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                      Right now, booming, oil-hungry China's making
                      deals that will cut U.S. crude supplies off at the
                      knees - contracting for billions of barrels of oil
                      from the same sources Uncle Sam's counting on as
                      alternatives to the Middle East...

                      Including a mammoth hidden oil
                      reserve that's right next door - IN
                      "FRIENDLY" CANADA.
                      And on or about March 15, 2005, a contract will be signed
                      between China and Canada that'll change America's oil outlook
                      forever. Get in NOW, and you'll be able to afford the $5-a-
                      gallon gas that's coming - along with a Benz or two to burn it
                      in...                                    4/6/2005
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                           The Canadian government is selling the United States' oil
                           future down the river. But while most commodities
                           investors will be bailing out of their energy positions, you
                           can cash in - by buying grossly undervalued stock in the
                           ready-to-explode resource giants that 99% of American
                           investors overlook.

                           A lucky few are already 'mining' these under-the-radar
                           stocks for gains of 151%, 174%, 249% - even 270% or
                           more. Over the long haul, the sky's the limit for these new
                           commodities players. Profits of over 3,000% would not be

                           To GET RICH as the United States runs dry of oil, read
                           this report...

                            INSIDE: Your FREE 6-Volume
                            Orient Express - to Profit Library

                      Up on the Hill, everyone's buzzing about...                                       4/6/2005
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                           The Great Canadian
                              Double Cross
                           Believe it or not, the world's largest oil reserves aren't in
                           Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran or Iraq - but in traditionally
                           America-friendly Canada...

                           But rather than being piped into the United States, this
                           huge supply of crude will likely be pumped onto tankers
                           bound for the Orient.

                           And in MERE DAYS, you'll be able to start cashing in on
                           this deal - if you know how...
                      Dear Reader,

                      Fact: The world's largest reserve of crude oil lies not 7,000 miles
                      away in the America-hating Middle East, but only a few hundred miles
                      north of the U.S. border.

                      It's called the Athabasca oil sands, and it's located deep in the
                      wilderness of Alberta, Canada. It isn't an oil field in the traditional
                      sense (an underground wellspring of liquid crude) - but a vast
                      expanse of oil-soaked sands and clays on the banks of several of that
                      province's rivers...

                      And contained in those hundreds of square miles of black muck is                                             4/6/2005
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                      more than 300 billion barrels of crude oil. That's more than in all of
                      Saudi Arabia. More than in Iraq, Iran and Libya combined. It's enough
                      oil to render the United States completely independent of Middle East

                      Until recently, however, extracting the oil from the sands has proven
                      too costly to be feasible. But now that crude's hovering around 50
                      bucks a barrel or more, extraction has become worthwhile in a big
                      way. Plus, some new developments in technology have brought these
                      costs down to manageable (and even profitable) levels. That means
                      that soon a river of oil - millions of barrels a day - will begin flowing
                      out of Canada.

                      But as outrageous and ungrateful as it must seem to the American
                      government, much of this oil likely won't flow into the United States...

                      Now that the Athabasca sands have become viable, Canada's
                      beginning to flex its international oil muscles in a big way. And lately,
                      it's forged an alliance with the United States' only economic and
                      industrial rival on Earth:


                      Right now, many in Washington, D.C. are no doubt wringing their
                      hands with worry over the Canada/China oil alliance. I can just see
                      them now up there on Capitol Hill, pacing around with dazed looks on                                               4/6/2005
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                      their faces, shaking their heads and grumbling to each other:

                           "Those backstabbing Canucks do nothing but leach off our
                           economy - like the way they undercut us on prescription drugs.
                           They owe us that oil!"

                           "They spend next to nothing on defense because of their lucky
                           proximity to our awesome military might - they don't even have
                           an army, do they? And now they're going to sell us out?!?"

                           "How can they sell oil to China and not us? Doesn't NAFTA have
                           some fine print preventing that kind of thing?"

                           "Without our protection, Canada's the natural resources
                           equivalent of Fort Knox guarded by a 'No Trespassing' sign and a
                           Chihuahua. Can't we just take the oil? You said they don't have
                           an army..."

