause-systems.de
internet: http://www.krause-systems.de

KRAUSE-Werk in Alsfeld was founded in 1900 and has more than 100 years experience in the production and sales of climbing and
scaffold technology. During this period the dynamic growing company has been developed into an international acting group of
companies with further production and sales facilities in Poland, Hungary, Russia and Switzerland.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N112


People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0079268052166

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P100


P.O. Box 131, 198328, Saint Petersburg, Russia Ostashev A.M
TEL +7 (812) 575-0921
FAX +7 (812) 337-1706
email: info@fastinfo.ru, r.fairs@fastinfo.ru
internet: http://www.fastinfo.ru

"Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and …" Magazine is published since 2002 and contains the information on modern products and
assembly technologies, the News from foreign partners.
The partners of the magazine: leading foreign and Russian manufacturers and traders of fasteners, adhesives, tools ... and al so foreign
specialized editions.
We see our mission in providing fastener, adhesives, tools traders and users with technical supportive information as well as in
promoting foreign companies based on high-quality products and advanced technology into the Russian market.
Our website: www.fastinfo.ru E-mail: fix@mail.wplus.net

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H111


No. 9 Waihuan Road, Ninghai, Ningbo, Zhengjiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574 65588096
FAX +86 574 65582546
email: info@wanqitool.cn
internet: http://www.wanqitool.cn

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting special combined screw-drivers, telescopic ladder, hand tools and other power tools
for 37 years.
We had exported our products to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Canada and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G121


679 DAECHEON-DONG, DALSEO-GU, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 585 2501
FAX +82 53 586 2169
email: kunwoomc@naver.com
internet: http://www.http//www.kunwoo-mc.co.kr

KUNWOO MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is located in Korea. Our company is specialized in producing "Rebar Cutter & Bender". We also
produce "Auto Rebar Cutting & Bending system". We are exporting to USA, Japan, EU, Russia, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia etc. We
expect mutual profit through this business. We acquired CE & GOST Certification.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B130


7/34, Kolskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 775-8114
email: postmaster@kam-tools.ru
internet: http://www.kam-tools.ru

Tools, gardentools.



22/3, Energetikov st., Dzerzhinskiy, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 363-3802, 644-4711
FAX +7 (495) 363-3802, 644-4711
email: info@msk.laverna.ru
internet: http://www.laverna.ru

Wholesales of professional and amateurish hand tools - JeTech (Japan), Manner (Germany). Wide assortment. Regional branches in
Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, N. Novgorod, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Perm, Rostov-on-

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S102


19/2, Stromynka st., 107076, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 648-9175, 741-8901
FAX +7 (495) 672-2995
email: info@legion-techno.ru
internet: http://www.legion-techno.ru

Legion-Techno today - is a stable and dynamically developing company.
Legion-Techno specializes on delivery, designing, installation and service of following equipment: abrasive blasting equipment and
abrasive blasting cabinets, paint spraying equipment, compressors equipment, equipment for preparation of compressed air,
construction equipment and pneumatic equipment.
Stable position of the company allows to strengthen and develop professional communications, owing to which Legion -Techno is the
business partner not only of leading Russian manufacturers, but also manufacturers of Germany, Belgium, Italy and USA. We
successfully represent on market next trademarks: SATA, GRACO, INTENSO, IRMAIR, ATLAS COPCO, CECCATO, OMI.
Priority directions of development for today - is an individual approach to every client, professional maintenance service and keeping
reputation of a strong and reliable business partner.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H103


No. 338, Xi Waihuan n. rd, Weifang, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 536-8167992
FAX +86 536-8167992
email: wflede@vip.163.com
internet: http://www.wflede.com

Our company is located in Weifang city, only 100 kilometers away from Qingdao port, we are a professional manufacturer for ductile
iron grooved couplings and fittings, now our production capacity is 10,000 mt per year. Our company has been recognized by th e
national or foreign partners for its credit, good quality, eligible price and perfect service. Grooved fittings not only has ready market in
china but also in European countries, America, Middle east area, Japan, Canada and some other countries. «Lede» has been a we ll-
known brand in the field of fire protection, mine, petroleum, chemical, telecom and electric power etc. Under the principal of “fell ing,
loyalty, benefit”, we are doing our best to construct beautiful future with the customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C115


70, Vyatskaya st., 127015, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 234-5557
FAX +7 (495) 234-5557
email: info.russia@leica-geosystems.ru
internet: http://www.leica-geosystems.ru / www.disto.ru

Leica Geosystems AG is known manufacture of measuring instruments for construction and geodetic.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N122


7, Abelmanovskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (916) 855-8116
email: info@leasing-grad.ru
internet: http://www.leasing-grad.ru

Information portal LeasingGrad is the Internet-resource which has connected in own space everything that is necessary for the
professional of leasing. Here skilled leasing experts can read through the latest news, analytical researches, statutory acts , ratings, to
learn dates of thematic actions, to participate in discussion of pressing questions at a forum, to place the resume or to find worthy
people for the command on labour exchange, to express the opinion in the First professional leasing blog.
The primary goal of the project is granting to any expert of the simple and accessible tool, allowing to understand and estimate a
situation in the market.
Portal visit not only experts of the leasing companies, but also figures of other spheres of business.
The LeasingGrad command is opened to mutually advantageous cooperation, to participation in joint projects. We hope that our
resource will be interesting to you and will help to excel in business.

ПАВ. 1


141, Jinqueshan Road, Linyi, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 539 8136229
FAX +86 539 8163509
email: tanqiang@vip.sina.com
internet: http://www.guangdacorp.com

Guangda group, is a specialized company with a history of twenty years of foreign trade, which has achieved ISO9002 quality s ystem
verification and registration.
The company has established steady marketing channels with many manufacturers and customers all over the world, and has
extended her business ranges Under the leadership of general manager Mr. Tanqiang, adhering to the principle of "pursuing per fect".
It is our principle to offer our best services and qualified products customers and for the purpose of mutual benefits.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P128


Xieliwang, Linhai, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0576-85286848
FAX +86 0576-85286114
email: lhylp@mail.tzptt.zj.cn, pressuregauge@yahoo.cn
internet: http://www.yalibiao.net, pressuregauge.en.alibaba.com

LINHAI PRESSURE GAUGE CO., LTD, located in the coast of China east sea, the national historical famous city - Zhejiang Linhai, is
established in 1975, covers an area of 5500M2, fixed assets of 15 million Yuan. Who has been equipped with the processing and so
on, with advanced production equipment, complete quality guaranteeing system and detection solution.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B123


Industry &Trade development zone, Linyi, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 539-8531959
FAX +86 539-8531958
email: yongjia@163169.net
internet: http://www.yongjiapower.com

Linyi Sanhe Yongjia Power Co., Ltd. is a Singapore exclusive enterprise which is specialized in the production and export of small
gasoline engines. It occupies the area of 120,000 square meters including 50,000 square meters of the standard workshops, has more
that 1200 staff
and possesses the fixed asset of RMB160,000,000.00(i.e. USD20,000.000.00).
At present the company has formed an annual production capacity of three million.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P123

12/35, Otkrytoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 380-0124, 380-0125
FAX +7 (495) 745-8888
email: info@lit-tools.ru
internet: http://www.lit-tools.ru

Wholesale supply of powertools, garden tools, welding equipment, compressors, airheaters.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T105


71/10, Bakuninskaya st.,107082,Moscow,Russia
TEL +7 (495) 775-1435\36
FAX +7 (495) 775-1434
email: konliga@konliga.ru
internet: http://www.konliga.ru

Magazine: My Lovely Dacha
This monthly magazine advises a reader how to develop the dacha area, country house, how to create a magnificent landscape, t o
grow a flower bed, an exotic garden, when to open a landing season, how to combat agricultural pests, tells about advantage and
healing power of herbs, gives recommendations on care of plants.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H112


room 104, 12/1, Ellektrodnaya st., 111524, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 780-9998, 730-0290
FAX +7 (495) 780-9998, 730-0290
email: aiaks@pnevmo.ru
internet: http://www.pnevmo.ru

Delivery, repair, service, selection of compressors, pneumatic equipment, dying equipment, sandblasting equipment, building
equipment and tools.
Mobile and stationary compressors, piston and screw compressors with electric drive and internal combustion engine. Pneumatic
jackhammers, concrete breakers, pneumopunches, chipping and riveting hammers, pneumatic screw guns, screw drivers, drills,
grinding machines, clinchers, special pneumatic tools. Dying units of high pressure, paint sprayers, paint blowers, hoppers, washing
and sandblasting guns, nozzles. Chambers for sandblasting, devices of the big productivity. Welding and building equipment. Wide
assortment of hoses, fittings, etc. Overalls and individual protection equipment.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД J100


24/f, tower b, Century plaza, No. 118 Daliang, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-87313141
FAX +86 574-87313158
email: mind@nbmind.com
internet: http://www.nbmind.com

Established in 1995, Ningbo MIND Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional trader of a large range of products that includes power
tools, hardware, hand tools, lamps and car accessories. Our management has over 10 years trade experience that has enabled us to
secure long-term relationships with more than 800 factories in mainland China. As a result, we are able to source products that meet
the quality and price requirements of our clients. We export more than USD35.000.000 in 2007. We have established a good
relationship with our clients; most clients have done business with us more than 10 years. We believe in providing good products and
excellent service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D123

10/1, 1st Magistralniy tupik, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 781-8289
FAX +7 (495) 781-8289
email: aad@maxilog.su
internet: http://www.maxilog.su

Modern full service Logistics Company, one of TOP-10 full service companies. "Russian economy leader" - Russian Federation State
Duma Diploma. «The best Russian Transport Enterprise» -“Golden Chariot Award-2007” from Russian Ministry of Transport. The best
Transport and Shipping Company, winner of the “Russian Logistics Operator 2006' Ratings”. Government’s and President's honor for
professional performance of key State programs and valuable contribution into the development of the Russian Transport and Lo gistics
Systems. Logistics in Foreign Trade activities: international cargo providing, international warehouse logistics, cargo consolidation,
custom clearance, warehouse logistics in Russia, cargo shipping throughout Russia. Grouppage cargo. Multimodal container logistics.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T112


2F, 53, Section 4, Ho-Nan Road, Taichling, Taiwan
TEL +886 4 22538855
FAX +886 4 22538866
email: main@leadmax.com.tw
internet: http://www.leadmax.com.tw

MAX’S LEADMAX IND. CORP. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of garden tools in Taiwan and China. Till now, we have
involved in this field over 16 years. Our main products include hedge shear, lopper shear, pruner shear, grass shear, hand to ols, lawn
rake, saw and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A138


5 Lane 97, Taiyuan Rd, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL +886 2 25562121
FAX +886 2 25591529
email: mansion1@ms16.hinet.net
internet: http://www.lotustools.com.tw

MANSION ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. established in 1958, has been in the business of supplying its overseas and local customers the
best quality products with most competitive prices. We have developed over thousands customers in 60 countries throughout the world
and local market.
MANSION ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. products range includes industrial tools, power tools, hand tools automotive tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B138


56, Mishina st., 127083, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 787-4287/ 88, (916) 678-3420
FAX +7 (495) 787-4287/ 88
email: expo@msouz.ru
internet: http://www.msouz.ru

"Marketing souz" is a publishing house, which is carrying out the informational and analytical activity in the field of industrial marketing,
since 1993.
Our Production:
- price bulletin “Conjuncture of the Markets”
- telephone-address reference book "Conjuncture of the Markets XXI century"
- newspaper "The Building Industry"
- internet-portal www.msouz.ru

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T132


No. 242 Jiangnan road, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0574-87900916

Market Union is a leading exporter in Ningbo China and is specialized in General merchandise and hardware. We are dealing w ith
more than 25000 items with 4000 different factories over all China, and getting 100 new items everyday through our strong sou rcing
net. We have two large showrooms both in Ningbo and Yiwu, you could choose variety items in our showroom.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D121


13/40, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya st., 123022, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 933-2777
FAX +7 (495) 933-2777
email: contact @mactak.ru
internet: http://www.mactak.ru

MACTAK Company has been an official representative of worldwide manufacturer of KING TONY automotive tools in Russia since
1997. MACTAK Co has got its own production of professional automotive tools MACTAK of very large range, which had been
developed specially for Russian conditions since 2004. MACTAK trade network is a network of more 160 distributor centers, stores and
sales representatives. Join us!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S105


4/3,4,5, Verhnyaya Radischevskaya st., 109240, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 543-7698
FAX +7 (495) 543-7698
email: sales@unimaster.net
internet: http://www.unimaster.net

 “MASTER” company business is focused on design and manufacture of household multifunctional portable woodworking machines. At
present the range of goods produced by our company includes three woodworking machines which differ in power and functions to
meet the customer needs and demands. Apart from that, the company’s range of goods offered for sale includes welding machines,
submersible pumps, garden hoses and blow torches which add to the Russian customer demands in the goods of such type.
Nowadays the company’s goods are being sold in 42 regions of Russia as well as in Belarus and in the Ukraine.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД J101


32/3, Ryazanskiy prospekt, 109377, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 777-3865, 995-09- 20
FAX +7 (495) 995-0920
email: info@twincutter.ru
internet: http://www.twincutter.ru

