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									                                      WAIPAHU UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST
                                                       THE OUTLOOK
                                             Norma N. DeSaegher, Senior Minister
                                             November 2009                     Vol. 09.11

                                          Pastor’s Message

                         This is an exciting time for Waipahu UCC and me. I just want to express
                         my sincere appreciation and to say Thank you for welcoming me on
                         October 18, with beautiful flowers, plants, leis and your presence!

It has been approximately ten days since I arrived. One thing is very clear to me: the people on
your boards and committees are indeed very dedicated and committed. I have appreciated the
instant response to the birthing of our Prayer Ministry after Renee Chung announced her illness
with cancer. The very next Monday, Jane Liu called and said, “we must do something”.

Years ago, when I was in Seminary I took a class in Church Growth and Development. I thought I
had all the answers since I had been a Director of Business Development in several Fortune 500
companies. Imagine my surprise! My learning curve was steep. When we become Disciples of
Christ, our whole outlook has to change and reliance on one’s self becomes futile. As we journey
together, I hope that we can be a people of prayer in all things.

Although I had prayers answered that brought me closer to God and cemented my faith, it was
through this class, I learned the power of prayer when we are in unison with Jesus, our Lord and
Savior. When I saw WUCC’s Strategic Plans and Goals in August, I asked if we could add Prayer
and Healing Ministries to our goals. When difficult times enter our lives and our churches from time
to time, if we are connected to God through Jesus Christ, the Lord will give us strength and under
gird our steps.

When our United Church of Christ General Minister and Past- president John Thomas was leaving
his office, he wrote memos and gave his closing message with the theme of more Evangelism on
the part of United Church of Christ members. As mainline churches go, we are losing members
rapidly. We need to examine why some churches grow and why others don’t. From time to time,
it’s good to be reminded of Jesus great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit, and teaching them everything that I
have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always to the end of the age.” (Matt. 28:19-

Friends of WUCC, it is exciting to know that God has called us to the next level of our ministry here.
We are grateful for Rev. Wendy Tajima and Rev. David Hirano for being on the journey with us.
With Jesus in the center, we can expect great things from God!

Pastor Norma

         Moderator’s Report                                    Board of Deacons
                  Sam Luna                                    Yolanda Hernandez - chairwoman
First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for          HAPPY HOLIDAY’S! ! ! ! !
welcoming Pastor Norma on her first Sunday
with us on October 18th. I’m sorry to say, we         Just imagine, the Christmas season is just
again had some problems with our P.A.                 around the corner and the Deacons need for
system on her first day of work.                      you to mark your calendar to help us clean
                                                      our sanctuary on November 14th. We really
I met with Pastor Norma to go over upcoming           need your assistance for cleaning the pulpit
events and meetings, as well as what needs            area and the windows and screens. For this
to be accomplish before the end of the year.          project, we cannot do it alone and need a lot
It was a long day for Pastor Norma because            of “helping hands” to make sure that the
we also had a Council meeting that night.             sanctuary is cleaned and prepared for the
                                                      holiday season. We should be receiving the
                                                      Christmas tree before the end of November
I’m glad Pastor Norma accepted the job offer
                                                      and will be decorating it along with the
of our Church. She is totally committed to
                                                      advent candle stand.
helping our Church in the planning of the
Church’s future in the community, but also
                                                      We are happy to announce that we have
reminding us that we should not forget the
                                                      received the communion ware that was
mission of the church in the community. With
                                                      ordered. We thank all of you for your
her background she brings a new spark of life
                                                      donations toward this purchase.
to our Church and I feel she will give us the
guidance we need, to all our committees, in
                                                      As you may have heard, our next church
the development of all our church programs
                                                      bazaar is being held on Saturday, November
and the development of our total campus.
                                                      21, 2009. Because of this, we will not be
                                                      having our annual Thanksgiving luncheon
As we look forward to November and
                                                      which normally would have been held the
December, many things are coming up. We
                                                      Sunday before Thanksgiving or on November
need to have the election of officers, so if a
                                                      22, the day after the bazaar.
member of the nominating committee
approaches you to serve I hope you’ll say,
                                                      On your last two Sunday bulletins, we
“yes”. We also need to pass our 2010
                                                      included information about working on our
preliminary budget. Because of all of these
                                                      2010 Refreshment Schedule. I would like to
events and others, the Council has
                                                      thank those of you who have contacted your
scheduled the Installation of Pastor Norma at
                                                      BOD with your concerns.
our Church, to February 28, 2010.
                                                      We now would like to inform you that we will
Our second Bazaar is scheduled for                    also be working on the 2010 Layreader,
November 21st, Saturday. Please help us               Greeter and Usher Schedule. Remember
make our Bazaar a success, by selling your            that WUCC is OUR church and we all need
Hoku BBQ chicken tickets, deadline is                 to do our part to help. We thank you for your
November 15th to turn in money and unsold             help in the past and ask you, in advance, for
tickets to Barney Shiraishi. Help will also be        your help in 2010. If you were not on the list
needed the week of the Bazaar to sort and             for 2009 and would like to help in 2010,
price the items to be sold and if you have            please contact a deacon.
plants to donate, please let Jane Liu know –

