The Vikings!

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         The Vikings.
By Rosie walker and Zoe Gorry!
        Enjoy! ☻☻☻
     Where did Vikings live?
• Most Vikings were
  from Denmark,
  Norway and Sweden.
• This map shows
  where the Vikings
  lived!       
      How did Vikings travel?
• Vikings travelled
  across the seas by
• Viking means “pirate.”
• They were called
  pirates because they
  travelled by boat and
  stole valuable
        A Viking community!
• A Viking community
  had three important
• The highest people in
  the community were
  the “nobles.” The two
  others were the free
  men and the thralls.
• The thralls did the
  dirtiest work!
          What was a “thing?”
• Things passed laws,
  arranged taxes and
  held trials to judge law
• A thing was a meeting
  that the Viking
  community had.
  What Did Vikings Do For Us?
• Vikings brought
  towns, villages and
• If there was no
  Vikings, we would
  have no crops!
               The Oseberg!
• One of the most
  famous Viking ships is
  the “Oseberg”.
• In the Oseberg they
  found a princess with
  her slaves and all of
  her possesions!
• Here is a quiz to see if you
  were listening!
• Where did the Vikings live?
• What did Vikings travel by?
• What was the “Osberg?”
• What does Viking really
• What was a thing?
• What were the three groups
  in the community?
     Thank You!

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