The Joint-Stock Company "KIPenergo" represents in the Russian market the electrotool assortment by MATRIX (Germany). The basic
direction in the electrotool sphere is unique counterrotating twin blade saw - TwinCutter TS900 by Matrix. The principle of cutting is
based on two disks, which rotate in an opposite side rather each other. TwinCutter TS900 is intended for work with metal, aluminium,
wood, plastic, stone, ceramics and with the combined materials. Joint-Stock Company "KIPenergo" is the leading supplier in the market
of electric motors, instrumentations and automatics, metal rolling, armatures, turbines and spare parts to them, rubber-technical
products, trumpet production. Joint-Stock Company "KIPenergo" develops a new direction of the activity – the electrotool.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S104


No. 1199 Putong street, Changchun, Jilin, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 431-85800591
FAX +86 431-85800500
email: aleksei1967@mail.ru
internet: http://www.meridianintl.com

Established in 1992, Meridian International is one of the fastest growing and most successful companies serving the global tool and
hardware market. Our superior in-house research & development, art design, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, consolidation
and distribution capabilities make Meridian a key partner in China for our global customers.
A team of 20 engineers and designers drives Meridian's research & development process, providing innovative products to our
The operational capacity of Meridian's two facilities exceeds 66,000 m² in Shanghai, China, including 15,000 m² manufacturing and
packaging facilities, 45,000 m² warehouse/distribution and 6,000 m² office and showrooms.
Meridian's Russia Dep. (Changchun Office):
My office has developed trade towards Russia for several years and sell the best products, so we want to company with you and
develop trade relations between us.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A116


Sosnovskoe, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Russia
TEL +7 (83174) 2-18-61
FAX +7 (83174) 2-19-31
email: metal-nn@mail.ru
internet: http://www.matallist-nn.ru

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q100


No. 358, Tung Hsing Road, Ta Li City, Taichung Hsien 412, Taiwan
TEL +886 4 24060078
FAX +886 4 24069657
email: mspack@ms36.hinet.net
internet: http://www.misan.com.tw

Misan Industry Corporation was established in 1975 and was the first company who broke the tradition to develop and manufacture
anti-theft tool display pack for hand tools. This unique and patented packaging offer the advantages of full product presentation and
security function that has been widely adopted by the world big brands. After the successful sale of anti-theft packaging, Misan recently
presented a family of tool organizers for: general tools, sockets, screwdrivers and wrenches. This featured tool organizers o ffer users a
flexible and effective way to hang their equipment. They can be affixed to walls, cabinets and work tables, and feature movable studs
that accommodate a wide variety of hand tools. Customers will appreciate the fact that they don’t employ magnets and therefore don’t
conflict electronic devices. This technology has also been patented in eight countries.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B134


Brandstwiete 1, D-20457, Hamburg, Germany
TEL +49 (40) 369 688 18
FAX +49 (40) 369 688 28
email: info-de@m-cut.eu
internet: http://www.m-cut.com

M-Cut is presenting three world novelties in the area of fastenings. The M-Cut-Universal-Screw can be fixed every substrate - also
blockwork - without nylon plug. It can reach high loading values even in small holes and contributes to a higher fire resistance. Th e M-
Cut Chemical Anchor enables with a combination of mechanical interlock and a chemical fixation to apply load immediately afte r
installation, to achieve highest load values and gives best dynamic performance. The M-Cut Female Undercut Anchor is a real time-
saver for many installations, securing high loads on shallow embedment.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N108


room 109, 40/1, Bolshaya Semenovskaya st., 107023, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 730-0110
FAX +7 (495) 730-0110
email: office_mos@nais.su
internet: http://www.b2b-russia.ru

Publisher company NAIS produces business reference books, directories and databases and represents a line of diversified region
commercial directories of b2b sector: «All Central federal region», «All Privolzhsky federal region», «All Ural federal region», «All
Siberian federal region», «All Northwest federal region» and «All Business of the South of Russia». The total circulation is 710 000

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H114


Room 1601, Fortune Building, 359 Hongwu Road, Nanjing, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 25-57910091
FAX +86 25-57910090
email: njsr@e-chinalock.com
internet: http://www.e-chinalock.com

Nanjing Silver Rich Hardware Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of hardware products. Offering a wide range of
products, our main series include locks, handles, hinges, sanitary accessories, furniture accessories, etc. With years’ of experience,
our workers are diligent and skillful, which enable us to supply you with the products that are rich in varieties, excellent in quality,
elegant in design and powerful in security. Due to good quality and competitive price, our products are selling well throughout Europe,
South America, Africa and Middle East. We are looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual
benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P117


Dr. E. Benese, 349, 25751, Bystrice u Benesova, Czech Republic
TEL +420 317 793 311
FAX +420 317 793 329
email: narex@czn.cz
internet: http://www.narexby.cz

Production hand tools - screwdrivers, chisels and professional tools for woodworking.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q121


14/7, B. Suharevskaya sq., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 363-4166
FAX +7 (495) 363-4166
email: alexb@access.orgland.ru
internet: http://www.natls.ru

Delivery of the pneumatic tools from firm Biax, cutting tools from firms TUNGALOY, OSG (carbides, mills, drills, cutters, etc.).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T120

No. 9 Waihuan Road, Ninghai, Ningbo, Zhengjiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-65588096
FAX +86 574-65582546
email: info@wanqitool.cn
internet: http://www.wanqitool.cn

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting special combined screw -drivers, telescopic ladder, hand tools and other power tools
for 37 years. We had exported our products to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Canada and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G121


East Guanhaiwei Industrial zone, Cixi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-63666931
FAX +86 574-63666377
email: sally@gongniu-china.com
internet: http://www.gongniu-china.com

Banmen Electric Co., Ltd which was established in 2001 is a professional ISO9001& ISO14001-listed manufacturer of switches,
sockets and adaptors. Banmen Electric has been devoting to offering global customers a safe electricity environment. We have
obtained more than 90 patents and have had internationally leading and original technologies, such as triplex lightning proof, anti -EMI
and children protector. Our products lead the market shares of this field throughout China and have won a great popularity am ong
more than 10 developed countries including USA, Germany, France, UK and Japan. Based on excellent products, complete marketing
network and quality service, Banmen Electric has won a wide-spread positive comments from clients at home and abroad. Banmen
Electric is now striving for the top international brand in the field of electrical engineering and power connectors.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C112


No. 42 Sanbei Road Shiqiao Town, Cixi, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-63661162
FAX +86 574-63656789
email: candy-kaifeng@126.com
internet: http://www.bayanglighting.com

Ningbo Boyang Lighting Co., ltd mainly produce cable reel, extension cord and working lamp, night lamp etc. As an export orie nted big
company, most of it’s products are sold to USA, Canada, Japan, European countries. Totally more than 80 countries and regions.
Developing Boyang warmly welcome guests from all over the world to mutual-beneficial cooperation.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B118


Room 805 Huangjinshui’an No. 146 Huaishu Road, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-87703192

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E102


No. 38e Tanjialing rd, Yuyao, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-6272982386
FAX +86 574-62729838
email: joanne.gaint@gmail.com
internet: http://www.giant-tape.com
We supply measuring tapes, PVC pipe cutters, utility cutters, wire stripper, gift tapes and other hand tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P105


66 Shengxing Rd, Luotuo Industry Development Zone, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574 86592094 / 86592068
FAX +86 574 86592099 / 86592000
email: sales@sinofastener.com
internet: http://www.sinofastener.com

Ningbo Zhonglian Fastener MFG. Co., LTD. Established in 1990. The company has built a warehouse that can deposit nearly 2,000
tons products and owns nearly one hundred sets of import and output automated production and testing equipments. Our company
produces various kinds of high quality bolts, nuts, screws and non-standard fasteners in accordance with DIN, ISO, ANSI, AS, BS, UNI
and JIS standards. The quality management is certified by ACQC ISO9001 and CQC ISO9001 and the company got export enterprise
second category certificate issued by CCIC. The products exported to European, American and Southeast Asian markets and get t he
high reputation. 2003 established Ningbo Zhongbing Fastener MFG. CO., LTD. 2004 December established SUN FASTENER CO., in
Dubai, U.A.E.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L109


 (4-5) No. 33, Bldg 10, New World East Area, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574 87990878, 87990877
FAX +86 574 87990868
email: zmjt@263.net, zenmychina@hotmail.com
internet: http://www.zenmy.com.cn

We are Suppliers of Cam & Grooved Coupling, Air Hose Coupling, Bauer Coupling, Aluminum Guillemin Coupling, Ground Joint
Coupling, Double Bolt Clamp, Hose Clamp, Aluminum Safety Clamp, King Combination Nipple & Hose Mender. Heavy Duty Water
Gun, Industrial Valves.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E109


B904, Zhongshan Mingdu Building, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-87720736
FAX +86 574-87720246
email: zehen@nbip.net
internet: http://www.zhwelding.com

Our company specializes in trade of welding equipment & tools and relevant series over 16 years, there are over 150 manufactu rers
supplying goods to us in steady way with best quality. We enjoy best credit and fastest delivery. Our complete system of working is in
excellent condition to ensure everything smoothly. We expect you become new client as soon as possible of ours. You will surely
satisfy from us.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D113


No. 10 Hongyun Rd. south area of Yuyao economic development zone, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-62777288
FAX +86 574-62777052
email: sales-eur@yadasafe.com
internet: http://www.yadasafe.com

Ningbo Yada Safe Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd lies in south of china, which is located in the area of Yuyao City--the eastern part
of Zhejiang province, 45km away from Ningbo International port, 90km from Hangzhou. Xiaoshan international port. The excellent
geographical situation brings Yada good advantage.
YADA SAFE sets up in 1998, which is specialist in manufacturing and researching on all kinds of safes, bank cabinets, as well as the
intelligent door lock. Relying on a strong technical team and tough manufacturing group, she has experienced remarkable growth in the
past 8 years.
She covers an area of 33,000 square meters, a building area of 25,000 square meters. Her fix asset is about 85,000,000 RMB. S he is
one of the largest safes and locks manufacturers in China.
Having perfect quality assurance system, the enterprise adhere to the quality policy “To pursue Honesty, Factuality, Precisen ess and
Scientificalness”, All products have been certified by ISO9001 in 1999 have been granted with the “CE” certificate and “3C” award, in
2008 the factory has passed ISO14001, OHSAS18001 authentication.
Yada is an economic entity integrated with research, development, manufacturing and trading function. Her “INTELLIGENT SERIES ” is
one of the best safe products, which combines the advanced world-class electronic system.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P126


Changhe Industrial Zone Cixi, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0574-63400000
FAX +86 0574-63408188
email: ywzojia@hotmail.com
internet: http://www.zojia.com

NINGBO ZOJIA VALVE CO.,LTD. lies in the beautiful coast of east sea – Ningbo, owning the great advantage of convenient
transportation with Hangzhou Bay Bridge in the north, Ningbo Beilun Port in the east and Hangyong Highway in the south. It
specializes in producing SHENFEI brand series (LPG Gas Regulator, Angle Valve, Gas Cooker, Gas Lantern, Gas Cylinders, Gas
Torch, and All Kinds of Gas Fitting, Gas Hose, and Plastic Products etc.).
Now it has become one of the largest domestic exporting enterprises in gas appliance. The company has passed the SGS
ISO9001:2000 Quality System Approval, and owns the self-importing and exporting authorization. In 2001, it set up the Cixi liquefied
petroleum gas Engineer technology innovation center.
The company has a covering area of 10,000m2 and a building floor of 13,000m2. All the products are made in modern assembly line.
Now it has reached an annual output of 1 million pcs of angle valves, 8 million pcs of gas regulator and 2 million pcs of cam p cooker
and gas lantern etc. The goods are popular in Europe, America, Middle-east, Africa, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan areas as
well as in domestic markets.
We sincerely hopes to provide the clients from home and abroad the excellent products and superior service, and also welcome
cooperation and investment to expand the international market jointly.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K112


Yunlong Town, 315137, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-88346222
FAX +86 574-88346308
email: lyxs@wlpower.com
internet: http://www.wlpower.com

Cordless power tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G100


Baozhuang Wuxiang Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-88389966
FAX +86 574-88339658
email: yessica@newguotu.com
internet: http://www.newguotu.com

Our company is specialized in producing and selling various kinds of Electricity tools. Due to years of development, we have owned
perfect technology, advanced equipment and completely testing measures. We have got through the certificate of ISO9001: 2000 and
as well as the certificate of CSA, GS, EMC, CE. It has ability of producing 2 million tools per Year. We adhere the principle the efficient
management, the best quality, the reasonable price. Warmly welcome the friends throughout the world to our company.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B117


Maoshan Industrion Park, Yinzhou, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-88466172, 88077017
FAX +86 574-88466686
email: owden@mail.nbptt.zj.cn
internet: http://www.owden.net

Main products: hollow punch, number punch, letter punch, pin punch, center punch, arch punch, and craft tool etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D125


1832, Jiangnan Road, High&New Technology Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-88352799
FAX +86 574-88355038 / 88352516
email: sijin@sijin.cc
internet: http://www.sijin.cc

Our main products are Aluminum/Magnesium/Zinc Alloy die casting machine, bolt making machine, strong magnetic lifter for crane (it is
for lifting weight metal and machine). Also, we have another special factory for producing die casting products, unit head of milling
machine and precision processing parts.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C90


Cw4, Fareast Industry City Yuyao, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-62762332, 62792222
FAX +86 574-62713333, 62705013

