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									     Winter 2004
  Volume 1, Issue 1
                           Aiesec San Luis Obispo’s Alumni

                           Aiesec San Luis Obispo, California Polytechnic State University
  Special Interest         Orfalea College of Business

• Who is Aiesec SLO
                           Reaching Out to Aiesec Alumni
                           “Wow, I just got back from      Consequently, I chose to          first attempt at reaching
• Have you lost touch      my Aiesec internship in         create an Alumni Network          out to our past members
   with an international   Poland and I really can’t       for my senior project in the      and trainees. We plan to
   contact?                believe what I’ve been          hope that others shared           publish one newsletter
                           through…what a ride?            my feeling that becoming          quarterly devoted to
• Getting Involved with    Other students should           connected would benefit           informing you of Aiesec
   Aiesec SLO
                           experience working              us all. I envision this           SLO’s current endeavors
• Forgot your Aiesec
                           abroad, it was really           network becoming                  and events.
    STAT’s?                amazing…”                       whatever its members
                                                                                             If you would like to
                             Ever since I joined           would like it to be. At the
                                                                                             contribute a traineeship
                           Aiesec, I imagined this         very least, we can fasten
                                                                                             testimonial for an
                           would be a common               broken ties and share our
                                                                                             upcoming newsletter
                           thought in our returning        opinions of living abroad.
                                                                                             please send them by
                           SNs minds. For years I            Aiesec San Luis Obispo
                                                                                             email to:
                           thought how important it is     is proud to publish the first
                           we contact our Alumni so        edition of the Alumni
Individual Highlights:     we can learn from their         Newsletter. This is our
  SLO’s Trainee     1
  Salaam Project       3   Aiesec San Luis Obispo’s First Trainee
  Regional Events 3                                                                          network of friends in San
                             San Luis Obispo's             the Central Coast. Initially,
  Educational TN’s 4       dedicated chapter has           Ales commented of his             Luis Obispo, but cultural
                           been facilitating foreign       marketing and                     simulation seminars and
  Alumni Reunion       5                                                                     national conferences,
                           internship exchange for         management internship at
                           the past seven years at         Pismo Beach's Ocean               such as the Winter
                           Cal Poly.                       Breeze Hotel, "It was             Strategic Conference,
                             In September 2002,            difficult getting used to         where his experiences
                           however, a landmark was         spoken English in the             and ideas can be
                           made in their internship        United States during my           discussed with students
                           program. Ales Vancura, a        first month." As time has         and interns who share his
                           twenty-six year old male        passed, issues at the             new global perspective.
                           from the Czech Republic         heart of Aiesec's program
                           made a voyage here to           have begun to surface,              Ales will complete his 18
                           complete the exchange           "the reality here is very         month traineeship at the
                           loop. While over 75             different than the average        Ocean Breeze Inn in
Contributors:                                                                                March 2004. He plans to
                           students have been sent         Czech citizen perceives it
Natalie Frye, Heidi                                                                          travel within the United
Peterson, Kelly Fuson,     to experience the cultural      from watching English
                           and workplace aspects of        television."                      States before returning to
Jeremy Casey and Emily
Frye                       countries far away from           Fortunately, Ales's             his home in Tabor, Czech
                           home, Ales is the first         experience not only               Republic.
Special thanks to Alicia   Aiesec intern to set foot in    includes a support
                               Aiesec Alumni Newsletter                                             Page 2 of 2

                              Aiesec International Congress 2004                                 Courtesy of:

                              International Congress is       representatives from each    There is also an aspect of
                              Aiesec’s largest annual         of Aiesec's nations          tremendous external
                              conference. It is a global      network with each other      involvement. These
                              platform for young people       and share best practices     external events will
                              to discuss issues, to           in order to advance the      include panel discussions
                              engage in training, and to      international association.   on the business sector's
                              review Aiesec’s long-term       Delegates can expect to      role in social responsibility
                              strategic direction. This       further develop a sense of   and workshops
                              conference will bring           cultural understanding,      addressing issues such as
                              together the leaders of         engage with leaders from
                              each member nation.             the business community
                                                                                           advancement. The 56th
                              Aiesec United States            and learn about relevant
                                                                                           Annual International
                              sends no more than four         world issues that they can
                              delegates. IC 2004 aims         capture and share with       Congress will be held in
                              to provide an interactive       local committee members      Hanover, Germany from
                              forum where                     in their native countries.   August 20th – 29th 2004.