        Social Action Committee                                  Children’s Choir
               Hoyt Parker - chairman                                   Naomi Takai

Thank you for your donations to the Samoan             Children’s Choir information meeting held on
and Philippine Relief collections. We’re               18 October was a success. Mahalo to the
forwarding the funds to the conference and             children,     parents/grandparents       and
they’ll be applied where they’ll do the most           volunteers.   Heidi Pagaragan and Remy
good. We’ll inform you of the amounts                  Pagaragan will be serving as the choir’s
collected as soon as the weekly donations              “cheerleaders” to assist with performances.
are totaled.                                           Elmer Pagaragan and George Chinen will be
                                                       serving as “audio engineers”.
New Hope Leeward is spearheading a
movement to help Waipahu’s youth and                   November practices are scheduled after
immigrant families to have richer and more             morning worship in the social hall (November
meaningful lives through our prayers and               1, 8 and 15). Performance will be on Sunday
outreach. The original group started with five         22 November. Sign-up is ongoing and there
participants, and last month seventeen were            is no maximum age limit so please come and
at the prayer session. Pastor David was                join us.    We will also incorporate sign
anxious for us to be involved. Hoyt attended           language into some of the presentations.
and found that Lorrie Kanno was also there
representing the agency she works for.                 There will be no children’s choir Christmas
                                                       performance. Sunday School will be doing a
Several events are in the planning stages,             play. Practice will resume on 10 January
and when they’re firmed up, we’ll be notified          2010.
and will keep you posted. We’ve been asked
to cover the schools, police officers, and             Should you have any questions, please call
other agency workers in our area with daily            Naomi Takai at 671-2545/226-5232. Auri
prayer, If you’d be interested in participating        Gabriel (677-5315) and Mary Ann Chinen
in this social action, please let Pastor Norma,        (455-2925) have graciously accepted to
Cecile, or Hoyt know and we’ll see that                assist in this ministry.
you’re informed/updated as to dates and
meeting places.                                        With voices blending together in unison, may
                                                       we “praise the Lord! For it is good to sing
Thank you all for your care of our natural             praises to our God; for it is pleasant and
resources. Have a super week serving the               praise is becoming.” Ps 147:1

                                                           VETERAN’S DAY REMEMBRANCE
                                                                 November 8, 2009

