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Town Makes Plans to Revitalize F


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									                                    News and Views from the Town of Estes Park • Summer 2003 • Vol. 3, No. 3

Town Makes Plans to Revitalize Fairgrounds                                                                           Inside
From June to September, people come         Repola, referring to the Classic Rock Concert
from all over Colorado and beyond to        coming August 23–24.                                               Museum Expansion
attend rodeos, horse shows, and
                                            The objective is to make the area as versatile as
festivals at the Estes Park Fairgrounds.
                                            possible while staying within the conditions of          Upcoming Museum Events
While current activities bring enter-
tainment to residents and boost Estes       the deed. “The deed allows the Town to
Park’s economy, Town leaders feel that      improve the land and build structures as well              Land-Use Board Openings
if improved, the fairgrounds could          as use it for ‘public entertainment…and for
produce more.                               such rental as it may deem proper,’” stated              New Department Created
                                            Repola. The Town plans to make improve-
This year, the fairgrounds were used        ments with Stanley’s vision in mind, using                    Community Calendar
just 77 days. In recent years, the Town     the area solely as a ‘public park and recre-
has turned down requests for events         ation grounds.’                                                  Historical Moment
because of facility limitations. In 2002,
                                            Before items can be added, repairs are
thirteen requests were rejected, more
                                            needed at the current grounds. Drainage
than the total events held that year.
                                            problems have caused flooding and old
“Town trustees decided that it was time     horse stalls have proven unsafe. “For
to invest in the fairgrounds,” said         three weeks each year, the Hunter and
Randy Repola, Assistant Town Admin-         Jumper Show comes to town. Our
istrator. A team of Town employees and      facilities don’t meet their needs but
trustees evaluated old fairground plans     they like Estes Park. They’ve been
and the original deed. The team then        asking for improvements and we need
visited nearby fairgrounds and analyzed     to respond,” said Repola.
the uses and layout of the current          Improvements have been made in the
fairgrounds. “The next step is to get       past to the nearly 70-year-old fair-
public input,” said Repola. Community       grounds. Most recently, new
meetings on the future of the fair-         restrooms, a show office, and an
grounds are being held from mid-            announcer’s booth were added.
August through September. “We really        “Improvements have been somewhat
expect to find our vision from these        haphazard . It’s time to take a
community meetings,” said Repola.           thoughtful approach,” said Repola.
Traditionally, the 42-acre fair-            “The purpose of the fairgrounds is to
grounds—deeded to the Town in 1936          pull people into town,” said Repola. In
by F.O. Stanley—have mainly been            2002, fairground visitors spent an
                                                                                                A competitor attempts to wrestle a steer
used for equestrian events. The             estimated $4.9 million in Estes Park, a                  at the 2002 Rooftop Rodeo. Photo
committee would like to see that use        figure derived from an International                           courtesy of the Trail Gazette.
continue while adding others. “Enter-       Association of Convention and Business
tainment and recreation are two             Bureaus’ formula. The Town Board will
missing components,” said Repola.           vote on a budget and improvement sched-
“For the first time in years, a concert     ule next spring. To offer input, call Randy at
is being held on the grounds,” added        577-3701 or rrepola@estes.org.
Museum Expansion Planned for Fall                                                                                The Town
                                                                                                                  of Estes
When walking through the Estes                                                                                        Park
Park Area Historical Museum, a new
treasure is found around every
corner. There’s the 1909 Stanley
Steamer, invented by F.O.Stanley,
owner of the Stanley Hotel and an                                                                                                    John Baudek
overcoat thought to belong to the
Earl of Dunraven who owned much                                                                                                  Town Trustees
of the Estes Park area in the 1870s.                                                                                                  Sue Doylen,
The Museum shared the history of
Estes Park through displays and                         Antique cars are displayed during the Parade of Years,
                                                                                                                                  Mayor Pro Tem
programs with about 9500 visitors                                 a Museum event held each May.                                        Jeff Barker
last year. In light of its popularity,              and June 2004, will focus on creating a                                      Stephen Gillette
the Town Board has recognized the                   multi-purpose room for programs, classes                                     David Habecker
Museum needs more space, particu-                   and events. The addition, including
larly to accommodate the several                                                                                                Lori Jeffrey-Clark
                                                    restrooms and a small kitchen plus im-
programs it hosts each month.                       provements to the entryway and foyer, and                                   Wayne Newsom
                                                    a new exterior sign, will total approxi-
“We’ve needed more room for a long
                                                    mately 2500 feet and will cost $350,000.                                         Town Vision
time. Surveyors have come through
                                                    Money will come from the Town’s Commu-                           By the year 2005, the Town of
for years saying we don’t have
                                                    nity Reinvestment Fund.                                           Estes Park will continue to be
enough space for what we do as a
museum. The expansion will give us                  “The expansion won’t take care of all our                          one of the premier mountain
space to hold programs, something                   needs. We still need more collections                          resort communities in the United
we don’t have,” said Betty Kilsdonk,                storage space, office space, and a place to                         States. This vision includes:
Director of the Museum/Senior                       prepare exhibits, but in light of the
Center Services Department. Cur-                    current economic climate, we made a                          • Being a caring organization sen-
rently, all Museum programs are                     limited request,” said Kilsdonk. The                            sitive to the needs of our citi-
held off-site, at the Municipal                     committee, made up of Museum                                    zens, visitors, and employees.
Building, Senior Center, or else-                   Advisory Board members, Friends of
                                                    the Museum, and Town staff are
                                                                                                                 • Having an employee team that
where. “We get so many people at
                                                    reviewing architectural plans. During                           takes pride in being recognized
our programs, often over 100. We
                                                    construction, the Museum will be                                as a model of innovation and per-
scramble at the last minute to find
                                                    closed. “We’ll still hold programs                              formance.
places for everyone to sit,” added
Kilsdonk. The room will also be used                off-site, but the building will be
                                                                                                                 • Providing services which are re-
for staff and board meetings.                       closed for a fair amount of the
                                                                                                                    sponsive and reliable.
                                                    winter for safety reasons,” con-
The proposed expansion, which will                  cluded Kilsdonk. For more informa-
take place between October 2003                     tion, contact Betty at 586-6256.                                               Town Mission