                              Who is Aiesec San Luis Obispo Today?
                                At the local level, Aiesec    partnerships include the        The face of Aiesec San
                              has experienced                 College of Engineering,      Luis Obispo has been
“The face of Aiesec San       significant membership          Industrial Technology and    transformed through
   Luis Obispo has been       growth in the past five         the Modern Languages         tireless efforts over the
     transformed through      years. Growing from a           Department. Aiesec SLO       past seven years. Today,
 tireless efforts over the    small team of eight to an       has also secured some        many dreams and visions
                              active club of twenty-          funding for the Winter       for our scope and
       past seven years.”
                              three, Aiesec San Luis          Strategic Conference from    accessibility are being
                              Obispo is broadening its        Cal Poly’s Vice President    realized. Aiesec is
                              student and corporate           for Student Affairs, Dr.     making radio appearances
                              service objectives. Aiesec      Cornel Morton.
                                                                                           on three stations,
                              is making significant gains       Recently, their first
                                                                                           administrators are asking
                              in its ability to utilize and   regional endeavor was
                                                                                           for access to our program
                              be involved in the local        completed with
                              community and has               resounding success. In       and students are
                              received positive results       November, San Luis           competing against an
                              from many of its contacts.      Obispo hosted a Regional     increasingly larger pool of
                                A new partnership was         Student Nominee Cultural     candidates each year.
                              formed with the University      Preparation Seminar.
                              Center for Teacher              Through this weekend
                              Education to provide a          experience, approximately    If you’re interested in
                              higher placement in             75 students preparing to     learning more please send
                              countries such as Brazil        embark upon international    your questions to
                              and India who have a            internships gained insight   SLOAlumniRequest@
                              great need for certified        into cross-cultural
Orfalea College of Business   teachers in English.            communication, learned to
                              Future hopes for similar        recognize the phases of
                              programs across campus          culture shock and
                              are being proposed in the       participated in modules
                              near future. Potential          defining American culture.
 Page 2 of 2                                 Aiesec Alumni Newsletter

The Salaam Project
  For over 50 years, Aiesec      the other side of the            initiative, including specific
has been using                   “perceived divide”. These        programs aimed at
international, professional      leaders must be able and         expanding Aiesec’s
internships to build cultural    willing to cross that divide.    operations into new Arab
understanding and                Aiesec feels this will lead      countries, programs
cooperation among the            to the economic and social       focused on increasing the
next generation of leaders       cooperation that stabilizes      exchange opportunities
of different nations. In         relations among nations of       available in the US for
today’s world, there is a        different cultures.              Arab students, and
growing perceived divide           In response to this need       programs focused on
between the United States        Aiesec is launching the          providing Americans with                Hassan II Mosque
and the Arab World.              Salaam Initiative, a             opportunities in the Arab                 in Morocco
Aiesec feels that the            strategic effort to
exchange of young people                                          World. The first program
                                 significantly increase the       launched as part of this
is a critical solution to this   number of exchanges
growing issue. There is an                                        Initiative is the SALAAM
                                 between the US and the           SUMMER 2004
urgent need for young            Arab world, the number of
people from the Arab                                              EXCHANGE PROGRAM,
                                 Arab countries where             in cooperation with The
World and young people                                                                                    “…there is a growing
                                 Aiesec is present, and to        US Department of State,
from the United States to                                                                                    perceived divide
                                 develop customized               Bureau of Educational and
understand each other’s
                                 learning programs that           Cultural Affairs. This                   between the United
realities and cultures.
There is a need to build a       develop cultural                 initiative will exchange 55              States and the Arab
new generation of                understanding and                students in 2004 between                       World”
business and societal            cooperation among young          the United States, the
leaders in the US and in         leaders in the Arab World        United Arab Emirates,
the Arab World who               and the United States.           Egypt, Morocco, and
understand the reality on        Aiesec is running multiple       Tunisia.
                                 programs as part of this