             Waipahu UCC Financial                     If you so desire, please take a yellow ribbon
                  Summary                              from a greeter and hang it on a designated
                                                       tree in honor of our military `Ohana. You
         Total Income:         $142,501.07             may do this prior to or after the church
         Total Expenses:       $146,110.03             service.
         Balance:               ‐$3,598.96 
                                                       Pastor Norma will recognize our military
                                                       personnel during the service. 
            Hoku BBQ Chicken Sale                                             The Power of Prayer
                      Barney Shiraishi
                                                                          On Sunday, Oct 18, during our Joys &
Yes, it’s bazaar time again and we need your                       Concerns time in the service, one person
kokua. This year, we will have a bazaar on                         shared that according to her doctor, tests
Saturday, November 21st with the chicken                           indicated that she had stage four cancers.
pickup from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.                                       This sharing was a shock to many in the
As in the past, we would like to get a good                        congregation but was the catalyst for a
head start in chicken pre-sales because                            prayer ministry. On Wednesday, Oct 21,
Barney needs to know if he should order more                       twenty-four people got together to pray and
chickens. Please return your cash sales to the                     offer prayers to those in need of healing.
church or to me as soon as possible.                               During the session, several people shared
                                                                   stories of how prayer worked in their lives.
We will need your help on the morning of the                              Relating to Pastor Norma’s personal
bazaar to cook, count, and distribute the                          experience of having her daughter in ICU for
chickens. Sign-up sheet for the various ways                       4 days, one person shared her own
that you can help will be posted soon. Thank                       experience and how prayer helped. Another
you for your kokua.                                                member of the group shared the experience
                                                                   of watching a nurse trying to draw blood from
                                                                   her seriously ill husband’s arm in the
    New Member Orientation!                                        Emergency Room. The nurse had tried
                                                                   several veins without success and finally
    Have you been attending Waipahu UCC for awhile?                said, “God please help me” and on the next
    Are you curious as to the history of our denomination?         vein, the blood came. A third person shared
    Would you be interested in becoming a member of our            that during a chemo session for her cancer, a
    wonderful Faith Family?                                        fellow patient was very weak and had not
                                                                   eaten for 3 days because of sores in his
    Please join us on Thursday, Nov. 5, at 10:00 a.m. 
                                                                   mouth & throat. Although this patient was a
    For a New Member Orientation at the Church!   
                                                                   stranger, she asked if she could pray for him
    For info please call Cecile Goo. 
                                                                   and he said “yes”.       The prayer helped
                                                                   because the fellow patient ate a complete
                                                                   meal that was given to him. Prayers help
Dear Friends and Members of WUCC:                                  and work!
                                                                          Do you need healing prayer and
Thank you for the many expressions of                              support for yourself or for someone else?
gratitude at the luncheon on our last Sunday as                    Come join the group every first and third
interim pastor. The food was delicious, the                        Wednesday’s of the month, 10:00 a.m. at
music and entertainment was fun. Doing the                         Waipahu UCC. Next meeting Nov. 4, 2009.
line dance was a challenge, and the photos I
saw of it said I needed a whole lot of
instruction!                                                           IN THE CHURCH FAMILY…
Both Sandra and I are deeply grateful for the
                                                                       Welcome to Pastor Norma. 
many, many ways in which you accepted our
ministry. I will continue to pray that you will be                      
a light in Waipahu and that the church's                               Congratulations to Lee Gantala 
ministry will flourish as you and Pastor Norma                         on her new granddaughter.  And 
are the Body of Christ in Waipahu.                                     to Clarence and Lynn Nishihara 
Mahalo nui loa.                                                        on the birth of their new 
David and Sandra Hirano