                      Instead of counting on Canada to blindly pander to American needs,
                      Congress and the president are finding that they need to offer more
                      than just armed protection to our northern neighbor to ensure
                      preferential treatment. If you're skeptical about whether China and
                      Canada really are gravitating toward each other economically (and
                      leaving the United States out in the cold), consider this: Canadian
                      exports to China jumped 55% in just the first 10 months of 2004...

                      Because the U.S. government has always taken Canada's support for
                      granted, it's ignored these kinds of warning signs while Canada and
                      China have cozied up to each other - in anticipation of the day when
                      crude prices would reach levels that would make wringing the oil out
                      of the Athabasca sands a worthwhile proposition.                                           4/6/2005
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                      Now, that day has come...

                      On Jan. 20, 2005, the 13 agreements of the Statement on Energy
                      Cooperation in the 21st Century were signed in Beijing by Canadian
                      Prime Minister Paul Martin and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.
                      Pledging cooperation in energy (both oil and gas), minerals and other
                      sectors, the agreements represent a culmination of a 10-year trend of
                      resources and import/export cooperation between the two nations.

                      Under the authority of the new Canada-China Joint Working Group on
                      Energy Cooperation:

                           China's two biggest oil companies, PetroChina and Sinopec
                           (both state owned, by the way), will contract to purchase oil from
                           the Athabasca sands - which could top 2 million barrels a day
                           once production ramps up

                           One of these same two companies has negotiated to acquire a
                           controlling interest in a Calgary-based Canadian energy
                           company that is successfully developing a pair of oil sand sites

                           China Minmetals Inc. (yep, state run) has aggressively
                           negotiated to buy outright Toronto-based resources and mining
                           giant Noranda

                           More than 100 individual trading agreements have been inked
                           between Canadian companies and Chinese companies - not
                           only in oil, but also in energy, resources, technology and                                             4/6/2005
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                      By themselves, these 13 signed agreements point unmistakably
                      toward a huge Chinese-Canadian energy and resources alliance that
                      will change the United States' oil outlook forever. But here's the real
                      smoking gun:

                      These agreements laid the framework for a new, 720-mile
                      Canadian oil pipeline from northern Alberta west to the British
                      Columbia coast. Its sole purpose is to service Chinese oil
                      demands from the Athabasca sands. Once operational, this
                      pipeline will be able to transport 400,000 barrels of oil per day -
                      and as much as 80% of this crude will be earmarked for China-
                      bound tankers.

                      Canadian energy giant Enbridge Inc. has offered state-owned
                      Chinese interests a 49% ownership stake in the massive

                      And the contract is expected to be signed on or about March 15,

                      This isn't just idle speculation by
                      the media or government
                      mouthpieces - it's a bona-fide
                      pending deal reported by several
                      international news organizations
                      and confirmed by Enbridge's
                      official spokesperson. If you
                      haven't read about this contract
                      yet, you will in the next few days, I
                      promise it...                                             4/6/2005
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                      Once the ink dries on this deal, its implications will ripple through the
                      energy and resource commodities investing world - flattening many
                      mainstream-recommended energy stocks while catapulting a handful
                      of other, lesser-known securities into the profit stratosphere.

                      No, this deal won't cause an obvious-to-all 'domino effect' in the entire
                      stocks world the way some events might (like wars and disasters), but
                      there will definitely be both an immediate profit spike and a long-term
                      money-making trend for certain companies and industries. For those
                      in the know and properly positioned to capitalize on the upcoming
                      China/Canada relationship, it'll be grand - with profits of thousands
                      of percent likely without undue risk...

                      YOU could be one of them, if you get in now.

                      The savvy subscribers we've recently alerted to these stocks are
                      already seeing gains of 174%, 249% and even as much as 270% -
                      and remember, this is before the upcoming China-fueled boom. To
                      ride this wave to its logical, hyper-profitable end (I'm talking about
                      potential gains of 3,000% or more), you need to get in on it today,
                      before the deal's on everyone's "radar."

