The Vikings by zdx20779


									 The Vikings. 

By Anne Brouder and Taylor
     Doyle, 4th Class.
•   Page 1: Where did the Vikings come from?
•   Page 2: What did the Vikings do?
•   Page 3: The Viking Community.
•   Page 4: Viking Crafts.
•   Page 5: Travelling.
•   Page 6: Vikings in Ireland.
•   Page 7: The Battle of Clontarf.
•   Page 8: What did the Vikings do for us?
•   Page 9: The End.
Where did the Vikings come
         from ?
• The Vikings came from Denmark, Norway
  and Sweden.
What did the Vikings do?
             • The Vikings
               passed laws and
               appointed rules for
               their new larger
 The Viking Community .
• The king, other Viking nobles and
  war leaders were the first group of
  theViking community.
• The second group were the freemen
  who worked for themselves. This
  group included farmers, traders and
  skilled crafts people.
• The third group were the slaves,
  called thralls. They were owned by
  their masters.
Viking Crafts.
        • Women were expert
          spinners and weavers
          of wool and linen.
          Wood was carved
          into beautiful
          designs and metal
          workers made lovely
          gold and silver
• Some Vikings left their homelands to go on
  raids. Others travelled to foreign lands to
  trade such things as weapons, timber, dried
  fish, amber, leather, gold, silk and glass.
       Vikings in Ireland.
• The first Viking vaid took place in Ireland
  in 795 AD. The Vikings attacked
  Monasteries and settlements..all over
• Everything of value was stolen, buildings,
  were set on fire and people were killed or
  taken away as slaves.
       The Battle of Clontarf.
• The battle of Clontarf took place on Good
  Friday 1014. Brian Boru was high king of
  Ireland. The Vikings refused to accept
  Brian as their king.
 What did the Vikings do for us?
• The Vikings who remained in Ireland after
  the battle of Clontarf were happy to be ruled
  by Irish kings. They became friendly with
  the Irish and slowly became part of the Irish
  nation. The Irish people quickly learned the
  trading skills of the Vikings.
             The End….
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  Anne Brouder’s Viking Powerpoint!
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