Therapeutic Massage For Autistic Children

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      Autism and spectrum disorders are complex things with no simple analysis or treatment regimen. Autism is a
      brain disorder which affects 1 out of every 150 people in the United States and is usually diagnosed at a very
                                                  early stage of a child.
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                                           Therapeutic Massage For Autistic Children
                                                        By Juliet White

   Autistic children are different. Autism can be broadly defined as a kind of brain disorder. Parents
become aware that they have an autistic child when he or she is 2-3 years old. From then onwards
their life becomes very challenging as they struggle to cope with their child. Most autistic children shut
themselves from the world and like to remain in a cocoon of loneliness. They hate to communicate with
another adult and detest being touched. They are unable to use language properly even to express
their basic needs. The child is usually unable to form sentences and may repeat a few words that he
has heard. Some may be dumb Most have an extremely short attention span unable to concentrate on
anything for more than two minutes. The most heartbreaking fact for parents is the child’s inability to
express love in the form of kisses hugs or cuddles. Many exhibit behavioral problems by displaying fits
of uncontrollable rage

 At times an autistic child drives parents crazy. They usually go in for various treatments both
conventional and unconventional and hope that it will bring them positive results. More often than not
disappointment follows. Research has shown that massage therapy often works wonders for an autistic
child. There are many kinds of massage therapies available but the parent has to learn with the help of
the therapist what works for their child. Though most autistic children hate to be touched many react
positively to massage therapy. Parents should learn the correct massage techniques from a massage
therapist. It is important that the massage is given in the right way to bring positive results. Before you
begin the exercise, make the child look at your mouth and say the word massage slowly. By repeating
it everyday your child will learn what to expect when you say the word. Massage in the form of long
soothing strokes especially on the head, face and neck is very effective. Make a timetable and set
aside a particular time each day for massage. Giving a massage before your child goes to sleep works
wonders. Many parents of autistic children reported that their hitherto sleepless child experienced
sound sleep for a greater period of time. Parents of autistic children who have practiced massage
therapy made glowing reports of their child’s progress. The attention span of most children increased
substantially helping them to focus on the task they were doing. The child no longer loathed being
touched and was able to bond better with his or her parents and other children. They were calmer and
experienced less behavioral problems.

 Another benefit from massage that few people are aware of is that it helps to remove toxins from our
connective tissue and muscles which makes our child lead a healthier life. Many autistic children have
lower levels of the hormone Oxytocin which induces feelings of warmth and emotional connections in

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

our body. According to research massage helps to release Oxytocin in our body which is so necessary
for autistic children. Long soothing strokes help drive away stress and make them more relaxed which
help them respond in a better way to their environment. Massage therapy makes the autistic child feel
that the world is a safe place and helps them relate to it in a better way.

Author: J. White - For more information on Therapeutic Massage visit: Or call: 1-800-746-1191

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      Is There an Oversight That Autistic Children With a General Education May Experience
                                              By Bonita Darula

? While many schools try to integrate children with learning challenges into the mainstream classroom,
autistic children with a general education could experience setbacks because of the environment in
school. A classroom not suited to autistic behaviors and teachers or students not understanding
disorder characteristics could hinder the learning ability of an autistic student.

An inclusion school environment can be successful if teachers have experience and training in autistic
education. Not having the proper training could lead to setbacks in an autistic child's verbal and
nonverbal communication development, sensory processing, social interaction and imaginative or
creative play.

Because autism affects non disordered pupils with habits stressful to others, teachers need to help all
students adapt by using different techniques based on the needs of the autistic child. Because autistic
children have habits, such as repetitive behavior or sudden outbursts for no reason, a classroom needs
to be flexible in order to conform to an individual's learning needs and be capable of addressing
behavioral issues in a calm and understanding, yet disciplinary, manner.

Mainstream schools with successful autism inclusion rely on visual aids, structure and routine to
ensure that there are no setbacks later in life for an autistic student. In addition, by pairing an autistic
child with a traditional student, an autistic student's socialization improves through peer interaction and
anxiety is reduced. With a well rounded education, the autistic student will be able to conduct daily
living needs and function in society as an adult.

While most people rely on two or three learning styles, autistic students use only one style of learning.
Because autistic children have different learning styles than traditional students, a dual curriculum is
necessary in certain general education areas. Otherwise, the autistic child will be unable to process the
information being taught. Autistic children whose learning style is not being met can cause disruptive
behavior, such as running around in the classroom or not listening to the teacher. In these situations, a
classroom may not be suited for autistic learning.

If teaching styles in a mainstream school cannot be adapted, then a school that is tailored towards the
autistic student is the best option. The school environment and teachings will be better geared to the
student and there will be no issues with not understanding the behaviors of the disorder.

However, there are pros and cons when comparing an inclusion school to an autistic needs tailor made
school. While autistic students can learn from other students, a general education could cause
setbacks if educators fail to modify their teaching styles to accommodate autistic students. However, a
school tailored only to autism shelters autistic children and prevents them from learning societal
challenges among others without the disorder.

While the debate continues to ask whether a general education can cause setbacks, it is known that a
proper education for an autistic student requires a nurturing environment that allows the individual to
feel comfortable in learning. By doing so, autistic students will be able to find their talents and succeed
in life.

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It is critical, if there are any concerns, regarding your child with autism or signs of it,to get the
information you need to help you understand the difference between general education for autistic
children that they could experience setbacks. Isn't your child worth it?  If so, Bonita Darula at can help you. I would highly recommend you visiting her

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