                      Of course, I'm going to help you do that, FREE, in just a minute.

                      If you think these opportunities would be hard to ferret out on your
                      own, you're right. Not everyone with a stockbroker or E*TRADE trade
                      account will be putting money into these energy giants of tomorrow.
                      They're just not that obvious to the mainstream's flag-waving
                      conventional investment wisdom...

                      But they are sound, well-positioned companies that'll surely not only
                      protect your portfolio from the shock waves this imminent Canadian                                               4/6/2005
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                      'betrayal' of U.S. crude interests will send through the oil investment
                      sector, but also leave you sitting pretty with over 30 times your money
                      if all goes as it's poised to...

                      When that happens, how much will $5-a-gallon gas really affect

                      But you'll only cash in if you know exactly where to put your money.
                      And it's going to be tricky to make good picks in this investment
                      environment. That's why the majority of mainstream analysts are
                      going to try to play it super-safe, recommending investment in
                      bloated, household-name energy stocks - companies that are so
                      large they can find ways to survive (they hope) no matter what
                      happens in the world oil market.

                      Stocks like Halliburton, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and the like. Big,
                      flag-waving American energy companies that feel good to invest in for
                      all the wrong reasons - reasons like political fervor or nationalist pride.

                      There's a good chance these kinds of stocks will completely flat-line
                      for years (or worse yet, steadily lose money). But the mainstream's
                      investment "gurus" will no doubt call this a victory - because millions
                      of other American investors will have poured millions directly into
                      smaller, newer stocks they think will ride the boom - including
                      hundreds of fledgling Chinese IPOs...                                                 4/6/2005
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                      And most of them will lose everything.

                      That's why the mainstream money "talking heads" will be so
                      conservative - they'll see all the uncertainty ahead and see only one
                      way to play it: Feel-goody and patriotic. But since all they ever look at
                      are large-caps, they won't know what the real profit plays are in this
                      soon-to-be-upended energy sector...

                      But if you act now, before the impending "Ides of March" pipeline deal
                      between China and Canada (yes, the one that's going to cripple U.S.
                      oil supplies, you shameless profiteer), you could make double, triple,
                      quintuple, even 30 times your money or more on the cherry-
                      picked, under-the-radar energy and services stocks I'm about to
                      reveal to you.

                      In other words: You could get filthy rich - starting today and in a very
                      short amount of time, comparatively speaking.

                      I ask you: What could be more American than that? Now here's how
                      to DO IT...

                      I'm talking about short- and medium-term gains of 174%, 249% and
                      even 270% (remember - a few savvy subscribers are already doing
                      it). These profits aren't high risk or super volatile, either. There's
                      amazing potential for both short-term and long-term gains without a
                      bunch of trading or market watching. And over the long term, the
                      outlook's even rosier - profits in the 3,000% range aren't unlikely...                                                4/6/2005
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                      How do I know?

                      Because I've been uncovering these kinds of outrageously profitable
                      commodities investment opportunities for more than a decade. And
                      over that same span of time, I've helped a great number of people
                      just like you to make millions with these crisis-borne money-makers.
                      Allow me to introduce myself:

                      My name's Addison Wiggin, and aside from being co-author of the
                      New York Times best-selling book Financial Reckoning Day, I'm a
                      10-year veteran of small-cap and lesser-known resource stock and
                      commodities analysis...

                      I'm also the publisher of Outstanding Investments, a monthly
                      advisory for savvy investors in the natural resource and commodities
                      sectors. For years, we've been ahead of the curve in commodities
                      investments. For instance, we predicted the resources instability that
                      rising tensions in the Middle East would breed long before the fall of
                      Saddam - or the Twin Towers...