First Regional Cultural Preparation Seminar
   On November 15, 2004,         in cultural simulations and     internships abroad.               or Power Point and gave
Aiesec Cal Poly hosted           in facilitated discussions        Aiesec San Luis Obispo          first hand accounts of
the first Regional Student       on differing businesses         also welcomed 12                  culture shock they had
Nominee Cultural                 practices in the world.         trainees from 8 different         experienced.
Preparation Seminar for          Delegates also attended         countries to assist with the        W illiam Regan, the Local
the west coast Aiesec            interactive presentations       seminar who are currently         Committee President of
chapters. As a service to        by Aiesec SLO’s Culture         trainees in the U.S. In the       Aiesec Santa Barbara
its outgoing students,           Team, which focused on          evening, these trainees           said after the conference,
Aiesec provides cultural         explaining culture in its       created a Global Village          “the day was a great
preparation seminars for         broad sense, explaining         for all the SNs and Aiesec        success, not only do I feel
all SNs prior to departure.      the stages of culture           members. The Global               that Santa Barbara’s SNs
   Aiesec Cal Poly hosted        shock, how to work              Village is intended to give       are now better prepared
75 delegates from                through each stage and          the students a taste of the       to for their internships
universities all over            also how to be an               cultures they will                abroad, I’ve personally
California, including UC         effective ambassador of         experience and the                learned a great deal about
Berkeley, University of          the United States. There        differences they will             other cultures.”
San Francisco, San Jose          was also an Expectation         encounter abroad. The
State, and UC Santa              Session where one could         trainees made
Barbara. Throughout the          ask questions to students       presentations on their
day, students participated       who had already been on         country with pictures
                                Aiesec Alumni Newsletter                                              Page 2 of 2

                                Forgot Your Aiesec STAT’s?
                                 Did you forget all           except Antarctica. There       State University and
                               those great facts about        are over 50,000 volunteer      Michigan State.
                               Aiesec? Can’t                  members in more than             Aiesec San Luis Obispo
                               remember exactly which         700 universities               leads the nation in
                               countries Aiesec does          worldwide.                     Outgoing Exchange.
                               exchange with? Here’s            Aiesec United States has     Aiesec SLO has sent over
“Aiesec is located in 84       the update!                    partnerships with local        75 students on internships
  different countries, at        Aiesec is the largest        chapters in Brazil, India,     in foreign countries,
   over 700 universities       student-run organization       Egypt, Tunisia, and            including Iceland, Spain,
    with 50,000 student        in the world. We are the       Morocco in order to            Bulgaria, Tunisia, India,
  members worldwide.”          second largest non-profit      increase exchange in           Turkey, Germany, and
                               organization in the            those countries. Aiesec        Croatia, to name just a
                               world…only the Red             United States has local        few. SLO has also hosted
                               Cross is larger. Aiesec        chapters in over 50            two members from local
                               has local chapters in 84       universities, including        chapters in Columbia and
                               countries in all continents,   UCSB, Yale, Arizona            Germany through the
                                                                                             CEED program.
                               Educational Traineeships
                                  Within the past year the    strategies, Aiesec SLO         Ceaser at Cal Poly’s
                               demand for credentialed        agreed to start recruiting     University Center for
                               teachers has increased         more Educational SNs.          Teacher Education.
                               dramatically in many of        This is in addition to their   Together they agreed on
                               Aiesec’s member                usual focus of                 the potential to match Cal
                               countries, notably Brazil,     management students            Poly’s students working
                               Colombia and India.            from the OCOB.                 towards their credentials
                               Aiesec United States has         In the Fall 2003, Local      to Aiesec internships in
                               made commitments to            Committee President,           mostly South American
                               countries such as Brazil to    Emily Frye formed a            countries. Winter 2004
                               increase Education             partnership with the           will be the first official
                               traineeship exchange. In       Director of Special            recruitment drive for these
                               keeping with national          Projects, Dr. Lisabeth         SNs.

                               Contacting Aiesec Alumni
                              Have you lost contact           member? We can also            updated records of their
                              with an Aiesec friend           track down members from        former members and our
                              you met on your                 local chapters abroad and      database is still far from
                              internship? Lost                at least supply you with an    complete.
 “I can’t believe I’ve lost   contact with a member           email address. Please
                                                                                             If you do not want your
   touch with my Aiesec       of Aiesec SLO who you           send your request to
                                                                                             information shared with
 friends from Thailand.”      worked with oh so many          SLOAlumniRequest@hot
                                                                                             other Aiesec’ers then you
                              years ago…??           Please include
                                                                                             can also send that request
                                                              as much information about
                               Well, maybe we can                                            to the above address. We
                                                              the person as possible.
                              help! Aiesec SLO is                                            will respect your privacy.
                              currently compiling a            We will do our best to
                              database of all our past        respond quickly, but we
                              members and trainees.           can’t promise any
                              Perhaps we can put you          miracles. Some local
                              back in contact with a past     chapters do not keep
Page 2 of 2                                 Aiesec Alumni Newsletter