The company was founded in 1994, and specialized in Steel Measuring tape and Utility knife. Assist has a complete design
development, and examination system, advanced production equipment and stable production technology. In 2000, the products of
ASSIST was adopted the EEC certification of EU, 2002 Through ISO9001 quality management system, In February 2003 by the
German TUV ISO9001 also. In February 2007 through the MID certification. Assist adhering to GOOD QUALITY, LOW PRICE
purposes, Pioneering and innovative, continues to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B105


1006, Building A, City Square, No. 43, Liuzhuang Lane, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-87255325
FAX +86 574-87255327

NINGBO HUACHENG IMP&EXP CO.,LTD is a trade and manufacture corporation in China, we supply/export various tools: power
tools/air tools/hand tools/oil tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P118


57/1, Frunze st., Novosibirsk, Russia
TEL +7 (383) 211-9064, 211-9054
FAX +7 (383) 201-3270
email: info@zavod-ni.ru
internet: http://www.zavod-ni.ru

Novosibirskiy Instrument Plant is an organizational department of Novosibirskiy Instrument JSC which deals with production of hand
tools, abrasives, metal cutting tools and tooling. At present company is manufacturing: spanners; wheel wrenches; striking wrenches;
safety tools; files; screw-drivers; pliers, side cutters and end nipper pliers; cutting wheels; drills; milling cutters; end mills and key way
milling cutters; lathe chucks and drill chucks.
Tools under НИ brand are manufactured out of high quality materials corresponding to GOST standard and international standards and
Since 2005 Novosibirskiy Instrument JSC is proud to have ISO 9001:2001 certificate.
Head office is located in Novosibirsk city. There is well developed branch net in such cities as: Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk,
Nizhnevartovsk, Noyabrsk, Novokuznetsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Astana.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3


177, Bolshevistskaya st., 630083, Novosibirsk, Russia
TEL +7 (3832) 269-5096
FAX +7 (3832) 269-5097
email: market@niz.ru
internet: http://www.niz.ru

OJSC "Novosibirsk Tools Plant" is the Russia’s largest factory producing the metalwork and mounting, driver's and clamping tool.
Today we are glad to offer you a wide range of the certificated tool fabricated from high-quality tool steel. The constructional variety of
tool allows you to perform metalwork, sanitary and joiner's work, car repair and maintenance service. Two-layer plastisol insulating
coating of handles enables to work as the tool under high voltage.
Last years we managed to run in the new technologies directed on achieving the stable quality, to master the modern sorts of
packages, that makes possible for us to yield the competitive production that are in demand on Russian and international markets.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T113


47, Myasnitskaya st., 107084, Moscow, Russia
TEL / FAX +7 (495) 411-6120
FAX +7 (495) 411-6120
email: trade@norma-t.ru
internet: http://www.norma-t.ru

Wholesale and retail of garden techniques, service.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД H107


159, Dong Ting North Rd, Taicang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0512 53632001
FAX +86 0512 53632168
email: sales@nortekproducts.com
internet: http://www.nortekproducts.com.cn

NORTEK is one of the largest professional manufacturer of high pressure washer in China. Located in nearby Shanghai, Nortek h as
developed and produced pressure washers to the highest standard of quality since 2001. Highly vertically integrated, we m ake our own
motors, pumps, high pressure hoses, and accessories, for both the DIY and the professional markets. Capacity exceeds 1 millio n units
per year and 95% are exported to North America, Europe & Japan.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F101


28, Verhnie Pollya st., 109451, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 658-5094
FAX +7 (495) 658-5094
email: novoe@know-house.ru
internet: http://www.know-house.ru

KNOW-HOUSE.RU is a leading Internet-portal on Construction subjects. It contains the whole necessary general information on
modern building products and technologies. It also contains catalogues and technical information from leading manufacturers a nd
distributors. All this information is completed by existing norms, the time-table and information on International construction exhibitions

ПАВ. 1


125866, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 789-4465
FAX +7 (495) 789-4465
email: obo@expert.ru
internet: http://www.expert.ru

Exclusive information for the price of magazine: state and tendency of domestic and global development of the machines and
equipment markets; how to choose equipment; regional and national markets, new technologies, the price of opening your own
business, practice of effective management’ the database of the equipment producers and suppliers; monitoring of legislation. Special
free direct mail for advertisers. On your request we send free one of the last volumes.

ПАВ. 1


670-8(91BL9L) Kojan-dong, Namdong-Gu, 405819, Incheon, 405819, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 32 8122700
FAX +82 328197554
email: info@orbisbearings.com
internet: http://www.orbisbearings.com

Plastic bearing manufacturer specializing in 4-point contact bearings caring of the environment first in every step from raw materials,
production, sales, recycling and disposal. With extremely smooth movement, noiseless performance, and anti -corrosional materials.
ORBIS guarantees full satisfaction to its customers. Linear motion applications for all branches of industry and sliding system hardware
for furniture are available as well.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A105


No. 78 Huanghe road economic and technical development zone, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0518-82230880
FAX +86 0518-82230883
email: xuhaidong@orientcraft-abrasives.com
internet: http://www.orientcraft-abrasives.com

Orientcraft Abrasives co., Ltd is specialized in Manufacturing Abrasive products which sold to more than 30 countries in worl d.
Customers appreciate ORIENTCRAFT products is the reliable choice. Our daily goals are quality, service, expertise, support and
satisfaction of our customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A123


9, Stratonavtov proezd, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 921-4051, 491-2436, 925-5710
FAX +7 (495) 491-2436
email: info@und.ru
internet: http://www.und.ru

Abrasive and diamond cutting wheels, electric tools, consumables (wholesale & retail).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N105


34, Marksistskaya st., 109147, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 911-6111, 778-5687
FAX +7 (495) 781-4343
email: moscow@paradox.spb.ru
internet: http://www.paradox.spb.ru
Россия, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Малая Посадская, д 5
5, Malaya Posadskaya, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 232 38 83, 230 30 48
FAX +7 (812) 702 60 94
E-mail: box@paradox.spb.ru
Internet: http://www.paradox.spb.ru

PROXXON - professional electrotools is known all over the world and has versatile use. PROXXON GmbH manufactures dental drills,
turning and milling machine tools, jaws, holders for more than 30 years. Devices lighten work of engineers in various fields, from
modeling upto applied scientific development.
PROXXON Industrial - the professional metalwork tools of industrial quality are intended for use not only in household conditions, but
mainly in workshops and assembly manufactures. The guarantee from 2 years upto 10 years is provided for metalwork tools at
industrial use, and 25 years of guarantee for material quality and processing deficiency.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД J109


11f No. 77-2. Sec. 2, Chungcheng E. Rd, Tamsui, Taipei County, Taiwan
TEL +886 2 28083426
FAX +886 2 2803427
email: service@patekpneumatics.com
internet: http://www.patekpneumatics.com

Patek Pneumatics is a complete fastening system. We concentrate on supplying unique tools, making more perfect development and
offering the whole range of high quality fasteners.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A135


Brunnenstrasse 10a, D-58285, Gevelsberg, Germany
TEL +49 23 32-91 99-0
FAX +49 23 32-91 99 90
email: phv@peddinghaus.de
internet: http://www.peddinghaus.de

PEDDINGHAUS HANDWERKZEUGE is a manufacturer of high quality hand tools. We produce professional hand tools for almost all
trades. Our portfolio includes more than 2500 products
such as hammers, stone mason’s hammers, sledge hammers, construction and industrial hammers, wrenches and wrench

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q110


8, Tvardovskogo st. , (Strogino Industrial Park), 123458, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 642-5566
email: info@plazarium.ru
internet: http://www.plazarium.ru

Manufacture and service of plasma devices.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД H101


99, Sovetskaya st., 143430, Nakhabino, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 992-6527, 561-8400, 562-8255
FAX +7 (495) 992-6527, 561-8400, 562-8255
email: mail@plastic-centre.ru
internet: http://www.plastic-centre.ru

Company "Plastic-center" works in plastic consumer goods market for 12 years. Manufacture of the company meets the advanced
requirements of quality and safety and is near to Moscow. The general assortment of the company totals 250 positions of the g oods for
the house: repair and storage, kitchen, bath and toilet accessories. We are market leaders on developing new products (up to 100
positions per year) The line of products for tools storage, consisting of various toolboxes, organizers, trays, bars and othe r goods, for
today makes 25 items and constantly extends. We do the rate on the maximal satisfaction of modern consumers to quality, design, a
variety of production. Developing new products, we carry out careful technical researches, and also we consider dat a of the analysis of
wishes of consumers to receive really necessary and qualitative product. We offer modern flexible conditions of cooperation f or
wholesale clients. We surround partners with care and we do everything that you have felt comfortably, work ing with us.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q127


No. 1369 Guinan road, Songjiang, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-57845026
FAX +86 21-57845277
email: trade@plymouthyongle.com
internet: http://www.plymouthyongle.com

Plymouth Yongle Tape Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Plymouth Rubber Company and Huaxia Enterprise Group, located in Shanghai ,
China. With the vast experience and great technical and manufacturing capabilities, combining the enormous cost advant age of China,
customers such as electrical contractors, industrial plants, utilities, mines and telecommunication companies can count on us to
consistently deliver the highest quality tapes at competitive prices. Plymouth Yongle Tape (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is uniquely qualified to
your job requirements.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F108


29/14, Vereyskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL / FAX +7 (495) 657-8638, 657-8639
FAX +7 (495) 657-8638, 657-8639
email: info@i-union.ru
internet: http://www.oborudunion.ru

Business Information Guide for Russian entrepreneurs: «Suppliers of Machines and Equipment». The target audience of informati on
guide includes business men, companies, enterprises. Distributed in Moscow, regional centers in Russia and CIS countries. Volume -
640 pages, format - A4, color. Circulation - 50 000 copies.

ПАВ. 1


P.O. Box 9, 125124, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 228-7595
FAX +7 (495) 228-7595
email: stroyka@potrebitel.ru
internet: http://www.master-forum.ru

The magazine "Tools" of a series "Consumer" is tool magazine # 1 in Russia. It’s commanding leader among specialized magazines on
the subjects. Circulation of each release - more than 35 thousand copies. Capacity- more than 176 pages. Publication frequency -
twice a year. Distribution - Moscow, St. Petersburg and others cities of Russia, CIS and Baltic states. An average retail price of one
copy is 80 roubles.
The main themes are the electric, battery and hand tools, measuring devices, machine tools, consumable products, power equipm ent.
Each issue contains independent tests, an expert estimation, reviews, news, the master-classes, analytical surveys, exclusive
interviews, useful advice, recommendations of experts, data on the leading companies.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T102


Kaizhuang Development Area, Shagang, Kaiping City, Guangdong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 750-2257078
FAX +86 750-2257808
email: jennie@prosperhose.com
internet: http://www.prosperhose.com

PVC garden hose & accessories, garden hose reel cart, garden hose connectors etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F109


2-423, Chungchun-dong, Bupyung-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-32-507-1130
FAX +82-32-507-1129
email: southpole77@hanmail.net

Manufacture of 1) heating boiler system 2) stone-heating system 3) data massage system for industrial usage.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A103


Küllenhahner Strasse 161, Wuppertal, Germany
TEL +49 2 02-4 09 39-23
FAX +49 2 02-4 09 39 20
email: bodo.goldmann@jung-henkelmann.de
internet: http://www.jung-henkelmann.de

Manufacturer of construction hand tools. Trowels, finishing trowel for brick layers, floor tilers, floor layers, roofers. Tools for drywall
installers and painters.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N107


1F, No. 3 Inustrial E. 9th Rd. , Science-Based Industrial Park, 30075, HsinChu, 30075, Taiwan
TEL +886 3-6111666
FAX +886 3-5644170
email: info@zytemp.com
internet: http://www.zytemp.com

Radiant Innovation Inc. was established in year 2000 and mainly focus on Infrared Technology. Our RD, QA, Manufacture Team have
been in this field for more than 10 years. Therefore, we are able to provide high-quality & good-design products to all of our customers
in the world. There are three product-lines in Radiant in the moment:
1.Radiant ==> Healthcare infrared thermometers, http://www.radiantek.com.tw
2.ZyTemp ==> Industrial use / Wide-range infrared thermometers, http://www.ZyTemp.com
3.ZyAura ==> CO2 monitors, http://www.ZyAura.com

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B140


10, Gilyarovskogo st., 129090, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 681-8361, 681-3428
FAX +7 (495) 681-7359

The weekly journal “Repair and Construction” - is specialized colored edition intended for experts of building and trading firms, and also
for everyone who is under construction or makes repair. The information is published about the prices for the construction go ods and
services, and also addresses of manufacturers and building shops. In the beginning of the weekly journal analytical and advertising
articles about new building materials and technologies are regularly printed. Circulation of the edition is 115000 copies, vo lume of
pages is more than 140.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T129


125, Varshavskoe shosse, 117587, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 781-4249, 781-2163, 781-4618
FAX +7 (495) 781-4249
email: info@rivetcom.ru
internet: http://www.rivetcom.ru

Rivetcom Co.Ltd is the official distributor in territory of the Russian Federation of the Czech plant RIVETEC – Manufacture professional
riveting tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T112


An der Blutfinke 9a, D-42369, Wuppertal, Germany
TEL +49 2 02-46 01 30
FAX +49 2 02-4 60 13 60
email: vkw@robert-schroeder.de
internet: http://www.robert-schroeder.de

Manufacturer of quality tools:
- Screwdrivers
- Special screwdrivers
- Screwdriver bib
- Bit boxes, bit portfolios
- Tool holders, screw removers
- Drill devices, drill chucks.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q110


