Early settlers in Britain “The Vikings”

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					Early settlers in Britain
     “The Vikings”

  Presented by Lotty Clarke
History of early settlers in Britain

 Celts 500 BC
 Romans AD 43
 Saxons 450
 Vikings 793
 Normans 1077
 Tudors 1485
 Victorians 1837
Where did the Vikings come from?



    Who where the Vikings?
Vikings where also known as
  “norsemen”which means people of
  the North. They where great travellers
  and sailed to other parts of Europe.
They were also farmers, fisherman and
Viking craftsman made beautiful objects
  out of wood metal and bone.
Viking women were beautiful weavers
Why did the Vikings invade Britain?

The Viking age began in Britain over
 1,200 years ago in the 9th Century AD
 and lasted over 300 years.
No matter how many times the Vikings
 were beaten they always came back,
 and in the end all their efforts paid off.
 It was the, Vikings of Normandy who
 finally conquered England in 1066
 and changed British History forever!
        A typical Viking house
Most people lived in
  farms, they lived in
  rectangular houses
  made with upright
  timbers, wattle and
  daub or stone. That
  were usually one room
  with a cooking fire in
  the middle. The smoke
  escaped through a
  hole in the roof.
Animals and people lived
  in the same building.
The dress of a Viking
A Viking Longboat