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Shedd Teacher Program Postcard


Postcard providing a snapshot of the Shedd Aquarium teacher programs.

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									shedd aquarium   Teacher Field Experiences
Join Shedd Aquarium for                                                                                 NON-PROFIT

Teacher Field Experiences                                               John G. Shedd Aquarium          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                        1200 South Lake Shore Drive
                                                                                                      PERMIT NO. 6359
                                                                        Chicago, Illinois 60605
Conduct science for yourself in the field and in the lab. Our 
                                                                                                        CHICAGO, IL

immersive and engaging professional development will
equip you with the first-hand knowledge and tools to bring
science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to life in
your curriculum. Programs are application-based, and space
is limited. Apply now for summer 2010!
Which learning adventure will you choose?
Biology in the Bahamas: Travel with Shedd on its research
vessel, the R/V Coral Reef II, for an experience you’ll never
forget. Take part in research projects, snorkel coral reefs, and
meet scientists who work in the Bimini Islands.
Freshwater Ecology: Experience wetland habitats like never
before. Educators will travel to several sites to explore the
diversity of freshwater habitats that we have right in our
local communities.
Underwater Robotics: Learn how to build and operate a
remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and then take it into the
field to do research. Extensive supplies are provided for
building an ROV in your own classroom. Submit your
application now at
Printed on 100% recycled, process chlorine-free, FSC-certified paper.

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