    Pastor David’s Farewell Party

    Pastor Norma’s Welcome Party

                                   Pastor Norma
                                   and the

                                               What Is Christmas? 
        Does Christmas mean lights, tinsels, Christmas tree, gifts, cleaning & shopping, party food & 
presents?   Our Youth group & Sunday school children will present a play, Blessed Christmas, on Family 
Sunday, December 20, 2009, at 9:30 a.m.  This play and songs, were written by Eric Shimamoto several years 
ago & tells us what Christmas really means. 
        We have parts in the play for all children, youth and adults.  We would also appreciate any adult help 
in building simple props, helping with the PA system, refreshments etc. Contact: Jane 551‐5781  
Schedule for children for Thanksgiving & Christmas preparations: 
                      9:45                                          10:30 (after Sunday Service) 
Nov. 8‐ Select parts for Xmas Play and 
        Thanksgiving Children’s Choir Practice                                             
Nov. 15 –Xmas play rehearsal                                        Thanksgiving Children’s Choir Practice 
         (Also sort items for Disaster Relief & Bazaar) 
Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving Children’s Choir to sing                     Children to learn Christmas songs 
         @ 9:30 a.m. service, children’s story time 
Nov. 29‐ Xmas Play rehearsal in Social Hall                         Children to learn Christmas songs 
Dec. 6 ‐ All Children & Sunday school staff 
        to work on Gift Bags for the Needy                          Children to learn Christmas songs 
Dec. 13 – 9:45 ‐Organize in Social Hall & dress rehearsal in the main chapel at 10:45 a.m. 
                         Dec. 20 – 9:00 a.m. – In Social Hall ‐ Dress & prepare for play 
                      Christmas play, Blessed Peace, at the 9:30 a.m. service 
                      Music – Blessed Peace & Follow the Light by the Kanikapila Ohana 

                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                             WUCC Classified Ads
FOR SALE                                                        HELP WANTED
Conair Ionic fabric steamer                   $20.00            Volunteers for Fall Bazaar:
No need to wait for the iron to heat up or cool down            Tuesday, Nov. 17 between 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
when done. Steamer removes wrinkles & static from                     To set up the items in the social hall and
clothing, drapery & other items. Comes with a                   clothing in the sanctuary.
collapsible hanger, comb & brush. 
                                                                Friday, Nov. 20 between 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Computer Desk                                 $25.00                 To get everything ready for the Bazaar.
Light beige, solid wood computer desk with 
keyboard pullout drawer & legal size storage                    Saturday, Nov. 21 between 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
drawer.  Call 551‐5781‐ Jane                                         Bazaar Day
Countertop Convection/Toaster
Oven (new)               $95/OBO
Functions:  Bake, broil, defrost, toast, keep warm 
Inside measures: 15”w x 8” h x 10”deep.  Fits 12” 
size pizza  
    Waipahu United Church of Christ 
      Waipahu United Church of Christ                                             Non‐Profit Org
                                                                                   U.S. Postage 
    94‐330 Mokuola Street 
      94-330 Mokuola Street
      Waipahu, HI 96797
    Waipahu, HI   96797                                                             Permit #8 
      Phone (808) 677-3317                                                         Waipahu, HI 
    Phone (808) 677‐3317 

                              DATES TO REMEMBER
        Sunday, Nov. 1                   11:00 a.m.  Board of Christian Education Meeting 
        Wednesday, Nov. 4                10:00 a.m.  Prayer Circle 
        Thursday, Nov. 5                 10:00 a.m.  New Member Orientation 
        Sunday, Nov. 8                    9:30 a.m.  Stewardship Sunday 
                                         11:00 a.m.  Board of Deacons Meeting 
        Tuesday, Nov. 10                  7:00 p.m.  Board of Trustees Meeting 
        Wednesday, Nov. 11               VETERAN’S DAY ~ OFFICE CLOSED 
        Wednesday, Nov. 18               10:00 a.m.  Prayer Circle 
                                         11:15 a.m.  Social Action Committee Meeting 
        Thursday, Nov. 19                 7:00 p.m.  Church Council Meeting  
        Saturday, Nov. 21                 8:00 a.m.  Fall Bazaar 
        Sunday, Nov. 22                   9:30 a.m.  Thanksgiving Children’s Choir Sings 
        Thursday, Nov. 26          HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY ~ Office Closed


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