Alumni Reunion
This year Aiesec San Luis     experience as a member         If you would like to be
Obispo will host the First    or trainee of Aiesec.          involved in planning the
Annual Alumni Reunion                                        event then please contact
event in San Luis Obispo.     We will be requesting a        Kelly Fuson, Alumni
It will take place in the     donation to hold               Network Coordinator at
spring so all the alumni      reservations for this event,
can enjoy the best of the     but all the details will be
beautiful central coast       mailed once we finalize
weather. We will reserve a    the date. We hope that all     We look forward to
room in one of the many       Alumni will make an effort     meeting you and getting
superb local restaurants      to attend as each of you       updates from all our
located in downtown San       have had a unique              Alumni.
Luis Obispo to enjoy a
                              experience through
night of reminiscing.
                              Aiesec. The current
                              members are eager to
Aiesec SLO has invited a
guest speaker to address      hear about your
some of the important         adventures with Aiesec
current issues being          and will gain a better
discussed in Aiesec. We       understanding of how
will also be having a         Aiesec affects lives.
special session for all                                                                                Prague Castle
alumni to share their                                                                                  (Prazsky hrad)

Traineeship Testimonial – Prague, Czech Republic
   I did a traineeship in Prague, Czech    unique mix of various styles of          One of my favorite trips was a rafting
Republic during the summer of 2001.        architecture (Gothic, Baroque, Art       expedition down the twisting river that
It was a great experience both             Nouveau, etc.) is arguably the most      runs through Cesky Krumlov (the
professionally and personally. My job      beautiful in the world. I was able to    entire town is designated a national
as a marketing assistant with a            see a production of Mozart's Opera,      landmark because of its historical
software company was definitely a          Don Giovanni, in the same theatre        relevance and sheer beauty). We also
cultural eye-opener. There was a           where it originally debuted hundreds     took a tour through a brewery in the
marked difference in the economic          of years ago. Prague Castle and the      town of Ceske Budejovice - the
mindset between the Czechs and             Charles Bridge were some of the          birthplace of the original Budweiser!
Americans. The unique experience of        most spectacular sites I have ever       How cool is that?!
working within an ex-Communist             seen in person. The nightlife is            The proximity of the Czech Republic
environment was extremely                  awesome too. A popular hangout for       was such that I could take weekend
interesting. I was able to witness and     many of the Aiesec’ers is Karlovy        trips to Berlin and Amsterdam by
actually be a part of an economic          Lazne, a four-story nightclub; each      train. After my traineeship ended in
system that was literally transforming     story with its own theme of music and    August, I spent the last three weeks
from Communism to Capitalism. It           fully-stocked bar. The Czechs            of my trip traveling around Europe.
was in this transitional business          definitely know how to party. They are   The Europass for the train system
environment that I was able to             extremely warm, fun-loving people.       turned out to be a great investment.
develop and hone many skills, such           The local Aiesec chapter organized     Each country was a great experience,
as adaptation, communication and           several trips outside of Prague. I got   but I would say that the Czech
general business.                          to see many of the other Czech towns     Republic definitely tops the list.
   But enough about work, Prague is a      which were much smaller and quieter
wonderful city with plenty to offer. The   than Prague, but equally as beautiful.   By: Adam Flood, SN 2001
                           Ways to Get Involved with Aiesec!
   Aiesec San Luis        Would you like to help Aiesec SLO plan their upcoming events? Would you like more
       Obispo             information on our current goals, strategies or operations? Do you have a lead into a
                          company, which might be interested in taking an international intern through Aiesec?

  Orfalea College of      Please fill out the following form and return it by mail to Aiesec Alumni Network c/o
        Business          Professor Michael Geringer at Cal Poly State University, Orfalea College of Business,
 California Polytechnic   San Luis Obispo, CA 93407.
   State University       We are always excited to reconnect with Alumni and find new ways to forge
                          partnerships which will further our common mission.

      E-MAIL:              Name:________________________________ Phone:___________________
SLOAlumniRequest@             Address:________________________________________________________

                           I would like to:
                              ____ attend Local Chapter events and/or assist in their planning.

                                ____ speak at information sessions about my experience abroad.

                                ____ help the local chapter in its strategic planning.
    Editor: Emily Frye          ____ be contacted about making a tax-deductible donation to Aiesec San Luis
 Send all comments and          Obispo.
   suggestions for the
      newsletter to             ____ be contacted about offering an internship for an international Aiesec’er at
                                my business or workplace.

 We’re on the Web!        Aiesec’s Mission lives on…
       See us at:
                                   The mission statement has not changed much over the years. And, our        current members are still just as passionate about living this mission through our
                                   “By developing individuals, we contribute to the development of our
                           communities and their people with an overriding commitment to international
                           understanding and cooperation.”

   Cal Poly State University
  Orfalea College of Business
  San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

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