                      In a Special Report to our readers on how to protect themselves from
                      the Middle East crisis, we shined a light on a few 'safe haven' stocks
                      that have soared in value 174%, 249% and even as much as 270%.
                      Here are just a few of the opportunities we spotted before the crowd
                      (truth be told, most of these have never been on the mainstream's

                                 Cameco.................................................................Up 116%
                                 Key West Energy................................................Up 137%
                                 Tocqueville Gold.................................................Up 151%
                                 PetroChina (yep, we picked them).................... Up 174%
                                 Niko Resources...................................................Up 235%                                                                4/6/2005
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                                 Coeur d-Alene Mines..........................................Up 249%

                      These are just a handful of the amazingly profitable opportunities
                      Outstanding Investments readers have discovered in response to
                      the current resources crisis caused by the Middle East quagmire. And
                      as you've just learned, there's a new, even bigger commodities crisis
                      brewing between China and the United States...

                      As always, Outstanding Investments is ready for it - and so are our
                      readers. You can be, too, if you sign up for my one-of-a-kind advisory
                      RISK FREE today. Right now, I've got 10 prime, yet little-known stock
                      markets plays that'll help you not only weather the coming China/U.S.
                      oil struggle, but very likely profit obscenely from it as well. And in just
                      one minute, I'm going to show you how to discover all of them, plus
                      your FREE 6-volume library of in-depth special e-reports I've put
                      together especially to help my readers weather the upcoming China-
                      driven commodities whirlwind - and come out golden on the other
                      side. You'll also find new, lucrative picks every month once you
                      subscribe to my award-winning Outstanding Investments advisory

                      Want an example of one of these plays? Here's a great one: shipping

                      I've been around the commodities investment world long enough to                                                      4/6/2005
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                      know that with every crisis comes opportunity. There's always a way
                      to play the winds of free-market capitalism and global development
                      for exquisite profits - regardless of what it may mean for any one
                      nation or industry. There are two keys to doing this right every time,
                      and I'll tell you exactly what they are in a few minutes...

                      But I digress. Right now, I want to whisper in your ear about an
                      incredible opportunity that's poised to sail off into the profit sunset
                      along with the upcoming China Boom: Ocean-going tanker

                      You have to invest very carefully, though, because not every shipping
                      company will reap the profits. In fact, only a select few will. But oh,
                      how those lucky few will soar into the profit stratosphere - likely
                      paying back those who get in right now many times their investment
                      back again. Here's why:

                      Canals and shipping hubs along many of the world's major oil routes
                      have just enacted some new rules which dictate that only certain
                      types of tankers can ship to the most desirable and profitable oil

                      And the vast majority of the world's
                      shipping companies don't have the
                      right kind of tankers to capitalize on
                      the upcoming China/Canada oil
                      agreements - or any of the 48 other
                      oil deals China's inked with nations
                      around the world (more on these in a

                      They can't just run out and buy a bunch of these big double-hulled                                              4/6/2005
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                      boats, either. From the initial order to the bottle broken across the
                      bow, it takes four or five years to build one of these vessels - and the
                      major shipbuilders are already booked years in advance. That's why
                      the few companies who are already properly equipped to service the
                      coming China resource boom will be flying (or floating?) high in short

                      And you guessed it: I've picked a pair of these companies to
                      recommend to you as part of your Orient Express - to Profit library -
                      ones that already have a fleet of the newest class of these state-of-
                      the-art tankers to ship oil safely around the globe. It's yours FREE
                      when you sign up for the only resource investment advisory sure to
                      keep you abreast of this new oil and commodities crisis: Outstanding

                      Already, one of these stocks has jumped 63% in only nine
                      months. It's poised to go through the roof any minute now...

                      The other (a close competitor) has spiked over 5% in just two

                      You'll discover both of these stocks in your FREE Special e-Report
                      entitled Two If by Sea: Shipping Stocks That'll Sail on The China
                      Boom. More about this in a minute...

                      Like I said before, to capitalize on China's rise, you have to know
                      where to invest, and in what industries (they're not all energy
                      companies, as my shipping example shows). In a minute, I'm going to
                      show you exactly how to find out - in your FREE six-volume Orient
                      Express - to Profit library.

                      But first, I want to tell you why the 10 under-the-radar 'crisis' stocks                                               4/6/2005
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                      I'm going to tell you about in just a short - plus every other security
                      you discover as an Outstanding Investments member - will no
                      doubt prove valuable, profitable and surprisingly safe. Keep reading...