Pol. Can Roses, avda. Olimpiades, 89-91 P.O. BOX 14, E-08191, Barcelona, Spain
TEL +34 936 806500
FAX +34 936 80 65 01
email: mail_gboada@rubi.com
internet: http://www.rubi.com

Worldwide leading manufacturer of manual tile cutters, electric wet saws and a complete range of tiling accessories. We are p resent in
more than 140 countries and our RUBI brand is well recognized between professionals from all over the world.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД J106


Room 327,11 Ysacheva st,Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 662-7557
FAX +7 (495) 662-7557
email: reklama@metportal.ru
internet: http://www.metportal.ru

А combination, under one cover of the specialized journal, which throws light on all questions of the functioning of the market for rolled
metal product, and the branch reference book of companies, which act on this market, makes publication unique in this information
field. The journal-directory book gives the possibility not only to be up to date in the events of the market, its tendencies and
innovations on it, but also to find new buyers, suppliers, partners in the business, or to determine the activity of competitors.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T106


893-3, Daecheon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 591 8761
FAX +82 53 591 8763
email: samick@samicktech.co.kr
internet: http://www.samicktech.co.kr

New Product: Apparatus for uniforming microwave and heating system using the same (Sterilizer, Dry System, Compression Lumber
Manufacture System). Products: Automatic Tool Changers (A.T.C), Automatic Pallet Changers (A.P.C).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B127


9F/5TH, Tiansheng Building, Xixin Road, Yongkang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 57987113982
FAX +86 57987113972
email: sales@sunupco.com
internet: http://www.sunupco.com

Our company increased the Export towards different products such as: “Power Machinery Series, Sports and Leisure Series, Home
Appliances Series, New Energy Sources” and so on. Details of these products as following: power cutter, power saw, grass cutt er,
grass trimmer, tiller, pressure washer, earth auger, snow thrower, chain saw, lawn mower, shredder, gasoline generator, diesel
generator, digital generator, solar power, wind power generator, air compressor, horse clipper, sheep clipper, drain cleaning machine,
power jack, out board motor, power tools, auto tools, construction tools, garden tools, agriculture tools, vacuum cleaner, coffee
machine, vigor board, trampoline, and so on.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K106


186-3, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-32-83-6960
FAX +82-32-815-6960
email: yjmun@srhi.co.kr
internet: http://www.srht.co.kr

Manufacture of machining center for dedicated communication devices, LCD components, semi-conductor devices and cellular phone
components etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A102


Jingyang Industrial District, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 591 85321671
FAX +86 591 85321670
email: nzn@syzd.cn
internet: http://www.sy-sling.com.cn

Our factory produces and sells the series of webbing sling, round sling, ratchet tie down strap, winch, strap, cam buckle tie down strap,
tow strap and safety harness, etc. In accordance with Europe standard EN, and in the meantime, we also produce the items of our
customer special requirement. Most of our products were certificated by German TVV and got the CE and GS. We much welcome
customers negotiate with us for the business of the above-mentioned products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L106


99B-17L, 665-16, GOJAN-DONG, NAMDONG-GU, incheon, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 32 814 6257 9
FAX +82 32 814 8414
email: sunkyung@skmachinery.co.kr
internet: http://www.skmachinery.co.kr

We, SKM, have been established as a manufacturer and exporter of Aluminum Extrusion Machinery, Furnace, and Handle Equipments
more than 18 years. In these days, we are covering around 50% of Market share in Korea. Not only in our domestic market but a lso in
the overseas, we have been enjoying a fine reputation from our customers in Japan, Russia, U.A.E, and Vietnam.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A101


1-602, Jianguo Apart. , Jianguo Road, 300010, Tianjin, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 22-24463726
FAX +86 22-24463737
email: info@chinasuntech.com
internet: http://www.chinasuntech.com

Suntech Hardware Corp. is a professional Chinese supplier of metal products (iron wire, nails, mesh & netting, fasteners, rig ging
hardware)/ garden tools (rake, saw, sprayer)/ hand tools (cutter, caulking gun, bricklayer) and electric tools (pump, grass trimmer,
brush cutter).
We have supplied to the leading European producers and distributors for many years.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G119


office 116, 3, Sadovaya st., 143002, Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 661-0344
FAX +7 (495) 661-0344
email: info@inservic.ru
internet: http://www.inservic.ru

Company "SVService" has been in petrol and electro market more than 20 years. Since 2003 it specializes in sale the production
STIHL and VIKING and it is an official distributor Stihl and Viking in Russia. The company has all necessary licenses, sancti ons and
High attention to service, presence of a constant warehouse of spare parts, accessories and advertising production allows to satisfy the
inquiries of our clients at the earliest possible date.
A hot line across Russia: 8-800-555-0255.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F98/F96


No. 8, Road 1, Donggang, Industrial zone, Quzhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0570-3832183
FAX +86 0570-8886879
email: sales@onecoastcn.com
internet: http://www.swoolchainsaw.com

SWOOL Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to research and development of gardening equipment. Our products include gasolin e
chainsaws, brush cutters and trimmers. We also provide spare parts such as carburetors, cylinders and crankcases.
SWOOL is also sponsor of a group of manufacturers with independent R&D and testing facilities. We have the professional team with
rich experience on management and techniques.
We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G112


100-17 Galsan-Dong, Dalseo-Gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 586 6210
FAX +82 53 586 6211
email: contact@sjtools.co.kr
internet: http://www.sjtools.co.kr

As a specialized carbide-cutting tool producer, we have enjoyed good reputation in supplying of high quality products in the field of
automobile, aerospace, mold, optical industries and for wide-range of industry purpose.
Products: drills, end mills, reamers, cutters & others.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B129


1190-15, Sinsang-ri, Jillyang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 851 0371
FAX +82 53 851 0372
email: sgtechfoam@daum.net / sgtechfoam@yahoo.co.kr

Non-crosslinked PE foam sheet line, non-crosslinked PE foam PLANK line. Expanded Polystyrene foam sheet line, expanded
Polystyrene foam PLANK line. Chemically crosslinked PE foam sheet line, irradiation crosslinked PE/PP foam sheet line.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A128


410-440, Oryu-Dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-32-503-2654
FAX +82-32-563-0987
email: seojin@seojineng.co.kr
internet: http://www.seojineng.co.kr

Manufacturer of thermoforming machine & exporter. Thermoforming machine/Vacuum Forming machine/Automatic Trimming Press.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A107


11A/1, Novaya Doroga st., 123035, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 626-4010
FAX +7 (495) 626-4010
email: info@cbc-instruments.ru
internet: http://www.cbc-instruments.ru

Business Group, ltd is the official dealer of company "СВС-Instruments" (Kazakhstan) in Russia. Sale of products from company
"СВС": manual tools (flat-nose pliers, screw-drivers, sidecutters, wrenches, etc.); bulls, cutter heads, drills; power tools (shock drills,
punchers, tools for diamond drilling and cutting, etc.); cutting wheels and abrasive disks for metal and stone, etc.

ПАВ. 1


4/6, Clara Cetkin st., 125299, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 786-4812
FAX +7 (495) 786-4812
email: info@cdmo.ru
internet: http://www.cdmo.ru

SDMO gensets (France)
EQUIPMENT FOR GUARANTEED and UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (designing, delivery, installation, commissioning,
training of experts, service). Power ranges from 0, 7 up to 10000 kVA. Economical portable and stationary diesel and benzene
generating sets. Our highly reliable equipment helps to solve any problems with power supply and c an serve as a basic or reserve
source of electric power.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T103


Via Caduti della Liberazione 57, I-21040, Uboldo VA, Italy
TEL +39 02964121
FAX +39 0296412322
email: info@eurocell.it
internet: http://www.eurocell.it

Self Adhesive tapes, making tapes, double-sided tapes, aluminium tapes, reinforced and strapping tapes, foam protection.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M115


4B/5, 2nd Irtishskiy pass, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 627 35 51
FAX +7 (495) 627 35 52
E-mail: s.pigarev@sicerus.ru
Internet: http://www.sicerussia.ru

Wholesale and retail sale of compressor equipment, accessories for pneumatic lines, hand tools and pneumatic tools by the world
leading manufacturers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T111


Gaochang, Yibin, Sichuan, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0831-6410961
FAX +86 0831-6410578
email: Scottma@yilipowderloads.com
internet: http://WWW.SCYILI.COM.CN

Yili Group, found in 1992, is the leading and most competitive manufacturer in China for powder actuated fastening systems which
include powder actuated fastening tool, powder loads and drive pins, fasteners. It has over 50% domestic market share . Our powder
actuated fastening systems meeting with PATMI standards, powder loads and drive pins are compatible with the tool of HILTI,
RAMSET/RED HEAD, SPIT, SIMPSON, and other brands.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G122


40/11, 3d proezd Maryinoy Roshi, 127018, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 645-0477
FAX +7 (495) 645-0477
email: info@spi-journal.ru
internet: http://www.spi-journal.ru

Monthly branch information-analytical magazine. All main things about branch in one magazine.

ПАВ. 1


P.O. Box 12, K-51, 127051, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 232-2318
FAX +7 (495) 232-2318
email: reklama@snab.ru
internet: http://www.snab.ru

 “SNABZHENETS” is the informational and advertising weekly journal for the manufacturers. Journal contains analytical articles about
the most important economical questions, the surveys of the exhibitions and fairs, the advertising materials about the products for the
industrial purpose. It is distributed upon the entire territory of Russia and the special exhibitions.
The subscription index in “Rospechat” catalogue: 32699
The subscription index in “APR” catalogue: 29260.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T130


rooms 212, 220, bldg 27, Altufyevskoe shosse, 127106, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 401-8678/ 661-4195
FAX +7 (495) 987-3119
email: stehnologi2007@mail.ru
internet: http://www.sovtehno.ru

Diamond tools wholesale for construction industry, road-building and stone-working. Official distributor of «Di Star» in Russia. Stone-
processing and road-building machinery sales.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T121


Box225,80/4,Leninsky prospect,125190, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 795-0232
FAX +7 (495) 795-0240
email: mail@dom-online.ru
internet: http://www.dom-online.ru
E-mail: lavrova@dom-online.ru

Magazine «Sovremenny dom» аnd special editions: «House Projects», «Renovations and Design»
The full-coloured illustrated magazine “Sovremenny dom” is coming out from March 1998. Specialization: various projects of country
houses and cottages, practical advises to private developers, reviews of construction material’s market, detailed and easy-to-
understand analysis of modern construction technologies and equipment, the repair from the point of customer’s view, advises in
landscape design, new variants of planning for typical apartments, interior design advises, the interviews with famous archit ects.
“Sovremenny dom” magazine covers practically all topics, connected with the construction, architecture and design, and still keeps an
easy and understandable language for the readers of different cultural and social levels.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H115


office 327, 101, prospekt Mira, 129085, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 926-4747
FAX +7 (495) 926-4747
email: xpress@houses.ru
internet: http://www.houses.ru

A brand new practically oriented magazine "Modern renovation" is Russian analogue for legendary European bestseller "Bauen &
Renovieren". It reflects the need for professional information in private lodging's renovation and decoration. These pages co ntain a very
wide range of renovation work advices with step-by-step comments useful for Russian readers. Also there are a lot of
recommendations on home and garden re-planning and accomplishment.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T128


2a, Ivana Susanina st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 363-9100
FAX +7 (495) 363-9103
email: tool@sorokin.ru
internet: http://www.sorokin.ru

TOOLSOROKIN exists in the market of the garage equipment for more than 12 years. Assortment of goods extends constantly. Duri ng
the current year the company gives particular attention to the manual, pneumatic and welding equipment.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q104


20, Leipziger Str., Berlin, Germany
TEL +7 (495) 956-9900
FAX +7 (495) 232-3634
email: reclama@amida.ru
internet: http://www.sparky.ru

Sales of electric tools by Sparky.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M100


No. 880, Xingwen Road, Jiading District, 201807, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-33517000
FAX +86 21-33517111
email: sales@starcraftgroup.com
internet: http://www.starcraftools.com

Starcraft Group as one of the best suppliers in the lines of Cutting Tools, Power Tools Accessories and Abrasive Tools in Chi na, has
nearly 20 years experience in manufacturing and international trading. Now our products are selling to all of world very well with a good
quality, reasonable price, attractive packaging, and satisfied service. And Starcraft is always to improve the quality of pro ducts and his
service continuously and develops the new and better products and packaging continuously for meeting the demand of different
customers and market.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P138-139


room 383,17B, Butlerova st., 117342, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 330-1038, 330-1610, 333-8309
FAX +7 (495) 330-1038
email: bdm@acegroups.com
internet: http://www.horsepower.ru

Wholesale of assembling and auto tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S115


7a/6, Staropetrovskiy proezd, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 974-2898
FAX +7 (495) 974-2899
email: norma@norma-adv.ru
internet: http://www.stroyka.ru

Group of the newspapers “STROYKA” is a project, which consolidates more than 50 regional issues in Russia and The Independent
States Union.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T119


7A/6,Staropetrovsky proezd,125130, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 974-1056
FAX +7 (495) 974-8274
email: td@ria-norma.com
internet: http://www.teplydom.com

The «Teply Dom» magazine is intended for private residence, сottage and apartment owners.
It covers technologies for comfort, innovations in private house construction, laws and rules for
home makeover and maintenance in accordance with climate. It helps, advises and recommends
how to combine engineering and interior, to keep a house comfortable and cosy.