  Museum Events
                                                                                                                    The mission of the Town of Estes
                                                                                                                 Park is to plan and provide reliable,
                                                                                                                 high-value services for our citizens,

           August 18                                  September 15                                                 visitors, and employees. We take
           History of Estes Park Schools. Opening     Quilts: Pieces of History. Opening                         great pride ensuring and enhancing
           reception. 5-7 pm.                         reception. 5-7 pm.                                         the quality of life in our community
           August 23                                  October 18                                                   by being good stewards of public
           Motoring Firsts in Colorado.               Meet the Shady Ladies: Eight colorful                        resources and our natural setting.
           7 pm, Stanley Hotel Concert Hall.          women share their stories. 7:30 pm,
           August 31                                  Municipal Building.
           Free Day at the Museum.                    October 25                                                                       Contact Us
                                                      The Halloween Hullabaloo! Events for                       Address:             P.O. Box 1200
           September 9
                                                      kids at the Museum, Library, YMCA, and                                   Estes Park, CO 80517
           Alex Drummond, author of Enos Mills:       the Stanley Museum. Spooky scavanger
           Citizen of Nature. 3:30 pm. Beaver                                                                    Phone:                    577-3800
                                                      hunt at Museum 11 to 4 pm.
           Meadows Visitor Center.                                                                               Website:        www.estesnet.com
           For more information, call 586-6256 or go to www.estesnet.com/museum.

Help Shape the Future of Estes Park!
Join the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment
Have you ever wanted to have a say      government,” added Joseph.
in how Estes Park is developed or get
involved in local government? Here      Being a board member
is your chance: the two land-use        demands a commitment to
boards have vacancies. Both boards      attend meetings once a
deal with updating and enforcing the    month, review staff reports,
Estes Valley Development Code.          and visit building sites. “It
                                        comes out to about five
“The Planning Commission operates       hours a month for the Board
on a broad scale, influencing the       of Adjustment and 10 hours
entire physical fabric of the commu-    a month for the Planning
nity and how it develops and grows.     Commission. A background
The Board of Adjustment operates        in planning is not necessary,
on a lot-by-lot basis of how that       just a desire to get in-             Members of the Planning Commission discuss a
                                        volved,” said Joseph. The                 land-use issue at a recent meeting.
fabric is put together,” said Bob
Joseph, Director of Community           Planning Commission has
Development.                            seven members who serve four-year       to the south (Lily Lake), Pole Hill
                                        terms. The Board of Adjustment has      and the Olympus Lodge to the east,
The Board of Adjustment plays a         five members who serve a term of        and the switchbacks to Glen Haven
quasi-judicial role, rejecting or       three years. Boards are made up of      to the north.
accepting applications for variances    residents from both the county and
to the land use code. The Planning      the town. Currently, both boards        If interested, or if you’d like more
Commission is more involved in          have two openings for county            information, call Bob at 577-3725,
adopting the code itself. “These are    residents. Candidates would need to     talk to a current board member, or
not rubber-stamp boards. Both have      live outside the town but within the    attend a meeting (sessions are open
real power and influence. They are      Estes Valley, which borders RMNP to to the public). For meeting times,
essential to the functioning of local   the west, Roosevelt National Forest     visit estesnet.com/Com/Dev.