                      You'd have to have been under a rock to not at least be aware of the
                      Chinese economic boom that's been growing steadily for the last
                      decade. It's hard to buy anything wearable, watchable or electronic in
                      the United States that doesn't say 'Made in China' on it. And of
                      course, you probably knew that China has enjoyed 'most favored
                      nation' trade status with the United States. since early in the Clinton

                      Here's how China's gotten so powerful so quickly: In just the last
                      decade and a half, China has made itself the "factory to the world." By
                      exploiting its citizenry for cheap labor - the lowest-paid Chinese
                      factory workers routinely put in 14-hour days for around $100 a month
                      in wages - it's become a major producer of goods. Recently, its
                      economy blew past Germany's, and it's estimated to eclipse industrial
                      powerhouse Japan in just a year or two.

                      And within another decade, it may well overtake the United States in
                      industrial might.

                      China's economy has grown an average of more than 8% per year for
                      the last 10 years (ours grows at around 3-4% - brisk by all but
                      Chinese standards). In 2005, it's expected to grow by more than 10%.                                              4/6/2005
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                      This rivals America's rate of economic growth in the fabulous '50s, but
                      on vastly larger scale...

                      But the sheer volume of Chinese growth and economic expansion is
                      hard to fathom without a slap-in-the-face of sheer facts. To put
                      China's growing manufacturing and export dominance in perspective,
                      consider that the Chinese currently make:

                           More than half of the world's TVs
                           60% of the world's cell phones
                           50% the world's shoes (and 95% of those sold in the United
                           80% of the toys sold in the United States
                           Furniture for just about every major American brand
                           90% of the sporting goods sold in the United States
                           BMW cars, Intel processors, Dell computers, Boeing jets...
                           Even 100% of Levi's blue jeans are now made in China!

                      Because of the cheap labor and
                      scantly regulated trade, over
                      450 U.S. companies have
                      moved their operations to the
                      People's Republic - 10 times as
                      many as were based there just
                      15 years ago. Currently, China
                      has over 300 automobile
                      assembly plants - and more on
                      the way once pending
                      manufacturing deals with GM,
                      Daimler-Chrysler, and Cadillac
                      take effect...                                              4/6/2005
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                      Perhaps the most telling
                      statistic pointing to China's
                      growing industrial might is this:
                      Currently, our trade deficit with
                      China is around $1.5 billion a
                      day. That's around a million
                      bucks a minute...

                      Yes, you read that right - every
                      minute that passes, we buy a
                      million dollars more stuff from
                      China than it buys from us.
                      Mind-boggling, isn't it? It's
                      difficult to even imagine the
                      sheer quantities of oil and other
                      energy this production
                      juggernaut demands. What's
                      even more shocking is this: The
                      awesome growth of this
                      Chinese manufacturing
                      machine is only one of three
                      major reasons why China's
                      demand for oil and other resources has skyrocketed in the last
                      decade - with no end in sight!

                      It's also only one dimension of your ability to profit beyond your
                      wildest dreams on the upcoming China-driven commodities boom, if
                      you let me help you get in right now - the proven, low-risk
                      Outstanding Investments way. Keep reading...                                         4/6/2005
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                      As incredible as China's growth in world manufacturing has been (and
                      continues to be), its internal growth has been every bit as spectacular.
                      Fueled by the avalanche of profits from goods production, China has
                      poured billions into infrastructure development in the last 15 years.
                      Factories, high-rise office buildings, airports, shopping centers, roads,
                      railways - you name it. China's building it all...

                      Again, for some perspective: In 1989, China had just 170 miles of
                      paved roads. Since then, it has increased its total highway miles by
                      over 100 times, to 18,500 miles. In three years, it will have over
                      50,000 miles worth of pavement - more than the United States.                                                4/6/2005
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                      Recently, China has begun expanding and electrifying its railways (it
                      already has nearly one-third the track miles that we do), constructing
                      massive irrigation projects, assembling a 4,000-mile crosscountry gas
                      pipeline, building 27 nuclear power plants and undertaking massive
                      construction for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

                      All of these endeavors require oceans of oil, of course - but they also
                      need huge amounts of just about every other resource and
                      commodity out there. Case in point: Last year, China consumed or
                      drove demand for a staggering percentage of the raw materials
                      produced on planet Earth. It used:

                           66% of the world's iron ore
                           40% of the world's steel
                           30% of the world's coal
                           20% of the world's copper
                           19% of the world's aluminum...
                           And an unbelievable 55% of the world's cement!