ПАВ. 1


9, Koli Tomchaka st., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 331-7273
FAX +7 (812) 331-7273
email: reklama@stroynet.ru
internet: http://www.stroynet.ru

Russian website on construction. Goods and services from different regions of Russia. The catalogue of Russian building companies,
tenders, job and other.

ПАВ. 1


2/2,Rybchovskaya naberewnaya,Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 7454470
email: baburin_sergey@mail.ru

Trading company.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД T114


Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 661-6053
email: info@stroystan.ru, stroystan@rambler.ru
internet: http://www.stroystan.ru

StroyStan company Is engaged in sale, rent, an exchange of Building CUTTING&BENDING MACHINES, deep vibrators, abrasive-
detachable machines, and also guarantee and postguarantee repair of own equipment.

ПАВ. 1


41A, Hersonskaya st., 117246, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 651-9067
email: info@ste-pr.ru
internet: http://www.ste-pr.ru

Magazine about construction, equipment, methods, tools and technology. A4, 80 pages, circulation 17000 copies, 12 issues annu ally.
Distributed free.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H109


room 2, 8/10, Maliy Trekhgorniy per., 123022, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 783-5992/93/94; 258-0974/75
FAX +7 (495) 783-5992/93/94; 258-0974/75
email: stron-tm@aha.ru; stron-tm@yandex.ru
internet: http://www.stron-tm.org

STRON TM Construction. Arrangement. The new technology – monthly full color magazine. 96 pages. Circulation 100 000 copies.
Free-of-charge distribution in the territory of Moscow and in regions of Russia.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД H116


8/2A, Golovinskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 786-2112
FAX +7 (495) 4591111
email: info@sturmtools.ru
internet: http://www.sturmtools.ru

Wholesale trade of power, gasoline, hand tools.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M121


9/F. , The 2nd Building of Shangdong International Commerce Center, No. 1926 Canghai Road, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 27863906
internet: http://www.sugeindustrial.com

We are located in Ningbo, and specialized in manufacturing and exporting a complete range of power tools, garden tools, air t ools,
pumps and generators. “We do what we promised”, it’s our company’s policy and we always try our best to satisfy customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D114


1156 Binhe Road, Suzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 512 68310061
FAX +86 512 68310060
email: shulon@pub.sz.jsinfo.net
internet: http://www.comesi.com.cn

Suzhou Comesi Locks Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. We are specialized in producing locks, door relating hardware products and
other goods for worldwide professional use. We are supported by numerous powerful production bases, which are committed to
continuously introduce advanced technology and ISO quality control systems. Our QA&QC engineers take opportunity of technology
innovation to develop new products. Now we can supply our clients with a broad selection of products not only standard items but also
tailor-made articles. In less than four year history, our annual sales volume has been increasing by 50% for successive years. We are
increasingly approved by our clients all over the world for our high credit, perfect quality, on-time delivery and great customer service.
We believe superior quality provides the permanent foundation that allows us to stand firmly in the competitive global market.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G108


Dayang Industrial Zone, Daxi, Wenling, Taizhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-86338278
FAX +86 576-86338378
email: xhj@xinhongji.com
internet: http://www.xinhongji.com

Taizhou XingHongJi Pumps Co. Ltd was established in 1987. We are a medium-sized private advanced enterprise. Our focus is multi-
stage pump, circulation pump, appliance pump, garden pump, submersible pump, and centrifugal pump etc with 500, 000 pumps every
year. one developing center and one advanced pump quality testing center was established. Over twenty new series of product a re
developed and put into production each year. Our customers are spread around the world, mai nly exported to Europe, USA, Mideast
and Southeastern Asia, and we have long-term strategic cooperation with lots of international enterprises.
XingHongJi Pumps has got ISO9001-2000 edition International Quality System Approval. What’s more, XingHonJi pumps has also
been approved by international CE, GS, TUV and ROHS Certification. In addition, “XingHongJi” has been awarded as “China Famous
From 2007, by introducing and building up advanced Japanese style keep-improving production management, we focus on
manufacturing and machining high quality pumps; by building up strict “quality, responsibility and efficiency” consciousness in
employees’ mind, pushing quality control system in the whole manufacturing process, zero defection production management h as been
achieved in XingHongJi pumps. A bran-new XingHongJi Pumps is now honoured to offer you high quality products and services.
Customers demand is our pursuit. We will satisfy our customers with better.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B124


916, Daewoo Metro Theo’ville, 52-1, Singongduk-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 (2) 32768091
FAX +82 (2) 32768094 / 319129385
email: joytarp@joytarp.com
internet: http://www.joytarp.com

We, Tarp-Line Co.,Ltd, are manufacturer of PE Tarpaulins, PVC Tarpaulins, PE meshes and Leno Tarpaulins for industrial, agricultural,
constructional purpose as well as for roofing materials and DIY home use. Based on over 15 years of experience, we guarantee
supreme quality also most competitive price. The dedication of our employee both manufacturing and sale led our company to achi eve
over USD25,000,000.00 turn over. Our capacity is 120x20’ container per month.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A127


Walter Freitag Strasse 35, D-42899, Remscheid, Germany
TEL +49 21 91-58 90 90
FAX +49 21 91-59 02 95
email: d.bechstedt@tdbs.de
internet: http://www.tdbs.de

Manufacturer of drill bit tubes and accessories for the diamond tool industry. Products: Drill bit tubes with a diameter range from 7 mm
to 2000 mm or larger, standard length 450 mm, custom
lengths available upon request. Adapters, extensions, socket bits, exhaust systems, water swivels.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N107


Ikitelli Caddesi, Imsan Sanayi Sitesi E Blok No:4-5, Ikitelli, Istanbul, Turkey
TEL +90 (212) 4440559, 4953232
FAX +90 (212) 4953700
email: nfo@temesist-raf.com
internet: http://www.temesist-raf.com

TEMESIST is one of the most professional Turkish manufacturer specializing in designing, manufacturing and assembling of vari ous
kind of storage rack systems. Our company has been following all of the improvement of this sector in order to give high quality
services with best products to our costumer. Temesist produce its products according to ISO quality certificate, ERP systems, FEM and
SEMA standards.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД M106


room 204, bldg 8-10, Kotlyakovskaya st., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (499) 613-7817
FAX +7 (495) 984-6968
email: info@green-field.ru
internet: http://www.green-field.ru

Wholesale of gasoline and diesel generators (0.6 - 45kW), water pumps, engines (2.9 - 15 Hp), high-pressure cleaner (150 - 270 bar),
air compressors, scooters.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N103


16/4, Polesskiy proezd, 123367, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 609-609-0, доб. 4411, 4448
FAX +7 (495) 609-609-0, доб. 4400
email: info@t-s-c.ru
internet: http://www.t-s-c.ru

LLC “Tekhstroycontract” is an official dealer of the world leading manufacturers of the particularized technique all over in Russian
Federation, including Hitachi Construction Machinery Cо., Ltd, Tadano, New Holland, Airman, Denyo, Sakai, Bell, Case IH, Hidromek,
Hangcha. Tekhstroycontract is a Russian leader by sales of this technique. The pawning of success of the company’s activity i s an
availability of the wide nomenclature of the new and be in used particularized technique, spare parts, depots and attached implements.
All of our clients takes an after-sales service in every spot of the Russian territory.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД T116


XingJiaheng Village, TuanBo, JingHai, Tianjin, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 022-68557244
FAX +86 022-68557200
email: jiuri2007@126.com
internet: http://www.xudawashers.com

The company is a manufacture & trading corporation and established on 1995. The mainly product collection include kinds of punch
parts, steel tube with different specification, armor plate, zinc plated steel wire & technology strength, steady quality con trol, advanced
craft export to Asia, Europe, America and Africa markets and get customers' trust and good reputation.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C102


No 42 Xiatang str. Huangdai town, Suzhou, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 512-65486640
FAX +86 12-65481224
email: xcd00001@yahoo.com.cn
internet: http://www.tower-cn.com

Occupying more than 20000, Suzhou Tieta Blowlamp Co., Ltd., locating at Huangdai town in the north suburb of Suzhou, since 19 60’s,
the only one with approval of International Quality System - ISO9001 in the same trade, is the best and largest manufacturer in the
blowtorch line of China.
The products of TIETA Co., LTD. have been approved as “Best quality product of China”, “High grade product of Jiangsu provinc e”,
“Excellent export product of villages and towns enterprises”, “Suzhou celebrated product” separately.
With brand “TOWER” and “HUANGDAI”. TIETA CO., LTD. is specialized in manufacturing gasoline, kerosene, diesel and LPG series
blowtorch, kerosene pressure lantern and automatic wire-stripper.
Our products are enjoy fast sale in the domestic market and have established good reputation in international market after our
obtaining Imp.& Exp. Qualification in 1997.
We will always stick to the target of making an international celebrated brand “TOWER” and make an all out effort to meet the
requirements of our clients.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K112


15/f, b& Masion, No. 55 Hunan rd, Qingdao, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 532-82875886
FAX +86 532-82891205
email: zhangpu@tmaxtools.net
internet: http://www.tmaxtools.net

Our product lines include: Hand tools, Power tools, Pneumatic tools, Gardening tools, Electric household appliances, Car acce ssories,
Engine parts, Off-road winches.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P137


no 303 Kangliu rd. , Kangqiao industry area, Pudong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-68192006
FAX +86 21-58129366
email: Info@techtop.net.cn
internet: http://www.motor-techtop.com

Shanghai Top Motor CO., LTD (techtop), with 20 year production experience, is a specialized high and new-tech enterprise,
manufacturing with research various medium and small sizes of ac motors, generators, pumps, dc permanent motors and
electromechanical integration.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D122


1f, No. 98 Mei-Lun Street, Shih-Lin 111, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL +886-2-2832-1090
FAX +886 2-8866-4617
email: topovsea@ms14.hinet.net
internet: http://www.top-tools.com.tw

TOP OVERSEAS CORP. is established in 1984 and now we are one of the leading suppliers in Taiwan for HARDWARES and HAND
TOP OVERSEAS CORP. is export trader and has more than 20 years experience in the field of hardware and hand tools. With our
continuous efforts and gradually growth, we gain a great reputation in our international markets. Now we are ready to offer you the
qualified tool and hardware at very competitive prices which mean good margins of profit and fast inventory turnover.
TOP OVERSEAS CORP. is always complied with its principles of foundation: A complete range of merchandising, selection, innovation
products, serve and value.
TOP OVERSEAS CORP. welcome and wish to receive your immediate inquiries, we will try our best to offer you a competitive pric es
together with a satisfactory service. So please do not hesitate to contact us.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A137


8/F, Unit 4, Perfect Industrial Building, 31 Tai Yau str. , Sanpokong, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 (852) 31845114
FAX +86 (852) 23516565
email: tomfung@totex.com.hk
internet: http://www.totexintl.com

Totex International Limited is a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in rechargeable batteries and charges for indu strial
applications such as power tools. We also design battery packs and charges for ODM/OEM applications. We offer battery chemistries
such as Li-ion, NI-MH and Ni-CD. Our major battery cell manufactures include: Sanyo, Panasonic, Moli.
Totex is ISO09001 certified and our manufacturing plant is UL certified.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C125


P.O. Box 18, Chicherin, 105120, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 5029930
FAX +7 (495) 5029930
email: info@eaim.ru
internet: http://www.tp.eaim.ru/diy

Sales Point. DIY - monthly analytical magazine for specialists in DIY retail chains. Main themes are surveys of market trends in Russia
and in foreign countries, merchandising and category management for construction materials, tools, goods for home improvement and

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД H104


No. 347, Da-Fong 1 st. Rd. Tanzih, Shiang, Taichung 427, Taiwan
TEL +886 4 25335799
FAX +886 4 25335800
email: tools@ms64.hinet.net
internet: http://www.transtime-tools.com

The symbol of quality and reliability The Gingko tree has existed for 250 million years, and from ancient times its leaf has been
regarded as an embodiment of beauty. In terms of biological evolution, it is a precious "living fossil."
It symbolizes the eternity of life and the willpower to overcome the severities of the living environment.
All Transtime tools are designed and manufactured complying with European and Federal specifications and standards.
We assure you that the user of Transtime tools can increase his working efficiency, and enjoy the pleasure of working.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B137


6/4, Yeskaya st., 109387, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 744-0624
FAX +7 (495) 744-0624
email: info@ttsauto.ru
internet: http://www.ttsauto.ru

The company TRANSTECHSERVICE was founded in 1994. The sphere of activity: distributing garage equipment, tools, diagnostic
equipment, washing equipment, dust extractors. Equipment mounting, service training, spare parts delivery, warranty service.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N104


11,Tekstilshikov st 8,109129, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 727-2862
FAX +7 (495) 228-1355
email: info@trade.su, volin@trade.su
internet: http://www.ia-trade.su

News agency «Trade.su» specializes in development and installation of the advanced technologies in the field of electronic trade and
promotion of the companies in the corporate market!
News agency «Trade.su» is the leading content provider about tenders and purchases of commercial and state structures in the
industrial markets.
- Information about tenders Will allow to be always well informed about all tenders and purchases of your products in territory of
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
- Creation of electronic trading platform Will allow attracting of buyers who search for products through the Internet. If your company
does not have website or existing website does not allow accepting of orders from buyers, creation of trading platform in the Internet
becomes an optimum possibility.
- Advertising campaign Allows inviting of many clients interested in your products to website or to electronic trading platform of your
The best advertising tools in the Internet are used, allowing to achieve the maximal effect for short term.