Town Creates New Department
to Consolidate Public Outreach Components
The Town has created a new ‘eco-        marketing, conference services,            The department has not added any
nomic engine group.’ What used to       special events, film commission,           new employees. In fact, they are
be the Marketing Department now         public assembly facilities, and            constantly looking for ways to cut
has a new name and a new compo-         economic development are all               costs. “We are currently auditing
nent—economic development. The          sharing research, information, and         some units to find ways to save and
Business Development Department         strategy with each other.                  we’re developing cost-effective
was created in April as a way to                                                   partnerships with other entities,”
bring work groups together around       “There has been a downturn in travel       said Pickering. Some of those
attracting new visitors and busi-       to Colorado in recent years. With ski      connections include working with
nesses to Estes Park.                   towns now billing themselves as            EPURA and joining the Northern
                                        summer destination sites, the pie for      Colorado Economic Development
“It’s advantageous because we used      summer travel is getting smaller. To       Commission. For more information
to work together, but now we are all    win visitors, we’ve got to gear up and     on the new department and its focus,
focused on the same mission—to          that’s what we’re doing,” said             call Tom at 577-3733.
develop visitation in Estes,” said      Pickering. Even though sales tax
Tom Pickering, the Business Devel-      numbers haven’t decreased dramati-
opment Department’s director. That      cally, retail shops, hotels, and restau-
means employees from advertising,       rants have reported a decrease in
media relations, group sales and        business during the last few years.

                                                           Calendar of Community Events
 August                                                     September                                                   September
22-23    100-Year Automobile Extravaganza. A car           1st      Alpaca Show. A collection from over 20            All   The Elk Rut. Interpretive Bus Tours by RMNP
         shows to see! Celebrates the 100th                         alpaca farms with vendors and artisans.           Month naturalists. Park pass required. Reservations
         anniversary of the first automobile to arrive              Events include spinning, weaving, and                   at 586-1355. Weekends only.
         in Estes Park. Sat. 11-4 pm, downtown.                     felting. Estes Park Fairgrounds.
         Steamers & Vintage autos. Sun. 11-3 pm,                    1-800-44-ESTES.
         Estes Park High School.                                                                                        October
23-24    Estes Park Rock. The Classic Rock Music           1st      Labor Day Crafts Show. The first of 5 fall
         Festival with Altitude! Open-field concert                 festivals! Estes Park Volunteer Fire              4-5      Elk Fest 2003. Elk viewing, photography
         with multiple bands. Stanley Fairgrounds                   Department. Benefits Muscular Dystrophy.                   seminars, hunting ethics and safety, bugling
         10 am -10 pm. 1-800-435-9165 or                            1-800-44-ESTES. Bond Park.September                        contests, archery demos, & more.
         http://www.estesparkrock.com for tickets.                                                                             Bond Park. 1-800-44-ESTES.
                                                           4-7      27th Annual Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival.
28       Thursday Night Live. Riverside Ramblers                    Largest festival of its kind in North America.    11-12    Merchants Surprise Sale. Weekend
         performing Dixieland style jazz. 7 pm at                   Fairgrounds and Stanley Park. Go to http://                shopping event. Downtown.
         Performance Park, west downtown.
                                                                    www.scotfest.com/ or call 800-90-ESTES.
                                                                                                                      19       Crossroads Crop Walk. Lake Estes. 2 pm.
30       Plein Air Artists Exhibition. Art by the
         plein air artists on display at six selected      20-21    Autumn Gold - A Festival of Brats & Bands.
         galleries. Call Cultural Arts Council,                     Downtown. 1-800-44-ESTES.
         586-9203, for list. Runs through 9/30.
Note: Committee and Town Board Meetings are held regularly at the Municipal Building. Citizens are encouraged to attend. Go to www.estesnet.com/TownClerk for dates and times.

                Take a Historical Moment
                                                                                                                                                    The Estes
                                                                                                                                                    Rodeo at
                                                                                                                                                    site, 1947.

     Rodeo Roots at Stanley Park Fairgrounds
     In 1925, the roots of the Rooftop Rodeo were established at the Stanley Aviation Field, now called Stanley Park. A rodeo was
     held each Sunday with wild horses and cattle that were collected from all parts of the West. These early rodeos rivaled the
     Cheyenne Frontier Days. In 1927, it’s estimated that over 40,000 people came to celebrate the 4th of July, attend a parade, and
     watch the rodeo at the “Stampede Grounds”—another name given to Stanley Park. The “Stampede” had several events
     including bareback bucking, where each man who stayed on his horse received $5. The Stampede remained popular until the
     depression when it was discontinued. To rejuvenate the rodeo, F.O. Stanley sold the rodeo grounds to the Town for $1 in 1936.
     By 1941, rodeo was reborn with the “Rooftop Roundup” (rooftop reflects the elevation of Estes Park) which was held annually
     following Cheyenne Frontier Days, often using the same stock. By 1984 the Roundup was renamed the Rooftop Rodeo, which
     still draws thousands of visitors each year.

                                                                                       Do you know how many days a year the
                                                                                                                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                                       Stanley Park fairgrounds are used for events?
                                                                                       See the cover story for the answer!                                           U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                    Estes Park, CO
      P.O. Box 1200                                                                                                                                                 Permit #126
      Estes Park, Colorado 80517

                                                                   Postal Patron
                                                                   Estes Park, CO 80517


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