                      That's right: More than half of the construction done with concrete on
                      planet Earth in calendar year 2004 took place in China. And that's in
                      the middle of a roaring U.S. housing construction boom...

                      Such gross consumption
                      can equal grotesque profit -
                      but only for those in the
                      know, like my Outstanding
                      Investments readers. Join
                      them and you could be one
                      of the savvy few that could
                      make 275%, even 3,000%
                      or more, just by being a                                              4/6/2005
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                      member of this respected,
                      exclusive advisory. Why, in
                      just the last few years, alert
                      Outstanding Investments
                      members have cashed in
                      spectacular gains on all
                      kinds of 'raw materials' and
                      'consumables' type growth-
                      based commodities,

                           53% on cement (as
                           of March 4, 2005)
                           151% on one gold
                           company, and...
                           270% on silver

                      In just a minute, I'm going to show you how you can find out how to
                      make smart, ultra-profitable plays on all of these commodities and
                      more (plus oil and gas, of course). It's all waiting for you in a special
                      six-volume Orient Express - to Profit library I'll show you how to get
                      FREE in just a minute.

                      But before that happens, I want you to understand the third aspect of
                      China's development that spurs their snowballing demand for raw
                      materials, foodstuffs, minerals, energy, and especially oil...

                      When folks think of China, they probably first think of people (in a few
                      years, they'll think $5-dollar gas, but that's a later point). And truly,                                                4/6/2005
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                      China's immense advantage in inexpensive production stems from its
                      formidable population density: around 1.3 billion at last estimate -
                      more than four times the United States', in a country that's smaller in
                      actual real estate.

                      And even though China is still a communist dictatorship, the rapid
                      development and influx of profits from exports and demand for both
                      skilled and semi-skilled workers have created a "middle class" of
                      sorts. And although per-capita incomes are still pitifully low by U.S.
                      standards, the average Chinese household income is growing at a
                      world-record clip, creating a vast class of bona-fide consumers who
                      want - and can now afford (sort of) - things like cars and vacations...

                      Things that require petroleum.

                      In 1993, there were only 700,000 cars in China (besides the tens of
                      thousands being manufactured there for foreign sale, I mean). Today,
                      there are 7 million. And with their modern explosion in highway
                      construction, shopping venues and even tourism hotspots, the
                      Chinese will be driving exponentially more with every passing year.

                      They'll be traveling in other ways, too - especially once their air travel
                      system catches up with their population. Currently, China has only
                      1/15th the airports of the United States. Imagine what their jet-fuel
                      needs will be once they have as many planes per capita as we do.
                      Even as it is, Chinese travel and tourism is a burgeoning industry.

                      When you add the growing consumption of this new "red army" to the
                      Chinese government's need for more and more oil to not only cement
                      its status as 'factory to the world' but also to construct new factories,
                      cities, roads, shopping centers, airports and the like for this new
                      middle class to work, live and recreate in, you're talking about not                                                 4/6/2005
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                      only an monumental drain on the world's crude supplies...

                      But also an unprecedented opportunity to profit in the resource
                      commodities sector, if you invest carefully. Of course, I'm going to tell
                      you exactly how shortly - plus offer you 10 FREE GIFTS just for
                      learning how to properly ride the coming boom. For the moment,
                      though, I want to bring the focus back to the role oil will play in your
                      future investment success - if you can detach yourself from the
                      inevitable political flag-waving spurred by the coming rise of China
                      and invest wisely.

                      That's exactly what Outstanding Investments is going to help you to
                      do - starting right now, today. Keep reading...

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                      you would prefer to order by phone, call our toll-free order line at 1-800-315-

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