ПАВ. 1


Elberfelder starsse 77, D-42853, Remscheid, Germany
TEL +49 21 91-438-33
FAX +49 21 91-438-79
email: fwi@werkzeug.org
internet: http://www.werkzeug.org

The Association of German Tool Manufacturers represents the interests of the german tool manufacturers and is the owner of th e
registered trademark "Deutsches Werkzeug - made in Germany" (German tools - made in Germany) reserved for authorized members
only who manufacture brand name tools in Germany.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД N107


Houxing Town, 212312, Danyang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-8632335, 86326517
FAX +86 511-86318668
email: markdai@vip.163.com, feidahe@pub.zj.jsinfo.net
internet: http://www.fengyu-tools.com

Tools Co., Ltd in Jiangsu affluent Yangtze River Delta Economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhenjiang City, eastern
suburb, north of Yangtze River, South pillow Shanghai-Nanjing railway, airport 20 km away from Changzhou, Zhenjiang (Chittagong)
port 13 kilometers, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway 8 Km, water and land transportation convenient.
The Company is specialized in producing metal cutting tools of foreign trade enterprises, strong technical force, advanced pr oduction
equipment. Main production high-speed steel twist drill straight stems, construction workers drilled, carpentry drilling, polishing drill, a
round Banya, high-speed steel lathe tool of the best-selling product of the 20 provinces and exported to Germany, France, Hong Kong
and Southeast Asia, 10 A number of countries and regions, praised by users.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД K111


5, Kolontsova st., Mytischi, Moscow Region, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 789-4265/ 609-6547/ 8 926 670-3141
FAX +7 (495) 789-4265, 609-6547
email: f-style@mail.ru
internet: http://www.alberkraft.ru

F-Style Company Ltd. appeared in the market in 1998. The main feature of the dynamic development of F-Style Company is the
widening of new selling markets. Currently our company is providing the market with diamond saw blades designed for stone, granite,
bricks, and other materials and abrasive tools for metal, TCT blades for wood, laminate, aluminum, and other metals. The trademarks
of our products are ALBERKRAFT, Kona-flex.
Our products manufactured by the leading factories of China have a high quality and exploitation resources. The manufacturers of our
products possess international certificate ISO 9001. The high quality of the products was tested by time and confirmed by the quality
certificate. Our products were certified in Russia. We strictly control the quality of the products. Eighty percent of the products of our
Chinese partners are supplied to the markets of USA, Canada and Europe.
The company’s price policy allows us to be competitive as it relates to price and quality.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G98


Flachsweg 4, D-94051, Hauzenberg, Germany
TEL +49 8586977550
FAX +49 8586977559
email: schroeder@fs-hebetechnik.de
internet: http://www.fs-hebetechnik.de

Products for lifting and cashing: chains / hooks / connecting links / lifting points / lifting screws / lifting hoists / snow chains .

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q113


No 247 Xingda Road Banzhong Industry Area, Fuan City, Fujian, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0593-6370920
FAX +86 0593-6370639
email: summer_chen@vip.163.com

FUAN HUAWEI ELECTRICAL MACHINERY CO., LTD is the joint venture formally established in 1992. Our annual production capacity
of various is 600 thousand sets. We specialize in producing and exporting all series of alternator, diesel generator set, electric motor,
water pump and gasoline generator set. Now it is the an export base enterprise of Chinese electric an mechanical products, one of the
key enterprises in Fujian electric and mechanical companies and one of the key supported enterprises of the Ningbo private

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C96


Dasha area zone No. 11, Dasha, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 577-88058107
FAX +86 577-88058106
email: ally-zhou@163.com

Founded in 1990, Fujian jujin steel pipe co., ltd is located in Dasha area zone NO.11 Dasha town, Fujian province. Through mo re than
ten years’ experience of developing, Fujian jujin steel pipe co., ltd has developed into a special hardware manufacturer of steel pipe. It
has special technicians and managers of more than 100 persons. Super one hundred million in production value in year 2007. At the
present, the mostly products export to RUSSIA, USA, EUROPE, KOREA ETC. and my factory has a lot of certificates. For example:
Fujian jujin steel pipe co., ltd will go on insisting “quality is first” to improve the abilities on aspects of produce, technological
development and quality management and provide more and more products with better and better qualities. We are looking forwar d to
cooperating with customers both at home and abroad for the brilliant future.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C114


No 8. Xiaoxibian Industry Zone, Fuan City, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 593-6395055
FAX +86 593-6582997
email: zhao@e-yihua.com
internet: http://www.e-yihua.com

Founded in 1999, Fujian Yihua Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer, specializing in electrical machinery.
Our main products cover generators, generating sets, soundproof generating sets and gasoline generators. Our marine generators
have got CCS and ZY certificates.
Covering an area of 30, 000 square meters, we have a staff of 300 personnel. With ERP logistic management and advanced
technology, we can produce 1, 000, 000 pieces of products to worldwide clients ...

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C94


Fengzhou Taoyuan Industry area, Quanzhou, Fujian, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 595 86799530
FAX +86 595 86783998
email: quangong@qzmachine.com
internet: http://www.qzmachine.com

Fujian Quangong Machinery Co.Ltd. is designated by the National Ministry of Construction, it is the special manufacturer for the Block
Making Machine .It has 490 staffs and 63 professional engineers. And the fully automatic line and block making machine are studied
and manufactured according to the National Design Standard, which is based on the introduction of the technigue of Freguency-
converter for making block of German. It can achieve 20Mpa for the anti-pressure of intensity of block made by these machines; The
6S and ISO9001 of Quality Management and exported into Europe, America, Australia, Southeast-Asia etc. nearly 50 nations and

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P131-132


31F. Worldwide Plaza No. 158 Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 591 28363888
FAX +86 591 87822111
email: jinfeng@jinfeng-jinlong.com
internet: http://www.jinlonggroup.com

FUJIAN JINFENG IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD was established in 2004, underling the Fujian Jinlong Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Our company produces all kinds of JINLONG brand diesel, gasoline, natural gas generator sets, alternators, pumps, motors and
coconut diggers and exports to many countries and regions, including Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.
The products are popular all over the world.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P133


No. 2, Jin Zhou North Road Jin Shan Development Zone, Fuzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 591-83056182
FAX +86 591-83746364
email: jiaxinltd@163.net
internet: http://www.jiaxin-group.cn

Fuzhou Jiaxin Industry Co., Ltd is the only manufacturer of YAMAHA banded generators outside of Japan with registered capital
RMB22, 400, 000.00. We own and operate the entire generator manufacturing process from start to finish within 30, 000 square meter
manufacturing facility. We produce 0.45~5.50KVA powered by either Yamaha or Chinese banded motors, and 2kva-20kva diesel
generators and water pumps.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G123


Room 1005 Zhonghua Mansion, 3 Jingguanwai Lane Gulou, Fuzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 59187853057
FAX +86 59187859332
email: auto-part@163.com

FUZHOU YAVIS INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD is a company specializing in the imports and exports of tools and motors, the
parts of automobiles, motorcycles and construction machineries. YAVIS owns an international trade service team with high efficiency
and specialty. It has established steady and reliable cooperation with customers all over the world. The products are exporte d to South
America, Middle East and Southeast Asia and so on. YAVIS applies itself to the international marketing survey of the products;
unceasingly enriches the resources of the company products and makes great efforts to exploit market opportunity home and abr oad.
We will provide more professional and higher efficient reliable service to achieve a win-win cooperation with clients home and abroad.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G118


No. 502, 25 west Guihua rd. , Fuyang, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571 23283012

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of industrial parts from Hangzhou, China. Over than 90% products are exported to Europe, US
and Australia, having good reputation of high quality and competitive price. Here are our main Products:
- Butt hinge
- Slip joint hinge
- Weld on hinge
- Continuous Hinge
- Strap hinge.
Handle and Lattices.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D120


4th Fl. , No. 63 Chow Tze Street, Nei Hu, 11493, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL +886 2 26575857
FAX +886 2 26575723
email: deanhbi@ms39.hinet.net
internet: http://www.grillclub.com.tw

We are a leading supplier of gas BBQ grills, charcoal BBQ grills, BBQ tools and related accessories. We provide our engineeri ng,
design and production ability to the customers.
We also accept theome for the buyer not only BBQ products but also other metal parts.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B136


622, Yueken Road, Tianhe, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 20-37206766
FAX +86 20-37205677
email: hydelock@gmail.com
internet: http://www.hydehardware.com

HYLAND Hardware Co., Limited is a joint-venture enterprise specialized in door lock and building hardware production. Our products
include: Tubular & Cylindrical Knob, Lever Handle Locksets, lock case, Cylinder and Building Hardware. Regular the company
possesses production bases of stamping, polishing, plating, die-casting and molding.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C91


16, Teterinskiy per., Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 231-3829 ; 972-2241
FAX +7 (495) 545-1469
email: info@karnasch.ru
internet: http://www.solidmarket.ru

The company has warehouses in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and supplied end users and retailers of whole Russia by:
Wide range of portable industrial cutting and drilling devices by EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS – the first world company, who offers
unique multipurpose RAGE S.A.W.™
Magnetic drilling machines MAGTRON. Manual drills EIBENSTOCK. KARNASCH’s professional tools for metal cutting: drills, reamers,
saws, end mills, micro tools.

ПАВ. 1, СТЕНД T126


106 Longshan Road, Meicheng Town, 311604, Jiande City, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-64147427
FAX +86 571-64149427
email: hzkpeng@163.com
internet: http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/zghzkp

Hangzhou kepeng tool manufacturing co., ltd., founded in 2000, is in the line of production screwdriver and tool sets, now it owned
import & export authority. Company is located in Xin'an river and Qiandao Lake, next to the HangQian high-speed road and 320
National Road, only 120km from the Hangzhou city. The company is occupied 6, 000 square meters, 4, 000 square meters of factory
space, it has a series of automatic lathe and production lines from Taiwan. There are 220 staffs including a strength team of technician
and management.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B115


No. 259 North Yingbin Road, Fuyang, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571 88210032
FAX +86 571 88211986
email: wang@hrcmixer.com

Our company is one of the Professional construction Tools manufactory in China. Most of our products are exported to Europe, USA,
Asia and all other countries at this moment. We can supply high quality wooden working series miter saw and the personal safe ty
products for your wide choice and Auto power tools & accessories at any time, all our products are got all the certificates at this
moment. Most of our products are designed by our group, and also we asked patent for them. At the same time, we also supply ODM
and OEM business cooperation in order to protect our buyers future benefit and market share which we’d like to keep a long term
cooperation and after sale service in time. With professional heart to produce professional products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B121


Linpu Industrial Development Zone, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-82422801
FAX +86 571-82485701
email: gaofengzd@163.com
internet: http://www.gf-zd.com

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Gaofeng Nail Factory is a professional manufacturer for self drilling & tapping screws, socket hex screws, such as
DIN7504 DIN6928, DIN7981, DIN7976, DIN 7991, DIN912, ISO 7380 as well as concrete nails. We also produce the screws according
to customer’s drawing. We have a capacity of 800 tons for screws and 300 tons for nails per month. More than 85 % of the prod ucts
are exported to oversea markets, our products enjoy a good international markets, such as Italy, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Russia,
Turkey, Kuwait, Israel, Dubai and so on. All of our producing equipments are from Taiwan and inspection equipments are from J apan
to ensure the quality and the prompt delivery.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C98


Linpu, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571 82421288
FAX +86 571 82460188
email: info@snowchain.com.cn
internet: http://www.snowchain.com.cn

Hangzhou Xuefeng Lifting-Equipment Manufacture Co.,ltd, (X.L.M.) is holding branch company belong to Hangzhou Xuefeng Groups. It
had more than 20 years experience in chains manufactures, who has a strong group in chains design, research & development,
produce, mainly products including all standards and grade industry links chain, X.L.M. has an occupation of 34000 m², employees
over 400. The chains produced with the modern auto-machine which made in Germany, and can make chains products total over 900
tons per month. It can make and kinds of link chains, hoist, transport, with different customers requires, including NACM 90/96/03,
ASTM-80, DIN766, DIN763, DIN764, the Norway standard, the British standard (short, middle, long), the Australia standard etc, all
chains 100% export to overseas North American, European, Australian and East South Asia markets.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД A117


Room 307, 213 Baoshu Road, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-86674273
FAX +86 571-86674271
email: youjh11@gmail.com

Hangzhou Lezhen Trading CO.,LTD specializes in researching and selling Measuring Tool and accessories. Our products include:
laser-line, vernier caliper and the measuring wheel. The quality of our products has reached or exceeded the international standard,
getting a good reputation by the clients all over the world.
Furthermore, we will provide you with first-rate services and products. We are look forward to work together to create a brighter future!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D113


Hardware industry area, QianTan Town, Jiande, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-87241205, 87241206, 87241207, 87241208
FAX +86 571-56787267, 87241209
email: hytool@mail.hz.zj.cn
internet: http://www.hytool.com

Hangzhou Huanyu Tools Co.,Ltd. carrying out the self-support import and export rights. Takes lead in specializing in screwdrivers,
hardware and car-washing tools. We are IS09001-2000 and CS certified. Our “HY” products are spreading fame all over the world for
their novel design, good shaping and reliability. We are willing to cooperate with you based on integrity and customer-oriented policy.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P115


Zhuangquan, Xinfeng Town, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-83323108
FAX +86 511-83326711
email: hfbrush@hfbrush.com
internet: http://www.hfbrush.com

Our factory established in 1988. It covers an area of 9600 M2, production rooms occupy 9000M2. Holding the advanced equipment ,
perfect management system and abundant professional technology, our factory is a competitive factory. Also we have the import and
export license, and this is great facility for us to handle international business.
We mainly produce a wide range of Flat paint brushes, Ceiling brushes, Radiator paint brushes, Bent paint brushes, Brush sets , Round
brushes, Artist brushes, Paint rollers, Roller frames, For our brushes, we have different materials of Bristles& Handles.
For our paint rollers, we also have different materials.
Our principle: Credit First, good service! We sincerely invite business negotiation and friendly cooperation from home and abroad, we
will offer satisfied quality products with good prices, good service to thanks for your selection our products.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P129


23 A-11-12, Yinglong Plaza, No. 76 Huangpu Dadaoxi, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 020-38390898
FAX +86 020-38390793
email: market@yasw.com
internet: http://www.anjiawiremesh.com

Our main items are listed as follows: Welded wire mesh; Galvanized square wire mesh; Hexagonal wire netting; Galvanized wire
window screen; Aluminum window screen; Fiberglass window screen; Galvanized wire; Black wire; Galvanized barbed iron wire;
Stainless steel wire mesh; Chain link fencing.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F103


No 659, Jinmen Road, Suzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 512-65323201
FAX +86 512-65327276
email: daijh@cmecsz.com
internet: http://www.hengrunchina.com

Suzhou HengRunDa import and export Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. We have been exporter of these construction and logistic
products for many years, and established business relationships with hundreds of companies all over the world. The company ha s
been certified for the authentification of ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G116


Room 3-3-1501, No. 56, Jing San Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0371-63389657
FAX +86 0371-63389607
email: xabrasiv@public.zz.ha.cn

Our company was established in 2004. We have in line of import and export for Abrasives more than 5 years. Our business scope was
almost everywhere of world, such as Europe and East/South Asia, America. And our service and products got constant good reput ation
at our customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L105


No. 10 First Road Huangtang Industrial Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0579-87237555
FAX +86 0579-87237490
email: sales@chinahenghai.com
internet: http://www.chinahenghai.com

Our company specializes in garden tools, especially gasoline chain saws, post hole diggers, electric shears, gasoline cut -off saws and
electric tools as well as other relative accessories.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F106


Yunhe, Lucheng Town, Danyang, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 511-86165238
FAX +86 511-86453363
email: info@hltegang.com
internet: http://www.hltegang.com

We are Danyang Hualong Superior steel Co., LTD, a special manufacturer that produces electrical heating material and electrical
resistance alloy wires & strips in China. we professional manufacture kinds of NICR, stainless steel alloy wires&strips, mica sheet,
quartz tube, crucibles, ceramics, firebrick, etc. Our products are favourable for household electrical appliances and industrial stoves in
electrical heating material field. We produce our products according to international advanced standard and Chinese national standard,
strictly carrying out the craft and the quality control system to guarantee our products high quality at low price. We are hig hly praised by
our customers. All these advantages ensure our products distributing into distance market overseas. Our staff believes that quality and
credit is the life of our company. We have been given the certificate of ISO 9001:2000. So we make utmost efforts to service
The month output of my corporation is about 80 tons of heating alloy wires and the year sales volume is 20million yuan. The export
percentage is 70%. The building area covers more than ten thousand squares, and 120 workers in our corporation.
We now avail ourselves of this opportunity approach you for making the business contacts with your company. We se riously hope that
a voluminous and continuous business might be established and please rest assured that we are always doing our utmost to realize a
good business relationship with you.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P129


Tuebingen Seestrasse 1-3, D-72074, Germany
TEL +49 7071 880100
FAX +49 7071 8801194
email: info@brennenstuhl.de
internet: http://www.brennenstuhl.com

The brennenstuhl® group is a top international company within the area of electronics and electrotechnology. We have achieved this
by constantly being ambitious and innovative. Our high-quality product series also includes - besides equipment for power distribution
(e.g. cable reels, cable boxes and power outlet strips) - overvoltage protection devices and home and safety engineering equipment
(e.g. video surveillance systems, intercom systems and smoke detectors).

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 4, СТЕНД Q109


Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 124-3783, 124-3760
FAX +7 (495) 124-3783
email: sales@woodwork.ru
internet: http://www.woodwork.ru

We are excusive dealers of Italian producer - CMT in Russia. More than 50 years CMT produces professional and industrial tools for
woodworkers - bits, drills, saw blades. All instruments produced in EU and from high quality materials. The CMT Orange Tool brand is
becoming known all over the world as premium brand of cutting tools. We invite shops and sales companies for cooperation.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД J103


12A, Novovladykinskiy proezd, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 748-7125
FAX +7 (495) 748-7125
email: virax@ctf-m.ru
internet: http://www.virax-tools.ru

Professional tools VIRAX for working with steel, brass, plastic pipes and for plumbing works: pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, co re drills,
hydraulic benders, pipe freezers, pipe cleaners, threaders, press fitting tools, torches, air conditioning equipment.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q119


Room 2318 Jincheng International Trade Mansion, 60# Zijingshan Road, Zhengzhou, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 371-66209158
FAX +86 371-66619879
email: info@yanmo.net
internet: http://www.abrasivesmarket.com

China Abrasive Network is a leading B2B platform for abrasives industry, connecting China abrasives industry to the internati onal
market, possessing the following media: www.abrasivesmarket.com, www.yanmo.net, Chinese version magazine: China Abrasive,
English version magazine: Abrasives Market.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B104


418 Room 5-2 Taihu Westem Road New zone, Changzhou City, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 519-86763876
FAX +86 519-86750239
email: 111@czjialong.com
internet: http://www.czjialong.com

Changzhou Jialong Polishing Materials Co., Ltd is only 2 kilometers away from the railway station and Changzhou city is not very far
from Shanghai.
We specialize in manufacturing of abrasive paper, pneumatic tools, labor insurance supplies etc. We sell the products both at home
and abroad. Our company has accumulated rich experience in production since it has founded for 10 years.
We have developed our own brand JIALONG and we also operating the brands NORTON and 3M and We have gathered a group of
elites, who are experts in the abrasive industry and introduced into up-to-date technology. Now, we have our own processing plant.
Equality and mutual benefit is our motto, we hope to establish a long-term and steady relationship with you.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D111


No. 103, Xinguang Road, Xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 0577-62798390
FAX +86 0577-62793006
email: benjamin@chs.com.cn
internet: http://www.chs.com.cn

Changhong Plastic CO., LTD is a very famous company, which is specialized in “CHS” series products, such as cable ties, nail clips,
terminal block, terminals and cable glands and it has approved the international quality system of ISO9001, meanwhile, ”CHS” series
products have won the safety approvals of UL, CE, DNV and passed SGS tests, conforming to the environment protection standard of

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B107


No. Hongda Rd, Chengdu Science Development Park, Wengjiang Zone, Chengdu, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 28-85098071
FAX +86 28-85098070
email: info@valuemaxtools.com
internet: http://www.valuemaxtools.com

Valuemax Tools is a leading manufacturer of Cutting tools in China, which had successfully developed TCT Router bits, TCT Saw
blades and hole saws etc.
From the birth, Valuemax Tools constantly update our techniques and equipments. Till now, we already equipped CNC turning
machine, CNC Milling machine, CNC grinding machine and Laser cutting machine. Based on these, we could make the real tools th at
belong to ourselves, and combined trade, OEM, customer-make for Industrial and Professional tools market with manufacturing lines.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G101


Fl. 23, Peace Business Mansion, No. 44-10 Shiyang Road, Jiulongpo Dist, Chongqing, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 23-89807455
FAX +86 23-89807433
email: dukar66@hotmail.com
internet: http://www.ducar.com.cn

Chongqing Dajiang Power Equipment Co., Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers for gasoline generator and power equipments in
China. It has 8 years experience for manufacturing gasoline powered products. And started to export engine, generator, water pump
and garden machines from 2002. Up to now, our company has got CE, EPA, CARB-2008, GS, ETL, CSA approvals. North America
and Europe is our main market. To provide good quality with low price is our goal, we have enough confidence to satisfied customers
from all over the world. Welcome to China, welcome to visit our factory at any time!

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД F107


22-F, Haixing Plaza, No. 1 Ruijin Road(S), Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-54961468
FAX +86 21-54961216
email: chailes_su@163.com
internet: http://www.llqyj.com

Chongqing Huangwei Lianlong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is recombined in 2004 by Chongqing Huawei Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
And Chongqing Lianlong Power Co.,Ltd. Located in Chongqing City, which is famous for heavy industry in west China, we have
members total of 300 and fixed assets for RMB 3 million yuan. For over 30 years experienced in R & D, we specialize in gasoline
engine, generator, water pump, garden tool and also multifunctional mini-farm machinery. All products are strictly checked and fully
tested before packed. Besides those, our products have obtained certifications as follows: ISO 9001:2000, CE, EPA, CSA, EC, GS,
CARB and SONCAP. We have formed logical management system, such as quality, survey and after –sale service management and
so on. Up to now, ERP system and 160 sets of professional equipments including on-line test equipment have been introduced into our
6 production line. With annual output over 800,000 units, our products are fit and popular now in European, African, American and
Asian countries.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P125


Room 7-C, Meibai Great Mansion No. 655, ZhongXing Road, Ningbo, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 574-87811502, 13306683998
FAX +86 574-87811500
email: wendy@cnshining.com
internet: http://www.cnshining.com

SHINING (NINGBO) INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD was a joint-stock company established in Ningbo 2002 , now developed to a group holds
and joint venture over 15 factories in Zhejiang province, mainly covering following products:
1. Industrial Use: (a) Welding & Cutting products
(b)Safety and protection products for industrial and personal use
(c)Road safety products
(d)Electrical accessories
2. Household: (a) Metal items for Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden
(b)Plastic injection items
(c)Natural material items: wood, bamboo, willow, grass.
3. Textile: Uniform, Overall, gloves, non-woven items, etc.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D117


8885 Hutai Road, 200949, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-66875810
FAX +86 21-66875813
email: market@qftools.com
internet: http://www.qftools.com

A manufacturer for tools: router bits, glass & tile drills and others. The manufacturer has a producing history over ten years, and all the
products are exported. The manufacturer holds over 10 patents for router bits and drills.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C95-a


7177 Waiqingsong Rd, Qingpu District, 201700, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-69729266
FAX +86 21-68715399
email: sales@hugong.com
internet: http://www.hugong.com

SHANGHAI HUGONG WELDING AND CUTTING is one of the leading companies manufacturing welding and cutting equipment with
50 years field experience.
HUGONG has been cooperated with Lincoln, Miller, and ESAB etc for a long time.
HUGONG provides reliable products including STICK, MIG, TIG, PLASMA CUTTER, FLAME CUTTER and their accessories with
excellent performance and service to clients based on the ISO9001:2000 quality control system. Products are with CE, GS, RoHs
approval and CSA listed.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E110


No. 33 Shanda road, Jinan, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 531-88034854
FAX +86 531-88906717
email: sb-boss@163169.net
internet: http://www.jnsbc.com

Shandong Boss Abrasive Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is one of the specialized manufacturer of coated abrasives. With rich technical
resources, advanced manufacturing standard and equipment, the products with the brands of "BOSS", "MOUNT TAI", and soon are
well-known for the excellent quality in both China and abroad. In addition to domestic sales, the products are exported to Europe,
America, Africa Middle East and Southeast Asia and gained high fame in these regions.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B112


Wangtai Dongping, Taian, Shandong, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 538-2366667
FAX +86 538-2362288

Shan Dong Jiu Xin Tools of Machinery Co.,LTD is a medium-sized manufacture. The leading product of this factory, Double-Open-End
Spanner year yield 35 million, it is the largest factory in China. Meanwhile the double off - set ring spanner, combination spanner,
adjustable wrench, socket wrench, American type heavy-duty pipe wrench, Bolt cutter also take up the leading market. At the same
time, we invest more than 2 million RMB to establish the nail production assembly line which can produce 10000 ton nails per year
2005.one varied specification, larger scope Jiuxin machinery hardware area have already been established.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P120


No. 67 Shuiximen Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 03514155448
FAX +86 03514052390
email: tianlijinrun@188.com
internet: http://www.jinrun.com.cn

SHANXI TIANLI JINRUN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD as one of the major import & export enterprises in Shanxi, We specialize in different
kinds of castings, forgings, punching products, hardwares & handtools, light industry products, electronic -mechanical products, and
other industrial finished products, for example, flanges, pipe fitting, sanitary wares, plastic products and so on, and would like to accept
orders of supplied drawings and patterns. Always insisting on paying great attention to the contract and reputation, we’d lik e to develop
the long-term friendly trade and co-operation relations with all the friends over the world on the basis of equal and mutual benefits as
well as the friendly consultation; to maintain and strengthen the close business contact with the customers over the world; t o pay high
attention to the quality of our service and products, on which we must concentrate and sincerely know it is of vital importance for our
development. We take the following four points as our important basis during the development and promotion of friendly business
relations with our esteemed customers,
****Close Communication: we pay much attention to the mutual communication with our customers and think that we can think and
worry as our customers do in this way to put all the idea of our customers into the specific business practice .It’s of vital importance to
play the important roles of the close communication and set up this important links to our customers. Here on the spot we wou ld
promise to our customers that all fax and emails for us will be answered within 24 hours to keep close links to them without hindrance.
****Favorable Prices: Due to the long and friendly co-operation with our manufacturers and rich mineral resources and solid industrial
foundation in our province, we will do our best to offer our customers the most favorable price so that they can get the competitive price
for their orders in the international market.
****Strict Management: Quality first is our target to match and we’ll pay close attention to the strict management and the qu ality in every
steps of our business process and try to keep constantly improving to the perfect and avoid mistakes as many as possible. We’ ll take
full responsibility for not only our customers but also ourselves to let our customers get the ideal products and servi ce from us.
****On-time delivery: We’ll concentrate on the contracts and reputations and strictly make arrangement according to the contracts or
orders to make sure to deliver on time every order for our customers without any delay.
All in one, we’ll manage to keep close and friendly co-operation with our customers all over the world with our mighty efforts and expect
the bright future with our valued customers on the mutual benefits basis.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D128


1st Building. No 4999, South Hongmei Rd, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21 64501185
FAX +86 21 64508336
email: amanda@guangwei-china.com
internet: http://www.guangwei-china.com

In 1997 Shanghai Greatway Electric & Tools Factory began making Booster Cables. We are now the largest manufacturer of Booster
Cables in the world. We are a professional automotive tools manufacturer known in the industry for high quality and expertise and one
of the fastest growing and respected manufacturers in China.
We have expanded our product line and now have ISO9001 approved factories producing a range of auto tools including: Jump Sta rts,
Battery Testers, Inverters, Battery Chargers, Inverter Welders, Battery Accessories, and Auto Service Kits. We are interested in making
for OEMs and have following manufacturing processes of machining, plastic projection and galvanization.
The total area of these factories is more than 22, 000 square meters. Each factory has its ow n core competency in different sectors of
the industry. Taken as a whole, the contributions of each plant leads to a stronger and more comprehensive manufacturing reso urce.
We employ approximately 400 people. More than 10% of these are engineers and technicians working for R&D and Quality Assurance.
They ensure constant new product development and the reliability of our products.
Our products are certified by UL, CUL, GS, & CE. We also supply many first class home appliance stores and supermarkets aroun d the
world in addition to commercial and industrial customers.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B103


22J, Huadu Mansion, No. 838 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, 200122, Shanghai, 200122, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-68753188, 68755085
FAX +86 21-68751181, 68751182
email: deltaw@sh163.net , export@shanghai-deltametal.com
internet: http://www.shanghai-deltametal.com

Fasteners include bolts, nuts, screws, washers, rods, rivets, punch parts with variety of materials and plating option.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D119


Flat No. 23D, No. 1 Building, Lane 628, Zhangyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-58357270
FAX +86 21-58354479
email: youyouleng@hotmail.com

We majored in exporting Hardware&Tools, especially in Luxury Locks, Handles, Hinges etc., and welcome to inquiry all the item s what
you are interested in. Thanks.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B108


5, XinRong Road, XinQiao Town, SongJiang District, 201612, Shanghai, 201612, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-57686559
FAX +86 21-67687166
email: Yingsai@china-ken.com
internet: http://www.kenpowertools.com

Ken Power Tools is a manufacturer of high- end electric power tools for the professional.
Ken was selected by the Chinese government in 2007 as the Number 1 power tool brand in China.
The company has a long history of producing electric handheld power tools, and benchtop tools. Ken continues to innovate its
products, and is the leader in after sales, and logistics support. Customers worldwide respect Ken as the first branded produ ct from

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД L101


26E-F, Sunshine Mansion, No. 2000 Pudong Avenue, 200135, Shanghai, 200135, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-51692022
FAX +86 21-50930820
email: sales@newtop.com.cn
internet: http://www.newtop.com.cn

Shanghai Newtop Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the export of Gardening Machinery Products, which have a range from Chain
saws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers to pole saws.
Our company has its own factory which is focused on developing & producing chain saws, brush cutters and multi -function machines
and etc. With our excellent engineers, abundant technical force and well-equipped measurement facility, we maintain to be an
innovative company integrating research and development.
Our factory has three assembly lines with monthly output 20000PCS. The annual output amount achieved 20 million US Dollars while
our annual exporting exceeded 6.8 million in the 2007. And our factory has got the certificate of ISO9001:2000. The chain saw in our
registered brand “CRAFTOP”, “NEWTOP” have gained CE and GS certificate required by European market. Our products are widely
sold and accepted by the European, South American and Asian countries.
We adhere to the management policy of “Quality First, Clients uppermost”. And we insist on the service tenet o f “High Quality, Good
Service, Customer’s Satisfaction” in order to constantly innovate. Our permanent idea is: Whatever we strive for is only for our
customers. Warmly welcome customers all over the seas.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E105


9F. , Land Tower, No. 9 Donghu Road, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21 54044019
FAX +86 21 54044018
email: nyh@olive-china.com
internet: http://www.olive-china.com

Shanghai Olive Industries Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of submersible pump, garden pump, fountain pump and some other
garden and household products. Until now we had already got CE, GS and RoHS etc certificates for most of our products and our good
quality won good reputation for our company, which insure us to ship lots of products to Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, USA and some
other countries and areas.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД G111


Rm 101, No. 19, Lane501, Nianjiabang Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-58119086
FAX +86 21-58119990
email: hingesh@sh163.net
internet: http://www.hardwareshanghai.com

Our products range from all kinds of door hinges, cabinet hinges, stainless steel hinges, narrow hinges, Russian hinges, handles,
drawer slider, extension drawer slides, table legs, shelf brackets, bolts to catches etc. We have our own stamping, electro-plating and
assembling factories in China, and our QC system is ISO9000. Our main worldwide markets are: USA, Canada, Europe and Asia etc .

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД C97


rm. 1101 unit 1, No. 105 Jiuting st, Songjiang, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 21-67620781/67621225
FAX +86 21-67620118
email: shining@shiningtools.com
internet: http://www.shiningtools.com

Shanghai shining industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter and manufacturer specializing in hand tools and hardwares. Our
experience and expertise date back to 1980. With the unremitting efforts of all staff, the annual exporting volume reaches to USD6,
000, 000.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД D110


Anhua Road Keqiao Economic Development Zone Shaoxing County, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 575 84385998
FAX +86 575 84382998
email: lhtools@zj.com
internet: http://www.longhuatools.com

Shaoxing County Longhua Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Keqiao Economic Development Zone, 30000m2 for the factory. Our company is
a productive enterprise which has been specialized in manufacturing pipe tools, hand tools for more than 20 years. The main products
are: Electrical pipe threading machine, Pipe cutters, Manual & Electrical pressure pump, Ratchet die stocks, Manual & Electri cal press
test pump, etc. Our goods are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Mideast, etc. more than 40 countries and regions in the

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E106


69, Guenzburger Strasse, D-89335, Ichenhausen, Germany
TEL +49 (0) 8223/4002-0
FAX +49 (0) 8223/4002-20
email: info@scheppach.com
internet: http://www.scheppach.com

Scheppach is one of Europe's most important manufacturers of woodworking and garden machinery with 80 years experience in the
fields of production, distribution and world-wide exploration and woodworking and garden equipment. Scheppach machines are popular
among woodworking professionals as well as among the demanding homeworkers. Scheppach aims to develop and market products
for handymen and tradesmen for home, garden and recreational use.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД Q108


No. 19 BeiYuan Road, Huangyan Economic Development Area, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 576-84335599
FAX +86 576-8433556
email: jack@shixia.com
internet: http://www.chinasprayer.com

Shixia Sprayer Co., Ltd. Zhejiang, was established in 1978, and the factory covers and area of 538000 square meters. It is th e largest
professional plastic sprayer manufactory in China and possess self-support export rights. We have eight series and more than 300
varieties of products, and 80 percent of products export to more than 60 countries and areas such as America, United Kingdom,
Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Australia. We sincerely welcome friends both domestic and abroad will cooperate with us and create
splendid future together

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД B116


1309 Jianchuan Road, 200240, Shanghai, 200240, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 021-54756170
FAX +86 021 -54756175
email: cntools@sh163.net
internet: http://www.snieco.com

Our company is specialized in exporting quality hand tools, such as pliers, files and screwdrivers. We have more than 16 years
experiences in tools markets. We know what our customers want, we can supply good quality at lowest price.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 2, СТЕНД E107


6th floor, New Century Center, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People's Republic of China
TEL +86 571-82651930
FAX +86 571-82657190
email: shall@shallgroup.com
internet: http://www.shallgroup.com

The SHALL Group manufactures Cordless Screw Drivers. Our products include Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories and
Combination Sets, totally more than 6000 items. Main markets: North America and Western Europe. SHALL’s manufacturing complex
is located on 60, 000 square meters of land, just south of Hangzhou city. SHALL’s corporate office encompass the 6th floor, 1 200
square meters, of a modern high-rise office building in downtown. As a reliable Chinese company, The SHALL Group offer you quality
products, competitive prices and on-time deliveries.

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 1, СТЕНД P108-110


11/17, 2nd Irtishskiy proezd, Moscow, Russia
TEL +7 (495) 644-2323
FAX +7 (495) 644-2323
email: info@e-eel.ru
internet: http://www.reed-tools.ru: www.e-eel.ru

Company “Electric Eel” offers the professional building tools for pipes cleaning Electric Eel and tools for pipes REED of large sizes. Our
assortment includes all types of electrotools and hand tools for assembly, diagnostics and service of water drain and engineering
networks: hydrodynamical devices of high pressure, cleaning machines, hand cleaning tools, and also a full spectrum of the me talwork

ПАВ. 1, ЗАЛ 3, СТЕНД S103


room 3, 9/1, Gagarina st., 182100, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, Russia
TEL +7 (81153) 39280
FAX +7 (81153) 39280
email: info@elec.ru
internet: http://www.elec.ru

The Internet-project «Electrotechnical market of Russia and CIS» is the largest advertising platform in a network the Internet, collected
strictly target audience of the electrotechnical market. It takes an in the lead place among information and advertising reso urces of
branch, both on volume of the given information, and on popularity among users. The server is well -known among manufacturers,
suppliers and consumers of electrotechnical production, it is visited by top-managers of the enterprises, managers on purchases and
selling. The information presented on our pages is always actual. For this reason many people choose our portal as a platform for work
and carrying out of the advertising campaigns. It is widely advertised in a network the Internet, at many specialized exh ibitions.
Attendance of our server makes more than 150.000 users monthly, including 20 % of visitors from the CIS countries and the Europe.

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10, Dalya st., Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 327-5102
FAX +7 (812) 327-5102
email: info@stroypages.ru
internet: http://www.stroypages.ru

M&T Consulting ltd.
Industrial publishing house
10 Dalya street, St.Petersburg, 197022, Russia
Tel/fax: (812) 327-51-02
E-mail: info@mtcn.ru, info@stroypages.ru, info@woodpages.ru
Internet: http://www.mtcn.ru
M&T Consulting ltd. - the publisher of 13 specialized industrial editions and internet-portal presents:
- Industry magazine, market-oriented construction industry – “Stroyteh Expo”;
- Industry magazine, based on market metal industry – “Metall Expo”;
- Journal “Industrial equipment”;
- Information and search portals:
 www.stroypages.ru, www.metallpages.ru , www.eqpt.ru ;
 - For more information on the official site of the holding company

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9, Koli Tomchaka st., 196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia
TEL +7 (812) 331-7273
FAX +7 (812) 331-7273
email: reklama@Energoportal.ru
internet: http://www.Energoportal.ru

Energoportal.ru - Russian electric market online. Manufacturers and suppliers of electric equipment. The catalogue of electrotechnical

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8, Lenina sq., 394006, Voronezh, Russia
TEL +7 (4732) 390 333
FAX +7 (4732) 390 333
email: opt@enkor.ru
internet: http://www.enkor.ru

"ENKOR" Tools Company specializes in wholesale trade of tools and equipment under proprietary brand name (trade mark) "ENKOR"
since 1996. The company also possesses registered trade marks "Korvet", "Lunohod", "Bober", "Volchitsa", "Lisitsa", "Veduga" and
others presented in our catalogue on web-site.
Headquaters in Voronezh
Representative office in Moscow: Trading center "Varshavka-33" tel/fax: (495) 711-06-66, E-mail: moscow@enkor.ru.
Representative office in St.Petersburg: Trading center "Ladoga", tel/fax: (812) 224 17 8,1 E-mail: spb@enkor.ru.
Representative office in Rostov-on-Don: tel.: (863) 230 97 75, E-mail: rostov-manager@enkor.ru. Representative office in Ukraine:
Zaporojie, pr-t Mayakovskogo 11., tel/fax: +38 (0612) 89 36 54, 89 36 53, E-mail: ua@enkor.ru.

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1142-5, Jungri-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL +82 53 357 4000
FAX +82 53 356 0158
email: ujtech@naver.com
internet: http://www.universaljoint.co.kr

On the basis of leading-edge technologies, we have secured a number of patents and gained recognition on our differentiated
products. Thus, our products have been designated as substitutes for imported universal joints, thus playing a role in promot ing the
development of Korea’s related industries. In 2007, we acquired a "Venture Company" certificate from the Korean government.

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178-356, Gajwa-Dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-32-577-8166
FAX +82-32-577-8166
email: unipacksys@hotmail.com
internet: http://www.unipacksystem.com

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